Junior Eurovision 2019: Poland “shared the joy” and won the contest again

End titles fell shortly in Glivice, Poland for Junior Eurovision 2019, with XX raising the coveted prize for Poland for the second time in a row, writing history as it’s the first time in the history of the contest!

Viki with “Superhero” managed to gain 278 points from the combined rating of online voting and all 19 jury boards, leaving Kazakhstan in second and Spain in third place.

The night began with a spectacular dance followed by the parade of countries in alphabetical order, before the three presenters, Roksana Węgiel, Ida Nowakowska and Aleksander Sikora, took the floor. Thanks to the former host city of Minsk, Belarus, they welcome attendees as well as viewers to Poland and Glivice and gave the opening message of the 17th Junior Eurovision event.

Then it was time for the contestants:




















After the presentation of all 19 songs, the second and last online voting started for 15 minute .

The result

The final result was determined by 50% of the votes of the 19 committees of the participating countries and 50% of the results of the online vote launched on Friday 22/11 with people from all over the world.

The jury of each country announced their rating based on the order of appearance. The winner on the judging panels was Kazakhstan, while the television audience ranked Poland first.

So in combination of the two different votes, xxx crowned as the winning country.

Junior Eurovision 2019: Here is the full running order

Earlier today, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest kicked off after the Opening Ceremony took place at the Theatre of Silesia in the Polish city of Katowice. All the 19 junior participants walked on the red carpet, introducing themselves and their countries alongside, of course, with hundreds of photos been taken.

After this inaugural show with 4Dreamers on stage, the draw for the country which will compete first, last as the running order of the hosting country,traditionally took place. Roksana Wegiel, last year’s winner, did the draw and the results are as follows:

-First to compete: Australia

-Last to compete:Serbia

-Hosting Country (Polland): 11th

Given these results of the draw, the producers of JESC determined the full running order of the Grand Final and after EBU’s approval, is as reported below:

1. Australia

2. France

3. Russia

4. North Macedonia

5. Spain

6. Georgia

7. Belarus

8. Malta

9. Wales

10. Kazakhstan

11. Poland

12. Ireland

13. Ukraine

14. The Netherlands

15. Armenia

16. Portugal

17. Italy

18. Albania

19. Serbia

You can watch once again the Opening Ceremony recorded below:

Junior Eurovision 2019: The curtain opens in Katowice today

There is less than a week left for Junior Eurovision 2019 and the opening ceremony is taking place this afternoon. The 19 contestants will “parade” on the red carpet in Katowice and thus will be formally given the start of this year’s contest.

The opening ceremony takes place at the Theater of Silesia. Junior Eurovision’s Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand will also be present, as well as President of Polish Public Television Jacek Kurski, who is organizing the competition this year.

During the ceremony Roksana Wegiel,the winner of last year’s contest, and 4Dreamers, a popular boyband from Poland,will perform live on stage . Mateusz Szymkowiak will be presenting the ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony will be the running order, as well as the contestants who will appear first and last. The rest of the show will be arranged by the organizers and the EBU in such a way as to make the songs more interesting.

The 19 candidates for Junior Eurovision 2019 are:








08.  ITALY


10.  MALTA




14.  RUSSIA 

15.  SERBIA 

16.  SPAIN



19.  WALES 

The opening ceremony starts at 16.00 CET time  and you can watch it live at the following link:

Poland: Positive to host Junior Eurovision 2020 again if it wins

The general manager of Polish Public Television, TVP, has revealed that he is also positive about organizing Junior Eurovision next year, as long as the forecasts are verified and won in a few days in Glivice.

The Eurovision Children’s Contest will be held on November 24 in Gliwice, Poland. 19 countries will claim the victory, with the hosting country to be considered as the favorite by many.

Viki Gabor‘s “Superhero” has surpassed more than 2 million views in less than a month,  enjoying herself a lot of popularity in her own country, a very important element of online voting, as in  Junior Eurovision we can also vote in favour of our  own country.

Since 2017, EBU has changed the way the hosting country of Junior Eurovision is being selected and has removed the winner’s right to have the first say on hosting or not the competition, as it was until then. A system of nominations was introduced, through which the EBU chose the nomination it seemed most appropriate. That’s how Minsk was chosen in 2018 and Glivice this year. By the way, this year’s hosting country also happened to be the winner of the previous contest.

So it remains to be seen if EBU will give the next event in Poland, if “Superhero” wins Junior Eurovision 2019 in a few days.

Source: ESCXtra

Ireland: Linda Martin starring in the official video clip for Junior Eurovision 2019

Almost a month is left for the Junior Eurovision 2019 in Glivice, Poland. Ireland’s public broadcaster has recently released the video clip of “Banshee”, the Irish act in the contest. Surprisingly, we watched Eurovision 1992 winner, Linda Martin, in the lead!

Anna Kearney won the Irish National Junior Eurovision final “Éire 2019” and will represent Ireland at the Eurovision children’s competition. She will perform the song “Banshee”, hoping to bring Ireland its first victory in this institution.

Irish Public broadcaster thought a clever way to call attention to its entry. She put Linda Martin in the leading role in the video.

The video clip is full of Irish forests and seas. It goes back to the Middle Ages, so Anna Kearney’s relative ambivalence is justified. Throughout the video we see a mysterious woman who does not reveal her identity by wearing a cape, which also hides her face. Only at the end the mysterious woman revealed herself, and we see that she is Linda Martin.

North Macedonia: Listen to its participation for Junior Eurovision 2019

Last but not least, North Macedonia presents its entry for this year’s Junior Eurovision song contest. 14-year-old Mila Moskov with the song “Fire”  will represent the countr.

Both herself and the song were selected by direct assignment from the country’s public broadcaster. Mila has been involved with music since she was 6 years old. She has participated in various concerts, both solo and as a member of the Little Angels children’s choir. The song is signed by Lazar Cvetkoski and Magdalena ENA Cvetkoska.

listen to it below:

Malta: Listen to country’s entry in Junior Eurovision 2019

Maltese public broadcaster, PBS, recently released the song that Eliana Gómez Blanco will perform at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. The 14-year-old artist will sing “We Are More” on November 24 in Glivice, Poland.

Eliana was selected to represent Malta through an open selection process, which aimed to select the country’s artist for Junior Eurovision 2019. She competed in the finals with 10 other candidates selected from live auditions.

This year, the Maltese broadcaster did not hold a live national final to select its representative in Junior Eurovision. Instead, it conducted an on-line process in which the singers sang live to help the public choose the best singer for the competition. These live performances were evaluated by the jury and the audience who decided the winner.

Listen to Malta’s participation below:

France: Listen to Carla’s song for Junior Eurovision 2019

France’s public broadcaster , France 2, has confirmed rumors that it wanted the first winner of The Voice Kids, Carla, to represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2019. The song will compete in Glivice, Poland, on the 24th. November, it’s called Bim Bam Toi.

Carla is now 16 years old and is quite popular in her home country. In 2014, at the age of just 11, she became the winner of The Voice Kids in France. Then, after the release of her first album, she lends her voice to French compilation of many songs in Disney movies. Along with other famous children in the country, Unicef ​​France creates Kids United, which aims to sing the most beautiful songs that celebrate love and peace.

France 2 received triple entries after last year’s debut in the competition and second place in Minsk.

Portugal: Listen to its entry for JESC 2019

Portuguese public television, RTP, has announced the song that Joana Almeida will travel with to Poland for Junior Eurovision 2019. This is Vem Comigo (Come With Me).

The song talks about the environment and how children and adolescents need to realize the danger that the Earth is in. It transmits a message of hope, as young people can make a difference and be a generation that will have a positive impact on the health of our planet.

Listen to the Portuguese Junior Eurovision 2019 entry below:

The Junior Eurovision 2019 will take place in Glivice, Poland on November 24th.

Kazakhstan: Listen to its song for Junior Eurovision 2019

Yerzhan Maxim will represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2019, with the song “Armanyńnan Qalma”.

Yerzhan comes from northwestern Kazakhstan. His reputation is high as he has participated in many contests in his country, and has even won many awards. This year he participated in the Russian version of the music competition The Voice Kids, winning one of the top spots, while last year he tried to represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision 2018, taking third place.

Listen to Kazakhstan’s participation in Junior Eurovision 2019 below: