Eurovision 2022: Jury Show of the Grand Final!

The Jury Show of the Grand Final took place today. Twenty-five finalists performed their song once again in front of the experts and audience.

One of the hosts – Laura Pausini opened the show. Right after her performance we witnessed the famous flag parade where all twenty-five acts showed up with their flags when their country’s name was announced.

Here’s the review of all performances:

Czech Republic

Excellent vocals, confident performance. A very jury-friendly song, so juries should’ve definitely paid attention to this. In terms of results, this is probably gonna get a similar result to Cyprus 2021, could be 2-3 places higher or even lower.


WRS was very happy with his qualification and you definitely could see it, he was happier than ever. The crowd sang the song at the same time with him. Unfortunately, he is performing under statistically the worst slot, so I doubt this will be high enough tomorrow. Not sure juries liked this or not either.


Juries should DEFINITELY like this one. So soothing, professional, just wow.


There were issues vocally as per usual, but it looks effective. Knowing juries pay attention to the vocals, I don’t think juries have ranked this one high, although many jurors could have received nostalgic vibes from the performance and from them as a very famous band.


Marius added some vocal changes and was much better this time. Should definitely come top 10 with the jury voting, even though the televise is gonna rank this one down.


Visually excellent, however vocally – lowkey not good. This one is definitely relying on the televoting.


Professional and slick performance from Norwegian wolves. On other hand, this should be loved by juries since they appreciate quality production, on other hand, this is not ‘jury bait’. Somewhere in the middle with jury voting and relying more on televoting.


Rosa was a little bit nervous, but overall a strong vocal performance. Unlike Finland, France and maybe Norway this should be appreciated by professional juries.


Vocally on the same level as Finland. Atmospheric, the beginning looked fascinating. The outfits were completely different from the rehearsals. As a song, it’s jury bait, but I don’t think it’ll be liked by juries that much.


First winner vibes here. Nothing else to say.


A very emotional performance from S10, absolutely magnificent. First candidate for jury top 5 maybe?


Their best performance BY FAR. HAS to do well.


Very emotional, personally enjoyed it a lot. Impressive, but juries won’t go for a rap song.


Excellent! Juries have to have this in their top 10!


Everything was on point. Juries should like this one!


Jeremy delivered a great performance, even though visually it’s kitschy.


The jury winner so far. Touching performance, the vocals were astounding! Has to come top 5 overall. Good job, Ellada!


This one stands out a lot in the lineup. After so many vocal challenging songs in a row, this feels like something we exactly needed to hear. Probably won’t do that well.


FUN!!! However, juries definitely won’t like this one!


Professional and slick. Remember, how bookies underestimated Moldova before the rehearsals and how high Sweden was in the odds. Well, it was kind of boring to watch that performance after Moldova. Nevertheless, juries will go crazy about this one. Top 3 contender.


Sheldon delivered an amazing performance. Kind of worse vocally compared to his other performance but a lock top 10 with juries.

United Kingdom

An obvious jury winner.


Ochman’s one of the best vocalists of this year’s Eurovision. Only for his vocals alone he should be in the top 10!


Winner vibes, but I don’t think juries will support it as much as tele.


Everything is on point! Excellent closer.

Prediction of the Jury Voting

Winner: United Kingdom

Top 3: Greece, Australia

Top 5: Sweden, Spain

6-10: Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland

11-15: Portugal, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Norway

16-20: Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia, France,

21-25: Moldova, Iceland, Finland, Romania, Germany.

Eurovision 2022: Jury Show of the First Semi-Final!

One day before the actual shows the so-called Jury Show happens which isn’t visible to the usual audience (only to those who received press accreditation and to the experts). The Jury Show of the First Semi-Final took place today. Professional jurors have already ranked all 17 acts of today’s show.


Very sensual and sexual performance with a good camerawork. Ronela is very charismatic and it looked like a worthy opener. The choreography was fierce. Overall, it was a great performance. Let’s see whether juries liked it or not.


Amazing and very energetic performance from Citi Zeni. The camerawork is on point and vocally it was perfect. Is it a song that would be appreciated by juries? No clue.


Elegant, minimalistic but impactful performance from Monika Liu. Stunned by this.


Visually – gorgeous, vocally – I wouldn’t really say.


It was fun, although the soloist got lost in the light! Vocally excellent, nothing else to add.


Timofiy improved a LOT. Energetic, impactful and mesmerising performance from Kalush Orchestra. One of the bests, for sure.

A break before Bulgaria


This staging is exactly what a rock song needs. One of the best vocals.


Very minimalistic and simple staging. S10 was nervous, hopefully she’ll be better for the actual show.


It’s indeed fun. Personally enjoyed this one a lot. The audience did it too.


Very emotional and atmospheric. The staging is perfection.


Such a cute performance from Mia! Amazing camerawork and excellent vocals. Croatian was added to the song (she sung the last chorus in Croatian completely).


Great performance, nothing else to say.

There’s a break after Denmark. We see some from Sunday’s Turquoise Carpet.


Vocally not really great, but it has a very effective staging!


Atmospheric performance and a very easy song to listen to. Impressive!


Massive winner vibes there…


Such an astounding performance from the wolves from Norway! Enjoyed it a lot.


Flawless vocals and fascinating staging.

We see the recap of all 17 songs once all artists finished performing.

Dardust is on the stage playing a drum. Sophie and the giants are on the stage. Tons of pyro as we see Daniel Benassi at the back of the stage at a DJ booth.

A tribute to Raffaella Carra. Laura talks about her and then Fiesta is played!

Afterwards the second recap is on!

Diodato performs his ESC 2020 song – Fai Rumore. In the dark, he sits and plays at his piano and sings. A choir softly sings along in the chorus. Diodato starts off behind the stage and is on the front side with lots of people dancing around him on stage in smoke. Perfection.

Alessandro chats with the JESC 2021 winner – with Maléna. We see a small clip of her JESC victory and of her song. Promo clip for Yerevan is shown as well right after the clip.

Mika has a conversation with Alvan & Ahez and Mahmood&Blanco. 


In the beginning it was very shaky, but then everything went very well. Energetic, impressive and outstanding performance from France! WOW!


Vocally they’ve improved a lot since the second rehearsal. They don’t engage with camera which makes it at some point better. Brilliant performance!

The announcement of the qualifiers right after Italy’s performance!

The qualifiers of the Jury Show were:

  • Latvia
  • Portugal
  • Lithuania
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Netherlands

P.S these are not the real results.

The actual show will be broadcasted tomorrow.

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