Israel: With Eden Alene at Eurovision 2021

Following the official cancellation of this year’s contest in Rotterdam, many countries are already in a hurry to give their anchor for 2021 early this year.

Ten countries have already made that decision, including this year’s organizer The Netherlands and Greece, so they want to give their artists the chance to finally be on the scene one year later.

Israel is on the list of those countries today. The country’s public broadcaster, KAN, announced recently that due to the spread of the killer virus in Europe, this year’s country’s representative , Eden Alene, will represent Israel at the competition next year.

“We will win. This time, the song will be even better”, as she stated herself.

Eden Alene was informed of the cancellation of the airing contest she was invited to and could not hold back her tears as you can see in the video below.

Israel: Tonight, “The Next Song to Eurovision” | Which song will be selected for Eden Alene?

On February 4, the winner of the HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovizion 2020 was Eden Alene. Soon after, Israel’s national broadcaster, KAN set up a campus of composers attended by the country’s top creators. On February 13th the titles and the composers of the four candidate songs for Eden were made public, while on February 27th we listen to these four songs.

Tonight,Israel chooses entry via “The Next Song to Eurovision”, where Eden Alene will present the four candidate songs. Lucy Ayoub, one of last year’s contestants in Tel Aviv, will host the show.

The four candidate songs are:

1. “Roots”

Creators: Nathan Goshen and Stav Beger

2. Feker libi”

Creators: Doron Medalie and Idan Raichel

3.  Savior In the Sound” 

Creators: Oren Emanuel, Talia Londoner and Uri Avni

4. Rakata”

Creators: Gal Joe Cohen, Eyal Ishay, Zlil Kalifi, Eran Kashi

The results will come up  both from the television audience and a professional jury:

-30% audience / TV
-65% professional jury
-5% reviewers of HaKokhav Haba L’Eurovizion 2020
The show will start at 8:30 pm CET time and you can watch it HERE.


Israel: Two shows for the next country’s national selection

The Israeli broadcaster, KAN, has confirmed the country’s participation in Eurovision 2020, making Israel the 25th country that announces its participation.

Together with confirmation of participation, KAN also announced how it will choose its  representative but also the song.

Initially, the selection of the artist will be made another year through the talent show « HaKokhan HaBa L’Eurovizion », which makes sense since,using this option after 2015, the country has not lost the qualification to the final – including of course Netta ´ s victory  in 2018.

But the selection of the song is the detail that will be changed. Until this year, the song was chosen by a team of experts.  However, for 2020, KAN will organize an additional show for the selection of the song which will be determined this time by the television audience.

KAN  is expected to invite artists to participate in HaKokhan HaBa next week, but the dates of the talent show have not yet been announced.

After Netta’s victory, Israel’s next representative was Kobi Marimi with the song « Home ».  Kobi won 23rd place.

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Israel: Prices for the Eurovision 2019 tickets have been revealed

Israel’s public broadcaster announced ticket prices for all Eurovision 2019 shows. Prices as it was expected are high, both because of the generally high prices in Israel and because of the small number of tickets to be sold. Read more

Eurovision 2019: Tender for the postcards has opened

In a recent post of Israel Hayom, it is said that tender process for the postcards of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv has opened, while the deadline is on October 28th.

The winner, according to the newspaper, will have to research for each performing artist, select the appropriate locations and will be responsible about the makeup, outfits and hair.

In addition, the tender requires that senior staff, such as the director, the creative manager and the photographer will have experience with at least ten similar productions, and the producer must have produced at least 3 productions in the last three years, all with a minimum budget of about €1,200,000 (5,000,000 ILS).

If the pilots send to KAN and EBU get approved, shootings will take place between January and March, with the overall budget reaching up to €750,000 (3,000,000 ILS). The newspaper also states that KAN, besides the usual postcards, plans to create a 5-minute clip with all the artists.

What are the postcards?

Postcards are the short-length videos shown before each performance, which give the opportunity for technicians to prepare the stage, plus, to the commentators to provide information about the act that follows.

They usually show landmarks of the hosting countries or/and the representatives themselves visiting these landmarks. The increased interest shown by the fans for the postcards, has led the hosts to try, in any imaginative way, present them.

Also, the official account of the contest on Youtube publish each postcard for those who want to re-watch them, while many fans are ranking them from their least to most favourite postcards.

Source: Israel Hayom,