Kazakstan: An unfair decision by EBU – Editorial

EBU has made it clear for another year that it does not intend to make a special invitation to Kazakstan or Kosovo in order to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although the case of Kosovo is quite complex and any participation would have bad consequences, as there are political and diplomatic implications, this is not the case with Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is indeed a predominantly Asian country, with a small part belonging to Europe. It is not geographically located in the EBU area countries and is therefore not a member, although the Caucasus countries also do not belong to its broadcasting area, EBU exceptionally accepted the public broadcasters of these countries.

The argument, of course, that Kazakhstan cannot participate because it is not in Europe does not apply, since every year Israel or formerly Morocco, countries that do not belong to Europe, take part. Of course in recent years we have also Australia, a country located on the other side of the earth.

Many argue that Kazakhstan’s political regime is inconsistent with a contest that promotes freedom and respect for diversity like Eurovision. Indeed, Kazakhstan does not have one of the best democracies in the world, but is it worse off than Azerbaijan or, as we now see, Belarus?

It could not be a new case of Australia, that is, to participate with a special invitation, as it is a unique case, which has shown great interest in the competition, before it is finally given the right to participate, say some others. But when 365 songs have been submitted to Kazakhstan for Junior Eurovision this year, think about the interest for the senior Eurovision!

Now if the problem is where the contest will take place if Kazakhstan wins, the same can be said here as in the case of Australia, although Astana is not that far away. That is, to organize it in cooperation with another EBU member country, in the territory of the latter.

While according to the above there is no serious excuse for not participating in a country that has been participating in Junior Eurovision for three years with a special invitation, the EBU continues to close the door unnecessarily in Kazakhstan, despite its great desire to participate.

Kazakhstan, however, continues to hope every year that it will receive the special invitation to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, just as it does with Australia. The issue is that now the majority of fans are with him, considering the relevant decision of the EBU unfair and selective.

What is your opinion? Should Kazakhstan be invited to the Eurovision Song Contest or not?

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