Norway: New Nordic party in Oslo! | Big names already confirmed!

The Nordic Music Celebration started back in February 2023 as a collaboration between OGAE Norway, ESC Norge, and Eurovision Norway, in close collaboration with professional partners in the music industry. The initiative started with the idea of having a concert where we can showcase the best of the Nordic acts from both national selections and representatives in Eurovision together on one stage, where we invite fans to honour their icons. And also, with our wide network we have many connections to similar events and Eurovision artists in Europe, we want to invite some of the iconic Eurovision artists from countries outside the Nordics to perform for their fans here in Norway. This is a great way to gather the Eurovision loving fan-community together in a Nordic celebration.

What can you expect in Oslo?

Håkon Røssum has been leading the work with the project since the start with the rest of the teams from ESC Norge and OGAE Norway, as well as key players from the Netherlands and says:

“Fans have been wanting a pre-party for Eurovision here for a long time, especially since we have a high level on our acts and this year top 3 televote favourites were all from the Nordics (Finland, Sweden and Norway). We want to honour the artists, new and iconic in time, all together on one stage. We really hope to see some of the next years Eurovision artists visiting Oslo as well on the end of their promo tour, just three weeks before the final in Malmø”

Former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest are already set to perform in April 2024

The first performers that are ready to take the stage is Alexander Rybak (Norway, 2009 winner, 2018), Bettan (Norway, 1985 winner, 1994, 1996 and Sweden 1982), Emmelie de Forest (Denmark, 2013 winner), Jone (MGP, 2023), Subwoolfer, (Norway, 2022 representatives), Hera Björk (Iceland 2010)  and Luke Black (Serbia, 2023).

Tickets already went on sale this Friday, today at 10:00 AM (CET) on

A ticket for the event will be NOK 850 for an early entrance and NOK 640 for an ordinary ticket. The Nordic Music Celebration is available for individuals aged 18 years and above due to venue regulations.

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Serbia: RTS announcement regarding the national mourning!

“Although the days of national mourning are officially over, the sorrow is not yet over in Serbia”

Radio Television of Serbia, RTS, informs viewers that, exclusively due to contractual obligations with the EBU, it will broadcast the first and second semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 11 on RTS3, a channel of less popularity.

The Serbian delegation in Liverpool shares the grief of the families of the tragic victims of the “Vladislav Ribnikar” primary school in Belgrade, as well as those from the Mladenovac and Smederevo districts, understanding the grief of all the people in Serbia.

The representative of Serbia, Luke Black, will dedicate his performance to all the victims of the above mentioned terrorist attacks.

Source: RTS

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Eurovision 2023: Serbia’s Second Rehearsal!

Serbia, the stage is yours! Don’t feel misguided by the title, Luke Black’s mission is not to make you feel sleepy. Are you ready for a dystopian sci-fi trip?


“I like it better when I dream”


Luke Black

Luke Black is a Serbian singer and songwriter, born on 18 May 1992 in Čačak, FR Yugoslavia. He started pursuing his interest in music at the age of 12 and began creating and producing music a few years later. His stage name, “Luke,” comes from the anglicisation of his first name, while “Black” comes from his teenage expression of forty days of mourning for the “death of the Serbian music scene.” His music combines classic pop influences with experimental, electronic, and indie sounds, influenced by artists like Queen, Elton John, Stromae, Lady Gaga, Maria Callas, and Eartha Kitt. In January 2023, he was announced as one of the contestants of Pesma za Evroviziju ’23, the Serbian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with the song “Samo mi se spava”. He won the competition, receiving the most points out of sixteen finalists by coming second on both the televote and the jury vote, thereby becoming the Serbian representative for the contest in Liverpool.

The second rehearsal

During Luke Black’s second rehearsal, we are captivated by the numerous video game references on the screen that we missed during his first performance on Sunday. Luke takes the stage to sing his indie/techno song, which contains both English and Serbian lyrics. For staging, Luke has brought the enormous prop resembling a bed/oyster shell from the Serbian National Finals.


Chloe Hashemi / EBU


Additionally, four masked dancers are present, trailing long hoses. The throbbing bass, video game graphics, and eerie, surreal, and mesmerizing atmosphere make for an unforgettable performance. Luke also unleashes smoke from the backpacks worn by his backup dancers, particularly during the final chorus, which adds to the already apocalyptic feel of the performance.


Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU


In the afternoon, after the completion of all the rehearsals, a video will be released with short excerpts from the television footage of all the second rehearsals!




You can also take a look, not only at the reaction video of EurovisionFun on “Samo mi se spava”:



…but also at the reaction video on the First Semi-Final’s running order:



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Eurovision 2023: Serbia’s First Rehearsal!

Next up on stage is Luke Black for his 1st rehearsal on the stage of Liverpool. Luke Black represents Serbia at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, after winning Pesma za Evroviziju ’23 with his song “Samo mi se spava”!

Who is Luke Black?

Luka Ivanović, known professionally as Luke Black, is a Serbian singer and songwriter. He was born in Čačak on 18 May 1992, started writing lyrics at the age of 12 and later started to compose and produce his own songs. He became the first Serbian artist to be signed under Universal Music Group, through which he released his debut EP Thornes in February 2015. It was followed by Neoslavic (2018) and F23.8 (2023). He is currently based in London.

The rehearsal

Luke gets to the stage to perform his indie/techno number that includes both English and Serbian lyrics. Staging-wise, Luke has brought the huge prop from the Serbian National Finals, that looks like a bed/oyster shell, along with four masked dancers trailing long hoses – we’ve heard a rumour that smoke is going to come out of those, so we’ll update when we see the pyro rehearsal. The pulsing bass and video game graphics and the dark, surreal and hypnotic vibe create a memorable performance.

For the final rehearsal, Luke unleashes smoke from the backpacks worn by their backing dancers, just for the final chorus. It makes the whole thing feel even more apocalyptic. It’s our first pyro of the day.

Below you can watch a small clip from Serbia’s first rehearsal from Tik Tok:

@eurovision Hello? 🦞 Wake up…Luke has arrived! 🇷🇸#Eurovision2023 #eurovision @Luke Black ♬ original sound – Eurovision

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The second rehearsal of Serbia will take place on Wednesday May 3 so we will get a better idea of what we will see from Luke Black on stage.


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London Eurovision Party 2023: Watch all the live performances!

Yesterday, 16th of April, London held the last pre-party for this year’s Eurovision season.

London Eurovision Party 2023 was held in Here at Outernet and presented by Nicki French(UK 2000) and Paddy O’ Connell(former Eurovision commentator for the BBC).

22 Eurovision participants sang in London and you can watch their live performances below:

  • Australia – Voyager

There is a big difference between the studio version and their live performance. It’s a rock performance and it shows that band songs are meant for live performances. It is indeed difficult to make any predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised in case it does well with the televoting, even if Australia is usually a jury favorite.

  • Austria – Teya & Salena

A much loved entry by Eurovision fans and it is worth it. The vocals are good, the chemistry between the duo is splendid, the weird dancing is present and the crowd is loving it. Austria has managed to beat the odds so far, contrary to those who thought that Who the Hell is Edgar was going to be a fan-flop, similarly to last year’s Halo. Now, we will only have to see how it works in Liverpool stage!

  • Azerbaijan – TuralXTuran

A beautiful song for sure and regardless the final result, I’m really glad that Azerbaijan finally sent a song that was written by Azerbaijani people. Although, that doesn’t seem to be enough and their performances do not have a large appeal. Probably we will not see them perform in the Grand Final.

  • Croatia – Let 3

The most controversial entry of Eurovision 2023. Controversial is also the whole career of Let 3. Although, everyone thought that they wouldn’t make it to the Final, their live performances prove the opposite. The crowd is having fun and singing with them and their eccentricity will sure be noticed. It looks like Croatia made the right choice!

  • Czechia – Vesna

A fan favorite to win at first, but at the moment it does not give winning vibes. It was a better performance than usual but it will be a long way for Czechia in order to achieve their result. Their vocals were better but staging still looks messy and chaotic and it does not put across the message of the song. There is still time!

  • Denmark – Reiley

A much better performance than usual but it remains a song that has small potential when live performed. Reiley being famous on TikTok might be helpful for his entry, so I can’t exclude any possibility.

  • Estonia – Alika

A beautiful song and impressive vocals. That’s it! It’s another cliché Eurovision ballad, not good enough for Alika’s vocal abilities.

  • Finland – Käärijä

We can all understand the hype. Exactly like any of his performances, he gives once more the 100% of his personality and energy. The crowd goes crazy and here we have if not the winner, a top 3 contender.

  • Iceland – Diljá

Strong vocals and stage presence as Diljá is an energetic performer. Although, the song doesn’t seem enough for Diljá either.

  • Ireland – Wild Youth

A good band performance, full of energy. On the other hand, the song does not stand out for their qualification. It’s not anything new, it’s something done before but it’s not done well.

  • Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

Monika brought the London Community Gospel Choir for her performance in London Eurovision Party. A vocal powerhouse. The song slowly receives more support and it’s all because of Monika herself. Stay is going to be loved by the juries and we can’t exclude the possibility of the public voting for her. She has a personality and you can’t skip over it.

  • Malta – The Busker

Good vocals and great energy on stage. Looks like they are having fun. Frontman’s moves resemble exactly what the song is all about, feeling socially anxious in parties. I really like this entry, but unfortunately it doesn’t stand out and it’s not enough for Malta’s ticket to the Final.

  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

A really energetic performance of Pasha. The crowd is enjoying it and is probably sending him straight to the Final.

  • Norway – Alessandra

Vocally speaking she gets better and better each time. Personally, I don’t mind any voice cracks of Alessandra. She has a really strong entry, her presence is imposing and her view of pre-parties like actual parties, is actually obvious when performing.

  • Portugal – Mimicat

Although I’m not a big fan of this year’s Portuguese entry and looks weird to me, Mimicat is vocally flawless and I’m waiting for a better performance on Liverpool to disprove me.

  • Romania – Theodor Andrei

You will either like it or not. I don’t like it. Vocally he’s good but none of his performances, although far better than the one in Romania’s NF, seems convincing, just messy.

  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks

In any means, not a bad song. The lead singer is vocally on point. The whole package, although, is not enough.

  • Serbia – Luke Black

I still don’t get the song. It’s not my favorite entry but it is quirky, eccentric and special. He still looks awkward to me when referring to his stage presence. I’m waiting for his performance in Liverpool!

  • Slovenia – Joker Out

I love that song! Although, the studio version was not that promising at first, the charisma of every single one of the band’s members is to die for. They are stylish, humorous and committed to what they do. I hope to see that energy in Liverpool and Slovenia finally getting awarded with a good result.

  • Sweden – Loreen

The real queen of this year’s Eurovision. She teaches every Eurovision winner about when and how to return back. Vocally flawless and she seems to be connected with the crowd. Although, the led platform is missing, her strong personality is here and elevates the song. Personally, I want to see her crowned as a winner again!

  • Spain – Blanca Paloma

Whether you like her entry or not, one thing is for sure. No one can deny Blanca’s flawless vocals and how expressive she is. Although, I can’t fully understand the song, because it has many references to Spanish culture, every time I watch her performances, her emotions really touch me. RTVE is here to win, although I don’t think it will be come true. A great entry, one of my favorites, and it is a good example on what should follow the next year after a great Eurovision result.

  • United Kingdom – Mae Muller

MAE I LOVE U!!!I can’t be completely honest with her. Vocally wise, her best performance. What it is indeed challenging is not exactly her vocals but how it will be staged. It needs some dancing, but mostly sass and attitude. These are Mae’s weapons, indeed. She seems to enjoy it and no matter the comments, crowd loves her. It’s the most mainstream pop song of this year’s Eurovision, there’s no way it will not be placed high!

Which were your favorite performances? Write in the comments!

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Serbia: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2023 Entry “Samo mi se spava”!

Pesma za Evroviziju ’23, the process through which Serbia chose its participation for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, was successfully completed. The big winner was Luke Black with the electro-pop “Samo mi se spava”.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the official video clip of the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Apostolos, Paschalis and Stella in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on the participation of Serbia, for 2023!

(Video Editing: @xristosrpk)

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Serbia: With Luke Black and “Samo mi se spava” at Eurovision 2023!

Serbia has started the search for its representative and participation in Eurovision 2023. “Pesma za Evroviziju 23“, as the public television process is now called, consists of two semi-finals and a final. A few minutes ago the grand final with 16 contestants was completed.

The show started at 21:00 local time and took place in Studio 8 and 9 of RTS in Kosutnjak, Belgrade.

The presenters of the event were Dragana Kosjerina and Milan Marić. In the Green Room the presenters were Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović.

The 16 songs that claimed the ticket to Liverpool are:

  1. Stefan Shy – “Od jastuka do jastuka”
  2. Boris Subotić – “Nedostupan”
  3. Nadia – “Devojka tvog dečka”
  4. Duo Grand – “Viva la Vida”
  5. Nađa – “Moj prvi ožiljak na duši”
  6. Frajle – “Neka Neka”
  7. Hurricane – Zumi zimi zami”
  8. CHEGI & Braća Bluz Bend – “Svadba ili kavga
  9. Dzipsii – “Greh”
  10. Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava”
  11. Filip Baloš – “Novi plan drugi san”
  12. Princ – “Cvet sa Istoka”
  13. Filarri – “Posle mene”
  14. Gift – “Liberta”
  15. Empathy Soul Project – “Indigo”
  16. Zejna – Rumba”

The results:

The results were determined 50% by the jury and 50% by the televoting.

Jury results

Televoting results

After the voting ended, the big winner was Luke Black, with the song ““Samo mi se spava”.

We remind that Serbia will appear in the first half of the first semi-final on May 09.

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Luke Black: Eurovision is very conceptual and elaborate | Exclusive Interview

Luke Black from Serbia gave an exclusive interview to EurovisionFun and Paschalis, talking about his song “Samo mi se spava“. Luke Black is taking part with this song in this year’s Pesma za evroviziju, hoping to represent Serbia in Eurovision 2023.

Who is Luke Black?

I’m a musician from Serbia that has been making music for quite a while. I don’t write much, but when I write I decide to make it a project and then I release it. I was born in a small town in Serbia and spent my early years in Belgrade. I live in London and that’s where the learning process for me started. I do electronic pop music that flirts with different styles and genres from project to project.

When I started, I used to listen to british pop and rock and music like David Bowie and then the Beatles. My inspiration was John Lennon. When I was a teenager I discovered Lady Gaga and I guess my music taste has changed since then. I still haven’t found anyone else with such an impact to my creativity as Lady Gaga.

Some things about the song

Samo mi se spava means I just wanna sleep. It’s about sleeping. I spent the last years very alieanted from the world, especially throughout the pandemic. I immersed myself into my bed, video games and anime and that’s how the song was created. It is basically about the feeling of isolation that people are feeling throughout the world. It is an embrace of the innocence. I think sleep is one of the most innocent places where one can go and feel safe outside of the world.

The song was made in 2020, in April. It was a nice collaboration I had. I worked at first with an old friend from Lebanon who lives in the US and he sent me the piano introduction of the song. With what was going on in the world melodies kept on coming. We actually finished the song in fifteen minutes on zoom. It was one of those moments of inspiration that rarely happen. Later on I worked more with a friend from Canada and colleagues from London and we elevated the track.

Last year Konstrakta sent her song and I felt it was the right time to do that. I tweeted joking about it and people felt excited said I should go, so I couldn’t say no.

Does Luke like other songs from Pesma za evroviziju?

I have listened to some of them and I was quite surprised with the amount of bangers. I was outside the musical culture of Serbia, but I’m happy that there are so many artists that do pop music in a great way. There’s a guy called Filip whose song I really like and a guy called Gipsii. Everybody is great in their way and there’s balance.

Konstrakta is a genious. Her lyrics have always been mature and thoughtful, like poetry. Before that I enjoyed Eurovision as a european contest, but I didn’t enjoy the serbian selection. I felt there wasn’t a place for me. Konstrakta definitely changed the game. I’m glad that people in my country appreciate more modern and conceptual sounds. Eurovision is very conceptual and elaborate.

What are his favorite Eurovision entries?

Maneskin is something I enjoyed. I wanted to feel more rock vibes in Eurovision and I think lots of teenagers were attracted to the singer and started to listen more to rock music.

His message to the readers and viewers

Lots of love from Serbia! I really hope you enjoy Samo mi se spava and I hope to see you in Eurovision in Liverpool this year!

We would like to thank Luke Black for his interview and wish him best of luck!