United Kingdom: Mae Muller retires from singing indefinitely!

Mae Muller was the representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2023, and was one of the favourites, right from the beginning. Despite her bad placing in the final. her song “I Wrote a Song” was placed high in all betting companies until the end, and it has become a massive fan-favourite.

A few days ago, Mae Muller, posted a very serious decision she made after a lot of thinking, on her social media. In a long text, she states that music is her passion, however lately, it turned into a chore, trying to impress the judges and win a place in the radio playlist. To sum up her text, she says that she decided to retire from singing, at least until she feels better with the whole situation.

“Hope you’ve all had the most lovely xmas and new year, I miss you!! Time is going so fast it’s insane but in the past few years I have done some incredible things and I am so proud of my achievements, and while i’ve been taking a break for the last couple weeks I have been reflecting on where I am and who I want to be as an artist. despite my achievements, at times i’ve felt like I lost sight of what I was doing this for and why I started music in the first place. The pressure of chasing hits for so long (which many signed artists can relate to) wore me out, which caused ne to make decisions which didn’t sit well in my gut personally or creatively. Music went from being my passion to becoming a job churning out songs to try and impress exec’s or get a playlist spot for radio, which is not why I started doing this. I started it because Ilove it and I want to get back to that. Ιt’s been emotional, exciting and at times scary but to grow you have to be uncomfortable and when you’re not happy where you are you need to make a change, which is what I’ve been doing behind the scenes. I had the album campaign of dreams, making little to no compromises with a major label, which is so rare in this day and age and for that I am extremely grateful (streamsorry i’m late xoxo) but I need to take a little step back. Last year was the most intense year of my life and i am creatively (and emotionally)fatigued, so ur girl just need a moment to reenergise! I just wanted to be honest with you, because at the end of the day it all comes down to you guys, my fans (I hate calling you that you’re so much more) but you have been there for me every step of the way. Some of you since the very beginning, and i’ve always wanted to be upfront, so if things seem to be a bit quiet that’s why. I want to be my best self for you because it’s what you deserve and honestly, it’s what I deserve too. I love you all an incredible amount and I’m not going anywhere!! Just working more behind the scenes to get back in touch with myself and the artist I want to be. (also preparing for gassed up to come out next month she’s a f****** ACTRESS”

Do you think Mae is overreacting, or she really did what was best for herself?

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Eurovision 2023: United Kingdom’s second rehearsal!

The last of the Big 6 to rehearse today is the host country, the United Kingdom, with Mae Muller and “I wrote a song“.

Who is Mae Muller?

Holly Mae Muller is an English pop singer and songwriter. She became known by uploading demos of her songs online while she increased her fanbase by being the opening act of Little Mix. In 2021 her song “Better Days” charted in both the UK and the United States, having today more than 397 million streams on Spotify. She was internally selected to represent the United Kingdom in this year’s contest, managing to be the first UK act in more than a decade to debut in the  Top 40 UK Singles Chart.

The rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officially release to the public through and the official social media accounts of the contest.

Mae is on stage with four dancers dressed in red and black while she is dressed in a total black outfit. For the first part of the song, they are all standing in an elevated platform which has led screen in front, with pop art style graphics appearing on the led screens, including Mae’s face being cut in two, giving the illusion that they are performing inside her head. For the last part, they all move to the front of the stage performing the choreography. No major changes done for the second rehearsal.

Chloe Hashemi / EBU

United Kingdom is allocated to perform last at this years contest and this will definitely be quite a closing act! After 20 years of bad luck in the contest, last year Sam Ryder brought a second place finish back home. It seems that Mae will also do well and be on the left side of the scoreboard, a far cry from the days when UK was struggling to get points.

Chloe Hashemi/ EBU

Tonight, after the completion of all the second rehearsals of the Big 6, a recap video will be released with 30-second snippets of the performances, giving us a glimpse of how the acts will look on stage.

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Eurovision 2023: United Kingdom’s First Rehearsal!

Today is the fifth day of rehearsals in Liverpool and the first rehearsals of the BIG 5 countries are going to be held today! Heading towards the end of this group’s rehearsals, next up on stage for their first rehearsal is the United Kingdom and Mae Muller with the song “I Wrote A Song”.

Who is Mae Muller?

Holly Mae Muller is a English pop singer and songwriter. She started by uploading demos of her songs in SoundCloud in 2017. Two years later, she was an opening act for Little Mix tour, where she started gaining fans. She is known worldwide with her pop hit “Better Days” in 2021 that charted in both UK and United States. Her Eurovision entry is the first entry from United Kingdom that debuted on the UK Singles Chart’s top 40 in over a decade.

The Rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officaly release to the public.

Mae’s outfit consists of total black, she combined trousers with a corset jacket. The performance starts on a raised plinth in front of the LED wall with a feature of huge pop art-style graphics. There is also a face split of Mae’s happening in two horizontally, giving the impression that she is inside her own head. It gives the vibe like it’s already taped and looks great live.

Corinne Cumming / EBU

She’s accompanied by four dancers dressed in red and black, who join her at the front of the stage for a choreography in the second half of the song, the choreography is described like a dance routine. This performance builds up to a big old pop banger finish. What a better choice to close the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023!

Corinne Cumming / EBU

Below you can watch a small clip from the United Kingdom’s first rehearsal on TikTok:

The second rehearsal for the United Kingdom will be held on the 6th of May, when we will know how things will appear on screen for the United Kingdom’s entry.

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United Kingdom: The creative team behind Mae Muller’s performance!

The team this year’s UK representative is working with for her stage performance has been revealed! What Mae Muller will present in Liverpool will be the result of Black Skull Creative as well as Marvin Dietmann!


Black Skull Creative consists of Dan Shipton, Ross Nicholson, Jay Revell and Paul Gardener. Shipton, however, will not be part of the team this year, as he has been taken over by the BBC as Creative Director for the entire contest as a whole.

Marvin Dietmann, originally from Austria, does not need special introductions since he is well known among eurofans. In recent years, he has taken over the directorship of a number of participations such as those of Cyprus for the years 2021 and 2022, Croatia in 2021, Austria in 2018 (3rd place), last year’s entry of the United Kingdom (2nd place) while he was also the one who had directed Conchita‘s winning performance in 2014.

Source: Eurovoix

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United Kingdom: Mae Muller wins Third German Eurovision Preview Show

UK representative Mae Muller won the third preview show of ESC-Songcheck 2023, the German preview show for Eurovision.

During each episode of ESC-Songcheck 2023, each song receives the votes from a jury panel as well as the public via online voting.  For the third show Mae Muller got the most points with her song “I Wrote A Song”.  The UK representative won both the jury and the online vote.

Here are the results of the third night of the German Preview Show:

Jury Online vote
United Kingdom  6.5  6.9  13.4 points
Denmark  7.3 5.2 12.5 points
Ukraine  6.0 6.2 12.2 points
Belgium  6.0 6.0 12 points
Estonia  4.9 6.6 11.5 points
Armenia  4.8 6.2 11 points
Iceland  4.6 5.3 9.9 points
Cyprus  4.3 5.2 9.5 points
Greece  4.7 4.6 9.3 points
Romania  2.6 3.2 5.8 points

Finland is still in the lead

There is still one more show to go before the German Preview show ends.  However, up until now Finland is still in the lead:

Jury Online vote
Finland  11.5  9.9   21.4 points
    Norway  8.6    8.3   16.9 points
    Sweden  8.5  8.0   16.5 points
    Czechia  7.1  7.9   15.0 points
    France  6.4   8.1    14.5 points
    Italy  8.1   6.3  14.4 points
    Croatia  8.5   5.4   13.9 points
    United Kingdom  6.5 6.9 13.4 points
    Latvia  6.8   6.2   13 points
    Moldova  5.6  7.1   12.7 points
    Malta  6.8   5.8   12.6 points
    Denmark  7.3   5.2   12.5 points
    Serbia  6.0   6.4   12.4 points
    Ukraine  6.0   6.2   12.2 points
    Belgium  6.0   6.0   12 points
    Israel  5.7  5.9   11.6 points
    Estonia  4.9   6.6   11.5 points
    Spain  5.5  5.8   11.3 points
    Armenia  4.8  6.2   11 points
    Netherlands  5.0  5.8 10.8 points
    Portugal  4.6  5.9   10.5 points
    Azerbaijan  5.7  4.4   10.1 points
    Switzerland  3.6  6.4   10.0 points
    Iceland  4.6   5.3   9.9 points
    Cyprus  4.3   5.2   9.5 points
    Greece  4.7   4.6   9.3 points
    Ireland  3.8   4.0   7.8 points
    Romania  2.6   3.2   5.8 points

The German jury panel is composed by Constantin “Consi” Zöller, Douze Points and Benny from ESC Kompakt, Vanity Trash, Nilz Bokelberg, Suzie, Cesár Sampson (Austria 2018), Thomas Mohr, Dr. Eurovision, Alisa and Levent Geiger, El Hotzo, Marcel Stober, Broder Breese, Lea Mirzanli, Freshtorge, Martin Tietjen and Kayla Shyx.

There is still one last German preview show to go.  Meanwhile you can watch our reaction to I Wrote A Song by the Eurovisionfun team:


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UK: Mae Muller releases “I Wrote A Song” Remix

This morning the remix version of I Wrote A Song was released. For the remix version of her Eurovision song Mae Muller collaborates with Swiss singer Vendredi sur Mer, who sings the second verse of the song in French.

The remix version of I Wrote A Song is also available on Spotify:

I Wrote A Song has received a positive reception just a month and a half after its release.  It has made over 5 million streams on Spotify.  It also entered the UK charts in the first days after its release.  This has not happened for a Eurovision song in the UK since 2011.

Mae Muller is representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  As a Big 5 member and host country she will perform I Wrote A Song in the Grand Final.  Mae Muller will perform in 26th place during the final.

You can also watch our reaction by the Eurovisionfun team for the UK entry in the video embedded below:


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Finland: Käärija reacts to Eurovision 2023 songs!

Käärijä has reacted to some of the songs competing in Eurovision 2023.

In the video uploaded by the official UMK Youtube account, the Finnish representative reacts to the songs from Austria, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, France, Spain and Greece.

Although Käärijä’s comments about his fellow competitors were positive in general he has some favorite songs from this group which he would give 12 points.  According to Käärijä, the songs from Austria, Sweden, Germany and Greece are his personal favoruites from this group.

You can watch Käärijä’s reaction in this video:

And you can also watch our reaction by the Eurovisionfun team to Käärijä’s Eurovision song Cha Cha Cha

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London Eurovision Party 2023: Watch all the live performances!

Yesterday, 16th of April, London held the last pre-party for this year’s Eurovision season.

London Eurovision Party 2023 was held in Here at Outernet and presented by Nicki French(UK 2000) and Paddy O’ Connell(former Eurovision commentator for the BBC).

22 Eurovision participants sang in London and you can watch their live performances below:

  • Australia – Voyager

There is a big difference between the studio version and their live performance. It’s a rock performance and it shows that band songs are meant for live performances. It is indeed difficult to make any predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised in case it does well with the televoting, even if Australia is usually a jury favorite.

  • Austria – Teya & Salena

A much loved entry by Eurovision fans and it is worth it. The vocals are good, the chemistry between the duo is splendid, the weird dancing is present and the crowd is loving it. Austria has managed to beat the odds so far, contrary to those who thought that Who the Hell is Edgar was going to be a fan-flop, similarly to last year’s Halo. Now, we will only have to see how it works in Liverpool stage!

  • Azerbaijan – TuralXTuran

A beautiful song for sure and regardless the final result, I’m really glad that Azerbaijan finally sent a song that was written by Azerbaijani people. Although, that doesn’t seem to be enough and their performances do not have a large appeal. Probably we will not see them perform in the Grand Final.

  • Croatia – Let 3

The most controversial entry of Eurovision 2023. Controversial is also the whole career of Let 3. Although, everyone thought that they wouldn’t make it to the Final, their live performances prove the opposite. The crowd is having fun and singing with them and their eccentricity will sure be noticed. It looks like Croatia made the right choice!

  • Czechia – Vesna

A fan favorite to win at first, but at the moment it does not give winning vibes. It was a better performance than usual but it will be a long way for Czechia in order to achieve their result. Their vocals were better but staging still looks messy and chaotic and it does not put across the message of the song. There is still time!

  • Denmark – Reiley

A much better performance than usual but it remains a song that has small potential when live performed. Reiley being famous on TikTok might be helpful for his entry, so I can’t exclude any possibility.

  • Estonia – Alika

A beautiful song and impressive vocals. That’s it! It’s another cliché Eurovision ballad, not good enough for Alika’s vocal abilities.

  • Finland – Käärijä

We can all understand the hype. Exactly like any of his performances, he gives once more the 100% of his personality and energy. The crowd goes crazy and here we have if not the winner, a top 3 contender.

  • Iceland – Diljá

Strong vocals and stage presence as Diljá is an energetic performer. Although, the song doesn’t seem enough for Diljá either.

  • Ireland – Wild Youth

A good band performance, full of energy. On the other hand, the song does not stand out for their qualification. It’s not anything new, it’s something done before but it’s not done well.

  • Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

Monika brought the London Community Gospel Choir for her performance in London Eurovision Party. A vocal powerhouse. The song slowly receives more support and it’s all because of Monika herself. Stay is going to be loved by the juries and we can’t exclude the possibility of the public voting for her. She has a personality and you can’t skip over it.

  • Malta – The Busker

Good vocals and great energy on stage. Looks like they are having fun. Frontman’s moves resemble exactly what the song is all about, feeling socially anxious in parties. I really like this entry, but unfortunately it doesn’t stand out and it’s not enough for Malta’s ticket to the Final.

  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

A really energetic performance of Pasha. The crowd is enjoying it and is probably sending him straight to the Final.

  • Norway – Alessandra

Vocally speaking she gets better and better each time. Personally, I don’t mind any voice cracks of Alessandra. She has a really strong entry, her presence is imposing and her view of pre-parties like actual parties, is actually obvious when performing.

  • Portugal – Mimicat

Although I’m not a big fan of this year’s Portuguese entry and looks weird to me, Mimicat is vocally flawless and I’m waiting for a better performance on Liverpool to disprove me.

  • Romania – Theodor Andrei

You will either like it or not. I don’t like it. Vocally he’s good but none of his performances, although far better than the one in Romania’s NF, seems convincing, just messy.

  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks

In any means, not a bad song. The lead singer is vocally on point. The whole package, although, is not enough.

  • Serbia – Luke Black

I still don’t get the song. It’s not my favorite entry but it is quirky, eccentric and special. He still looks awkward to me when referring to his stage presence. I’m waiting for his performance in Liverpool!

  • Slovenia – Joker Out

I love that song! Although, the studio version was not that promising at first, the charisma of every single one of the band’s members is to die for. They are stylish, humorous and committed to what they do. I hope to see that energy in Liverpool and Slovenia finally getting awarded with a good result.

  • Sweden – Loreen

The real queen of this year’s Eurovision. She teaches every Eurovision winner about when and how to return back. Vocally flawless and she seems to be connected with the crowd. Although, the led platform is missing, her strong personality is here and elevates the song. Personally, I want to see her crowned as a winner again!

  • Spain – Blanca Paloma

Whether you like her entry or not, one thing is for sure. No one can deny Blanca’s flawless vocals and how expressive she is. Although, I can’t fully understand the song, because it has many references to Spanish culture, every time I watch her performances, her emotions really touch me. RTVE is here to win, although I don’t think it will be come true. A great entry, one of my favorites, and it is a good example on what should follow the next year after a great Eurovision result.

  • United Kingdom – Mae Muller

MAE I LOVE U!!!I can’t be completely honest with her. Vocally wise, her best performance. What it is indeed challenging is not exactly her vocals but how it will be staged. It needs some dancing, but mostly sass and attitude. These are Mae’s weapons, indeed. She seems to enjoy it and no matter the comments, crowd loves her. It’s the most mainstream pop song of this year’s Eurovision, there’s no way it will not be placed high!

Which were your favorite performances? Write in the comments!

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UK: BBC asks Mae Muller to focus on her singing and leave politics!

The BBC people are asking this year’s representative for the country in the contest, Mae Muller, to focus in the next month until Eurovision 2023 only on the song and leave any political comments.

The BBC asks to avoid political comments

British public television bosses have issued guidelines to Mae Muller on what’s allowed and what’s not, ahead of next month’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Mae Muller who took the media by storm a few days ago with what I had posted on her Twitter account about former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Deputies of the ruling party, as well as conservative media, criticized the 25-year-old singer for what she had posted on her social networks.

In one of her tweets, which many readers criticized as unacceptable, the singer said she “doesn’t feel sorry for Boris Johnson” and that she “has no sympathy for him”. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized at the time due to Covid.

Mae Muller against JK Rowling this time

Commenting on a photo of Harry Potter author JK Rowling holding a sign that read: “Get your hands off my f****** rights”, the young singer said:

Not transphobic talking about rights, what’s going on here.

Mae Muller

Earlier Mae Muller had described JK Rowling a defender of women’s rights and against the trans movement, as annoying.

People from Mae Muller’s record company confirmed to the press that the BBC asked the artist to only deal with the song and her participation in the upcoming contest and not with politics.

Both the BBC and her managers are acutely aware of the need for her not to be known for her controversial statements, rather than for good music.

Mae Muller has not hidden her political beliefs, since in the last election she publicly expressed her support for the Labor Party.

It should be noted that the United Kingdom’s Eurovision song is not political in nature. Also, the political statements and activism that artists make outside of the competition do not affect the non-political character of Eurovision.

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Source: dailymail

The Netherlands: All the performances of “Eurovision in Concert 2023”!

Eurovision in Concert 2023 took place in AFAS Live in Amsterdam, last night, with 29 of this year’s entrants performing live.

The concert was hosted by Cornald Maas and Hila Noorzai. Cornald has been the Dutch Eurovision commentator since 2006. Hila is a radio DJ and member of the committee that selected this year’s Dutch representatives (Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper). She also hosted the Eurovision 2021 press conference in Rotterdam.

The artists that performed last night were the following:

Albania – Albina & Kelmendi Familija

Balcan sounds and consistent vocals is what we got from Albina and the Kelmendi Family! Might be the suprise entry of this year.

Armenia – Brunette

Brunette singing about her Future Lover with ethereal vocals and the crowds singing along. Beautiful performance!

Australia – Voyager

Voyager give what they promise! Rock and electronic sounds, so 2025! What is concerning though, is that even though their song is supposed to be very uplifting, the crowd was too static. Also falsetto was not always on point.

Austria – Teya & Salena

That’s not a song where you can show off some unreal vocals, however it’s the song that will definitely make you dance! And Teya & Salena deliver, solid vocals and much much fun! One of my personal favourites and if you ask me, a finalist and highly likely a Top5 entry!

Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX

TuralTuranX “tell us more” about their entry this year, however I’m still not getting it. A song that I could listen to the radio without complaining, but wouldn’t catch my eye/ear at the contest.

Belgium – Gustaph

The queerest entry of the year! His vocals are as good as the studio version! He is a fun guy! This is the kind of entries that I would like to qualify, even though that’s not the style of songs that I normally listen to!

Czechia – Vesna

I can only comment on their vocals. They were okay. However, this entry started off as a potential winner, but I’m not getting that vibe, at least not yet. But hey! It’s just a party performance! Let’s wait for their contest rehearsals!

Denmark – Reiley

Danish heart-throb Reiley, had his best performance to date. Some minor vocal issues, but overall a nice performance!–QEIyag

Estonia – Alika

Nice song and great vocals! But for me, it’s no more than just that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Estonia got disqualified.

Finland – Käärijä

Normally, that’s a song that I can’t stand listening to for more than 10 seconds. Strangely, combined to his eccentric looks and his super nice personality, I could now handle listening to his entire Amsterdam performance! Personal opinion aside, I can totally see why this is a contender for the win.

France – La Zarra

Unfortunately, after a statement in her personal Twitter account, La Zarra announced that she has to cancel her appearance in Amsterdam, due to personal circumstances.

Germany – Lord of the Lost

I can’t be objective, I don’t like this style of music. I can only be objective about their vocal abilities, which are on point I must admit!

Iceland – Diljá

That’s a song that I would add to my daily playlist, however, this song lacks something that I still don’t know what it is! Diljá’s voice is great admitedly!

Ireland – Wild Youth

Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” x “Ritmo De La Noche” x “We Are One” would be a great mashup! I low-key like this song and I loved their Amsterdam performance. But something tells me that they will struggle to qualify this year. Let’s see what happens!

Latvia – Sudden Lights

Another performance that sounds exactly like the recorded version of their song! I didn’t see the love from the AFAS Live crowd.

Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

Monika definitely sounds even better than the studio version of the song. She will try to claim a high placement in the rankings of the jury voting in this year’s contest! In the beginning I didn’t quite like “Stay“, I can now say that I love her vocals on this track!

Malta – The Busker

They were not bad, not at all sounding bad live, but were they as good as it needs to be to qualify to the final show of Eurovision Song Contest? Song-wise I think not.

Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

Despite the technical issues with his Madrid performance, Pasha, the Moldovan 2012 representative and returning artist of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, managed to pull off his performance. Great vocals and energy overall!

Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper

It’s really sad to see my 2nd place to perform questionably in their own country’s party concert. Their vocals sound a bit off at times and as a duo their vocals don’t seem to connect on their live performance. I hope they fix it till their semi-final, I don’t want to see them become the shocking non-qualifier of the year.

Norway – Alessandra

Very much improved vocally, Alessandra, gets carried away by the strength of her song and her fans are absolutely loving it! The whistle note was so-so. She will improve, I am sure!

Romania – Theodor Andrei

Theodor has a nice voice, but this song is totally “Off and On” so one would either like it or not. I don’t.

San Marino – Piqued Jacks

Their are very very good vocally. Their lead vocalist sounds like Klaus Meine, frontman of Scorpions band. Their song is not at all bad after all.

Slovenia – Joker Out

I simply love this band and this song! One of my favourites! I love how they sound in each and every appearance they make before the contest. I hope they continue delivering up until the Eurovision finals!

Spain – Blanca Paloma

A blend of flamenco and modern sounds, bringing Spanish tradition to 2023. Her vocals are absolutely amazing. I just don’t get the hype around this entry, it is a great entry for Spain, but definitely not a top 3 entry as many fans are claiming over at social media!

Sweden – Loreen

Her vocals are out of this world! Another amazing performance of the former Eurovision 2012 winner and potential 2023 winner! And for those that claim that she sings with the assistance of an Auto-Tune device, I can assure you that even when she rehearsed in the corridors of Malmö Arena or Friends Arena during the Melodifestivalen season, she sounded exactly the same, or even better than the studio version! My winner for sure!

Switzerland – Remo Forrer

I absolutely love his Amsterdam (and every single one of his) live performance! I can’t wait to see this song complete and staged and Remo joined by his four dancers! I think he will qualify! But let’s wait and see!

Ukraine – TVORCHI

I love TVORCHI and their song and their Amsterdam performance. They sounded really really good, I am a fan of their style of music, but I don’t see this entry winning. Let’s see another country winning this year!

United Kingdom – Mae Muller

Come on, she doesn’t sound as atrocious as most of the Twitter people claim. And at least she enjoys it and the crowd loves her! I hope she will do much better in Liverpool!


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Photo: EurovisionInConcert