Måneskin’s ‘Beggin’ is No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland

2021 Eurovision winners Måneskin keep getting good results on the music charts all over Europe.  This week, their cover version of Beggin reached to number one in Germany and Switzerland.

They currently have three songs on the UK singles top chart as well as two top three singles in Austria.  Måneskin have become the first Eurovision act to reach number one in Germany and Switzerland since Loreen in 2012.  However, the success of the current winners do not end there.  Måneskin are the first Eurovision winner to top the charts with a different song than their winning entry since Celine Dion.  The band has in fact reached the top 10 in several countries with their most recent singles.

These are Måneskin’s most recent peak positions in the European charts.

Torna A Casa

  • Finland 14
  • Italy 1


  • Finland 5
  • Italy 13

I Wanna Be Your Slave

  • Austria 2
  • Belgium 16
  • Finland 1
  • Germany 4
  • Netherlands 3
  • Ireland 5
  • Italy 10
  • Norway 2
  • Sweden 6
  • Switzerland 8
  • UK 6
  • Denmark 8

Zitti E Buoni

  • Austria 2
  • Belgium 2
  • Finland 1
  • Germany 9
  • Netherlands 1
  • Ireland 12
  • Italy 2
  • Norway 2
  • Spain 15
  • Sweden 1
  • Switzerland 2
  • UK 9
  • Denmark 18

Were you expecting Måneskin to be the most successful Eurovision winner from this decade?  Which is your favourite single from the band?

Source: Top-40 Charts

France: Barbara Pravi would not accept victory if Maneskin were canceled!

An interesting interview was given by the runner-up of this year’s Eurovision, Barbara Pravi, to the Belgian newspaper Sudinfo. Among the things she mentioned, she stated that in no case would she accept the victory in the contest, if the Maneskin were canceled due to the alleged incident with the drugs in the green room.

Following a video that quickly circulated on social media, Damiano, the Maneskin lead singer, was accused of crouching while he was in the green room. What was said was that he was currently using drugs. This question was asked at the press conference following their victory at the Ahoy Arena. As soon as the band returned to Italy, they tested for toxicological substances, which turned out to be negative, so the EBU considered the matter over, after its own research in the area, but also through the cameras that were there.

Of course, if the allegations were substantiated then Maneskin’s victory would automatically be called into question. Barbara Pravi, who was second behind the Italian band, clarified that there was no way to accept such a victory, even if the entry of Italy was canceled.

If they were eliminated, I would never accept first place. The Måneskin were chosen by the public, they are well known and that what they do is very nice, so it is normal in my opinion that they won. I learned about what they were accused of and I was really sorry. The Italians never asked us for anything!

Barbara Pravi

In the interview, Pravi also talks about her experience at Eurovision, her ambitions and her upcoming album, which will be released on August 18. You can read the whole interview here.

Barbara Pravi with Voila took second place with 499 points at Eurovision 2021. This was the first time since 2002 that France was in the top 5.

Source: Sudinfo

Miley Cyrus reacts to Måneskin cover


Måneskin covered the song Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus.  The band who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 shared their cover on Instagram.  You can watch their rendition of Cyrus’ 2020 on the embedded video below:

However, the story does not end there.  Miley Cyrus herself saw the cover by Måneskin.  She was so flattered that she shared her reaction on Instagram.  The American pop singer shared the video on her Stories.  Moreover, she introduced the band as “her best friends”.

Is there a collaboration between Miley Cyrus and the Italian rock band?  Only time will tell!


Source: NME