Italy: Marco Mengoni has filmed his postcard for Eurovision 2023!

This year’s Italian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest, Marco Mengoni, has completed the shooting of his postcard. Each postcard is shown before the artist’s performance, in this case it will be shown before his performance in the Grand Final on 13 May.

You can watch footage from the postcard below:

The filming took place in the Italian capital, Rome. The postcard shows the artist on a motorcycle riding around the city, riding the vehicle and posing at various locations. This year’s postcards aim to show the artists participating in an activity in their country.

Italy is competing directly in the final on 13 May as a member of the Big Five. Today it will be announced which half of the final it will appear in.

The countries that have confirmed that they have completed the shooting of their postcards are:

Albania – Albina & Familija Kelmendi
Austria – Teya & Salena
Croatia – Leta 3
Cyprus – Andrew Lambrou
France – La Zarra
Germany – Lord of the Lost
Ireland – Wild Youth
Latvia – Sudden Lights
Lithuania – Monika Linkytė
Malta – The Busker
Moldova – Pasha Parfeni
Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper
Poland – Blanka
Slovenia – Joker Out
Romania – Theodor Andrei
Belgium – Gustaph
Estonia – Alika
Greece – Victor Vernicos
Azerbaijan – TuralTuranx
Switzerland – Remo Forrer
San Marino – Piqued Jacks
Israel – Noa Kirel
Armenia – Brunette
Georgia – Iru
Finland – Käärija
Sweden – Loreen
Denmark – Reiley
Italy – Marco Mengoni

Below you can watch the reaction video of the EurovisionFun to Due Vite:


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Eurovision 2023: Italy’s second rehearsal!

Time for Marco Mengoni and Italy to take the stage and rehearse for the second time his song “Due Vite”.

Who is Marco Mengoni?

Gaining fame by winning the third season of the Italian X-Factor in 2009, Marco Mengoni is one of the most popular singers in Italy.He has released seven studio albums, collectively achieving a remarkable 69-times platinum certification. With over 2.8 million records sold in Italy, Marco has consistently topped the Italian albums chart seven times in a row and secured fifteen entries in the Top 10 Italian Singles Chart. In addition, he won the Sanremo Festival twice, in 2013 and most recently this year, joining the ranks of a select few Italian artists who have achieved this feat twice in the festival’s history. As a result, he is not new to the Eurovision world. Following his initial Sanremo victory, he participated in the 2013 contest held in Malmö, where he finished 7th place with his entry “L’essenziale!”

The rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officially release to the public through and the official social media accounts of the contest.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Marco is bringing a new outfit for his second rehearsal, a longer silver vest this time that is fading to black as an ombre effect. Sparkles are also added to one part of his trousers. We remind you that it was announced that he will have different outfits every time he gets to perform the song during Eurovision 2023. Two dancers and a staircase prop are behind him while we see a big moon displayed on the led wall. Once again, Italy delivers a high-quality performance which will most likely be on the left-hand side of the scoreboard.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Tonight, after the completion of all the second rehearsals of the Big 6, a recap video will be released with 30-second snippets of the performances, giving us a glimpse of how the acts will look on stage.

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Eurovision 2023: Italy’s First Rehearsal!

Next Big 5 act to take the stage for his first rehearsal is Italy with Marco Mengoni, performing his song “Due Vite”!

Who is Marco Mengoni?

Marco Mengoni is an Italian singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2009, after winning the third season of the Italian X Factor. Since then, Mengoni has managed to make a name for himself in Italy as well as abroad. At the time of writing, he’s released 7 studio albums that between them have gone 69-times platinum, has sold over 2.8 million records in Italy, has peaked the Italian albums chart seven consecutive times and entered the Top 10 Italian Singles Chart fifteen times. Marco has also won the Sanremo Festival twice, in 2013 and this year, becoming one of the few italian artists to have achieved two wins in the festival.

Marco is also not new to Eurovision, as he has previously taken part in the 2013 contest in Malmö after his first Sanremo win, managing to finish 7th with his entry L’essenziale!

The rehearsal

Marco is in leather trousers and a silver sparkly vest (for today – the Italian delegation has previously announced that he will be wearing a different outfit in each of his performances). He is backed by swirling clouds and a moon on the LED wall, as well as two male dancers and a staircase prop.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Corinne Cumming / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

You can watch the official snippet of Marco Mengoni’s first rehearsal on TikTok below:

@eurovision Magnificent Marco Mengoni returns to the Eurovision stage ✨🇮🇹 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Marco Mengoni ♬ original sound – Eurovision

Marco himself also posted another snippet of his performance showing the two dancers and the staircase prop more clearly, as well as the moon on the LED wall. You can watch it below:

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Italy: RAI’s trailer for Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

It’s time for last year’s host broadcaster, RAI, to release their own trailer for Eurovision 2023. The Italian public broadcaster, hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after Måneskin’s victory in 2021 so they were expected to make a new trailer regarding this year’s contest.

The trailer’s protagonist, is this year’s representative of Italy, no other than Marco Mengoni, who wakes up and gets ready to fly to Liverpool for the contest.

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Italy: The first live performance of Eurovision version “Due Vite”!

As part of the international promotion of the Italian participation, the representative of Italy in this year’s Eurovision, Marco Mengoni, was in Germany performing for the first time live the Eurovision version of “Due Vite”.

The presentation took place on ZDF’s “Giovanni Zarrella Show” in Germany where he performed “Due Vite” live for the first time, as it will be performed on the Liverpool stage.

You can watch his performance in the video below:

We remind you that the changes made to adapt the piece to the three-minute rule for each entry, is that excerpts were removed from the first couplet, but also from the first chorus.

You can also watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to Italy’s entry, below:

Italy, as a member of the Big 5, is directly qualified in the final.

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Italy: Marco Mengoni wins fourth Estonian Eurovision Preview Show

Marco Mengoni was the jury’s favourite during the fourth Estonian Preview Show.

Estonian broadcaster is currently having Eurovisiooni laulud 2023, their Eurovision preview show.  Each night a panel of judges comment on the acts participating in Eurovision 2023.  The Estonian panel consist on Grete Kuld and Tõnis Niinemets plus two guest jurors.  For the fourth night OLLIE and Merlyn completed the jury panel.

The following songs were reviewed for the fourth show of Eurovisiooni laulud 2023 last night:

  • Poland – Blanka – “Solo”
  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – “Soarele și luna”
  • Greece – Victor Vernicos – “What They Say”
  • Germany – Lord of the Lost – “Blood & Glitter”
  • Georgia – Iru – “Echo”
  • Italy – Marco Mengoni – “Due vite”

In the end, the favourite song of the night was Marco Mengoni with Due Vite.  As a member of the Big 5, Marco Mengoni is performing in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool.

In the meantime you can also watch our reaction to Due Vite by the Eurovisionfun team in the video embedded below:

Source ETV

Italy: Listen to the three-minute version of “Due Vite”!

Marco Mengoni who was the winner of the 73rd Festival of Sanremo and will represent Italy in Eurovision 2023, published a little while ago on his YouTube channel, the three-minute version of Due Vite. That is, the song as it will compete in Liverpool!

The changes made to fit the track into the three-minute rule for each entry, are that excerpts from the first verse, but also from the first chorus, were removed.

You can listen to the three-minute version of Due Vite below:

You can also watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to Italy’s entry, below:

Italy, as a member of the BIG-5, participates directly in the final.

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Italy: Marco Mengoni prepares for Eurovision with four European concerts!

Marco Mengoni has started preparing himself to represent Italy in Liverpool.  He will sing a 3 minutes shortened version of Due Vite for Eurovision to comply with the rules.

And as part of the preparations he will head to four main European cities before arriving to Liverpool.  The cities and dates for his mini-European tour are the following:

  • Paris – 24 April
  • Brussels – 25 April
  • Frankfurt – 27 April
  • Zurich – 29 April

Marco Mengoni is not a stranger to the European audience.  After all he represented his country 10 years ago in Malmö with the song.  However, with his tour Marco Mengoni is planning to reconnect with the international public and to rehearse before heading to Liverpool.

Marco Mengoni came in seventh place in Eurovision 2013 with the song L’essenziale.

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Source: Fanpage

Italy: The three minute version of “Due Vite”!

In the Eurovision Song Contest there is the rule according to which all the songs when performed live on the semi-final and final nights must be maximum of three minutes in length. So while the tracks may last longer on music platforms and on the official  album, they will need to undergo some processing for their live performance.

One of the countries that usually chooses longer tracks is Italy, where again this year its participation with Marco Mengoni and “Due vite” had to be modified.

Below you can see the lyrical differences between the regular length and the three-minute length of the song on the night of the Grand Final.

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Italy: With “Due Vite” Marco Mengoni will compete in Eurovision 2023!

Shortly after his big victory at the San Remo Festival, Marco Mengoni had left open the possibility of changing his song for Eurovision 2023, which of course is allowed by the regulations of the historic festival.

As the OGAE of Italy reports, in the end Marco will not change his track and thus the country will be represented by “Due vite”. Of course, its duration should be adapted to the Eurovision regulations which want each entry to not exceed 3:00. This automatically means they should be removed from the song at around the 45 second mark.

Italy as part of the Big 5 will compete directly in the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final on May 13. Will Italy manage to continue the streak of good placements?

Source: OGAE Italia