France: “France does not deserve this!” | The comments of Marie Myriam, the last French winner!

The last winner of France, Marie Myriam, who won the contest back in 1977, commented on Le Parisien La Zarra’s gesture and believes that she is a bad loser.

La Zarra’s gesture towards the camera during the announcement of the televoting in the final of Eurovision 2023 had a negative impact on social media and upset Marie Myriam, the last winner of France back in 1977.

“That gesture by La Zarra at the end of the night because she didn’t win is really shocking”

However, La Zarra clarified that this was not a middle finger, but a “gesture of frustration”.

Furthermore Marie Myriam added:

“I’m extremely disappointed”

“Watch the video, it’s a middle finger! And it was seen by almost 200 million viewers. What a shame! I am extremely disappointed because this is simply not possible.”

“She made this gesture sitting in an armchair with French flags behind her. France does not deserve this! She justifies herself by saying that this gesture expresses a frustration in the Moroccan culture, but it will start a racist war rhetoric that we really don’t need.”

According to Marie Myriam, La Zarra is eventually a bad loser.

“Perhaps they should explain to her that it was not guaranteed that she would come first. This is the principle of the competition. If you don’t want to lose, you don’t participate!”

“Expressing her displeasure, her disappointment, with this vulgar gesture, she put gray on her image, the very same woman who was sunny with that red, that black, her beautiful hat”

France ended up in the 16th place of the Grand Final receiving from the televoting and the national juries 104 points.

Source: BFMTV

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