Latvia: Supernova running order out now!

LTV has released the running order of the songs competing in the Grand Final of Supernova 2023.  Latvian Grand Final for Eurovision will take place on February 11, 2023.

10 songs are still competing to represent Latvia in Liverpool.  During this national final, Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence (Netherlands 2019) will perform as an interval act.  Elīza Legzdiņa and Beanie from Rudimental are also scheduled to perform in Supernova.

The 10 competing acts will perform in the following running order:

  1. Alise Haijima – “Tricky”
  2. Luīze – “You To Hold Me”
  3. Raum – “Fake Love”
  4. Toms Kalderauskis – “When It All Falls”
  5. Artūrs Hatti – “Love Vibes”
  6. Patrisha – “Hush”
  7. “Sudden Lights” – “Aijā”
  8. “24. Avēnija” – “You Said”
  9. Avéi – “Let Me Go”
  10. Markus Riva – “Forever”

Citi Zēni represented Latvia in 2022 with the song Eat Your Salad.  They did not manage to qualify however and ended in 14th place in their semi-final.

Source: Eurovoix

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Markus Riva: “I’ll keep trying until I represent Latvia at Eurovision” | Exclusive interview

Markus Riva, is undoubtedly one of the most famous artists among the Eurovision fans! This year, he is trying to represent Latvia at Eurovision for the 9th year , and he is also the artist with the most appearances in their national final, Supernova. This year he will participate with the song “Forever“.

He spoke exclusively about his big dream to Eurovisionfun and to Apostolos Bogiannos and Stella Gialetzi.

Οn the question about his journey in Supernova so far, he told us:

“Wow, it’s been a long time! I hope that this journey is still ongoing and I want to believe that in the end I will succeed. Eurovision is my dream. This journey is unique and every year is different, I was twice in second place while some other times I didn’t manage to make it to the live shows. This shows us that there is no recipe, of course it takes hard work, but you can never be sure! It means a lot to me to achieve my goal and I will do my best!”

Markus also talked about his entry and how much he loves the 80’s vibe on it:

“The main message of my song is for people to try to stay away from the bad events that affect our lives! First it was the covid-19 pandemic, now we have bad events happening in Ukraine and all over the planet bad events are happening. So my goal was not to make a political song but an optimistic song that will lift people’s mood!”

Αlso, he revealed that his stage presentation is going to be epic, because he wants to leave his own mark on the contest!

About his favourite entries from Eurovision, Markus revealed:

“My favorite entry from Latvia is definitely Aminata’s “Love injected”. She is my friend and we also wrote a song together for supernova, it may not have been the most successful but it has a special place in my heart. More generally in Eurovision, the first entry that comes to my mind is Norway’s entry in 2013, “I feed you my love”. Also, from last year I really liked Sweden’s participation, “Ηold me closer” is definitely one of my favorite songs, but “Slomo” was also an impressive performance! I also really liked the winning song 2022, from Ukraine, as well as Jamala’s who won in 2016.”

Watch the full exclusive interview from Markus Riva:

Listen to his entry “FOREVER” from Supernova 2023:

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Latvia: Listen to the Supernova 2023 songs!

Latvia is starting the selection process for their 2023 representative and presents the songs that will compete in the Semi-Final of Supernova 2023!

The jury has selected the 15 artists who will participate in the Semi-Final of Supernova 2023, which will take place live on 4 February. The winner of the competition will be determined by the jury and the audience in the Grand Final which will take place on February 11 and will decide who will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, UK in May.
The presenters will be once again Ketija Šenberga and Lauris Reiniks.

The 15 artists and the songs that will compete in the Semi-Final of Supernova are:

  1. 24. Avēnija – “You Said”
  2. Adriana Miglāne – “Like I Wanna”
  3. Alise Haijima – “Tricky”
  4. Artūrs Hatti – “Love Vibes”
  5. Avéi – “Let Me Go”
  6. Inspo – “Sway”
  7. Justs – “Stranger”
  8. Katrine Miller – “Beaten Down”
  9. Luīze – “You To Hold Me”
  10. Markus Riva – “Forever”
  11. Patrisha – “Hush”
  12. Raum – “Fake Love”
  13. Saule – “Finally Happy”
  14. Sudden Lights – “Aijā”
  15. Toms Kalderauskis – “When It All Falls”

Among the 15 artists we see well-known names such as Markus Riva who will participate for the 9th time in Supernova and Justs who was the representative of Latvia in 2016. Also participating again are Raum, Inspo, Toms Kalderauskis and Sudden Lights.

In the semi-final, the audience will have the opportunity to meet the participants and evaluate the live performance of the songs for the first time, while in the final the audience will choose the winner of the competition. In both the semi-final and the final, the role of the audience and the jury will be equally important. The winner will be determined by the total score of the calls and text messages from the public and the vote of the jury.

In 2022 in Turin, Latvia participated with Citi Zēni and “Eat Your Salad”, scoring 55 points in the First Semi-Final.

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