United Kingdom: The creative team behind Mae Muller’s performance!

The team this year’s UK representative is working with for her stage performance has been revealed! What Mae Muller will present in Liverpool will be the result of Black Skull Creative as well as Marvin Dietmann!


Black Skull Creative consists of Dan Shipton, Ross Nicholson, Jay Revell and Paul Gardener. Shipton, however, will not be part of the team this year, as he has been taken over by the BBC as Creative Director for the entire contest as a whole.

Marvin Dietmann, originally from Austria, does not need special introductions since he is well known among eurofans. In recent years, he has taken over the directorship of a number of participations such as those of Cyprus for the years 2021 and 2022, Croatia in 2021, Austria in 2018 (3rd place), last year’s entry of the United Kingdom (2nd place) while he was also the one who had directed Conchita‘s winning performance in 2014.

Source: Eurovoix

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Australia: Marvin Dietmann Announced as Artistic Director for Eurovision 2023!

The Austrian choreographer Marvin Dietmann has been announced as Voyager’s artistic director for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Marvin Dietmann became well-known in 2014 after being the choreographer of the winner Conchita Wurst! Just last year he directed 6 performances (Armenia, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom).

This year, he is expected to direct at least ten countries, among them Armenia, Austria, Germany, Georgia, United Kingdom, Cyprus and others.

Voyager’s appearance in Liverpool is going to be a typical Voyager show, but multiplied by 1000.

When performing on a stage for TV you have two audiences. You have the audience in the arena and then you have the audience at home. So you’ve got to perform to all the people and make sure everyone’s having a good time.

You have to enjoy the dance party in the arena. But then you’ve got to stare down that camera and make sure you’re playing to that person on the couch.


Voyager also mentions that they are “flirting” with the idea of fireworks, but also with the explosion of a part of the drum kit that should explode at some point.

Voyager and Promise compete from the sixteenth and final position, in the second semi-final.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction video for Promise below:

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Georgia: Marvin Dietmann is going to be the creative director of “Echo”!

The already experienced director Marvin Dietmann from Austria, is going to be the creative director of Iru‘s performance on Liverpool;s stage, this year’s representative of Georgia with the song “Echo”.

Dietmann has directed and produced not just a number of TV and concert shows, but also more than a hundred music videos and tours as well.

Moreover, during the last years, Dietmann has directed plenty of entries from different countries, while he rose to fame as the choreographer of “Rise Like A Phoenix”, performed by Conchita Wurst back in 2014 as the winning entry from Austria.

Furthermore, this year he has scheduled to direct at least ten entries from different countries, like Armenia, Austria, Germany, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and even more.

Georgia is on the second semi-final on Thursday May 11th, in place number 11.

You can also take a look at Eurovisionfun’s reaction on Georgia‘s entry bellow!

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Germany: Details about the stage presence of Malik Harris in Turin!

Through a Q&A with , the German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest revealed details about his stage presence on the stage in Turin.

In response, Malik Harris said he would be on stage with his keyboard, guitar and electronic drum pad, as we had seen in his appearance in the country’s national final.

The rest of the set will be created by Marvin Dietmann , who will be the artistic director of the German participation. Dietmann gained a reputation as the choreographer of Conchita Wurst’s winning performance in Copenhagen in 2014. Just last year he directed 7 entries (Austria , Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and Estonia) and is already in charge of Cyprus and Israel for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

Malik Harris added:

“I can’t say much more about the rest, only that it will be very intimate and personal because I see that as most fitting to the song. To me, honesty is what’s most important, because I believe that is what music is about and it has always been of great importance to me.”

During this Q&A, Malik Harris also stated that he would sing “Rockstars” with the rap part included and not the radio version of the song.

Germany will be represented by Malik Harris in Turin with the song “Rockstars”. Malik Harris will compete directly in the Grand Final on May 14th.

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Germany: Marvin Dietmann will be the director of “Rockstars”!

The Australian choreographer Marvin Dietmann, will choreograph Germany’s song “Rockstars” from Malik Harris in Turin. Dietmann rose to fame as the choreographer of the winning performance of Conchita Wurst in Copenhagen in 2014. Last year he directed 7 participations of Eurovision 2021 (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Estonia) while he is already the director of Cyprus and Israel for this year as well.

Friday night, Malik Harris, performed first and won Germany’s national final, Germany 12 Points. Although he was second in the online vote, he managed to convince the public, so that he could have the most points in total.

Listen to “Rockstars”, Malik Hariss’ song for Eurovision 2022:

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Israel: Marvin Dietmann will be the stage director!

Even though there are rumours the past hours regarding Michael’s withdrawal from Eurovision 2022, KAN, the Israeli Broadcasting Company, announced that Martin Dietmann will take care of the stage performance of I.M in Turin.

Martin is already well-known to the Eurovision fandom. The austrian director was the person behind Conchita Wurst’s performance back in 2014 and many more entries of the country. He was, also, the staging director of 7 countries last year, including Cyprus with the song El Diablo. It is worth mentioning, that, except Israel, it is announced that he will also stage the performance of Cyprus in 2022!

Through a post in Facebook, KAN announced the news stating the following:

Martin Dietmann will stage the Israeli entry of Eurovision 2022!

The Israeli delegation announced today that the international art director will stage the show of Michael Ben David in Turin.

Dietmann is a successful director with extensive experience in the competition. In his big career you will find a sequence of years that he was art director or participated in various other roles or with other countries. Among others, Dietmann puts his signature on the winning performance of Conchita back in 2014.

His involvement in the entry of Israel in Eurovision 2022 is justified with his huge experience in Eurovision, which stands for itself, and the wish to reach to a professional result on stage.”

Israel will perform on the first half of the second semifinal with Michael Ben David performing the song I.M, wishing to continue the qualification streak the country has since 2015.

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Cyprus: Marvin Dietmann & Dan Shipton to Stage Eurovision 2022 Performance!

Today, Marvin Dietmann posted on his Instagram stories that he and Dan Shipton will be the artistic team behind the Cypriot participation for Eurovision 2022.

Unlike other years, RIK has been late in announcing the artist who will represent Cyprus at the upcoming Eurovision, as the right song must be found first and then the singer.

What has been mentioned by the Cypriot delegation is that this year’s participation will have a Cypriot color. It does not necessarily indicate the participation of a Cypriot artist as a representative but more broadly in the creative team of the song.

So far, RIK has not reached either the song or the artist who will be in Turin, however the search continues.

Cyprus finished in 16th place last year, with Elena Tsagrinou performing the song “El Diablo”.

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Eurovision 2021: Seven countries will be directed by Marvin Dietmann!

Not one, not two, but seven countries will be directed by the talented Austrian director Marvin Dietmann! He is truly without exaggeration one of the people who will be discussed more during the Eurovision 2021 season next May!

Who is Marvin Dietmann?

Marvin Dietmann is a director – who has produced numerous television shows, films, music videos, theatrical productions and concerts throughout Europe. Marvin was born in Vienna, Austria and started dancing at the age of six. At the age of 13 he started a professional ballet class and appeared in many classical ballets, including Swanlake and Nutcracker. At the age of 16, he changed his educational direction and studied musical theater, where he trained in singing and acting.

As a young music actor, he has worked in some of the leading theaters and television channels in Austria and Germany. After a huge injury at the age of 22, he changed his career again, studying photography and began his first productions as an art director.

It is not at all unrelated to the Eurovision contest, since we mention that he was responsible for directing the winning participation of Austria in 2014 with Conchita Wurst, but also the winning participation in the ranking of committees, Austria in 2018. director of the Viewing Room at the Tel Aviv event.

The countries he will direct

Seven countries have entrusted him with directing their participation on the stage of the Ahoy Arena in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. These are:

  • Austria
  • Czech republic
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Spain
  • Croatian
  • Estonia

Other directors who will be editing more than one country are of course Fokas Evangelinos, who has taken over Greece and Moldova, but also Sacha Jean-Baptiste who will direct the entries of Switzerland, Sweden, Georgia and Albania.