Greece: Marina Satti’s performance in Malmö – in detail!

With less than a week from Greece’s first technical rehearsal in Malmö Arena, some very important information on Marina Satti’s stage performance was revealed on Greek Television.

In detail, Yiannis Poulopoulos on “Super Katerina” confirmed that Greece’s stage performance will be filmed in a single-shot. Throughout the song, a camera will follow Marina Satti and the dancers. However, in the last part of “Zari” more distant shots will be used depicting the stage and the Malmö Arena audience, who is expected to respond enthusiastically to “Zari“.

Moreover, we will see Marina Satti on the background too, along with some lyrics of “Zari“. The graphics are designed by NMR.

When it comes to the choreography, a part of it will remain the same as we have seen in the music video. However and obviously in the song’s bridge, we will see a traditional Greek circular dance, so the Greek element will still be present in the performance. Ηandkerchiefs will also be used.

No props shall be expected

We come to inform you that, contrary to what many may anticipate, there won’t be fires, fireworks, etc., as the Greek delegation aims to impress us with the full three minutes rather than just a cool shot. Also, Fokas Evangelinos has not prepared something “special” equal to what he has done in the past.

We would like to remind you that Mecnun Giasar is the choreographer and Fokas Evangelinos is the artistic director of this year’s Greek entry.

ERT along with the artistic team that has taken over are all satisfied with the final result and Marina Satti is ready for her first technical rehearsal on Monday 29/04.

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Italy: Five dancers will be joining Angelina Mango in Malmö | Rehearsals have started!!

As we have informed you earlier this day, the intensive rumors regarding Angelina Mango’s choreographer for Eurovision 2024 have come true. Mecnun Giasar, also known as Majnoon, will take over as Italy’s choreographer for Angelina Mango’s performance in Eurovision 2024.

In fact and as Angelina Mango posted herself on her personal Instagram account, the rehearsals for Eurovision 2024 have started and she reveals that she won’t be alone on stage. Moreover, she will be joined by five female dancers (if you look closely on the third slide, Majnoon is teasing us with a small part of “La Noia’s” choreography)


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Angelina Mango (@angelinamango_)


However, it’s not known yet, whether Mecnun will only do Angelina’s choreography, or if he will be in charge of the whole direction.

Who is Mecnun Giasar?

Mecnun Giasar is a famous German choreographer. Among the artists Majnoon has choreographed are MadonnaBTS and Loreen, while his most notable collaboration is with Rosalia, with whom he created the viral choreography for the groundbreaking Motomami tour. In addition to being a choreographer, Majnoon is a self-proclaimed musician, producer, director, mentor and fashion icon.

Italy is not the only country that Majnoon is in charge of for Eurovision 2024. He is also in charge of Marina Satti’s choreography. Considering that Majnoon is working with both Italy and Greece, countries that are currently in the top ten of the betting odds, he is undoubtedly aiming high and is ready to conquer the Eurovision Song Contest.

Angelina Mango with her Sanremo-winning entry “La Noia” will represent Italy in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. Italy, as a member of the BIG 5, is automatically granted a spot in the Grand Final of May 11.

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Greece: Marina Satti’s “ZARI” Released for Eurovision 2024!

The moment all Greek fans have been waiting for has arrived! “ZARI,” Greece’s entry for Eurovision 2024, performed by the multi-talented Marina Satti, has just been unveiled to the public.

The music video for “ZARI” made its official premiere on the show “Eurovision in Sight.” Immediately after airing, the video clip will be exclusively available on ERTflix. Shortly after, the song will become available on all music platforms, while the video clip will be accessible on the ERT channel on YouTube.

The video clip will be uploaded to the Eurovision channel the following day, on Friday, March 8th.

Check out the music video for “ZARI” at the link below:

Who is Marina Satti?

A graduate of classical piano, with advanced studies in music theory, a diploma in classical singing and acting, and a scholarship recipient of the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music, where she studied orchestration, production, and jazz music alongside Danilo Perez and Jamie Haddad, among others, Marina Satti has developed a personal sound that combines the different musical traditions she grew up with, such as Greek, Arabic, and Balkan. Representing Greece at the European Jazz Orchestra (EBU) with works by Peter Herbolzheimer, performing at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington with the World Jazz Nonet, and participating in the a cappella vocal group The Singing Tribe in collaboration with Bobby McFerrin, she is a creator and performer who is difficult to classify artistically.

From the Megaron Concert Hall and the Lyric Stage to festivals in the highlands of Crete, she can simultaneously be pop, ethnic, and mainstream, just as she can be lyrical, urban, and traditional with equal ease. European media present her as an ambassador of the Greek and Balkan scene, a unique path that blends traditional music with pop, both classical and contemporary. In 2017, she topped the charts with the single “Mantissa,” while shortly after, the audience embraced “Hidden Pain,” which premiered on the German COLORS (a first for a Greek artist with Greek lyrics), garnering another milestone on the NOWNESS platform, which first presented her exceptional music video for the traditional piece “Why My Bird.”

In 2017, she also founded CHÓRES [ˈkɔɾɛs], a purely female choral ensemble consisting of over 150 women aged 15-60, of which she is the artistic director—a creative hub aimed at rescuing, processing, and promoting the richness of Greek tradition, as well as creating original musical repertoire and performance activities in collaboration with contemporary artists, while uniquely reviving traditional songs of yesterday with today’s sound and aesthetics. In May 2022, she released her first full-length solo album, YENNA, while in 2023, she experimented by delivering the short documentary FLABOURO and TUCUTUM, a song-commentary on Balkan trap, which became the summer’s viral hit.

What do we know about Marina Satti’s song?

The title of the song, as we previously informed you, is “Zari.”

The song, along with Marina Satti, is co-written by eight acclaimed Greek and non-Greek composers who have significant successes and collaborations in their resumes.

The music of “ZARI” was composed by Marina Satti, OGE, Kay Be, Nick Kodonas, Jay Stolar, Gino The Ghost, and Jordan Palmer, while the lyrics were penned by VLOSPA, OGE, Marina Satti, and Solmeister. The music video was directed by Australian filmmaker Zac Wiesel.

You can find the lyrics of “Zari” in our related article.

Fokas Evangelinos will be in charge of the artistic direction of “Dice” in Malmo

As we revealed earlier, Fokas Evangelinos will be the artistic director of this year’s Greek entry and will be responsible for staging “Dice” at the competition in Malmo.

Of course, he will collaborate with the choreographer of this year’s entry, Mecnun Giasar, while the dancers who will accompany Marina Satti during her performance at the Malmö Arena stage are Eirini Damianidou, Yasin AO, Hüso Çetintaş, and Vasilis Karagiannis.

Greece in the Eurovision Contest

This marks Greece’s 44th participation in the contest. The debut was in 1974 with “Krassi, thalassa ke t’ agori mou,” securing an eleventh place. Until the end of the 90s, Greece often managed to be in the top fifteen of the final scoreboard.

Greece’s rise in the contest and the development of the institution in our country came in 2001 with Antique and “Die for You,” where the country achieved third place, its best result up to that time.

From 2004 to 2011, the country has eight consecutive placements in the final top ten, with the peak being our victory in 2005 with Elena Paparizou and “My Number One.”

Greece has three eliminations from the final in 2016, 2018, and 2023.

Last year, the country was represented by Victor Vernicos with the song “What They Say,” bringing the country outside the Grand Final for the third time.

Good luck Greece! Good luck Marina!

What did you think of “Zari“? Will Greece manage to return to the path of success?

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