Malta: The change of song was requested right after MESC 2022!

A few weeks ago, 22-year-old Emma Muscat and the song “Out of Sight” won MESC 2022, the Maltese competition for the nomination of this year’s representative of the island.

However, although Emma received the highest ratings from both viewers and the jury, Maltese TV chose to change the winning song.

Following the selection, “Out Of Sight” received a somewhat lukewarm response from fans, and as a result Malta looked for a new song for Emma, ​​who is one of Malta’s biggest pop stars.

Maltese television has chosen to seek help from Denmark, according to the Danish site

Anders Fredslund Hansen, who runs the music company “The Arrangement”, said:

The day after MESC, I received a text message from their Eurovision manager asking for my help. They had found a winner, but were looking for a new song that could surpass “Out of Sight”.

Anders also participated in 2013, when Denmark with Emmelie de Forest won the competition. At the request of Maltese television, Anders Fredslund sent to the organizers a few songs.

Anders’s statements even confirm another exclusive Eurovisionfun’ news about the change of the Maltese participation and when it was decided.

Eventually, two were selected and recorded as a demo. The choice was the known “I Am What I Am”, which is written by two Danish musicians Stine Kinck and Julie Aagaard.

Stine Kinck has previously participated in the Danish Grand Prix as a soloist, while Julie Aagaard, who also publishes music under the name Kill J, this year had both songs in the finals of Denmark and Sweden.

For Anders,

The song is incredibly catchy and then it has an uplifting message, something that traditionally goes well at Eurovision.

“I Am What I Am” was even submitted to this year’s Melodifestivalen, but was not selected.

We remind you that Malta will participate in the 2nd Semifinal. Listen to “I Am What I Am”

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Malta: Emma Muscat is the winner of MESC 2022!

The MESC 2022 just took place with Emma Muscat and “Out of Sight” to be the next representative of Malta who will join Eurovision 2022!

After three very important days, the 17 finalists competed in the Final with Emma to be the winner of the night!

The Finalists were:

The twenty two years old songwriter and model Emma Muscat left a strong impression and won with 92 points. Her song, with pop instrumental and an emotional performance was written by Antonio Caputo, Emma Muscat, Gabriel Rossi, Lorenzo Santarelli and Marco Salvaderi.

Presenters of MESC 2022 were Stephanie Spiteri and Quiton Scerri.

Just a quick reminder that Malta will compete in the Second Semifinal, on May 12.

Of course, we cannot forget Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2021 with Destiny’sJe me casse” that collected 255 points and came 7th in the competition.

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Malta: MESC 2022 final tonight!

The artist who will represent Malta in May in Turin, is chosen tonight. Two days after the semifinal of MESC 2022, the grand final of the Maltese national selection will take place today.

Seventeen songs will compete in tonight’s MESC 2022 final, with 16 of them known as of last night. Nevertheless, one of the six songs that were left out of the final will receive a wildcard from TVM in order to participate in tonight’s show. The announcement will be made within the day.


The artists who will take part in the grand final of MESC are:

Presenters of MESC 2022 are Stephanie Spiteri and Quiton Scerri.

The MESC 2022 final starts at 21:00 CET and will last two and a half hours. You can watch it on the TVM frequency by clicking HERE.

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Malta: Listen to the songs of MESC 2022!

With the slogan, What a feeling, the Maltese public television, TVM, decided to hold a national final for the selection of its participation in Eurovision 2022. Thus, MESC returns for the first time after 2018.

We already know the 22 artists and songwriters who will compete in the MESC 2022 Semifinal, but we also had the opportunity to listen to excerpts from the candidate songs.

The Lyric Videos of the 22 songs, which will compete in MESC 2022, were recently revealed through the social media of Malta for Eurovision.

You can listen to the candidate songs in the list below by clicking on the song titles:

Among the artists is Jessica Muscat who represented San Marino at Eurovision 2018. Also, the representative of the country in 2014, Richard Micallef, but also the representative of Malta at Junior Eurovision 2010, Nicole Azzopardi. Of course, many candidates have a lot of experience in MESC, as they have tried several times in the past to represent the island of the Knights in the competition.

Out of the 22 participants, only 16 will advance to the Final. The Semifinal will take place on February 17, while the Final on Saturday, February 19.

Malta was represented last year by Destiny, with Je Me Casse, finishing seventh in the final:

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Source / Photo: Eurovision Malta / TVM

Malta: The official release of the songs for MESC 2022 is tomorrow!

Malta’s public televisionTVM, announced that tomorrow, 17 January at 20:00 CET,  exactly one week after the release of the song snippets of the 22 contestants of MESC 2022, the official lyric videos of the songs will be released.

The official song release, except the lyric videos that will come out, will also be done by the radio station Magic Malta 91,7, where the listeners will be able to listen to all the songs of MESC 2022 for the first time.

The contestants

We already know the 22 artists, as well as the songwriters of the songs competing in the semifinal of MESC 2022. From these 22 songs, 16 will qualify for the Final and of course the winning song will get the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. The show will run for three nights, starting in February 17 and ending in February 19, when we will learn the country’s representative.

Until the full competing songs will be released, you can listen to the 22 songs of the Maltese national final below by clicking on the links below:

Last year, Malta was represented by Destiny with the song Je me casse, placing seventh in the contest’s final, with 255 points:

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Source/Photo: Eurovision Malta

Malta: Listen to a few seconds of the 22 songs of MESC 2022!

Malta’s public television, TVM, decided to broadcast a national final in order to pick the country’s representative for Eurovision 2022. That means, MESC returns for the first time since 2018.

We already know the 22 artists, as well as the songwriters of the songs competing in the semifinal of MESC 2022.

A few minutes ago, the official Instagram profile of the Maltese national final, revealed the first 20 seconds of the 22 songs that are going to compete on MESC 2022. From these 22 songs, 16 will qualify for the Final and of course the winning song will get the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. The show will run for three nights, starting in February 17 and ending in February 19, when we will learn the country’s representative.

Listen to the 22 songs of the Maltese national final below by clicking on the songs name:

A pleasant surprise for us, is the presence Dimitris Stassos among the composers competing for the Maltese representation  at Eurovision 2022. The Greek composer, who lives and works in Sweden, was the composer of Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou in Eurovision 2012 and  La Noche Es Para Mi by Soraya in Eurovision 2009, and he has also compete in national finals of various countries. Along with Dimitris Stassos we see Nektarios Tyrakis, known in the contest for being the lyricist of Shake It by Sakis Rouvas in Eurovision 2004, but also in entries of other countries.

Along the competing is Jessica Muscat who represented San Marino in Eurovision 2018. Furthermore the county’s representative for 2014, but also Malta’s representative for Junior Eurovision 2010, Nicole Azzopardi. Of course a lot of artists have a great experience in MESC, having tried a lot of times to represent the Malta in the past.

Lastly, the slogan of MESC 2022 got announced, that is What a Feeling“.


This year’s representative for Malta was Destiny with the song Je me casse, finishing in seventh place with 255 points:

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Source/Photo: Eurovision Malta/TVM

Malta: Submissions open for Eurovision 2022!

“Malta Eurovision Song Contest” is back for 2022 and the submissions are already open and it will be until the 15th of December. Artists can find the proclamation here.

TVM has announced that the country will use MESC for 2022 edition and not X-Factor, as they did the previous years. The winners of X-Factor, Micaela and Destiny, however, have accomplished both a good result for the country.

As you can read in the official channel’s annoucement, MESC will have a semifinal with 22 songs and 16 of them will compete in the big grand final.

Malta has achieved the seventh place in Eurovision 2021 with Destiny and “Je Me Casse” bringing the country in the top ten after eight years.

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