Malta 2024: Submissions for MESC have opened!

Malta has opened their call to find their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Artists can send their compositions until September 30, 2023.  The rules to compete at the Malta national selection as well as the submitting form can be found here.  During  the first stage of the process broadcaster PBS will review the candidates and select which will be the candidates to the national final.

Road to MESC 2024

The selected artists will perform their songs in a televised show that will take place for a number of weeks.  However, only 12 acts will make it to the Maltese Grand Final.

In contrast, for the Grand Final, MESC 2024, the 12 finalists performances are pre-recorded.  The artists are expected to record their live on tape performance on December 2023.  The 12 finalists will receive a €5,000 grant to record a music video of their songs.

A combined jury and public vote will decide which act will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Source: PBS

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Malta: Changes in MESC’s format | MESC 2024 in depth!

Malta will choose its entry for Eurovision 2024 via a national final for the third year in a row. Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Malta’s national selection will start in October and will be finished in January, when the next Maltese act will be selected.

Regardless choosing the same format for selecting Malta’s entry, MESC 2024 will see significant changes. Specifically:

  • The Grand Final of MESC 2024 will be held in January and will include live-on-tape performances and a video-clip.
  • There will be no quarterfinals.
  • MESC’s semifinal will be held for several weeks, where the competing artists will perform their songs live.

Below, you can read in depth every detail regarding the competitive procedure of MESC 2024:

Phase I – Song submission
  • Song submission starts on the 28th of August and will be completed on the 20th of September 2023.
  • The number of participants qualified to the next phase(Semi Final)remains unknown.
  • The announcement of the participants that will go to the next stage will occur in October 2023.
Phase II – Semi Final
  • Artists will perform their songs live via a TV show that will be broadcasted for several weeks.
  • The top 12 artists via a combination of jury and public vote will qualify to the Grand Final.
  • The procedure is expected to start somewhere between October and November.
Phase III – Grand Final
  • The Grand Final will be held in January 2024.
  • Every participant will have a budget of 5.000 euros for producing and filming a video-clip of its entry.
  • Every participant will film a live-on-tape performance in December 2023(the artists will have 60 minutes to film 3 performances and between these, the best will be chosen)
  • The winner will be decided from a jury and public vote.

After two consecutive years of non-qualification, Malta is trying its best in order to achieve again a spot in the Grand Final.

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Source: PBS

Malta starts preparations for Eurovision 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 has not yet started and some countries are already preparing themselves for next year’s edition of Eurovision.

That is the case with Malta.  Maltese broadcaster PBS announced the start of their plans to select their 2024 representative via a songwriting camp.

MESC Music Exchange Camp will take place from June 12 to June 15 next year.  The aim of this camp is to compose the song that will end up representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.  During the songwriting camp Maltese artists could work together with international songwriters to create potential songs for Eurovision 2024.

The end result of the songwriting camp will be 18 songs created through to the demo.  Following this stage, artists will have the creative freedom to develop the songs for MESC 2024.

MESC Music Exchange Camp will invite 18 artists to participate.  The public will also get access to lectures.

The Busker are representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  They will perform the song Dance (Our Own Party) during the first half of the First Semi-Final.

You can also watch our reaction to the Maltese song by the Eurovisionfun team in the video embedded below:


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Source: PBS