Malta: These are the 12 finalists of MESC 2024!

After the completion of the last semi-final of MESC 2024, the public broadcaster of Malta announced on a special tv show the 12 acts that qualified to the final of the selection show of the island of the Knights for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest. The 12 acts were voted by the audience and the jury panel.

The 36 artist that took part in the 4 semi-finals of MESC 2024 were as follows:

  1. Kurt Calleja – “Misunderstood”
  2. Sarah Bonnici – Loop”
  3. Gail – Wild Card”
  4. Mark Anthony Bartolo – Condition or Fiction”
  5. Eliana Gomez Blanco – There’s Only Flowers”
  6. OXYGYN – Cloudmaker”
  7. Nathan – Ghost”
  8. Lyndsay – Fire Proof”
  9. Dominic Cini – Bewsa”
  10. Marie Claire – “Fading”
  11. Franklin Calleja – “Puppet”
  12. Desirei Grech – “Watch Me”
  13. Sopranique – “Empire”
  14. Janvil – “MAN”
  15. Haley Azzopardi – “Tell Me That It’s Over”
  16. Denise – “Mara”
  17. Mark Portelli – “Just Be”
  18. Maria Christina – “Moving On”
  19. Jessica Micallef – “Tagħna Tnejn”
  20. Cosette Baldacchino – “Free Fall”
  21. Michela Galea – “Let’s Talk About Love”
  22. Thea Aquilina – “Blood Stream”
  23. Miguel Bonello – “Better Off Alone”
  24. Moira Stafrace – “Feather Flight”
  25. Dan – “Baraxx”
  26. Stefan Galea – “Numb”
  27. Karin Duff – “Breaking Bad”
  28. Christian Arding – Bellus”
  29. Erba – “Sirena”
  30. Greta Tude – “Topic (Bla Bla)”
  31. Kyle George – “Arrows”
  32. Lisa Gauci – “Breathe”
  33. Martina Cutajar – “Miles Away”
  34. Matt Blxck – “Banana”
  35. Miriana Conte – “Venom”
  36. Ryan Hili – “Karma”

The artists that advanced to the grand final of MESC 2024 are as per below list:

  1. Miriana Conte – “Venom”
  2. Sarah Bonnici – Loop”
  3. Greta Tude – “Topic (Bla Bla)”
  4. Janvil – “MAN”
  5. Haley Azzopardi – “Tell Me That It’s Over”
  6. Ryan Hili – “Karma”
  7. Erba – “Sirena”
  8. Nathan – Ghost”
  9. Denise – “Mara”
  10. Matt Blxck – “Banana”
  11. Gail – Wild Card”
  12. Lisa Gauci – “Breathe”

The final of MESC 2024

The final will take place in January 2024. Each artist will have 5,000€ at their disposal for their own video-clip production. In addition each artist will film their own live-on-tape clips in December of 60 minutes duration, which will include 3 performances and the best one will be chosed to be presented on the night of the final. The next Maltese representative will emerge with the combination of the votes of the televoters and the jury.

This year Malta was represneted in Liverpool by the The Busker and the song “Dance (Our Own Party)” who didn’t manage to qualify as the ended up 15th and last in the first semi-final with only 3 points.

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Malta: MESC 2023 Second Qualifying Round Tonight!

The time to learn Malta’s song for Eurovision 2023 is here! For the second year in a row, the island country is using the format of a national final and is organizing MESC 2023, through which they are going to select their representative for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

40 artists are going to take part in Malta’s selection process for Eurovision 2023. Five shows in total, three qualifying rounds, one semi-final and the Grand Final, will select the artist and the song that is going to represent Malta in Liverpool.

The hosts of the three qualifying rounds of MESC 2023 will be Ryan and Josmar.

The first Qualifying round took place last Saturday, but without announcing the names of the artists advancing to the semi-final. The 24 artists to take part in the semi-final, will be announced after the end of the third qualifying round.

The second qualifying round of MESC 2023 will be broadcasted at 21:00 CET. You can watch it through the live broadcast of TVM’s official website, by clicking HERE.

Participants of the Second Qualifying Round of MESC 2023:

Today, we are going to see another 13 artists, out of the 40 competing in MESC 2023, in tonight’s second qualifying round.

The artists that will compete in tonight’s show are:

  1. Brooke – “Checkmate”
  2. Dan – “It’ll Be OK”
  3. Dario – “Pawn in a Game”
  4. Dario Bezzina – “Bridle Road”
  5. Francesca Sciberras – “Masquerade”
  6. Ian – “On My Own”
  7. Kirstie – “Girls Get Down”
  8. Lyndsay – “Haunted”
  9. Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Tears”
  10. Marie Claire – “Thankful”
  11. Matt Blxck – “Up”
  12. Maxine Pace – “Alone”
  13. The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)”

It’s worth mentioning that the Maltese public television hasn’t announced the running order of the qualifying round.

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 (MESC 2023)

MESC 2023 will take place in five competitive rounds: three qualifying rounds, one semi-final and the Grand Final.

13 song will compete in the first two qualifying rounds, while 14 will take part in the third one. Eight songs will advance to the semi-final from each of the three qualifying rounds.

The 24 songs that will qualify to the Semi-Final will be determined through the voting of both the jury and the public. Through the semi-final, the 16 artists that will compete in the Grand Final, will be decided.

The program of MESC 2023

  • Quarter-Final 1 – January 13th
  • Quarter-Final 2 – January 20th
  • Quarter-Final 3 – January 27th
  • Semi-Final – February 9th
  • Grand Final – February 11th

Until we learn who is going to represent Malta in Eurovision 2023, lets remember their song for last year’s contest. Emma Muscat was the winner of MESC 2022 with the song “Out of Sight”. In the end she represented Malta in Eurovision 2022 with the song “I Am what I Am” but she didn’t manage to qualify for the Grand Final ending up in 16th place of the Second Semi-final:

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Malta: PBS Announces Various Dates for Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023!

The Maltese national broadcaster, PBS, confirmed that the country will participate in Eurovision 2023. In parallel, it announced that the song submissions will be opened at October 17th until October 31st. The participants selected for MESC will be announced in November.

Through the selection process, a jury will choose the 40 songs that will compete at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Quarterfinals will remain, and in each one 10 songs will compete with 6 of them being able to progress through the Semi-Final. At all the shows, the voting will consist of both jury voting and public televote.

The announcement of dates did not stop there, as PBS also published the dates for the MESC shows. The dates of the shows are the following:

  • Quarterfinal One – January 13th
  • Quarterfinal Two – January 20th
  • Quarterfinal Three – January 27th
  • Quarterfinal Four – February 3rd
  • Semi-Final – February 9th
  • Grand Final – February 11th

Full rules can be read here

In Eurovision 2022 Malta was represented by Emma Muscat and the song “I Am What I Am”, finishing 16th at the Second Semi-Final. Initially, Emma Muscat won MESC 2022 with the song “Out of Sight” but later decided to use the right given by the MESC rules to change the winning song. In the end, she represented Malta with “I Am What I Am”.

Source: Eurovoix, PBS

Malta: Emma Muscat to sing “I am what I am” in Turin?

As we exclusively mentioned through our Twitter account, Emma Muscat will compete in Eurovision 2022 with a different song from the one with which she won the national final in Malta.

The internet is on fire with the rumors about Emma Muscat changing song, while yesterday, Emma posted on her personal Instagram account saying that on Saturday, March 12 and on 14:00 p.m. there will be  a surprise!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Emma Muscat (@emmamuscat_official)


The so called surprise that Emma Muscat talked about, was the announcement of her new single “I am what I am” that will be released on March 14. However in her post, Emma doesn’t specify whether she will represent Malta with this song or not, in Eurovision 20022.

Emma Muscat won Malta’s national final, MESC, that took place in February 19 with the song “Out of Sight“:

We remind you that Malta will compete in the first half of the second semi-final in May 12!

Do you think that this will be Emma Muscat’s new song?

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Malta: Listen to the songs of MESC 2022!

With the slogan, What a feeling, the Maltese public television, TVM, decided to hold a national final for the selection of its participation in Eurovision 2022. Thus, MESC returns for the first time after 2018.

We already know the 22 artists and songwriters who will compete in the MESC 2022 Semifinal, but we also had the opportunity to listen to excerpts from the candidate songs.

The Lyric Videos of the 22 songs, which will compete in MESC 2022, were recently revealed through the social media of Malta for Eurovision.

You can listen to the candidate songs in the list below by clicking on the song titles:

Among the artists is Jessica Muscat who represented San Marino at Eurovision 2018. Also, the representative of the country in 2014, Richard Micallef, but also the representative of Malta at Junior Eurovision 2010, Nicole Azzopardi. Of course, many candidates have a lot of experience in MESC, as they have tried several times in the past to represent the island of the Knights in the competition.

Out of the 22 participants, only 16 will advance to the Final. The Semifinal will take place on February 17, while the Final on Saturday, February 19.

Malta was represented last year by Destiny, with Je Me Casse, finishing seventh in the final:

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Source / Photo: Eurovision Malta / TVM

Malta: The official release of the songs for MESC 2022 is tomorrow!

Malta’s public televisionTVM, announced that tomorrow, 17 January at 20:00 CET,  exactly one week after the release of the song snippets of the 22 contestants of MESC 2022, the official lyric videos of the songs will be released.

The official song release, except the lyric videos that will come out, will also be done by the radio station Magic Malta 91,7, where the listeners will be able to listen to all the songs of MESC 2022 for the first time.

The contestants

We already know the 22 artists, as well as the songwriters of the songs competing in the semifinal of MESC 2022. From these 22 songs, 16 will qualify for the Final and of course the winning song will get the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. The show will run for three nights, starting in February 17 and ending in February 19, when we will learn the country’s representative.

Until the full competing songs will be released, you can listen to the 22 songs of the Maltese national final below by clicking on the links below:

Last year, Malta was represented by Destiny with the song Je me casse, placing seventh in the contest’s final, with 255 points:

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Source/Photo: Eurovision Malta

Malta: Listen to a few seconds of the 22 songs of MESC 2022!

Malta’s public television, TVM, decided to broadcast a national final in order to pick the country’s representative for Eurovision 2022. That means, MESC returns for the first time since 2018.

We already know the 22 artists, as well as the songwriters of the songs competing in the semifinal of MESC 2022.

A few minutes ago, the official Instagram profile of the Maltese national final, revealed the first 20 seconds of the 22 songs that are going to compete on MESC 2022. From these 22 songs, 16 will qualify for the Final and of course the winning song will get the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin. The show will run for three nights, starting in February 17 and ending in February 19, when we will learn the country’s representative.

Listen to the 22 songs of the Maltese national final below by clicking on the songs name:

A pleasant surprise for us, is the presence Dimitris Stassos among the composers competing for the Maltese representation  at Eurovision 2022. The Greek composer, who lives and works in Sweden, was the composer of Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou in Eurovision 2012 and  La Noche Es Para Mi by Soraya in Eurovision 2009, and he has also compete in national finals of various countries. Along with Dimitris Stassos we see Nektarios Tyrakis, known in the contest for being the lyricist of Shake It by Sakis Rouvas in Eurovision 2004, but also in entries of other countries.

Along the competing is Jessica Muscat who represented San Marino in Eurovision 2018. Furthermore the county’s representative for 2014, but also Malta’s representative for Junior Eurovision 2010, Nicole Azzopardi. Of course a lot of artists have a great experience in MESC, having tried a lot of times to represent the Malta in the past.

Lastly, the slogan of MESC 2022 got announced, that is What a Feeling“.


This year’s representative for Malta was Destiny with the song Je me casse, finishing in seventh place with 255 points:

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Source/Photo: Eurovision Malta/TVM