Eurovision 2023: The viewing figures of Poland and Portugal for the Grand Final!

The official viewing figures for the contest that it was broadcasted in Poland and Portugal have been released with new viewing records compared to last year.

After the official counts, Saturday’s Grand Final was watched by 3.5 million viewers in Poland via the frequency of TVP1 and TVP Polonia. This is equivalent to 270 thousand more viewers than last year. Overall, the show recorded a 40% viewership rating as it was the first choice of the viewer that night.

Equally among the Portuguese audience, the show was very popular. Relatively speaking, it was the highest-rated program from the start to finish. In particular, it recorded an average of 1.05 million viewers throughout the night with the counters skyrocketing when the Portuguese entry was on stage with 1.272 million viewers and a 23.8% share. At the time of the reveal of the winner, the show reached at 39.4% viewership.

The audience of the both countries were agonised over the result in the contest, as the countries had qualified for the Grand Final and this was reflected in the dominance the show had in the viewing figures. and

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Portugal: Exclusive interview with Mimicat

We are just hours away from knowing the name of the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Eurovisionfun had the opportunity to meet Mimicat one day ago to have a chat as she gets ready to perform tonight.  Let’s see what she has to share with her fans about her music journey and expectation for this very special night in the video embedded below:

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Portugal: Mimicat films Eurovision 2023 Postcard!

The next representative to film her postacard is no other than Mimicat, the Portuguese representative at Eurovision 2023, who won Festival da Canção 2023, and will represent Portugal at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with “Ai Coração”.

Mimicat shot her postcard strolling through the country’s capital, Lisbon!


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The following acts have confirmed the filming of their postcards:

  • Albania – Albina & Familija Kelmendi
  • Armenia – Brunette
  • Australia – Voyager
  • Austria – Teya & Salena
  • Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX
  • Croatia – Let 3
  • Cyprus – Andrew Lambrou
  • Denmark – Reiley
  • Estonia – Alika
  • Finland – Käärijä
  • France – La Zarra
  • Georgia – Iru
  • Germany – Lord of the Lost
  • Greece – Victor Vernicos
  • Ireland – Wild Youth
  • Israel – Noa Kirel
  • Italy – Marco Mengoni
  • Latvia – Sudden Lights
  • Lithuania – Monika Linkytė
  • Malta – The Busker
  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni
  • Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper
  • Poland – Blanka
  • Romania – Theodor Andrei
  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks
  • Serbia – Luke Black
  • Slovenia – Joker Out
  • Sweden – Loreen
  • Switzerland – Remo Forrer

Mimicat is competing 5th with the song Ai coração, at the First Semi Final, on the 9th of May.

You can watch the reaction of the editors of Eurovisionfun, reacting and commenting on the Portuguese entry for Eurovision 2023 below:

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Portugal: Listen to the acoustic version of “Ai Coração”!

Portugal is represented this year in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 by Mimicat and the song “Ai Coração” with which she won Festival da Canção 2023, the show through which this Iberian country chooses its participation.

Three days ago, Mimicat released the acoustic version of Portugal’s Eurovision 2023 entry in Liverpool, which you can watch in the video below.

You can also watch the reaction video to the Portuguese entry of the Eurovision Fun team below.

Portugal is going to participate in the first semi-final this Tuesday, 9th of May, from spot number 5. The task of qualification is going to be difficult though as she is facing stronger participations in her semi-final.

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Eurovision 2023: Portugal’s Second Rehearsal!

Hello Portugal! Mimicat can’t wait to entertain us with her folklore song. Her Portuguese heart is about to beat, and her rhythm influences us already.


“Diz-me lá se és meu”

(Tell me if you are mine)



Mimicat, whose real name is Marisa Isabel Lopes Mena, is a singer and songwriter from Portugal known for her pop and soul music. She will be representing Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with her song “Ai coração”. Mimicat had previously participated in Festival da Canção 2001 under the stage name Izamena but did not make it past the semi-finals. She started singing and recording at the age of nine and gained recognition in 2014 with her debut album “For You”. This year, she is set to release a new album featuring “Ai Coração” which she co-produced with Luís Pereira. In addition to her music, Mimicat is a cat owner and her pet’s name is Brownie.

The second rehearsal

The second rehearsal is just as impressive as the first one. Mimicat’s dress, made entirely of feathers, stands out as the only one of its kind in this year’s Eurovision, with the color red being a recurring theme. The opening piano glissando gives a strong impression of the song “I Will Survive”, but this performance is pure musical theatre extravagance.


Chloe Hashemi / EBU


Compared to her Festival da Canção performance, the staging has been simplified, but the four backing dancers still bring plenty of energy. The lighting and costumes all follow the same red theme. Vocally, Mimicat sounds stunning, and the overall performance is a sophisticated and crowd-pleasing cabaret act, with the final note being particularly impressive.


Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU



In the afternoon, after the completion of all the rehearsals, a video will be released with short excerpts from the television footage of all the second rehearsals!





You can also take a look, not only at the reaction video of EurovisionFun on “Ai coração”:



…but also at the reaction video on the First Semi-Final’s running order:



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Portugal: Watch the official videoclip of Ai Coração!

Eurovision 2023 has officially started with the technical rehearsals of the 37 participating countries. Portugal with her participant for Eurovision 2023, Mimicat, already had its first rehearsal yesterday and the official videoclip of her entry, Ai Coração, was uploaded earlier on YouTube.

Portugal with Mimicat and Ai Coração participates in the 1st Semifinal on May 9, performing 5th. Mimicat’s second rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday 3/5.

For more information on Mimicat’s first rehearsal:

You can also watch the reaction video of EurovisionFun on Ai Coração below:

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Eurovision 2023: Portugal’s First Rehearsal!

The fifth country that takes the stage for the first rehearsal is Portugal, with Mimicat and her song “Ai coração”.

Everything about Mimicat:

Described as having a ‘sassy-badass’ stage presence, Mimicat (otherwise known as Marisa Mena) likes to marry her soulful voice with catchy melodies in the songs she writes.
She’s been singing and recording since the age of 9, but burst onto the scene big time in 2014 with the release of her critically acclaimed debut album “For You”.

This year has a lot in store for the singer-songwriter; as well as heading to Liverpool, she’ll be busting out a new album, which will obviously feature Ai Coração – her Eurovision entry which Mimicat wrote and co-produced with Luís Pereira.

The Rehearsal

The opening piano glissando gives big I Will Survive vibes, but this performance is pure musical theatre fabulousness. The staging has been stripped back from Mimicat’s winning performance at Festival da Canção – still four backing dancers bringing the energy, but no sofas. The theme of the lighting and costumes is RED – Mimicat’s dress is entirely made of red feathers.

Vocally Mimicat sounds incredible – this is a classy cabaret crowd-pleaser and the final note is HUGE.

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Corinne Cumming / EBU


Below you can watch a small clip from Portugal’s first rehearsal from TikTok :

@eurovision Bringing the CLASS and SASS 💃 ♥️ #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Mimicat ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of Portugal takes place on Wednesday 3/5 and we will be able to have a better view of what Mimicat will be presenting on stage.


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Portugal: Take a look at the rehearsals for the stage performance of “Ai coração”!

Through her personal Instagram account, Portugal’s representative at Eurovision 2023 Mimicat, reposted a video of her backing dancers preparing the choreography for the stage performance of  “Ai coração” in Liverpool!

You can watch the video below:

Portugal will take part at the first Semi-final of Eurovsion 2o23 on May 9th, performing 5th. You can also watch our reaction video to the Portuguese entry!

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London Eurovision Party 2023: Watch all the live performances!

Yesterday, 16th of April, London held the last pre-party for this year’s Eurovision season.

London Eurovision Party 2023 was held in Here at Outernet and presented by Nicki French(UK 2000) and Paddy O’ Connell(former Eurovision commentator for the BBC).

22 Eurovision participants sang in London and you can watch their live performances below:

  • Australia – Voyager

There is a big difference between the studio version and their live performance. It’s a rock performance and it shows that band songs are meant for live performances. It is indeed difficult to make any predictions, but I wouldn’t be surprised in case it does well with the televoting, even if Australia is usually a jury favorite.

  • Austria – Teya & Salena

A much loved entry by Eurovision fans and it is worth it. The vocals are good, the chemistry between the duo is splendid, the weird dancing is present and the crowd is loving it. Austria has managed to beat the odds so far, contrary to those who thought that Who the Hell is Edgar was going to be a fan-flop, similarly to last year’s Halo. Now, we will only have to see how it works in Liverpool stage!

  • Azerbaijan – TuralXTuran

A beautiful song for sure and regardless the final result, I’m really glad that Azerbaijan finally sent a song that was written by Azerbaijani people. Although, that doesn’t seem to be enough and their performances do not have a large appeal. Probably we will not see them perform in the Grand Final.

  • Croatia – Let 3

The most controversial entry of Eurovision 2023. Controversial is also the whole career of Let 3. Although, everyone thought that they wouldn’t make it to the Final, their live performances prove the opposite. The crowd is having fun and singing with them and their eccentricity will sure be noticed. It looks like Croatia made the right choice!

  • Czechia – Vesna

A fan favorite to win at first, but at the moment it does not give winning vibes. It was a better performance than usual but it will be a long way for Czechia in order to achieve their result. Their vocals were better but staging still looks messy and chaotic and it does not put across the message of the song. There is still time!

  • Denmark – Reiley

A much better performance than usual but it remains a song that has small potential when live performed. Reiley being famous on TikTok might be helpful for his entry, so I can’t exclude any possibility.

  • Estonia – Alika

A beautiful song and impressive vocals. That’s it! It’s another cliché Eurovision ballad, not good enough for Alika’s vocal abilities.

  • Finland – Käärijä

We can all understand the hype. Exactly like any of his performances, he gives once more the 100% of his personality and energy. The crowd goes crazy and here we have if not the winner, a top 3 contender.

  • Iceland – Diljá

Strong vocals and stage presence as Diljá is an energetic performer. Although, the song doesn’t seem enough for Diljá either.

  • Ireland – Wild Youth

A good band performance, full of energy. On the other hand, the song does not stand out for their qualification. It’s not anything new, it’s something done before but it’s not done well.

  • Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

Monika brought the London Community Gospel Choir for her performance in London Eurovision Party. A vocal powerhouse. The song slowly receives more support and it’s all because of Monika herself. Stay is going to be loved by the juries and we can’t exclude the possibility of the public voting for her. She has a personality and you can’t skip over it.

  • Malta – The Busker

Good vocals and great energy on stage. Looks like they are having fun. Frontman’s moves resemble exactly what the song is all about, feeling socially anxious in parties. I really like this entry, but unfortunately it doesn’t stand out and it’s not enough for Malta’s ticket to the Final.

  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

A really energetic performance of Pasha. The crowd is enjoying it and is probably sending him straight to the Final.

  • Norway – Alessandra

Vocally speaking she gets better and better each time. Personally, I don’t mind any voice cracks of Alessandra. She has a really strong entry, her presence is imposing and her view of pre-parties like actual parties, is actually obvious when performing.

  • Portugal – Mimicat

Although I’m not a big fan of this year’s Portuguese entry and looks weird to me, Mimicat is vocally flawless and I’m waiting for a better performance on Liverpool to disprove me.

  • Romania – Theodor Andrei

You will either like it or not. I don’t like it. Vocally he’s good but none of his performances, although far better than the one in Romania’s NF, seems convincing, just messy.

  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks

In any means, not a bad song. The lead singer is vocally on point. The whole package, although, is not enough.

  • Serbia – Luke Black

I still don’t get the song. It’s not my favorite entry but it is quirky, eccentric and special. He still looks awkward to me when referring to his stage presence. I’m waiting for his performance in Liverpool!

  • Slovenia – Joker Out

I love that song! Although, the studio version was not that promising at first, the charisma of every single one of the band’s members is to die for. They are stylish, humorous and committed to what they do. I hope to see that energy in Liverpool and Slovenia finally getting awarded with a good result.

  • Sweden – Loreen

The real queen of this year’s Eurovision. She teaches every Eurovision winner about when and how to return back. Vocally flawless and she seems to be connected with the crowd. Although, the led platform is missing, her strong personality is here and elevates the song. Personally, I want to see her crowned as a winner again!

  • Spain – Blanca Paloma

Whether you like her entry or not, one thing is for sure. No one can deny Blanca’s flawless vocals and how expressive she is. Although, I can’t fully understand the song, because it has many references to Spanish culture, every time I watch her performances, her emotions really touch me. RTVE is here to win, although I don’t think it will be come true. A great entry, one of my favorites, and it is a good example on what should follow the next year after a great Eurovision result.

  • United Kingdom – Mae Muller

MAE I LOVE U!!!I can’t be completely honest with her. Vocally wise, her best performance. What it is indeed challenging is not exactly her vocals but how it will be staged. It needs some dancing, but mostly sass and attitude. These are Mae’s weapons, indeed. She seems to enjoy it and no matter the comments, crowd loves her. It’s the most mainstream pop song of this year’s Eurovision, there’s no way it will not be placed high!

Which were your favorite performances? Write in the comments!

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Portugal: Mimicat performs “Future Lover”

The Portuguese representative in this year’s Eurovision Mimicat has give us her rendition of the Armenian entry “Future Lover”.  Mimicat has shared this sweet moment on her Instagram personal account.  She also wrote a message to the Armenian representative, Brunette, saying she is waiting to meet her at the Eurovision party in Madrid.

You can listen to Mimicat’s  performance of “Future Lover” below:

You can also watch our reaction to the Portuguese entry for Eurovision 2023 in the following video:


Mimicat will compete with her song “Ai coração”, in the First Semi-Final in fifth place, on May 9.

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