Eurovision 2022: Moldova’s Second Rehearsal!

Coming up is Moldova with Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers with their song ‘Trenuleţul’. Moldova brought its big train energy to the Eurovision stage during their first rehearsal. The staging features full neon on the lighting and the graphics, and there are even a couple of little dance routines in the chorus. It’s about a 3-minute joyful chaos that seems to have received a variety of reactions. With their second rehearsal they will try to ensure everything works fine, in view of the upcoming semi-final on Tuesday.

The Second Rehearsal

Moldova brings a big party at the Eurovision stage during their second rehearsal. The performance starts with a fast close shot on one of the guitarists, who wears sunglasses along with 1 more group member. At first, yellow is the dominant colour of the stage, while purple becomes the key colour of the perfomance along the way. The band is wearing traditional multi-coloured clothes. The lead singer is dressed in red and blue with a black hat. In front of the drummer there is a puppet with a huge grey beard and a big hat. There are blue, red and purple colours in the sun’s LED screen. Purple lights come away from the sun. There is also use of the LED floor. All the members are grooving and hopping in the rhythm of the song. There are enough wide shots, as also shots from above showing all the group members and the LED floor graphics. Towards the end there is a key change in the song, one of the guitarists lies down the floor playing the guitar at the same time and there are visible coloured lined graphics. At the end, the lead singer with 2 more band members that wear white-and-black clothes take advantage of the B stage, where they finish their performance. The 2 hallways of the B stage become elevated, in the bottom of which we can distinguish the same coloured lined graphics as in the main stage before. The performance ends with the waterfall turning into purple colour and the 2 members of the group in the B stage getting near to the singer.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Moldova’s second rehearsal:



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Moldova: Listen to the revamp of Trenulețul!

A few minutes ago, Zdob şi Zdub and Fraţii Advahov presented the final version of “Trenulețul”, with which they will represent Moldova the upcoming May in Turin.

The revamp of “Trenulețul”, the song that will represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, was performed tonight. The revelation was made at “Cine vine la noi” in Moldova 1.

Listen to the revamp below:


The updated version of “Trenulețul” includes a different introduction to the song as well as an increased amount of words in English. Towards the end of the song there is now a guitar solo and a repetition of the song’s refrain in English and Moldovan.

Zdob şi Zdub are competing in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. The band represented Moldova in the country’s debut in the 2005 competition before returning again in 2011. Zdob şi Zdub & Fratii Advahov will appear in the first half of the first semifinal on 10 May.

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Source: TRM

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