Emily in Paris goes to Eurovision in Season 4!

An unexpected crossover turned up in the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris in the season 3 finale, the episodes of which were released on Wednesday.

The news concerns the character of Mindy (Ashley Park), best friend of the protagonist Emily (Lily Collins). Specifically, Mindy’s partner Benoit (Kevin Dias) wrote and dedicated the song Mon Soleil to Mindy during season 2. In the season 3 finale, Benoit revealed to Mindy that he had submitted the song to France’s Eurovision selection process and was eventually selected.

Series creator Darren Star revealed to Deadline that he would like to shoot part of the next season on the Eurovision set, but he’s not yet aware of the details:

“I don’t know what the details of filming are but I think that our plan is to go to Eurovision next season, we’re all set up for it. And I think we’ve got a deserving song. I love that song, Mon Soleil, I think it would be definitely a worthy entry.”

It is therefore not yet known whether this filming is planned to take place at the actual real-life competition in Liverpool this May.

Additionally, when asked about the Will Ferrell film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020), he replied:

“I actually watched it, I really enjoyed that movie, it had more of a comedic take on Eurovision than we would. I think we’d like to look at it maybe in a more straightforward way.

But this song has been a part of the show all last season, I think it just has its own life on the series.”

You can listen to Mon Soleil below: