Netherlands: S10 will announce this year’s 12 points!

Last year’s Dutch representative S10, will announce the points on behalf of the Dutch jury during the Eurovision 2023 final. S10 made the announcement on Tuesday via Instagram. More specifically she said:

“I was allowed to distribute the points on behalf of my country”

Regarding last year’s poins, Jeangu Macrooy was in charge of announcing them. AVROTROS introduced this particular tradition in 2016, that is to say that the points will be announced every year by the artist of last year’s participation. In 2019, Waylon refused to follow this tradition. In 2021, Duncan Laurence was replaced by Romy Monteiro, as he got infected with COVID-19.



We remind you that S10 reached the eleventh place in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, singing the ballad “De Diepte”.




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Netherlands: Without the “laser” effects in Turin!

S10 and the Dutch delegation, will travel to Turin with a different stage perspective for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

As the singer said in the Dutch talk show “Matthijs gaat door”, the laser effects that were used in the first live performance of her song “De Diepte“, will not accompany her performance in Turin.

Specifically, S10 said about her staging:

Yes, we could do it like that there as well… but that is not the plan. This (the lasers) was an idea of the talkshow.

The experienced team behind S10, for which you can learn more here, seems to want to surprise the fans of the contest and take the song to a different path from that of the first live performance.

You can remember the first live performance of “De Diepte” by S10 below:

The Netherlands will performe in number 8 of the running order in the first semi-final on May 10, and as of now the betting odds consider her qualification for the Final almost granted.

But what do you believe will be the final result for “De Diepte”? Write us in the comments below!


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The Netherlands: New creative team for Turin and S10!

The Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS have just announced a new creative team for the performance of dutch representative S10 in Turin.

This new team consists of Wouter van Ransbeek, Marnix Kaart and Henk Jan van de Beek. All three have a big experience in their respective fields, as well as in the Eurovision Song Contest itself.

In particular, Wouter will be the artistic director and has worked at the National Theater in Amsterdam. Marnix, director of Eurovision 2021, will be the stage director of the team. Finally, Henk will be in charge of the lighting. Henk was also part of the team of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, again in charge of the lighting, as well as part of the dutch team for Eurovision 2017.

With this new team, S10 aims to continue the country’s qualification streak since 2016.

After the semifinals allocation draw, which was completed a couple of hours ago, we remind you that the Netherlands will appear in the first half of the first semifinal with S10. You can get a glimpse of the singer’s other work below:

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