Italy: Nicola Caligiore resigns as Head of Delegation

According to what became publicly, Nicola Caligiore resigned from RAI and subsequently from his  posts in Italian public broadcaster. This means that he is leaving the post of Head of Delegation, but also of the Reference Group, of which he was a member.

This is certainly an unpleasant development, as Nicola Caligiore was essentially the soul of the contest in Italy and was the main reason RAI decided in 2011 to return to Eurovision. Within a few years, he managed to get Eurovision at quite high viewing rates and increase domestic interest, sending out standings that were almost always in the top three. In the nine years since returning to Italy, RAI has won two second and one third place, with four more in the top ten. A key element of this success was the reconnection of the Sanremo Festival with the Eurovision Contest.

We look forward to his replacement, both in the position of Head of delegation and in the Reference Group. Montenegro’s head of delegation, Sabrija Vulic, was the first runner-up in the election for the Reference Group’s elected members last March. The fact that Montenegro is not participating in Eurovision 2020 is not a problem, as its public television is normally an active member of EBU.

What remains to be seen now is whether the resignation of Nicola Caligiore is related to the claim of the EBU Executive Supervisor position, as is likely the case of the resignation of Czech Head of Mission, Jan Bors.

Source: HOD45