Israel: Noa Kirel released the “Hope version” of Unicorn!

Noa Kirel, who a few months ago brought Israel to third place in the Eurovision song contest, released a new version of her entry, the “Hope version”.

For this new unplugged version of Unicorn, she also released a video accompanying the song, in which we see photos of the hostages held by Hamas terrorists, some of the thousands of victims of the terrorist attack, soldiers of the IDF, but also images of pro-Israel demonstrations around the world.

In joy and sorrow we will stand together strong against the world. Because that’s the only way we’ll win!

Noa Kirel

You can listen to the new version of the song below:

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MTV EMA 2023: Eurostars among the award recipients!

The 2023 edition of the MTV Europe Music Awards may have been cancelled due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war for security reasons, however this did not prevent the hosts of announcing the winners of each award category. Winning artists were revealed yesterday and hence will receive their awards at a later stage.

The regional European MTV awards have a strong connection with Eurovision, as many artists emerge each year from the contest and introduce themselves into a wider audience. As a result, there could not be an MTV winning artists’ list without the presence of Eurovision stars.


  • Måneskin, the winners of Eurovision 2021, have won in the “Best Rock” category as well as in the “Best Italian Act“. This marks the second time they have been awarded with the “Best Rock”, following 2021 and the first time with “Best Italian Act“, after being nominated for three times.
  • Gjon’s Tears has been awarded the “Best Swiss Act” award for the second time, following 2021, the year he competed in Eurovision, finishing third.

Best Nordic Act

This year, we could all agree that the “Best Nordic Act” category was a bloodbath. All the three artists nominated for the prize were Eurovision 2023 artists. Loreen, Alessandra and Käärijä were nominated, indicating the big commercial success they had after achieving a top five placement in Liverpool.

The choice was hard, but in the end Käärijä from Finland won the award of the “Best Nordic Act”.

Other Eurovision artists nominated

Along with the aforementioned, there were more Eurovision stars nominated for an award in the MTV EMA 2023, such as

  • Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 2022) was nominated for the “Best Push Artist” category
  • and S10 (Netherlands 2022) was nominated for the “Best Dutch Act” category

“Best Israeli Act” missing

Reading the winning artists’ list, we can easily notice the absence of the “Best Israeli Act” category. There is no information given by the awards committee about the exclusion of the category referring to the Israeli music scene and to what extent it is connected with the ongoing war.

Nevertheless, on the nominated artists’ list, Noa Kirel, the Israeli representative in Liverpool, was also found. Noa Kirel, even before her introduction to the European audience the past May, has been a multi-nominated and multi-awarded artist in the MTV EMAs.

You can check the full list of the winning artists here.

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MTV Europe Music Awards 2023: Which Eurostars are nominated for the awards?

The nominations have beeen announced for the MTV’s Europe Music Awards, which is the European version for MTV’s American Music Awards. Taylor Swift tops the list with the most nominations (seven), followed by Olivia Rodrigo and SZA with six nominations. Next on the list to claim the most awards are Måneskin (winners of Eurovision 2021) with four nominations.

Apart from Måneskin, there are more Eurostars being nominated than any other year, proving that the Eurovision Song Contest is strongest and the most artistically influential contest in the world.

The candidates are:

  • Måneskin (Italy 2021) as Best Group, Best Rock, Best Live, Best Italian Act
  • Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 2022) as Best Push Artist
  • S10 (Netherlands 2022) as Best Dutch Act
  • Noa Kirel (Israel 2023) as Best Israeli Act
  • Alessandra (Norway 2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Käärijä (Finland 2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Loreen (Sweden 2012,2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland 2020,2021) as Best Swiss Act

It’s worth noting that for the first year, a Eurostar managed to be nominated in four categories, just as for the first time three Eurostars are nominated in the same category to claim the Best Scandinavian Act Award.

Apart from Eurostars, some artists who previously participated in the National Final to represent their country in the contest also have their honor. More specifically, in the category of Best Italian Act together with Måneskin, the candidates are: Annalisa (Sanremo 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021), Elodie (Sanremo 2017, 2020, 2023) and Lazza (Sanremo 2023).

The MTV EMA’s 2023 will be held on Novenber 5th at Nord Villepinte in Paris, France. The award ceremony will be broacast live on MTV.

You can cast unlimited votes for your favorite artists at the MTV EMA’s 2023 by clicking here, voting will last until October 31st at 11:59pm CET.

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Spain: Chanel will join Noa Kirel tomorrow at Tel Aviv!

The sold-out performance by Noa Kirel last night in Tel Aviv’s Yarakon Park was attended by an estimated 65,000 people. Noa demonstrated her incredible talent as a singer and performer not only to Israel but also to Europe. Eleni Foureira, a much-anticipated guest performer, sang her Eurovision-hit song “Fuego” with Noa during the concert, thrilling the audience.

Due to the concert’s overwhelming success and the fact that all of the tickets were sold out right away, Noa’s team decided to hold a second concert on September 23.

The concert is anticipated to be just as thrilling as yesterday’s event and will provide the audience with another pleasant surprise. Reliable sources claim that Noa’s team invited Chanel to perform with her tomorrow. Chanel was the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2022 and appears to have accepted the invitation to perform live tomorrow in Tel Aviv.

Chanel, as well as Eleni Foureira and Noa Kirel, caused pandemonium with her performance skills along with her latin rhythm and temperament in 2022, bringing Spain back to the top three for the first time since 1995.

Through the occasion of her concerts, Noa Kirel had the opportunity to share the stage with Eurovision performers that set the bar high, a bar that she overcame, and performers with whom she was also inevitably compared.

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This is what we’ve been waiting for: Eleni Foureira and Noa Kirel perform “Fuego”!

As we informed you earlier, Eleni Foureira(Cyprus 2018) and Noa Kirel(Israel 2023) took the stage today for the first time together at Yarakon Park in Tel Aviv, on the occasion of the latter’s big concert.

The meeting of those two was explosive, and based on what we’ve seen so far, they indeed managed to set the packed Yarakon Park on “fire”.

No words needed, just enjoy:

Meanwhile, Noa performed her Eurovision entry “Unicorn” as well as many of her hit songs, making the crowd delirious.

Eleni Foureira-Noa Kirel

The connection between the two Eurovision artists is obvious. Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus in 2018, taking the 2nd place, while Noa Kirel represented Israel this year, finishing 3rd. These two women caused pandemonium with their sleek performances on the Eurovision stage, setting the bar even higher for all dance entries.

However, there has been a connection between Eleni and Noa for years. In 2017, Noa Kirel released her big hit “Tikitas“, which is the Hebrew cover of the song “Ti Koitas” by Eleni Foureira. Behind the two versions, as well as other songs of both artists, is the composer Doron Medalie.

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Eleni Foureira: Present at tonight’s Noa Kirel concert!

A burning desire of Eurovision fans is set to come true tonight. Confirming the intense rumors of the last few days, Eleni Foureira and Noa Kirel will meet tonight for the first time on stage and on the occasion of the latter’s big concert in Tel Aviv.

A photo, which is circulating the social media today, depicts Eleni Foureira on stage at Yarakon Park:

Eleni Foureira-Noa Kirel

The connection between the two Eurovision artists is obvious. Eleni Foureira represented Cyprus in 2018, taking the 2nd place, while Noa Kirel represented Israel this year, finishing 3rd. These two women caused pandemonium with their sleek performances on the Eurovision stage, setting the bar even higher for all dance entries.

However, there has been a connection between Eleni and Noa for years. In 2017, Noa Kirel released her big hit “Tikitas“, which is the Hebrew cover of the song “Ti Koitas” by Eleni Foureira. Behind the two versions, as well as other songs of both artists, is the composer Doron Medalie.

Noa Kirel’s big concert will take place in Yarakon Park in Tel Aviv, which is expected to be packed in the evening with the presence of 65 thousand spectators. The tickets, in fact, were sold out in less than five hours from the time of their release. At the same time, Noa will give a second concert on 9/23, in which we do not expect Eleni Foureira, in view of an already planned concert of hers.

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Israel: Listen to “Deja Vu”, Noa Kirel’s second song for Eurovision 2023!

Noa Kirel was able to give Israel its best placing since its victory back in 2018 with her impressive performance, however, the selection process went on for several months, until they found the song best suited for Noa.

As you were previously informed, the final decision was made between two songs. Of course “Unicorn” was the chosen one, and won third place in this year’s contest, but Noa Kirel’s second choice song was “Deja Vu”.

“Deja Vu” was compose by JordiRon Beaton and Itay Shimoni with two versions being recorded, one in Hebrew and one in English. The one that is now released is the version in Hebrew, with the music video directed by Roman Buchatsky.

Listen to “Deja Vu” by Noa Kirel for Eurovision 2023, in the video below:

What do you think about Noa’s second song? Would it have better luck in the contest?

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Israel: Noa Kirel’s other potential song for Eurovision 2023!

New information has been revealed regarding the other potential candidate song of the Israeli representative Noa Kirel, for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The Israeli superstar had to choose between two songs to represent her country in the contest, choosing “Unicorn” where she impressed like no other contestant in the Second Rehearsal but also in the Semi-Final and Final nights, with her dancebreak, ending up in the third place.

Apart from Unicorn, it has been revealed that Noa’s other song is called “Deja Vu“, which was written by Jordi, Ron Beaton and Itay Shimoni. Also, two versions of the song were recorded, one in Hebrew and one in English.

The Hebrew version of “Deja Vu” was planned to be the singer’s next single, however, Noa is collaborating with Ron Beaton on a different single in honor of Pride Month. Deja Vu is expected to be released in July.

The music video for the song will be directed by Roman Buchatsky, who has previously directed the music videos of “Diamonds”, “Bell” and “Thought About That”. It was also revealed that Noa Kirel will perform at Yarkon Park in front of an audience of 30,000 people. The concert is scheduled for September 21st.

You can watch Noa’s apperance in the Grand Final here:

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Israel: This is what Unicorn’s first choreography for the contest would have looked like!

This year’s representative of Israel, Noa Kirel, was the act that impressed more than any other, with her dancebreak, in the Second Rehearsals, the Semi-Final and the Grand Final.

While preparing for the competition, the Israeli superstar tried out several choreographies with her team to come up with the one they presented us in Liverpool. One of them was featuring the artist leaning on her dancers’ arms and legs during the song, making slow static movements so that she wouldn’t lose her balance.

You can watch the video below:

@noakirelamerica So much changed🦄 #foryou #eurovision2023 #noakirel ♬ צליל מקורי – noakirel_america

The choreography may have changed during the rehearsals, but Noa won the third place in the contest with 362 points, and despite the mistake that occurred in the Jury Rehearsals, she came second in the jury vote and fifth in the televote.

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Serbia: Teodora Džehverović promises to take part in Eurovision one day!

Teodora Džehverović is a 26-year-old Serbian pop-folk singer with a great career and influence in the Balkan region, being among the most popular and loved singers in the area, counting more than 780 million views on YouTube.

Teodora recently shared a screenshot in which someone had forwarded her the performance of Israel’s Noa Kirel in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest saying “That’s how we all see you”.

The young star posted this story on her official Instagram account commenting One day, I promise!

No description available.

She has also collaborated with Hurricane who represented the country in Eurovision 2021!

Below you can take a loot at some of her most popular songs:

What is your opinion about Teodora? Would you like to see her or this genre on the Eurovision stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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