OGAE Poll 2023: The results from Azerbaijan, Finland, Czechia and Latvia | Sweden is the big winner!

For every year since 2007, OGAE International conducts the OGAE Poll, which includes the votes of its members from 42 different countries. After 38 countries having already submitted their votes, the final four countries giving us their results are Azerbaijan, Finland, Czechia and Latvia.

In detail, the 14 members of OGAE Azerbaijan voted as following:

  • 12 points to Sweden
  • 10 points to Norway
  • 8 points to Austria
  • 7 points to Spain
  • 6 points to the United Kingdom
  • 5 points to Finland
  • 4 points to Italy
  • 3 points to Czechia
  • 2 points to Israel
  • 1 point to France

These are the points from the 204 members of OGAE Finland:

  • 12 points to France
  • 10 points to Norway
  • 8 points to Austria
  • 7 points to Sweden
  • 6 points to Italy
  • 5 points to Czechia
  • 4 points to Serbia
  • 3 points to the United Kingdom
  • 2 points to Moldova
  • 1 point to Australia

The 50 members of OGAE Czechia voted as below:

  • 12 points to Sweden
  • 10 points to France
  • 8 points to Norway
  • 7 points to Austria
  • 6 points to Finland
  • 5 points to Italy
  • 4 points to Israel
  • 3 points to the United Kingdom
  • 2 points to Switzerland
  • 1 point to Moldova

Finally, this are the results of the 13 members from OGAE Latvia:

  • 12 points to Sweden
  • 10 points to Norway
  • 8 points to France
  • 7 points to Italy
  • 6 points to Switzerland
  • 5 points to Estonia
  • 4 points to Cyprus
  • 3 points to Finland
  • 2 points to the United Kingdom
  • 1 point to Czechia

The final results of this year’s OGAE Poll are the following:

Sweden won the OGAE Poll for the second consecutive year with 433 points, this time with Loreen and her song Tattoo. It is also the first time in Eurovision history that an artist has won in two editions of the OGAE Poll, bearing in mind that Loreen had also won the OGAE Poll back in 2012 with her song Euphoria.

In the second place and with 394 points, there is Finland and Käärijä followed by France and La Zarra. In the fourth place we meet Norway with Alessandra and 263 points and in the fifth place there is Austria with Teya and Salena and 228 points.

Cyprus finished in 16th place having received 14 points in tie with Portugal. Greece finished in tie with Croatia in the 28th place, after receiving only 1 point from OGAE Cyprus.

Could this be a sign that Loreen will manage to achieve the same thing in 2 weeks from now, winning Eurovision for the 2nd time and being the first woman who has done so? We will find out soon!

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Source:OGAE International

OGAE Poll 2022: The results from OGAE Azerbaijan and The Netherlands!

The results for the OGAE Poll 2022 continue today, with OGAE Malta and OGAE Switzerland being the 17th and 18th to reveal the results of their members.

The results are as follows:

  • 1 point goes to Switzerland
  • 2 points go to Portugal
  • 3 points go to Finland
  • 4 points go to Australia
  • 5 points go to Norway
  • 6 points go to Spain
  • 7 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 8 points go to Sweden
  • 10 points go to Italy and…
  • 12 points go to the Netherlands

  • 1 point go to Austria
  • 2 points go to Albania
  • 3 points go to France
  • 4 points go to Norway
  • 5 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 6 points go to Estonia
  • 7 points go to Sweden
  • 8 points go to Spain
  • 10 points go to Poland and…
  • 12 points go to Italy

After today’s votes, Italy is in 1st place with Sweden and Spain completing the top three. The current results after the voting of 18 fan clubs are as follows:

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Soure: OGAE International