Cyprus: Send your questions for Elena Tsagrinou!

For a few minutes now, Elena Tsagrinou has been nominated as the representative of Cyprus at Eurovision 2021 with the song El Diablo and with a very strong team behind her. The announcement was made through the morning show of RIK1, while at noon Elena will give her first interview on the Omega TV station and on the show Ela Na Deis.

Send everything you want to ask Elena Tsagrinou

In collaboration with the show Ela Na Deis, Eurovision Fun gives the opportunity to all its readers to send their questions to Elena Tsagrinou. We will give everything you send us to the journalist of the show Alexandros Taramountas, in order for him to address your questions to Elena!

The show Ela Na Deis, is broadcast daily at 13.00 to 15.00 local time (12.00 to 14.00 CET) and you can also watch it online at the following link:


So write in the comments below, everything you want to ask Elena Tsagrinou and see her answer in a few hours, live on the show Ela Na Deis on Omega TV!