Serbia: Running order of PzE 2023 | The songs will be available from 02/02!

Serbian public broadcaster RTS revealed both the division of the songs in the two semi-finals, as well as the running order of the songs competing in “Pesma za Evroviziju 2023” (Song for Eurovision 2023). At the same time, it was announced that on February 2nd, the songs of this year’s national final will be released to the public, through the official YouTube channel of the state television.

We remind you that Pesma za Evroviziju 23 will again consist of two Semi-Finals and a Grand Final. The dates of the semi-finals and final are:

    • First Semi-Final – March 1st
    • Second Semi-Final – March 2nd
    • Grand Final – March 4th

First Semi-Final

1.Mattia Zanatta and Angela Kassiani – New World
Music: Michele Bonivento
Lyrics: Mattia Zanatta, Predrag Cvetković
Arrangement: Vantiz

2. Adem Mehmedović – Smile
Music: Adem Mehmedović
Lyrics: Adem Mehmedović, Sanjin Kočan
Arrangement: Adem Mehmedović, Tedi Lazarević

3. Nađa – The First Scar On My Soul
Music: Kristina Kovač, Tim Gosden
Lyrics: Kristina Kovač
Arrangement: Tim Gosden

4. Tijana Dapčević – Allure
Music: Ana Radonjić
Lyrics: Ana Radonjić
Arrangement: Andrija Gavrilović

5. Prince – Flower From The East
Music: Dušan Bačić
Lyrics: Dušan Bačić
Arrangement: Dejan Nikolić

6. Filip Baloš – New Plan, Another Dream
Music: Filip Baloš
Lyrics: Filip Baloš
Arrangement: Filip Baloš

7. Filip Žmaher – See You Tomorrow
Music: Boban Janković, Filip Tančić, Aleksandar Mastelica
Lyrics: Boban Janković
Arrangement: Boban Janković, Filip Tančić, Aleksandar Mastelica

8. Luke Black – I’m Only Sleepy
Music: Luke Black
Lyrics: Luke Black
Arrangement: Majed Kfoury, COMANAVAGO, Luke Black, Milovan Bošković

9. Angellina – Chain
Music: Ivan Franović
Lyrics: Angellina
Arrangement: Ivan Franović

10. Empathy Soul Project – Indigo
Music: Nenad Radaković
Lyrics: Nenad Radaković
Arrangement: Nenad Radaković, Rade Radojčić

11. Stefan Shy – From Pillow To Pillow
Music: Slavko Milovanović
Lyrics: Ana Sekulić
Arrangement: Darko Dimitrov, Vladimir Jovančić

12. Herzenschluss – Time Zone
Music: Boban Dževerdanović
Lyrics: Boban Dževerdanović
Arrangement: Boban Dževerdanović

13. Savo Perović – Presidente
Music: Mahdi
Lyrics: Sajsi MC, Savo Perović
Arrangement: Denik

14. Igor Stanojević – Over The Rainbow
Music: Vladimir Graić
Lyrics: Vladimir Graić
Arrangement: Dragoljub Ilke Ilić

15. Boris Subotic – Unavailable
Music: Nemanja Antonić, Filip Nestorović
Lyrics: Milenko Škarić, Nemanja Antonić, Filip Nestorović
Arrangement: Nemanja Antonić, Vladimir Gavrić

16. CHEGI & Brothers Blues Band – Wedding or Fight
Music: Željko Čeganjac, Dušan Čeganjac, Stefan Čeganjac
Lyrics: Boris Kapetanović
Arrangement: Željko Čeganjac, Dušan Čeganjac, Stefan Čeganjac, Mario Pajić

Second Semi-Final

1. Hurricane – Zumi Zimi Zami
Music: Nemanja Antonić
Lyrics: Ivan Vukajlović, Lena Kuzmanović
Arrangement: Nemanja Antonić

2. Nadia – Your Boyfriend’s Girlfriend
Music: Konstantin Arsić, Aleksa Vučković, Nađa Terzić
Lyrics: Nađa Terzić
Arrangement: Konstantin Arsić, Uroš Milkić, Nađa Terzić

3. Filarri – After Me
Music: Teodora Pavlovska
Lyrics: Miloš Janošević
Arrangement: Marko Gluhaković

4. Zejna – Rumba
Music: Nikola Burovac
Lyrics: Miloš Roganović
Arrangement: Darko Dimitrov

5. Fraile – You Do That
Music: Nataša Mihajlović
Lyrics: Nataša Mihajlović, Nevena Buča
Arrangement: Ivan Kovačević

6. Igor Vins and Bane Lalić – Because I Love
Music: Igor Vins, Bane Lalić
Lyrics: Igor Vins, Bane Lalić
Arrangement: Igor Vins

7. Egret – If I Understand Too Late
Music: Petar Pupić
Lyrics: Petar Pupić
Arrangement: Petar Pupić

8. Dzipsii – Sin
Music: Rap Gorilla, Dzipsii
Lyrics: Dzipsii, Rap Gorilla
Arrangement: Rap Gorilla

9. Eegor – Old Man Of The Day
Music: Igor Mišković
Lyrics: Igor Mišković
Arrangement: Marko Kon, Milan Novaković

10. Jelena Vlahović – Like Being Struck By Lightning
Music: Aleksandar Filipović
Lyrics: Branislav Klanšček
Arrangement: Aleksandar Filipović

11. Ivona – In The Nights
Music: Ivona Pantelić
Lyrics: Ivona Pantelić
Arrangement: Bone N Skin

12. Gift – Liberta
Music: Gift
Lyrics: Jovan Matić
Arrangement: Gift

13. Milan Bujaković – Phenomenon

Music: Aleksandar Aleksov, Miro Buljan, Nenad Ćeranić, Dragiša Baša
Lyrics: Dragiša Baša
Arrangement: Aleksandar Aleksov

14. Duo Grand – Viva La Vida
Music: Ninoslav Ademović, Goran Ratković Rale
Lyrics: Goran Ratković Rale, Branislav Glušac
Arrangement: Goran Ratković Rale, Branislav Glušac

15. Andjela – Bad Judgements
Music: Ivan Milanov, Nemanja Antonić
Lyrics: Asal Sinanović, Filip Nestorović, Ana Sekulić
Arrangement: Vantiz

16. Doris Milošević – Silence
Music: Ognjan Milošević
Lyrics: Ognjan Milošević
Arrangement: Ognjan Milošević

Pesma za Evroviziju ’23 will take place in the 1st, 2nd and 4th of March. The winner of the show will be the successor of Konstrakta who represented Serbia in Eurovision 2022 and came 5th, securing one of the best results of Serbia in the contest.

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Source: eurovisiontv

Serbia: Record with over 900 songs for Pesma Evrovizije 2023!

Until yesterday, Serbian public television RTS was receiving proposals for this year’s national final for the selection for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

Since the beginning of September, it was announced that a national final (Pesma Evrovizije) would be held to select the artist and song that will represent the country at Eurovision 2023.

Using the same procedure as last year’s contest, Serbian public television started its search for Konstrakta‘s successor. Despite the predictions that wanted Sara Jo or Zorja to win Pesma Evrovizije 2022, in the end, the unknown Konstrakta, with her unconventional song, with strange lyrics … beat her competitors by far and travelled to Turin, even winning fifth place there!

After this success, the interest in participating in Pesma Evrovizije 2023 proved to be great.

According to reliable sources of Kurir, an online news paper in Serbia, more than 900 applications for PZE 2023 have been received, which is an absolute record so far as far as this competition is concerned.

With the end of the submissions, the closing committee will listen to all the entries, so by the end of the year we will know the participants in the country’s upcoming national final.

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Source: Kurir

Serbia: Extension of the submission deadline for Pesma Evrovizije 2023!

On September 1st, the Serbian public television announced the holding of a national final (Pesma Evrovizije) for the selection of the artist and the song that will represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

At the same time, the deadline for submission of participations began, which, while it was scheduled to end on November 15, was extended by almost a month and is expected to end on December 1st.

Like last year, a national final will determine the act that will represent Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest.

At the 2022 contest in Turin, Italy, Serbia was represented by Konstrakta with “In corpore sano”. Serbia finished 5th in the Grand Final scoring a total of 312 points, giving the country its best result at the competition since 2012.

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