Moldova: Dream Team is getting ready for Eurovision 2021 | Natalia Gordienko’s recording is completed!

The recording of Natalia Gordienko‘s song, with which she will represent Moldova in Eurovision 2021 and is composed by the famous Greek creator, Dimitris Kontopoulos, was completed with absolute success.

The recording of the song took place in Moscow, since due to travel restrictions it was not possible for Natalia Gordienko to come to Athens. Vocal coach this time, as well as in the case of Uku Suviste was Victoria Chalkiti, while Philipp Kirkorov and the project manager of Dream Team, Elias Kokotos were also there. The recording was made in Vi Studio.

According to what was conveyed to us, the artistic and musical result left everyone involved completely satisfied, while there is widespread optimism for a very good result in May in Rotterdam.

As we informed you in our previous articles, the song of Moldova for Eurovision 2021 will not be reminiscent of this year’s entry. This is an uptempo song, which will reveal the sexy side of Natalia and will not leave anyone indifferent.

In the coming months and with the comfort of time, the video clip will be made. The song will be presented in the first months of 2021. Fokas Evangelinos will be the stage director for Natalia in Rotterdam!

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Moldova: Natalia Gordienko goes to Moscow to record her Eurovision 2021 entry!

Natalia Gordienko, Moldova’s representative at Eurovision 2021, will travel to Moscow today to record the song with which she will participate in the contest.

Although originally the plan was for Natalia Gordienko to record her entry in Athens in the studio of Dimitris Kontopoulos, the travel bans changed the plans and thus the solution of Moscow was found, in which both Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos have already arrived.

So after the recording of Uku Suviste, which you read about in our previous article, it’s time for Moldova. As in this year’s contest and if of course Uku manages to win Eesti Laul again, the Dream Team will have three songs (Greece, Moldova, Estonia), at least for now…

As we have already mentioned, Natalia Gordienko’s song for Eurovision 2021 is not reminiscent of her song in this year’s contest. This is an uptempo piece that will reveal the sexy side of Natalia and will not leave anyone indifferent.

After the recording of Natalia Gordienko is completed, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos will return to Athens for the recording of Stefania’s songs.

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Eurovision 2021: Dream Team is ready for new adventures!

Philipp Kirkorov, as we told you, is in Elounda for his summer vacation, but that does not stop Dream Team from making plans for the next Eurovision song contest.

Dream Team ready for Eurovision 2021

Philipp Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elias Kokotos are all together at Elounda Peninsula. In recent days, Natalia Gordienko, the representative of Moldova in Eurovision 2021, has been added to their company.

In a recent post, the Russian superstar states on behalf of the entire Dream Team, that the team is ready for new adventures in 2021:

Let us briefly present what adventures Philipp Kirkorov refers to:


What is a given is that the Dream Team will be behind the participation of Natalia Gordienko with Moldova in Eurovision 2021. Kirkorov and Kontopoulos will write the song, while Fokas Evangelinos will edit the stage appearance. Of course Elias Kokotos will be the project manager of the whole effort.


In Estonia we do not know if in 2021 the Dream Team will sign country’s participation. This year Uku Suviste, Ani Lorak’s contestant in The Voice, won the Eesti Laul with a song by Dimitris Kontopoulos. The director of the participation in Rotterdam would be Fokas Evangelinos. According to our information, the song of Uku Suviste in the next Esti Laul will have Dimitris Kontopoulos as composer again. If it wins the representation again, then the Dream Team will represent in Eurovision 2021 and Estonia.


In the case of Stefania, we do not have the active presence of Philipp Kirkorov, but the whole team will be behind the Greek participation for the second year. It is the second sure country that the Dream Team will take over at Eurovision 2021.

Another surprise country

It is known that every year the Dream Team receives proposals from various countries, but also artists, to undertake their participation in the competition. Thus, it is possible to see the Dream Team in another country, either as a direct assignment, or participating in a national final.

The Dream Team in its full composition, has not been found since 2007, when it participated for the first time in the competition, never outside the top ten of the standings. Since then they have represented Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, presenting participations that almost always star!

Will they be able to win for the first time, at Eurovision 2021?

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Moldova: Listen “Prison”‘s final version | Watch the video clip!

Only six hours left until Moldova’s live audition and the national selection of the song that will represent the country at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The final version of Natalia Gordienko’s song Prison was released today, the video clip of which was made in Greece. The song is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philip Kirkorkov, while lyrics by Sharon Vaughn.

“Dream Team” says about their participation in the moldovan selection with Prison and Natalia Gordienko:

Natalia Gordienko is one of the most popular artists in Moldova and the only singer that has managed to win the two most important festivals in Eastern Europe : Slavianski bazaar and New Wave.

In 2008, when she was just 21 years old, she received the prestigious “National artist” award for her contribution in promoting Moldova around the world. At the National selection Natalia Gordienko is participating with the song “Prison”, a powerful Avant Garde ballad with strong ethnic elements.

The song describes the extreme emotions in a passionate relationship. The track is composed by the “dream team” Phillip Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos while the lyrics are written by Sharon Vaughn. In case Natalia Gordienko wins the national selection, Fokas Evangelinos is going to be the creative director of her stage presentation in Eurovision.

The video clip of the song was shot in Athens and shows the way Natalia is trying to escape from the “prison” of her passionate lover.

Dream Team for Prison.

Prison is a very different type of music from what Natalia Gordienko has done so far. She says it was a dream of a lifetime to be back on the Eurovision stage, having already participated in 2006 as a duo at that time, of course, but had not attempted so far, as she wanted to be with the ‘Dream Team’.

This will be the second time the ‘Dream Team’ will represent Moldova, if Natalia wins in tomorrow’s Moldova’s national selection. In 2018, the Greek- Russian team was behind DoReDoS, where the song My Lucky Day put the country in the 10th place with 209 points.

News from Russia: 4 new hits!

Summer is already here and 4 of the most known and beloved Russian stars have already released their new songs! We are talking about Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Elena Temnikova and Philipp Kirkorov.

Sergey Lazarev – “Lovi” (Catch)  

After his 3rd place at Eurovision, Sergey’s back in Russian charts with a song that is completely different from his previous ones! Giving us some 90s romantic summer vibes, Sergey tell us about a passionate, unconditional love. It’s about a slow tempo song which brings to mind a sense of a “light night breeze”, as song says.


Dima Bilan – “Belye Rozi” (White Roses)

This time Dima decided to share his nostalgia with his fans by releasing a new song which is actually a collection of some old songs taken from 80s and 90s. This song really reminds of old soviet romantic movies and the artist himself motivates his fans to go back to old classic songs of this era. Plus, a new music video for “Belye Rozi” is coming soon.


Elena Temnikova – “Zhara” (Heat)

Right after Lazarev’s Lovi, Elena Temnikova released her new summer hit “Zhara”. This song follows a slow rhythm, speaks about a crazy love and shows Elena’s unique voice. Let’s see how high in charts it can go!


Philipp Kirkorov – “Stesnienie propalo” (Restraint is gone)

This year Kirkorov reminded everyone why he holds the title of the king of Russian pop music as he released 3 top hits, helped Sergey Lazarev in his Eurovision journey and toured all over Russia with his “Ya” show at the same time! This month he released one more hit “Stesnienie propalo”, which questions the meaning of morality nowadays. No matter how interesting this description may seem, the music video is once again the most interesting of all. The views speak themselves!


And what do you think? Which one of these songs do you like the most?

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