Breaking News: EBU in crisis meeting following strong reactions in the Dutch delegation!

The disqualification of Dutch artist Joost Klein has provoked strong reactions in the Dutch delegation. The EBU is currently in a crisis meeting, according to information to SVT.

As you have previously read in our past article, Joost Klein and the Dutch delegation have been disqualified from participating in the contest, following an incident with a person working for the production of the contest and a filed complaint.

Currently, the situation is being investigated by the Swedish police and both sides are being interrogated.

Source: SVT Nyheter

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Breaking News: Bambie Thug didn’t perform at the afternoon preview of the Grand Final!

Bambie Thug, the Irish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, has made headlines for their unique style and impressive vocal performance. However, as the afternoon preview show of the Grand Final is on-going it is noticed that they did not perform on stage.

The reasons behind this decision are not clear yet, Bambie earlier posted a story letting their fan know what has happened:

Bambie story

Bambie story

Bambie Thug, known for their ‘goth gremlin’ persona, has been praised for their dramatic staging and has become the first Irish delegate to make it through to the Eurovision final since 2018 and the first non-binary contestant to ever qualify to the finals in the history of the contest.

Their absence from the preview show is sure to be a disappointment for their fans and viewers alike. We look forward to more updates on this situation.

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Belgium: VRT interrupts Semi Final broadcast with call for ceasefire in Israel!

Trade union VRT briefly interrupts broadcast semifinal Eurovision with call for ceasefire in Israel. The VRT union also supports journalists in the war zone:

“Moreover, the state of Israel is destroying the freedom of the press. That’s why we’re interrupting the image for a while.” Finally, the union calls for a ceasefire and “stop genocide”.

The socialist trade union ACOD-VRT defends the action.

“We have been watching the events in the Middle East with horror for months now. We are convinced that the State of Israel is committing a genocide and that is why it is outrageous that there is an Israeli entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Doing nothing, just watching, is no longer an option.”

ACOD-VRT points the finger at the umbrella of public broadcasters that organizes the Eurovision Song Contest.

“Unfortunately, the EBU has made the Israeli entry possible and therefore we have decided to interrupt the broadcast. We hope to send a signal to the Israeli government to stop the fighting and killings, allow international observers and the press to enter and sit down for a negotiated solution.”

VRT management informed

 VRT spokesperson Yasmine Van der Borght told the editors of

“It is indeed a trade union action. We were informed it was going to happen. Trade unions have the right to take action and do not need permission to do so. I can only say that we have taken note of the action.”

Before the start of the broadcast, there was a small-scale protest at the premises of the VRT and the French-language broadcaster RTBF. About 70 activists denounced the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest, because Israel is allowed to participate.

In the center of the Swedish city of Malmö, where the Eurovision Song Contest takes place, protests are still taking place against Israel‘s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, Swedish media report. So far, nine people have been arrested. Starting at 4 p.m., more than 10,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through Malmö. According to the police, this was largely uneventful.

N-VA MP Michael Freilich responds:

“We live in a free country and so everyone is free to protest. The fact that the unions disrupt a TV broadcast for millions of viewers is their choice. Anyone who claims to want to tackle injustice, but does not say a word about the terrorist acts of Hamas and the more than 100 hostages, undermines their own credibility. That’s a missed opportunity.”


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Eurovision 2024: Demonstrations against Israel’s participation authorized!

Eden Golan will perform in the Second Semifinal next May 9, in Malmö Arena.  At the same time, a demonstration against Israel’s participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö.

The organization Stop Israel is planning this demonstration.  They have obtained permission from the police to organize two different protest demonstrations.  The first one will take place at Stortorget on May 9 at 3 p.m.   A second protest will take place on the day of the Grand Final on May 11 regardless of whether Israel makes it to the final or not.  The program includes a speech, followed by music before the march departs to Slottsparken.  According to organizer Pia Jacobsen, they are expecting at least between 10,000 and 20,000 people to show up to protest.

The demonstration ends with artists such as Mikael Wiehe, General Knas, Kofia, and others performing on a stage in Slottsparken.

“It is absurd and outrageous that Israel is singing while the bombs are falling. Russia was excluded from participating in the ESC following the
invasion of Ukraine. Excluding Israel is now self-evident” Stop Israel

Sweden Strengthens Security Measures Amid Eurovision 2024

Swedish police are strengthening security measures for Eurovision.  The measures will include establishing a no-fly zone during the event and technology to take down drones from the air.

Swedish police will get support from police officers from Denmark and Norway who will guard everything from the arena to surrounding events, hotels and demonstrations.  Furthermore, the Swedish Armed Forces are also involved and could assist with logistic issues if necessary.

Source: Sydsvenskan / SVT 

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Eurovision 2024: Activists protest Israel’s Eurovision Participation outside Malmö City Hall

Long live Palestine!” and “Israel is a terror state” – these slogans resounded outside Malmö City Hall as vocal activists gathered to influence the city’s politicians during the municipal board meeting earlier today, Wednesday, coinciding with the municipal executive board’s consideration of a citizen’s proposal to halt Israel‘s participation in Eurovision.

Today, the board will take a position on citizens’ initiatives aimed at stopping Israel‘s participation in the competition in May. The City of Malmö‘s government has already made it clear on several occasions – it is not up to the municipality to stop countries from participating.

“But they can do something. In that case, the City of Malmö should make a statement that Israel is not welcome in Malmö.”

says Yomn Kadoura, spokesperson for the network Stop Israel to TT and adds:

“And that they send emails to the EBU and say that Israel is not welcome at Eurovision!”

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Malmö between 7 and 11 May, and the war between Israel and Hamas has stirred up strong feelings around Europe regarding the music competition. Sydsvenskan has previously reported that Tarabband, Crying Day Care Choir, and Nevergreens have canceled their concerts. Yesterday, Medina also announced their resignation.

The fact that the festivities are surrounded by growing criticism is a concern for the host city. Karin Karlsson, the main project manager for the City of Malmö‘s hosting, told TT last week.

“We want a Malmö where we come out of this in one piece.” 

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Source: Anna Karolina Eriksson/TT
Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/

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Iceland: Protest against Israel’s participation at Eurovision 2024 outside the Public Broadcaster offices!

Earlier today, protesters gathered in front of the offices of the Icelandic Public Broadcaster RUV, calling for the disqualification of Israel from Eurovision 2024 due to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Around 50 people assembled in Reykjavik,  in support of Gaza and with one of their main demands to Israel’s withdrawal from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Malmö, Sweden.

Stefan Eiríksson, the director of Icelandic Public Radio, met with a delegation of protesters who handed him a petition with 9,500 signatures calling for withdrawal from the 68th Eurovision Song Contest if Israel takes part. They urged RUV to put pressure on both the EBU and other public broadcasters to prevent Israel’s participation in the competition.

Sama Arla, the spokesperson of the protesters, stated that if Israel participates in Eurovision 2024, then RUV should withdraw Iceland’s participation.

“Iceland, like all the other countries competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, has the power to demand that Israel’s participation is re-examined in light of the fact that Israel is committing genocide. We know that there is usually a lot of controversy about RÚV’s lack of action on the matter. We want to see more action from RÚV. Also in the case of Russia, it was initially not expelled from the competition until the Finns threatened to withdraw. Anyone can take that first step and we want Iceland to do so.”

When asked whether they will be any further action if RUV  does not boycott the contest the reply was:

“This is a Public Television Network that should listen to the voices of the people in the country. It will be unusual if the decision to boycott the competition is not accepted.”

A few days ago, RUV, through Stefan Eiríksson, announced that Iceland would participate in Eurovision 2024. He stated that Iceland would not ask for the disqualification of Israel from the contest, emphasizing that the event should remain separate from political matters.

So far, no EBU member has officially asked the disqualification of Israel from Eurovision 2024.

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Source: Euromix

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Eurovision 2024: Mass calls for boycott of Eurovision!

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is just under six months away. After Loreen‘s victory with the song “Tattoo” last May, the competition will take place in Malmö.

Israel as part of Eurovision Song Contest

Israel has been a part of Eurovision since 1973 and has won the contest four times. They are not the only non-European country participating. Australia and Armenia are examples of recurring non-European participants. Countries such as Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan also have the opportunity to compete but have chosen not to do so. Non-European countries have the opportunity to participate due to their membership of the EBU.

Despite the fact that Belarus and Russia are located in Europe, they cannot participate in Eurovision today as they are excluded from the EBU.

Activists call for a boycott of Eurovision

Now, several campaigns are underway on social media calling for a boycott of Eurovision, due to the participation of Israel. Ida Helene Benonisen is a Norwegian activist who fights for the rights of the Sámi and LGBTQ people.

“I think there is a double standard in excluding Russia while allowing Israel to continue to participate in the competition, despite the fact that they are violating international law – something even the UN has pointed out. Europe should show that we do not support their actions.”

In a post that has received a quarter of a million views on Tiktok, she explains how member states can be urged to refrain from sending entries to the competition if Israel participates:

“During my time at the Norwegian MGP in the before Eurovision 2022, I realised that the member states’ threat not to participate if Russia was involved, played a crucial role in the decision to exclude Russia from the competition”

Controversies surrounding Israel’s participation in Eurovision

The last time Malmö hosted the music competition, in 2013, the chairman of the Left Party in Malmö wanted to ban Israel from participating. At the same time, the Israeli embassy appealed to the city of Malmö to increase security after the violent riots that occurred in 2009 in reaction to the tennis match between Israel and Sweden in Malmö. After the music competition, the Israeli delegates reported that they were subjected to anti-Semitic threats. In 2016, the Palestinian flag was banned from the music competition. In 2019, the Icelandic entry was fined after displaying a Palestinian banner during the competition in Tel Aviv, Israel.

What will happen in Malmö next May?

The EBU has still not given a final decision on which countries will participate in Malmö next year, but the plan right now is for Israel to participate as usual.

Karin Karlsson is the City of Malmö‘s overall project manager for the Eurovision Song Contest. She had the same role in 2013.

“In 2013, we took safety into account. But in 2024, it’s a much more complex security situation. It’s an issue we work on every day.”

Karin Karlsson emphasizes that it is not the City of Malmö that decides who can compete, but that all countries that compete are welcome to Malmö. At the same time, there should be room for democratic protests, if desired.

“There are many forces that want to create a nice folk festival here in Malmö. At the same time, we are a democracy and it is important to show that.”

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is organized in collaboration with the city of Malmö and will be broadcast from Malmö Arena on Tuesday 7 May (semi-final 1), Thursday 9 May (semi-final 2) and Saturday 11 May (final).

Source: Helsingborgs Dagblad

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