Serbia: Breskvica after the end of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024!

Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 was completed yesterday, with Teya Dora and “Ramonda” as the winner of the Serbian national final.

People‘s favourite – as the televoting proved – Breskvica, came in second place, with her fans already starting a petition for a repeat of the jury‘s vote that placed her in sixth place.

This morning, she posted a story on her personal Instagram account (@brrrreskvica) which seems to close – at least for this year – the contest’s chapter.

In particular, it says:

“Good morning my dears,
I am contacting you now because we celebrated a bit last night and I wanted to put down the phone and enjoy the company of my family and team.
I want to thank you for all the votes (and emphasize once again that they went to a humanitarian cause, so I’m even happier that there were so many) and for your support which was truly tremendous.
I also want to publicly congratulate our beloved Teya Dora and wish her the best of luck. We will all be supporting you.
Now back to old habits, commitments and, of course, performances.
I look forward to seeing you all.
I love you all, Breskvica”

Serbia will be represented in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest by Teya Dora with the song “Ramonda”, where she will perform in the first half of the first semi-final!

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Serbia: This is the Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 stage!

A short while ago, RTS released some pictures of the stage that will host the artists who will compete to represent Serbia in Malmö this May!

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, το δελτίο τύπου της σερβικής τηλεόρασης αναφέρει χαρακτηριστικά ότι «η συγκεκριμένη σκηνή είναι η πιο μοντέρνα, η πιο σύγχρονη και η μεγαλύτερη που έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί για τη διοργάνωση του Pesma za Evroviziju».

More specifically, the press release of the Serbian TV says that “this particular stage is the most modern, the most contemporary and the largest that has been used for the organization of Pesma za Evroviziju“.

The stage consists of 700 square meters of LED screens at the backgroung and on the floor. It is also reported that 300 light projectors will be used, which with superior programming and management can create light effects and animations just like the ones we see on the Eurovision stage!

For the third consecutive year, CuePilot, the same software used in the Eurovision Song Contest, will be used for directing and framing the Serbian national final.

The semi-finals of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 are scheduled for February 27 and 29, while the Grand Final, in which the Serbian representative will be announced, will take place on March 2.

Source: RTS

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Serbia: Breskvica reveals the meaning behind her song!

We are only a few weeks away from the first semi-final of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 and Breskvica, one of the favourites to represent Serbia in Eurovision 2024, was present at the “Kec na jedanaest” show earlier today, where she talked about several issues related to her participation.

The first question of the presenters was if she expected her song to have such a big impact (1.500.000 views in one week) with her answering:

“The truth is that I expected it to do well because people usually love and support my songs, but with that many views and a million views away from Konstrakta’s track, which is the very next one, no I didn’t expect it!”

Then she was asked about how such a more traditional song came about since she has not used us to something like this. Her answer:

“I’ve always wanted to have a song like that! I love to sing traditional songs even when I am alone. I think my voice sounds different”

“So yeah, I’ve always wanted something like that but it had never come up. Just like Eurovision hadn’t come up because we didn’t have a song. I think that when you go to this competition you need to have a song that represents your country the way it should and also have the sound of your country”

“One day Henny (the songwriter) called me and said ‘I have a song that nobody wants but you will!'”

Based on the latter she was asked why no one wanted it and she replied “Because it’s not mainstream, it’s not modern, maybe they were afraid of it”.

Reference was also made to negative comments she may have received.

“It’s bad. Some of the comments are completely thoughtless, I don’t even want to talk about them. But it doesn’t matter because I’m so proud of this song! I can’t wait until the first semi-final for people to hear what it will sound like live, because some people don’t believe me that it will sound good, but I’ll do my best to convince them too!”

Afterwards, the presenters asked the young singer what is the meaning or even the subtext of the lyrics of the song that have caused a drama on the internet.

A brief description of what has happened

In the last few days there has been a panic on X as Albanians and Kosovars are calling for the song to be suspended by the EBU, as they believe that the song is inciting the Serbs to invade Kosovo!

More specifically, the lyrics of the song talk about “black birds” that cover the sky, it gets dark, thunders are heard and the nest of an eagle is destroyed. At the end of the song he comforts his son saying that “Soon all this will pass, the black birds will be gone, the sky will be clear again”.

According to this theory, the “black birds” symbolize the black eagle of the Albanian flag, the weather phenomena symbolize the war in Kosovo and the eagle symbolizes the Serbs and the hope that they will take back Kosovo.

On the other hand, although there are Serbs who agree with the above theory, most of them think that the song has to do with NATO’s bombing in 1999.

In this theory, the “black birds” symbolize the NATO planes, the weather phenomena symbolize the bombing, and the eagle symbolizes the Serbs and the hope-agony that one day this will all be over.

Breskvica’s response

“Every song, every lyric, each person interprets them differently. That’s the beauty of this job and music in general”

“I don’t know what anyone might hear in this track. I do know that we, when we were writing it, had in mind a battle between good and evil, that no matter what, good always wins in the end even if it’s destroyed by evil”

“One can still, perhaps, identify the lyrics with personal situations, personal struggles that they have gone through and managed to stand on their feet again”

“I wouldn’t go further than that”

Then in response to whether she could provide any information about the staging of the song, she said:

“I think that in Eurovision it’s 50% the song and 50% the performance. The staging can definitely ‘lift’ or ‘bring down’ a song”

“We’re working on something spectacular but I can’t reveal any more than that. I would love to because I can hardly contain myself, I’m very excited!”

“I think people will really like it. We’ve really put a lot of effort into the staging, and we’re still working on it all day. I hope people like it!”

Furthermore, the presenters asked her if she had a favourite song from this year’s PZE and she replied that she really likes Teya Dora‘s song and thinks it could do quite well, just like Zorja!

She also stated:

“The Eurovision stage is something huge. I would love for people to know about me as well as other of our country’s artists”

Finally, she concluded, setting a date with the viewers for Tuesday, February 27th, in the first semi-final of PZE 2024!

Below you can watch the full interview:

Breskvica’s participation in PZE 2024:

What do you think about Breskvica? Would you like to see her in Malmö? What do you think of the lyrics? Let us know in the comments below!

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Serbia: Pesma za Evroviziju ’24 hosts announced!

A bit earlier, the Serbian broadcaster, RTS, announced the names of the presenters of this year’s Serbian national final, Pesma za Evroviziju ’24.

Therefore, the hosts of the three evenings will be:

  • Dragana Kosjerina, journalist and RTS presenter, who will be in this role for the third consecutive year
  • Slaven Došlo, actor, who will take on the role of the presenter for the first time

RTS also revealed that our hosts in the green room will be, for the third year in a row, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović.

We remind you that the semi-finals will take place on 27 and 29 February, while the Grand Final will be held on Saturday 2 March.

A total of 28 participants will compete, whose songs will be released this Thursday, January 25, on the official RTS Pesma Evrovizije YouTube channel.

The winner of the Serbian national final for 2023 and therefore the country’s representative in Liverpool was Luke Black with the song “Samo Mi Se Spava”, finishing in twenty-fourth place.


Source: RTS

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Serbia: Artists and song titles of Pesma Za Evroviziju ’24 announced!

The Serbian Public Broadcaster, RTS, announced a few minutes ago the artists and the song titles of Pesma za Evroviziju ’24, the show which will determine the representative of Serbia in Eurovision 2024.

The artists and their song titles are:

  1. Nemanja Radošević – Jutra bez tebe
  2. Bojana x David – No No No
  3. Marko Mandić – Dno
  4. Dušan Kurtić – Zbog tebe živim
  5. Milan Bujaković – Moje tvoje
  6. Hydrogen – Nemoguća misija
  7. Kat Dosa – Tajni začin
  8. Filarri – Ko je ta žena
  9. M.IRA – Percepcija
  10. Saša Báša i Virtual Ritual – Elektroljubav
  11. Hristina – Bedem
  12. Kavala – Vavilon
  13. Martina Vrbos – Da me voliš
  14. Breskvica – Orlovo gnezdo
  15. Ivana Vladović – Jaka
  16. Lena Kovačević – Zovi me Lena
  17. Keni nije mrtav – Dijamanti
  18. Zejna – Najbolja
  19. Konstrakta – Novo, bolje
  20. Iva Lorens – Dom
  21. Zorja – Lik u ogledalu
  22. Yanx – Kolo
  23. Chai – Sama
  24. Durlanski – Muzika
  25. Nadia – Sudari
  26. Džordži – Luna park
  27. Filip Baloš – Duga je noć
  28. Teya Dora – Ramonda


Among the 28 artists we can see familiar names with the most notable one being Konstrakta, who represented Serbia in 2022 with her song “In Corpore Sano”, finishing in fifth place.

As a reminder, the semi-finals of PZE2024 will take place on 27 and 29 February, while the Grand Final will be held on Saturday 2 March. In fact, this year you will be able to watch the show live on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

The winner of the Serbian national selection in 2023 and therefore the country’s representative in Liverpool was Luke Black with his song “Samo mi se spava“, finishing in the twenty-fourth place.

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