Italy: Sanremo 2023 regulation published!

The regulation of the 73rd Italian Song Festival, the fourth branded Amadeus in the role of Artistic Director and Conductor, anticipates the times. The decision to publish it in June confirms that Amadeus is already at work in constant dialogue with the musical world.

“The goal is to have a longer preparation time available to transfer an exciting story of Italian music today from the Ariston stage to the homes of viewers, giving voice to new talents and already established artists, cast, also on the basis of the musical proposals that will arrive to me will be chosen, as always, giving weight to the value of the songs and their potential compared to the market, with particular attention to their ‘radio appeal’ “.

25 champions in competition

The 2023 kermesse of the Sanremo Festival will be broadcast from 7 to 11 February. Also in this edition 25 champions are confirmed in the competition, including the 3 finalists of Sanremo Giovani who will have to participate in the festival with a different song than the one proposed in December. The fourth evening will be dedicated to the Covers: on this occasion the artists will be able to draw from a repertoire ranging from 1 January 1960 to 31 December 1999, reinterpreting a song together with a guest identified by them and approved by the Artistic Direction. The most voted interpretation will receive a Special award.

The competing songs of the 25 Champions

The competing songs of the 25 Champions will be judged by the public at home through televoting (from landline and mobile telephones), by the Jury of the Press Room, TV, Radio and Web (150 representatives of the media accredited to the Festival) and by the Opinion Jury. (300 components). In the first and second evening, the jury of the press room, TV, radio and web will vote and will carry out its vote by dividing itself into three independent components: a third for TV and print media, a third for the radio and a third for the web jury. . In the third evening the vote will be entrusted for 50% to televoting and for the other 50% to the opinion poll jury. During the fourth evening the voting will be tripartite: 34% entrusted to televoting, 33% to the press room, TV, radio, web jury and 33% to the opinion poll jury, while in the fifth the 25 samples will be judged by televoting alone. it will add up to the previous rankings. At the end of the fifth evening to decide the winner of the 73rd Sanremo Festival among the 3 finalists, a new vote by televoting, press room jury, TV, radio, web and opinion poll jury.

The winner of the festival will have the right to represent Italy at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. If the winner refuses then RAI will choose another finalist, based on its own criteria!

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Italian commentator apologizes after comparing Chanel with J.Lo during the Grand Final!

Cristiano Magliolo, one of the Italian commentators made some impolite comments about Spanish representative, Chanel.  During the Grand Final, Magliolo called Chanel “a cheap Jennifer Lopez”.  Not only that, the RAI commentator also added that the Slo Mo singer “was good to go to the beach in summer but there is only one Jennifer Lopez!”.  Magliolo made these comments during the recap of the songs in the Eurovision Grand Final.

According to the rules, Eurovision commentators should remain neutral during the broadcasting of the show.  It is against the rules to try to influence the public against an entry.  It was thus a matter of time before the fans found out about these comments.  Fans have expressed their discontent with Magliolo through social media.  The pressure mounted to the point that Magliolo was forced to apologize.

Italian commentator apologizes

After the negative reactions, RAI commentator Cristiano Magliolo was forced to apologize.  The commentator spoke in La Vita In Diretta where he said he never meant to offend Chanel with his comments:

When I said “cheap Jennifer Lopez” I meant she is ‘like a little Jennifer Lopez’. It wasn’t an offense but I apologize. (…)  However, I apologize, I’m always ironic. But I didn’t influence anyone, they had already voted.

The Spanish fans made a tragedy of it. They did not understand the irony of my comments. I honestly gave judgments I believed in, always seasoned with a few jokes.  The commentator continued.  Furthermore, he joked about himself “always going to discount stores” where he finds nice things even if they are often imitations of more famous brands.

Chanel represented Spain in Turin with her song Slo Mo.  She finished in third place with 459 points.   This marks Spain’s best result in Eurovision since 1995.

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Eurovision 2022: President of RAI talks about Eurovision and Russia’s ban from the contest!

Italian state broadcaster RAI’s president Marinella Soldi, who is a former CEO of Discovery Networks Southern Europe, has a longstanding rapport with the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s the show on which she remembers first seeing ABBA, one of her favorite pop bands, “with their white flares.”

Soldi more recently was mesmerized by Måneskin and the swagger of the Italian glam-rock band, which by triumphing last year at Eurovision, against all odds, caused RAI to be host broadcaster of the 2022 edition of this massive event.

In a rare interview, Soldi talked about the politically heated lead-up to this year’s contest and the European Broadcasting Union’s decision to ban Russia from competing at Eurovision after the country’s invasion of Ukraine. She also noted that, though the war is causing pain and suffering in Europe and throughout the world, Eurovision’s audience still has a “fundamental human right” to joy.

Do you think banning Russia was the right decision?

It’s so hard to know what the right answer is, but I think it must stay non-political. And the decisions that were taken were taken with plenty of ponderation and great timing. And that’s why they are not part of this event.

Simply put: how big of a deal is this year’s Eurovision for RAI?

Massive! For all sorts of reasons. They say that winning the Eurovision contest is a poisoned chalice, because on the one hand you celebrate; on the other you think: ‘that’s us next year, having to organize it!’ It’s massive, but fortunately the Sanremo Festival  is a great school. We are an EBU case study as to how this year Sanremo managed to attract its highest ratings in 23 years. But of course doing it in an arena, involving 40 delegations coming in, and in a new location. It’s a big deal from that perspective.

Of course, it’s the first Eurovision being held fully in-person without limitations since the pandemic struck.

Yes, there is this zeitgeist around it. We first experienced this at Sanremo. That is the whole notion of actually being able to hug people, dance with people and just be around people. It’s like lifting the lid off a pressure cooker. There is this great need for this! Possibly because it’s so international, it also has a travel element to it. It’s also people coming from all over. And being able to arrive from all over. Suddenly we are back to hearing that Babel of languages that makes one sigh with relief and say, “Ok, maybe we are going back to normal.”

Before last year’s Måneskin victory, how big was Eurovision in Italy? My impression is that local enthusiasm was quite muted. What types of ratings are you expecting for the show in Italy this year?

For me Eurovision is an absolute “must-see.” But in Italy, Sanremo has way outshined it. It hasn’t been so central. But everything changed last year with Måneskin. It’s not just the victory of Italy. It’s Måneskin themselves and the incredible success and exposure that they’ve had. From a focus perspective it positions RAI as more inclusive to the younger generation. Without a doubt that is a challenge for all public service broadcasters.

Do you expect the ratings in Italy to be better than they were last year?

Yes, we had had a 25% audience share last year, which was its highest ever…Of course it will peak during the Måneskin performance.

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Italy : Blanco will not be present in the First Rehearsal of Eurovision 2022!

According to the Italian newspaper “La Stampa“, Blanco will not attend Italy’s first rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

It is reported that the singer Blanco, who is going to represent Italy with Mahmood and the song Brividi, will not take part in the first rehearsal of Italy and the press conference that will follow, due to his Blu Celeste Tour which is due to have a show on May 5 at the TuscanyHall in Florence.

It is unknown at this time if Blanco will be replaced by a “stand-in” singer who will sing with Mahmood in the first rehearsal, as was the case when Flo Rida couldn’t attend the first rehearsal of San Marino in Eurovision 2021.

Listen to the Italian entry in Eurovision 2022:

Source: Eurovoix

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Italy: Sanremo 2023 to be held from 7 to 11 February!

It’s been officially announced today, by the artistic director and presenter of Sanremo Amadeus, that next year’s Sanremo festival will be held from 7 to 11 February 2023.

The announcement of the festival dates came along with the announcement of the regulations of Sanremo Giovani, the Sanremo subcategory for up-and-coming artists.

As was the case last year, the top three artists in the Sanremo Giovani ranking will win a place among the Big artists of the Sanremo festival in February. Sanremo Giovani will therefore be held separately, a few months earlier, on 12 December 2022.

We remind you that Amadeus has been selected for the third consecutive year in the positions of artistic director and presenter of Sanremo, already securing his place not only for next year, but also for the festival of 2024.

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Eurovision 2022: Artists will enter the stage like in Sanremo Festival!

Eurovision 2022 will have a great difference compared to what we are used to. The hosts of the contest (Laura PausiniMika and Alessandro Cattelan) will call each artist by their name to enter the stage, just like they do in Festival di Sanremo!

Before the postcard of each country, the hosts will call the name of the artist to enter the stage. This is a tradition that is used in the Sanremo Festival. We will also watch a few seconds of the artists entering the stage.
After that, with the help of a drone named Leo, and the addition of special 3D effects we will travel to different beautiful locations of Italy, which RAI chose for the filming of the postcards. Going even further, the artists will see a video that they haven’t watched before and react to it.

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Eurovision 2022: The spectators at the Pala Olimpico must wear a mask!

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced on Thursday (April 28th) that the use of the mask will be mandatory indoors until June 15th.

The rule states that the use of the FFP2 mask is mandatory on public transport, in cinemas, in theaters and in all sporting events and competitions that take place indoors to reduce the risk of high transmission of COVID-19 infections.

In restaurants, malls and shops the use of a mask is not mandatory but is recommended.

This means that accredited journalists and the public should wear FFP2 masks during their stay inside the Pala Olimpico.

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Eurovision 2022: The Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule has been released!

The Preliminary Rehearsal Schedule for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest has been released. As we have mentioned in a previous article, rehearsals will commence on April 30 at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.

The first rehearsal of the Greek delegation will take place on Sunday, May 1 at 13.40 CET, with the press conference following at 15.40 CET of the same day. Amanda’s second rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 4 May at 16.50 CET, with the press conference taking place at 18.00 CET.

The first rehearsal of the Cypriot delegation will take place on Monday, May 2 at 16.40 CET, with the press conference taking place at 18.40 CET of the same day. The second rehearsal of Andromache is scheduled for Friday, May 6 at 10.25 CET, with the interview at 11.35 CET.

You can see the full rehearsal schedule below (All times CET):

Eurovision πρόβες


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Eurovision 2022: Stand-in rehearsals debuts today!

A few days before the delegations arrive at the Pala Olimpico where the 66th Eurovision Song Contest takes place, the hosts and after the stage is over, perform the so-called stand in rehearsals. This is a simulation of the stage performance that each country will present, of course having different person as performers and dancers, usually local artists.

This is done so that all participants know in advance and to a large extent, the television and directorial result of their appearance. Of course, delegations are often asked for changes, which sometimes take place and sometimes do not, always depending on the capabilities and moods of the organizers.

From today, Wednesday 20/4  and for the next days, all these rehearsals take place, which are very important for all the delegations and their preparation. The regular rehearsals of the countries start next Saturday, April 30th.

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Source: @vDanDesign (photo)

Eurovision 2022: More details about the Green Room released!

More information was announced by the stage designer of this year’s contest Francesca Montinaro, presenting the Green Room for the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest.

Stage designer Francesca explained that her inspiration for designing the Green Room for this year’s Eurovision is a verdant garden. Home plants and Italian gardens, along with creating a connection with nature, are the main source of inspiration for the design.

The concept behind this year’s scene is “The Sun Within” which is based on the movements and light of a moving sun. The stage is able to show theatrical movement, which is framed by water and has a lush Italian garden surrounding the rays in front of it. This lush garden of the Green Room will be in front of the stage. This can be clearly seen in a 3D animation that was released a few days ago.

The mind behind the design of this year’s stage is Francesca Montinaro, who has also created the stages of the Sanremo Music Festival twice (2013 and 2019). Montinaro explained the inspiration behind the design of the green room:

We’re part of nature and nature is a part of us.
We never forget it when we design.

The Green Room will be located right in front of the stage, as happened in last year’s competition, and is inspired by the Baroque garden feel, such as those at Villa d’Este, Castel Gandolfo, Villa Lante or other estates throughout Italy. The water around the stage that will be located between the Green Room and the main stage will remind people of fountains in a park.

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