Sanremo 2025: 24 participants and no consideration of Covers’ Night into the final result is the first planning!

Carlo Conti is the new artistic director of the Sanremo Music Festival. He has already announced the shorter duration of the festival’s evenings, a reduced number of participating entries as well as an alternative competition for the Nuove Proposte category.

Carlo Conti and RAI unveiled the initial plan for the five nights of Sanremo 2025 in further detail. Two significant changes are highlighted.

  • the top five of each night will be announced at a random order and the precise ranking will not be disclosed
  • the classification from the Covers’ Night will not be take into consideration when it comes to the final result.

Carlo Conti believes that by doing so, the rating among journalists will be less biased, as they will not be able to massively vote for or against a song on the final night, in order to receive the desired outcome.

Furthermore, it was announced that 24 songs will compete for the prize, six fewer than the 30 that took part in this year’s Festival.

Sanremo 2025 – the initial schedule

First Evening: 24 artists perform their competing song (top five is revealed in a random order)

Second Evening: 12 artists perform their song (top five revealed in random order)

Third Evening: 12 artists perform their song (top five revealed in random order)

Fourth Evening: Covers’ Night, the artists will perform in a duet. The results for this semifinal will NOT be included in the main competition

Final: 24 artists perform their competing song. The top five in the combined rankings of all semifinals advances in the Superfinal and gets to perform again. Juries and televote will vote again to decide the winner.

When it comes to Eurovision 2025, Italy has yet to confirm its participation, so it is still unknown whether the winner of Festival Di Sanremo will represent Italy in Switzerland.

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Italy: Sanremo 2025 will be held with fewer songs and without the Nuove Proposte winner!

Important announcements were made by Carlo Conti, the new artistic director and host of Sanremo. It is now a given that we will have fewer songs competing, while the winner of Nuove Proposte will not participate in the main category of the festival.

In his new interview, Carlo Conti confirmed a lot of what had been circulated recently as rumours. The new artistic director of the festival is already working on the regulations of Sanremo 2025, while he will then deal with the search for songs for Nuove Proposte and then for the big category of the festival.

The Nuove Proposte will be a separate contest, but unlike previous years, its winner will not have the right to participate in the big category of Sanremo 2025.

Carlo Conti indeed aims to reduce the duration of Sanremo 2025 and for this purpose the competition process will include fewer songs. Despite rumors that the evenings of Sanremo 2025 will end at 12 midnight, Conti says that this is not possible, but he aims to keep it no longer than 1 midnight. Finally, what has also been confirmed is the return of Dopo Festival.

The new presenter and artistic director of the next two editions of Sanremo, notes that his desire is for the songs to be at the center and all the rest to be secondary elements that frame a TV show. The people who will surround him is an issue that will concern him after finding the songs in September.

This will be the 75th edition of the Sanremo Festival, through which Italy will once again choose the artist that will represent it at Eurovision 2025.

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Italy: Carlo Conti plans to end the shows of Sanremo 2025 at midnight!

The new artistic director and host of the Sanremo festival Carlo Conti, has already started preparations for its upcoming edition. According to what the Italian media reports, Carlo Conti intends to drastically reduce the duration of Sanremo’s nights, while his intentions include the reinstatement of the Dopo Festival, a live show immediately after the end of Sanemo’s broadcast each night.

His role has been taken seriously by Carlo Conti, who returns to the position of artistic director and host, after eight years. Carlo Conti is one of the favorite faces of RAI, since all these years he presented favorite shows of the Italian public television, with great success and viewership.

So, according to what Dagospia reports, Carlo Conti is already working on the regulations for Sanremo 2025. Once they are ready, he will of course start the search for songs, both through a public call and direct discussions with artists and record labels.

Carlo Conti will attempt to drastically reduce the duration of the Sanremo 2025 broadcast, as he aims for it to finish at midnight. We say that he will attempt, since we have heard this several times in the past, but no one has ever been able to achieve it.

Another of his intentions for Sanremo 2025 is to bring back the Dopo Festival, a live show that was broadcast immediately after the end of each race night and essentially included interviews, reports and everything that the cameras did not show. The rumored presenter of the Dope Festival is Alessandro Cattelan, who was also one of the presenters of Eurovision 2022.

The winner of Sanremo in recent years has the option, if he wishes, to represent Italy in the Eurovision contest. Angelina Mango represented Italy at Eurovision 2024, with the song La Noia, which was also the winning song of Sanremo 2024. In Malmö, she finished seventh, with 268 points.

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Käärijä and Mario Accampa will reveal the jury votes of Finland and Italy!

A few minutes ago, two more spokespersons, the representatives of each public broadcaster, who announce the voting of the jury of each country! Read more

Italy: With Mecnun Giasar, Angelina Mango to Malmö!

The latest rumors that rose in recent days were true and we can finally say that Mecnun Giasar will officially contribute with his talent and knowledge, in Angelina Mango and Italy’s race in Eurovision 2024.

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Italy: RAI wants Amadeus back to Sanremo!

Italy’s public broadcaster RAI wants Amadeus back as artistic director of Sanremo.

Not even a month has passed since the end of this year’s Sanremo festival, and it seems that it is not easy for RAI to let go of the previous artistic director of the festival, who for quite some time had announced that 2024 would be the last year that he would be in this position.

According to Italian media, RAI has resumed negotiations with Amadeus in an attempt to convince him to renew his contract for two more years, i.e. until 2026.

However, later Amadeus himself live from the show Viva Rai 2 put an end to the aforementioned scenarios saying that there was indeed a meeting with the director of public television of Italy, however there was no proposal to continue in the future in the position of artistic director of Sanremo.

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Italy: RAI Commentators for Eurovision 2024 Announced!

“Never change a winning team.” And so, RAI has confirmed that Gabriele Corsi and Mara Maionchi will once again comment live from the Malmö Arena in Malmö during the three evenings of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, on May 7, 9, and 11.

The confirmation comes indirectly from the Rai Pubblicità website, which, while confirming the return of the main entertainment programs, also mentions the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. It reminds us that Angelina Mango will represent Italy with the song “La noia” and, indeed, it will still be up to the Roman host and the Bolognese record producer to give voice to the evenings on Rai 2 (semi-finals) and Rai 1 (final).

Corsi and Maionchi at the helm of Eurovision 2024

Gabriele Corsi, 53, is an actor, comedian, showman, and television and radio host. The voice of the morning program “Chiamate Roma Triuno Triuno” on Radio Deejay along with Furio Corsetti and Giorgio Daviddi, forming the Trio Medusa, besides narrating the last three editions of Eurovision (two with Cristiano Malgioglio, the second also with Carolina Di Domenico, and one with Maionchi), he has hosted various programs for the Warner Bros. Discovery group and Rai, including “Deal with it,” “Quelli che il calcio,” “Boss in incognito,” and the quiz “Reazione a catena.” Currently, he is engaged in “Don’t forget the lyrics” on Nove.

Mara Maionchi, born in 1941, has a long career as a record producer and talent scout before being launched, well past 70, on TV. We remember her as a judge on talent shows like X Factor and Italia’s Got Talent, as well as some sporadic appearances on Amici di Maria De Filippi and Amazon Prime Video’s LOL: Chi ride è fuori. Since last year, she has been commenting on Eurovision on Rai.

We remind you that the big winner of this year’s Sanremo Festival was Angelina Mango with the song “La Noia,” who will represent Italy at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö in May.

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Italy: Voices for a change of venue for the Sanremo Festival!

In an interview on Non Stop News on RTL 102.5, the CEO of FIMI, Enzo Mazza (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana), addressed some critical issues arising from the latest Sanremo Festival, including the inadequacy of the Ariston Theater to host the event and the need for audience renewal. “The first hot spot is the Teatro Ariston, which is a vintage ‘tool’,” said Mazza.

He then added:

Certainly important for the country and what it represents. But absolutely inadequate to host an event like Sanremo. Consider that this year there were 30 artists. Additionally, on Friday’s cover night, there were guests of the 30 artists, and the situation, even in terms of security, was indeed very concerning. Everyone was at the Ariston Theater, it’s a gem from the 1950s. It has its own set of characteristics that today, with everything revolving around the event and the people involved in the Festival, make it a difficult place to manage.”

Enzo Mazza also discussed the logistical problems in the city of Sanremo during the Festival days.

Furthermore, there is all the disorganization of the city. Hotels, traffic, the impossibility of bringing artists to rehearsals. All of this explodes in a year that has seen a great deal of participation even outside the Ariston, around the stage where events take place, in front of the radio stands. But you can imagine what happens to those who have to work there.”

Regarding the reimbursement of expenses to the record companies, Enzo Mazza pointed out:

As for the expense refunds for the artists, these are expense contributions to the record companies. So they are not fees for the artists. They perform in exchange for a reimbursement to the record companies, which is about 55,000 euros. Plus some additional reimbursement such as for Friday night, which is certainly paltry compared to the commitments undertaken by the record companies. Because Friday night is a show event but not a record event.

“We are not asking the city to change, but we are asking the city for interventions that have been necessary for 30 years,” he continued.

As long as I have been attending the festival, there has been talk of a new structure, and this never happens. The city of Sanremo receives 5 million euros a year from Rai for an agreement, it is not known where they go because there are no city renovations, the new hall for events does not exist. So we wonder where this flow of money goes if it is not used to make the city more attractive. This would be the first step; there have been 15,000 ticket requests for just over a thousand seats available. There would also be an audience that follows this event and would give further visibility.”

Despite recent generational changes in the artists and target audience thanks to Amadeus’ valuable work, Enzo Mazza noted that the same cannot be said for the audience in the room.

If we also look at it from a demographic point of view, the boos at Geolier came from an audience mainly made up of adults, and that is the audience of Sanremo, and probably the boos would not have come if there had been a younger audience under the stage. Think of Eurovision or X Factor, which are innovative events and have a dimension that can appeal to the audience. Everyone has been renewed here. The record industry has been renewed, radio has been renewed, Rai has been renewed, the only thing that is not renewed is the Sanremo Festival,”Enzo Mazza concluded.

It remains to be seen whether Enzo Mazza‘s concerns will be taken into account and whether something will be changed in the way the great celebration of Italian music is conducted.

The big winner of this year’s Sanremo Festival was Angelina Mango with the song “La Noia“, who will represent Italy at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö in May.

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Italy: Amadeus won’t host Sanremo 2025| These are the candidates for hosting the Festival!

We know for quite a while now, that Sanremo 2024, was going to be the last festival that the successful Amadeus would host. Now, after Angelina Mango’s win, the lights in Teatro Ariston went down, and RAI is searching for the new presenter of the Italian music show.

In their first joint interview in a popular Italian magazine, the italian presenter and his wife Giovanna Civitillo, talked about the withdrawal of Amadeus from the festival:

“After five years between Milan and Rome I want to devote myself to my wife and children, they fill up my life and they complete me. Off stage I’m like the sad clown, they’re my glass half full.”

H Giovanna Civitillo added that he is a capable, generous and honest man.

As of Festival di Sanremo 2025, there are already a few names that RAI is targeting. After both Carlo Conti (host and artistic director of the festival from 2015 until 2017) and Paolo Bonolis, (host of the 2005 festival) declined that offer, the public broadcaster has some other names in mind. These are Alessandro Cattelan, host of Eurovision 2022, Antonella Clerici (participant in Sanremo 2005, 2010) but also Alessia Marcuzzi.

The Festival di Sanremo 2024 was completed a few days ago, with Angelina Mango, being the first woman winning the festival after ten years. In Eurovision, Italy will take part directly in the Grand Final, as part of the BIG 5 group, in May 11:

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Italy: Rai Stands with Jewish Community and Israel after Ghali’s statement!

The 2024 Sanremo Festival finale took an unexpected turn when rapper Ghali used his platform to call for a “stop to genocide.” While his intention might have been to shed light on humanitarian concerns, the aftermath saw a flurry of reactions, highlighting the complexities of political and social discourse within the realm of entertainment.

Roberto Sergio, the managing director of Rai (Radiotelevisione italiana), wasted no time in expressing solidarity with the Jewish community and the people of Israel in the wake of the controversy. In a statement issued promptly after the event, Sergio emphasized, “My solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish community is heartfelt and convinced.

Ghali‘s call for action, however, did not escape scrutiny. Noemi Di Segni, president of the Jewish community of Rome, lamented the missed opportunity for the festival stage to advocate for the release of hostages held by Hamas, criticizing the use of terms that she believed distorted historical realities. She remarked:

If music and the festival, due to its relevance, is the space for the freedom to express thoughts of love, pain, joy, social denunciations and political contestations, it is regrettable that this stage was not the occasion to launch, likewise, an appeal for the release of the hostages in the hands of Hamas, leaving to unilateralism the legitimacy of distortion, with the use of terms that once again offend the history of our country and all of Europe.

Israel’s ambassador to Italy, Alon Bar, condemned the exploitation of the Sanremo stage for spreading what he deemed as hatred and provocation. In response, Ghali expressed regret over the ambassador’s reaction, emphasizing the chilling effect of speaking out against war and genocide. He replied:

I don’t know what to reply, I am so sorry that the ambassador responded in this way. There were so many things to say. This policy of terror continues and people are more and more afraid to say stop war and stop genocide, people feel they lose something if they say long live the peace.”

The controversy extended into the realm of politics, with Maurizio Gasparri of Forza Italia demanding an apology from RAI leadership to Israel. Piero Fassino also weighed in, underscoring the importance of acknowledging the victims of Hamas.

In a mid-afternoon statement, Roberto Sergio reflected on Rai’s coverage of tragic events such as the Shoah and ongoing hostage situations involving Hamas, reaffirming the broadcaster’s commitment to reporting on such issues.

The Sanremo controversy underscores the complex interplay between artistic expression, political discourse, and historical sensitivities, sparking a wider conversation about the responsibilities of public platforms in navigating sensitive topics. As the festival draws to a close, it leaves behind a legacy of introspection and debate, reminding us of the power and pitfalls of words spoken on stage.

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