Eurovision 2022: The Family Show Of The Grand Final! (Updated)

The big day is finally here and the Grand Final is taking place at the PalaOlimpico. The family show of the final has just started! It is addressed, as the title says, to families. Αll entries will once again perform their song, with the show being used more as a warm-up, a final rehearsal for minor corrections before the TV show, tonight!

We are at the press center and will bring you live everything that happens here in real time. We remind you that the jury rehearsal took place yesterday, with 50% of the total score having already been judged. Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for the family show.

The show

The program begins with a large group of people singing “Give peace a chance“! Then we see Mika and Alessandro Cattelan on stage and Laura Pausini songs are performed accompanied by a percussion group.

The parade of countries follows!

Then the presenters of the night appear  and give us all the details about the night that will follow and the voting process.

Czech Republic

We are Domi and “Lights off“  opens the grand final with an energetic performance. We can tell that the singer is  holding back a bit so she can be 100% on point for the final show today! Apart from that, the stage looks great and they can bring a decent result on the final today!


WRS is bringing the heat on the Eurovision stage this year! For many it came as a surprise that he advanced to the final but he delivers a great performance on stage with not as much differences from what we saw on the 2nd semi-final!


Third act for today is MARO with an atmospheric perfomance! Vocally is great and she receives a big applause from the audience in the middle of the song!


After the soft and calm performance of Portugal, The Rasmus are rocking the stage with a great show! We don’t any differences from the semi final and Lauri delivers good vocals for one more time! The arena seems to love “Jezebel” as they sing a long and they received big applause!


Next up on the stage is Marius Bear with an emotional performance. He delivers great vocals but is hard for him to surprise the audience and have a good result on the grand final!


A song that the press center and the crowd on the arena  love and may have a great chance have a good results on tonight show! The staging is beautiful, the vocals on point and France can be the surprise of Grand Final!


From evocative and mysterious France we go to a party rhythm. Also a participation that can stand out both due to appearance and due to dancing.


After the party song of the wolves of Norway we continue with a snap! Armenia delivers good vocals and she really seems to enjoy her performance! The arena claps along the whole song but the running order might be a hard place for her to shine on tonight’s show.


Mika and “Laura” show us some shots from the semifinals. Then the presenters are in the green room and talking to us about the plants that surround it.


The Italian duo are doing an amazing job and they seem like they are back for another great result for Ιtaly! The vocals were improved and the arena went crazy!


One of the fan favourite to win the show is coming to the stage to bring the party back! Chanel did not gave the energy we know she can deliver and we are sure that tonight can be a great night for Spain after many years!

The Netherland

S10 managed to impress the audience with another captivating performance! She was great vocally but will this be enough after Spain and before Ukraine performances?


The booking favourite to win this year edition is making a great rehearsal with good energy and the receive a big applause from the audience inside the arena!


One of the calmest entries of this year is undoubtedly that of Germany, with Malik Harris being excellent vocally, but with a weak song. For another year, Germany seems to be heading for the bottom of the standings. Another “bell” for the leaders of the German radio and television, the most powerful in the Old Continent.


Lithuania’s turn to take the stage, with Monika appearing in a different dress compared to the semifinals. It will be difficult, however, to see the maintenance of this dress in the evening show as well. A song with an atmospheric character that is unlikely to be supported by the average Lithuanian viewer. Particularly probable is the end of the last ten of this year’s competition.


Next on stage comes the clipped Nadir, who once again is to the point vocally. His voice led him so far and his voice will lead him until two in the evening and the announcement of the final results. Most likely to end up in the top ten.


One of the qualifiers-surprises of this year’s competition is Belgium, which many expected to be left out of the final. Nevertheless, Belgium is here, it will compete in the grand final and most likely end up in places 16-25. Moderate response from spectators inside the stadium.

There is a break between Belgium and Greece with Mika and Laura Pausini promoting the official Eurovision 2022 CD and at the same time snapshots from the two semifinals are shown.


The last rehearsal of Greece before the grand final tonight is next. Amanda once again gives her best, more focused than ever on her goal. Everything went perfectly, with the audience singing with her at the peak of the song in the finale. No special differences compared to the previous days and with the audience adoring Amanda.


Greece is followed by one of the surprises of this year’s final, Iceland. A country ballad, which, however, is dug by its presence between our country and Moldova. Their presence is almost certain between 18 and 25.


The whole stage on foot for Moldova, which is one of the biggest winners of recent days. A participation that has stood out due to its diversity and its ethnic elements that are so much missing from the grand final. Their impact on the public at night is certain, it remains to be seen what the opinion of the juries will be.


The series now has one of the big favorites of this year’s competition, Sweden. Cornelia Jakobs once again raises the crowds at PalaOlimpico, being determined to bring the best possible result for Sweden. Once again in the finale of the song she brings out a crown, which did not exist until yesterday in her appearances.


Sheldon performs “Not the same” perfectly once again. First male ballad in a series that follows, but the overall result was breath-taking!


The presenters are in the green room and talking to various representatives.

United Kingdom

Probably the best male voice of the year. Another favorite for this year with an epic setting on stage and a performance that is simply riveting, especially towards the end of the song with the guitar. A very warm reaction from the audience. This song will probably do very well, especially on the juries.


Third consecutive male ballad and another very good interpretation. Will all three ballads go equally well?


Konstrakta may be one of the biggest surprises from this edition of Eurovision! She delivers a great performance and she will definitely be high on the televote on tonight’s show!


Last act from the final is Stefan with “Hope”! He seems to enjoy his time on the stage and the audience love the performance!

The three presenters tell us how we can vote for our favorite songs and see the tab with the phones.

Voting begins!

First recap of the songs.

Interval Act

We are now ready for the interval act of the final. The Maneskin (to be precise their replacements) appear on stage and perform their new song, supermodel (in this rehearsal we only hear the music). Alessandro Cattelan then invites them to the stage where he asks them about their experiences after their victory and then they perform their new song from the movie Elvis that will be released in June.

Laura Pausini then introduces Gigliola Cinquetti, winner of the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest.

Last but not least, Mika makes an appearance on the stage to perform his greatest hits!

Then countdown to closing telephone lines! 

Voting begins with the juries. Then the televoting points are added.


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Portugal: Member of Portuguese Delegation tests positive for COVID-19!

Shortly before Portugal’s second rehearsal, EBU notified us that a member of the delegation tested positive for COVID-19.

A member of the Portuguese delegation has tested positive for COVID-19 while undergoing routine antigenic testing at the PalaOlimpico venue in Turin. They are feeling well and not displaying any symptoms.

In accordance with our Health and Safety protocol they have undertaken a further PCR test, have returned to their hotel and will now go into isolation for 7 days. We will update on their progress in due course.

According to the Health and Safety Protocol in place for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 the rest of the delegation are not obliged to enter isolation or quarantine but, in accordance with Italian law, must wear FFP2 masks at all times both inside and outside the venue.

Portugal will continue with their scheduled rehearsal this afternoon, Wednesday 4 May.

We wish they get well soon while awaiting for Portugal’s Maro second rehearsal!

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Lithuania: Monika Liu’s performance was impossible to be staged as expected!

The rehearsals of Eurovision 2022 started with many problems. Already, difficulties with the stage’s sun seem to be facing this year’s event in Turin, since the structures that make up the stage cannot move as a whole, based on Cinguetterai. Instead, they can move in a quite reduced manner due to a mechanical failure.

In addition, as you were informed, the stand-in rehearsals were carried out with many difficulties and several delegations expressed their dissatisfaction with the material they received from the rehearsal of their participation. The technical issues to which the delegations were referring may therefore include the malfunction of the sun construction.

On top of all the above, there are also problems in the countries where they are rehearsing today. There were technical and sound problems for the Latvians in the second run of their first technical rehearsal. On the other hand, this morning, the leader of the Lithuanian Eurovision delegation told LRT (Lithuanian public broadcaster) that they are no longer able to make Monika Liu’s Eurovision performance as expected.

In particular, they revealed that they were informed this morning that they can no longer put on Monika’s show as expected, saying:

What we have planned, we will not see on the Eurovision stage.

The exact elements of the Lithuanian stage performance that had to be discarded have not been revealed. The required change in scenery is speculated to be related to the kinetic sun issues reported this morning by La Stampa.

Read all about what happened at the first rehearsal in Lithuania, unfortunately with several problems, here.

Lithuania’s second rehearsal will take place on Wednesday 4/5 so we’ll have a better idea of what we’ll see from Monika Liu on the competition stage.

Monika Liu is competing in third place in the first semi-final on May 10, with the song “Sentimentai“.

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Source: LRT

American Song Contest: Watch the rehearsals of the fifth qualifier round!

Short clips from the rehearsals of the representatives of each state and region of the fifth American Song Contest qualifying round were released on the American Song Contest’s social media accounts!

You can check out the participants’ rehearsals below:

  1. American Samoa: Tenelle – “Full Circle
  2. California: Sweet Taboo – “Keys to the Kingdom
  3. Guam: Jason J. – “Midnight
  4. Idaho: Andrew Sheppard – “Steady Machine
  5. Illinois: Justin Jesso – “Lifeline
  6. Maryland: Sisqó – “It’s Up
  7. Michigan: Ada LeAnn – “Natalie
  8. Missouri: HALIE – “Better Things
  9. New Mexico: Khalisol – “Drop
  10. North Carolina: John Morgan – “Right in the Middle
  11. Vermont: Josh Panda – “Rollercoaster

As always, the songs will be released in their entirety only 24 hours before the show. This will be the fifth out of the five heats and will be broadcast live on Tuesday, April 19, at 2AM CET on NBC.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the latest news regarding the American Song Contest 2022!

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Finland: Watch a video from The Rasmus rehearsals for Eurovision 2022!

Finnish public television has posted on social media a short excerpt from The Rasmus rehearsals, just weeks before the legendary band representing the country in this year’s music contest, leaves for Turin and Eurovision 2022.

In this video we see that the yellow and black color, which dominated the appearance of The Rasmus in the national final, will be here as well. We also see various large balloons, as promised, to be in place with some of them going up and down. The appearance remains dynamic, but without losing the special identity of the band.

The Rasmus participate with the song Jezebel, in the second semifinal. In fact, it is an ear that will open at night, since they are the first to compete!

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Italy: Sanremo rehearsals begin!

The rehearsals of the first show of this year’s Sanremo, which will take place on February 1st, have already begun!

Pictures of the live orchestra of the show have been published, also displaying Emma Marone (Italy 2014) and Fabrizio Moro (Italy 2018), who have represented the country in the past, rehearsing!

Sanremo 2022 will be held from February 1st to February 5th and all the contestants are already known!

Source: Eurovoix

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