Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou is in Stockholm for the recording of his Eurovision entry!

Andrew Lambrou arrived in snowy Stockholm in order to record the song with which he will compete in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

The representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023 and RIK, the Cypriot public broadcaster, have really entered into rhythm for Eurovision, since unlike this year when the decisions were made at a fairly advanced stage, this time everyone’s wishes are to have time ahead of them, so that there is also the most appropriate preparation.

Andrew Lambrou left his native Australia, which has summer these months, in order to come to Stockholm, where today snowed for the first time this year.

Delighted, Andrew uploaded a short video from snowy Stockholm, saying that it is his first experience in such cold, but also in snow!

According to what was conveyed to us by the Cypriot delegation, Andrew Lambrou’s trip to Stockholm has to do with the recording of the song, with which he will represent his country in the Eurovision contest. This practically means that the song is already selected. More details about the creators have yet to be announced, but the fact that he is in Stockholm for the recording makes us believe that Swedish musicians will sign the Cypriot entry to Eurovision 2023.

Immediately after the end of the recording, Andrew Lambrou will come for a few days to Athens and then to Cyprus, where he will give interviews and be present in the country’s media.

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Breaking news: Andrew Lamprou is representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2023!

Τhe rumours about the entry of Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were true! A little while ago, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) has announced Andrew Lambrou as their representative for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next May.

The official announcement of RΙΚ:

The Cyprus Radio Foundation announces that, following the agreement signed with Panik Records and in collaboration with Australia’s City Pop Records, Cyprus will be represented at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest by Cypriot-born, popular singer Andrew Lambrou, represented by Saiko Management of New York.

As recently announced, the 2023 competition will take place in Liverpool, UK next May.

More information on participation will be announced later.

Everything about Andrew Lamprou

Andrew Lamprou is 24 years old, lives and works in Sydney. He performs and writes his own songs since he has been involved in music since the age of five.

At the age of just 17, he impressed all four X Factor judges, who easily passed him through to the next stage. Gathering excellent feedback from the four big names sitting in the judges’ seats – Danii Minogue, James Blunt, Chris Isaak, Guy Sebastian – Andrew got through the first round with four YESes performing Nick Jonas’ ‘Chains’.

In the second phase, that of the 5 seat challenge, the coach of the Boys under 25 team, Chris Isaak, was asked to select only five of the boys to continue. Andrew sang “Ain’t nobody” by Chaka Khan and took a place in the Top 5.

It is worth noting that Andrew Lambrou became known well before his participation in X-Factor, due to the YouTube Channel which he maintains and uploads there various covers of well-known songs worldwide.

Unfortunately, the Super Home Visits phase was not as lucky for the Cypriot expatriate singer as he did not manage to make it to the top 3 and enter the live shows. The cause was his musical inexperience due to his young age, however people who know the world music industry inside and out like Simon Cowell spoke very hopeful words about Andrew and his future.

Check out his appearance at Australia Decides 2022 below:

We wish Cuprus and Andrew the best of luck in Eurovision 2023!

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Cyprus: Internal selection announced for 2023 and RIK extends deal with Panik Records

On an Instagram post made by the CEO of they Cypriot Public Broadcaster RIK, Thanasis Tsokos, the extension of the deal with Panik Records is announced. Apart from 2019, RIK and Panik are collaborating the last years choosing the artist and the song that represents Cyprus, with the best result being in 2018 with Fuego and second place while in 2022 Cyprus did not go through the final with the song Ela.

According to, the deal concerns an internal selection for Eurovision 2023 as well as, a talent show to find the representative of the country in 2024. The talent show is rumored to be “All Together Now” which was set to be aired this fall by both Alpha Tv in Greece and RIK in Cyprus, but the trailer that was published does not mention representing Cyprus in Eurovision as one of the prizes, as we reported.


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Source: OgaeGreece

Evangelia: “I’m sending in a song for Eurovision 2023”!

As we have already revealed, the Greek artists’ interest in participating in Eurovision 2023 is particularly strong! And while the first rumours have already begun to spread, we already have the first official confirmation from none other than Evangelia, a promising young artist who came into vogue the last couple of years!

Evangelia, whose music fuses Greek folk sounds, with (mostly American) pop elements, has already pulled of hits, such as “Páme Páme”, “Fotiá”, and “Ónira”. Also, the new video clip for her song, “Paradise”, was recently released.

The singer, who grew up in New Jersey, USA, and is originally from Crete, said in an Instagram live on her personal account, talking to Adem Kavaz (a Turkish Cypriot Eurovision fan) that she “wants to represent Greece or Cyprus in ESC” and “she will submit a song for Eurovision 2023”.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Adem Kavaz (@all_about_eurovision_sc)

The Instagram video is not available, but it will be published soon on Adem Kavaz’s blog and youtube channel .

It is not the first time that Evangelia will seek to take part in ESC, since last year she reportedly submitted three songs, (one of which was “Ónira”), to represent Greece, which, however, did not go through the second stage of evaluation by the selection committee. Evangelia also sought to represent Cyprus in the 2022 ESC.

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Cyprus: It’s final | Cyprus’ representative for Eurovision 2023 will not be selected through “All Together Now”!

As we previously reported as the most plausible scenario, has now become almost certain; All Together Now will not be used as the method of selection for the artist that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2023.

The trailer of the talent show that will be broadcast through Alpha TV (Greek free-to-air channel) and will be presented by Nikos Koklonis, is already on air, without a single reference to Eurovision or the possibility of the winner representing Cyprus in the upcoming competition.

Further to this, according to our exclusive information, “All Together Now” is scheduled to be aired in the second half of the year, since another show (“J2US”), will be broadcast instead in the first half. The preparation required for All Together Now is quite extensive and the production team could not make it in time to have the artist selected for Eurovision. Have in mind that additional time is anyway required for choosing an appropriate song.

However, the plans of Nikos Kokloni’s production company (“Barking Well Media”) for a talent show through which the winner will also get the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest are not altogether abandoned. So, and if “All Together Now” gets the green light for a second season, we might see it return in the fall of 2023, for the selection of the Cyprus’ representative for Eurovision 2024.

Based on the above and without anything being a foregone conclusion, the most likely scenario is that CYBC will choose both the song and the artist by direct assignment, as in the previous years.

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Cyprus: “All Together Now” trailer is out | No mention of Eurovision!

The All Together Now trailer, through which Cyprus’ representative in Eurovision 2023 would have been selected, was aired yesterday, but without any reference to the Eurovision Song Contest.

As we informed you in our previous article, the things that came to light in Alpha’s show “Super Katerina”, as well as the surrounding circumstances, indicate that All Together Now will probably not be the medium whereby Cyprus’ Eurovision contestant will be selected for 2023.

This latest development is a further corroboration of the above conclusion. The trailer that already plays on Alpha channel and you can watch below, says nothing about the representation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023. Is it possible that such an award really exists, but it is for some reason omitted in a trailer, where its main aim is to invite potential contestants to the talent show?

In the same context, Alpha channel’s website, where the trailer for All Together Now is also available, maintains radio silence on the issue.

So far, there has been no announcement from the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (“CYBC”) on the matter.

It seems that the most likely scenario is that the CYBC will continue with direct assignments, perhaps in collaboration with Panik Records, aiming this time for a better result than this year’s elimination.

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Cyprus: Is “All Together Now” cancelled?

Days after this year’s Grand Final, it was reported that Cyprus public broadcaster RIK, had already made an agreement with Panik records to use the BBC format All Together Now as the national selection show for Eurovision 2023. However, it seems that this project is cancelled.

The show would be produced by BarkingWell Media and aired both on Alpha Tv in Greece and RIK in Cyprus. Contestants would perform in front of 100 judges and the winner of the show would represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2023, while the song would be chosen at a later stage. However, as it seems from Alpha TV programming, All Together Now will not be aired this fall, while Just the 2 of us, another BarkingWell Media production, is being prepared which was confirmed during today’s episode of the Alpha Tv morning show, Super Katerina. In addition, there has been no trailer aired calling for participants, while on the channel’s website, the applications link redirect to another Alpha TV project, Total Black Out. Given the time needed for pre-production of such a TV format, it is unlikely that it can be aired this fall.

While there are no information available yet as to how will Cyprus choose its Eurovision 2023 entry, it seems that the partnership with Panik records will remain, and an artist will be chosen internally.


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The plans of Greece and Cyprus for Eurovision 2023!

Even though the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022 was less than a month ago, the Greek and the Cypriot public broadcasters, ERT and RIK, are already thinking ahead for their next representatives, while some decisions have already been made. Let’s see in detail what we know so far.

Cyprus: All Together for…Eurovision!

A few days ago, we wrote about the rumors that the planned for the fall of 2022 show All Together Now of Greek broadcaster Alpha TV, will be used to find the representative of Cyprus for Eurovision 2023. Today, the biggest newspaper of Cyprus, Fileleftheros, published an article on this as well as OGAE Greece, which usually has inside information from the Cypriot public broadcaster. These articles can be seen as a confirmation that Cyprus will choose its representative through All Together Now, produced by BarkingWell Media and in cooperation with Panik Records. It seems that Nikos Koklonis will be the host of the show which is set to premiere in mid-October and be aired every Saturday night on both Alpha TV and RIK, while among the panel of 100 there will be singers, vocal coaches and eurofans. The song will be chosen at a later stage.

Greece: ERT aims for another top10 result

During September there will be official announcements from ERT on the selection process for 2023. After placing 8th in the Grand final and 6th from the juries, which is the best ranking for a Greek entry by the juries since 1992, ERT aims to be for the third time in a row in the top 10, something that is proven to be difficult the recent years since only Greece, Ukraine and Italy have managed to be in the top10 two consecutive times.

ERT will most probably follow the same procedure as the last two years, launching an open invitation for artists to submit a proposal for Eurovision 2023, (including the song, a record label, production team etc.) while a jury of music professionals will decide who will represent Greece next year.

Decisions on the details for the selection process for Eurovision 2023 will be taken after the announcement of the new CEO of ERT, which is not expected before the end of the summer.

Stay tuned on and on our social media platforms, where we post our proposals for the next representative of Greece. Maybe among them, the successor of Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord has already -or will- be mentioned!


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Cyprus: Lowest audience in over a decade for Eurovision 2022

RIK saw a “record” of low viewing figures in Cyprus for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the lowest numbers in over a decade.

Less than 100,000 viewers tuned in to the second semifinal, in which Cyprus participated, but also to the Grand Final. Specifically, 81,080 viewers watched the second semifinal, from which Cyprus failed to qualify, 27.1% less than the corresponding semifinal last year. Similar numbers were recorded in the Final, with 80,430 viewers tuning in and with the huge 53.8% decrease from last year’s Final.

The previous lowest percentage of viewers for a Eurovision Grand Final was recorded in 2013, with 125,000 viewers.

Andromache with the song Ela represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, failing to qualify to Saturday’s Grand Final and finishing in the 12th place in the second semifinal.

Source: AGB Cyprus

Cyprus: RIK’s announcement for the Eurovision 2022 song!

With a relevant trailer, RIK informs us about everything we already know. The song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, as well as the artist and the composition team of the participation, will be announced on Wednesday, March 9.

As we have already informed you, the song will be released on Wednesday, March 9, through the show of RIK Ola Ston Aera. What impresses us, admittedly, is what is mentioned on OGAE Greece, for the further release of the song on the various platforms. According to what OGAE Greece broadcasts, the song will be broadcast for the first time on Wednesday at 15.30 cet, through RIK’s show, Ola Ston Aera. It will then be uploaded to Panik’s website and social media on March 10 and released on March 11 on all music platforms.

Practically, the above means, if it is valid, that on Wednesday, March 9, the only way to hear the Cypriot participation is through the RIK show, since the song will be available on music platforms after two days. Of course, it remains to be seen if this will indeed be the time sequence:

  • 9/3: Announcement from All In the Air – RIK1 (16.30)
  • 10/3: PANIK website
  • 11/3: Other music platforms

As we have already informed you, the recording of the song took place a few days ago in Athens, where Andromachi, who will represent Cyprus, entered the studio and completed the recording of the song.

The songwriter Alex Papaconstantinou was also there. The song of Cyprus has strong ethic elements, which as lifeNewscy knows, will be enriched with bouzouki, to have a more “Greek” sound! The lyrics are signed by George Papadopoulos, while the word “Ela” dominates.

The shooting for the video clip of the song took place on Saturday, March 5.

So make an appointment on Wednesday, March 9 for the announcement of the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2022!