Cyprus: Embassy’s Response to the Article by “Nea” Newspaper

Giannis Poulopoulos of the show “Super Katerina” reached out with a relevant question to the spokesperson of the Cypriot embassy in Athens, inquiring about the veracity of the discussion between the Cypriot Ambassador and the President of ERT, as reported by “Nea” newspaper.

The Cypriot Embassy neither denied nor confirmed the article, offering a brief yet meaningful comment:

“No comment.”

As discussed on the show, the fact that the Embassy neither refutes nor confirms anything speaks volumes. Additionally, attention was drawn to the fact that ERT‘s response came through a personal statement from its President rather than from the company itself, which also carries significant symbolism.

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Silia Kapsis: “I Don’t Know What Happened Between ERT and CyBC (RIK), I’m Here for the Music”

Upon her return from Amsterdam, television channels awaited Silia Kapsis at the airport to gauge her reaction to the recent revelations surrounding Konstantinos Zoulas’s statements to the Cypriot ambassador, as reported by the media.

Silia Kapsis admitted she was not well-versed on the matter, revealing that both her mother and the people at RIK had shielded her from reading articles regarding the issue.

“I don’t know what happened between ERT and RIK. I’m here to sing and dance. I’m here for the music,” she stated.

Pressed by journalists, Silia Kapsis acknowledged that if such allegations were true, it saddened her as she wished for Greece and Cyprus to remain united.

“I’m half Greek and half Cypriot. I’m from Thessaloniki and Larnaca. All of this saddens me. Greece and Cyprus should be united. I will sing for both countries,” she declared.

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Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK): “It is a violation of the regulations what the media reports” | “It is known to the EBU!”

In a recent segment on RIK1, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) addressed the allegations raised by the media and clarified its stance on the matter. Andreas Anastasiou, the head of press for the Cypriot delegation, asserted that the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is now aware of the situation and emphasized that any such claims constitute a violation of the competition’s regulations.

Anastasiou elaborated on the voting process of the jury committee and addressed concerns regarding statements attributed to the President of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT). He stressed that if the reports are accurate, they represent a breach of the rules governing the Eurovision Song Contest.

Highlighting the longstanding relationship between ERT and CyBC, Anastasiou underscored that these allegations may necessitate changes in their dynamic. He reiterated that the EBU has been informed of the situation.

The relations between ERT and CyBC are long-standing and not personalised. If the reports are true, you can understand that some things will change. They are known to the EBU.

Concluding his remarks, Anastasiou extended well wishes to Marina Satti and Greece, making it clear that he was speaking on behalf of CyBC (RIK).

With the matter now brought to the attention of the EBU and considering Anastasiou’s statements, it appears that RIK awaits further developments from the organizing authority. This incident underscores the need for resolution between ERT and RIK, a matter that the EBU will likely need to address once again.

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Greece: ERT’s shock confession for predetermined jury vote

A bombshell news that will disturb the already disturbed relations between RIK and ERT, was published a short while ago by the newspaper Ta Nea.

The Ambassador of Cyprus lights fires

The news, which is also on the cover of the newspaper, concerns an official document – an information letter from Stavros Avgoustidis, Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Athens, to official bodies of Cyprus, in which he informs the authorities in Nicosia, about what was communicated to him in a recent working meeting at the ERT’s Headquarters, by the President of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), Konstantinos Zoulas, concerning the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest and the jury votes that the Greek jury committee will give to Cyprus.

According to what is revealed in the newspaper, the President of ERT announced on February 22nd to the Cypriot Ambassador in Athens that Greece will give a low score to the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2024. In more detail, the article states the following:

Official confession for… Eurovision!

Just when you think you have seen it all, the official document signed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Greece, Stavros Avgoustidis, for his meeting with the President of ERT, Konstantinos Zoulas, comes to leave you… in shock.

This is, in particular, the ambassador’s official briefing to the Presidential Palace of Cyprus, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, the government spokesman and other official bodies, for his visit on February 21 to ERT’s premises. During their meeting, according to the ambassador, Zoulas referred to the burning issue of… Eurovision, stressing that “as far as Cyprus’ participation in this year’s Eurovision contest is concerned, ERT will not give high marks to the Cypriot entry”.

In other words, he clearly announced the result of the Greek jury, which in February had not even been set up, for a vote that would take place three months later.

The issue is not exactly trivial. This is because, according to the regulations of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) governing the regulation, ERT does not vote, as Zoulas told the Cypriot ambassador, but must set up an independent jury, which is expressly forbidden to be composed of employees of state television, in order to evaluate the entries on artistic criteria alone, without being influenced by external factors.

So one wonders how exactly Zoulas knew the result of such an evaluation by then. Unless he has a talent for futurology, say, or a magic crystal ball…

Awaiting developments in Athens, Nicosia and EBU

Obviously, what the Cypriot ambassador in Athens reports to the government services in Nicosia is very serious and raises relentless questions regarding the credibility of the Greek jury, whose members have already been notified to the EBU, since the deadline was Friday 12 April.

Of course all of the above comes a few months after the uproar and reactions caused by the 4 points given by last year’s Greek jury that deprived Andrew Lambrou and Cyprus of the top 10.

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis rehearses with the LEDS | Meeting with Marinella!

Yesterday, the representative of CyprusSilia Kapsis alongside her dancers, aand the artistic team of Marvin Dietman and Dan Shipton, were at NOX Athens, where at this time Antonis Remos and Marinella are rehearsing for their joint appearances at the nightclub. Read more

Cyprus: Melina Karageorgiou and Hovig to Host RIK’s Eurovision 2024 Commentary!

Andreas Anastasiou, the head of press for the Cypriot delegation, announced the commentators for the broadcast of Eurovision 2024 for the Cypriot public broadcaster RIK. The experienced Melina Karageorgiou and beloved Hovig will be the voices behind this year’s competition for RIK.

Melina Karageorgiou is a journalist at RIK and has been involved with the broadcaster on numerous occasions. She studied communication and media at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and holds a postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. Fluent in English, French, and Italian, she describes herself as half Greek-Cypriot and half Greek, as she holds citizenship in both Limassol and Athens!

She served as the commentator for Eurovision for RIK from 2008 to 2016 and for the past two years, always receiving positive feedback. She admits to being a huge fan of the competition herself.

Hovig, who stole our hearts with his participation in the 2017 contest, lives and works in Cyprus as a singer. In addition to representing Cyprus in 2017, Hovig has announced the 12 points for his country twice.

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Cyprus: “Liar” by Silia Kapsis Released for Eurovision 2024!

Through the website of RIK:, the entry of Cyprus for Eurovision 2024 was premiered a while ago, titled “Liar“, featuring the versatile Silia Kapsis as the vocalist.

Immediately after, specifically at 18:00 CET, the video clip will be uploaded to the Eurovision channel on YouTube and then to all electronic music platforms.

You can listen to Liar by Silia Kapsis at the following link:

Contributors of the Entry

The Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2024 is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel. The video clip of this year’s Cypriot entry was shot after several years in Cyprus, specifically at the marina of Limassol and at the City of Dreams hotel. The director of the video clip is Kostas Karydas, while responsible for the stage presentation of Silia Kapsis in Liverpool will be Marvin Dietmann, Ross Nicholson, and Dan Shipton.

You can find Liar lyrics in our related article.

Cyprus in the Eurovision Contest

This is Cyprus’s 40th participation in the contest, making it the country with the most participations without a win. The debut was in 1981 with Monika, achieving an impressive sixth place. Until the end of the 90s, Cyprus often managed to be in the top ten of the final rankings. However, from 2004, when the system of semifinals began until 2014, Cyprus managed to pass the semifinal hurdle only in three instances!

This drastically changed from 2015 onwards, with little Cyprus counting only qualifications. The highlight, of course, of all this good progress was the second place in 2018 with Eleni Foureira and Fuego.

Last year, Cyprus was represented by Andrew Lambrou with the song Break A Broken Heart, finishing in 12th place with 126 points.

Silia Kapsis and Liar continue their upward trend in the betting odds, as after the release of the teaser, her odds for victory have literally halved. The Cypriot delegation keeps a low profile and prepares in detail for Silia’s performance on the contest stage, believing that they will manage to surpass the previous performance of Andrew Lambrou and the twelfth place of Break A Broken Heart.

Good luck Cyprus! Good luck Silia!

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Cyprus: On February 29 the release of Liar | It’s official!

First, through Eurovisionfun, you read that Liar’s video clip will be released on February 29. A little while ago, CYBC confirmed this information with its official announcement, announcing that the song will be released on the last day of February!

The filming of the video clip of this year’s Cypriot entry took place after years in Cyprus. Specifically in Limassol, on the first weekend of February, Silia Kapsis with her team and under the directorial supervision of Kostas Karydas, filmed the video clip. So the time when we will hear it complete and in its final form is approaching, since on 29/2 the unveiling will take place through the CYBC frequency.

We remind you that the song is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and lyrics by Elke Tiel. Silia Kapsis is in Athens and very soon she will begin the final phase of her rehearsals for the demanding choreography she will present to us in Malmö. The well-known Cypriot choreographer Charis Savva has undertaken all her preparation, in a choreography that bears the signature of Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney. Silia also continues her vocal lessons with Victoria Chalkitis, who will accompany her on the stage of the contest.

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis will sing “Liar” at Eurovision 2024!

As announced by the Cypriot broadcaster RIK-CyBc, the title of the song, with which Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2024, is “Liar“. The song is composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and the lyrics are written by ELKE, a well-known Dutch artist.

The production of the song was completed a few days ago in a recording studio abroad. The creative team is completely satisfied with the final result, while the excellent response the song has received from all parties involved has filled the Cypriot mission with enthusiasm.

Liar is a very contemporary pop dance track, with instrumentation and production that perfectly suits the explosive stage presence of Silia Kapsis.

Silia Kapsis is leaving for Los Angeles in the next few days to meet Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove, the choreographers who will be in charge of her choreography, which will be seen on stage in May. Immediately afterwards she will return to Cyprus to shoot the official music video of the Cypriot entry.


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After the shooting of the music video, Silia Kapsis will travel to Greece, where she will make appearances in local media. The song is expected to be released in late February/early March, of course through RIK. Silia will remain in Athens until May, carrying out her final rehearsals for the competition.

The Cypriot delegation continues with a well-organized plan, its preparations for Eurovision 2024, always keeping a low profile, but hoping that it will manage to impress and be even higher on the scoreboard than Andrew Lambrou, who placed 12th, having an excellent performance last year.

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Cyprus: RIK and artistic team are in feverish preparations!

Τhe Cypriot team is doing some major preparations, as they want to have everything prepared ahead of time for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, wanting to present the most competitive and professional entry possible, once more.

The Song is Reaching Its Final Form

The song with which Silia Kapsis wil represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 is almost ready to shine, as its just some steps before the Final Mixing. The previous weeks, Dimitris Kontopoulos finalised the production of the song, in a famous studio abroad, along his colleagues. The song has become even more dynamic, in order to make the most out of Silia’s dancing and vocal skills, and make the greatest impression on stage.

Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove started making the Choreography

The famous choreographers that RIK selected to be on Silia’s side in the contest, have already received the song and are now in a creative phase. According to our information, they were excited by the song, and by having already worked with Silia in the past, they know what she is capable of, so they’re making a choreography of great demands, in order to make the track shine on stage.

Right after Christmas, Silia is going to Los Angeles, where she is going to stay for about a week, for the first rehearsals with her choreographers.

Impressive LEDs for Silia’s performance

Except for the choreography, the artistic team is preparing the LEDs that will accompany Silia’s performance in our screens. The concept is already in the making, and in the coming days, the Ukrainian company that also made the LEDs of Stefania and Amanda in the past, will be in charge of developing everything.

What we can say, as of now, is that the LEDs will be a major part in Silia’s performance and we are sure that even the most skeptical viewer will be mesmerised by the result.

What’s Coming next?

Immediately after her trip to Los Angeles, Silia Kapsis will return to Cyprus for some interviews, but also to shoot the music vdeo, which thiswill take place exclusively on the island this time. After the end of the filming of the music video, she is coming for a permanent stay in Greece, where she will make some more appearences in the media of our country. The song is expected to be released at the end of February/beginning of March, of course through RIK.

Silia will stay in Athens until the beginning of May, for the latest rehearsals until the contest.

The Cypriot delegation continues with a well-organized plan, their preparations for Eurovision 2024, always keeping a low profile, but hoping that it will manage to impress and find themselves even higher in the ranking table, higher than the 12th place, of the impressive Andrew Lambrou last year.

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