Romania: More than 320,000 € for Eurovision 2022!

More than 320,000 € TVR spent on Eurovision Song Contest 2o22.

According to Main News the National Broadcaster of Romania spent 1,572,789 lei ( approximately 320,000 € ) for Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy. The total budget allocated as per below:

  • Production and broadcast of national selection – 380,567 lei (~78,000 Euro)
  • Eurovision participation fee – 782,860 lei (~160,000 Euro)

The rest of the total budget was spent on accommodation, travel and staging for WRS at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. The Main News also reported that the financial obligations of TVR towards EBU regarding the debt have been overpassed.

WRS represented Romania with “Llámame” finishing in 18th place with a total of 65 points, bringing the nation back to final after 2017.

Source: Eurovoix

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Romania: The points awarded by the Romanian Jury!

Romanian public television announced the points that their jury would have given if the EBU had not canceled their rating.

Romania was also one of the six countries whose jury results were annulled, as in the second semifinal, as reported by the EBU, they had strange results.

Romania Public Television recently announced the results of the jury in the Grand Final, as it would have voted if it had not canceled its rating:

Here the question arises, that the results of Romania were strange, when for example in the final it gave 12 to Moldova which did not vote for Romania at all and 10 to Greece, which gave 7 to Romania. No exchange occurs here and erroneously in our opinion the results of their jury in the final were canceled.

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Eurovision 2022: Romania’s Second Rehearsal!

The second section of the 7th day of rehearsals in Turin starts with Romania. WRS’ first rehearsal didn’t seem to have much difference from the national selection’s one. He wore sparkly trousers and a red frilly shirt that comes off at the end to reveal a silver sequinned vest. The staging featured great dancing, fabulous costumes and lots of different musical influences. WRS enters now on stage for his second rehearsal.

The Second Rehearsal

Romania’s second rehearsal starts with shots on dancers doing some moves. Then, WRS appears with the dancers doing choreography similar to the national selection’s one. Red is the main colour of the performance. There is good use of the LED floor screen with WRS and his dancers doing some cool rotating moves. Also the lyrics of the chorus are displayed on the backround and the LED floor. In the bridge, WRS changes outfit from red to a black with silver marks. Generallly, the choreography is very good, not much different to what we have seen from WRS so far. He is a performer, but the staging lacks some big moments.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:



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