Romania: TVR insists on the lawsuit regarding national jury’s vote cancellation!

Despite the fact the TVR, the national broadcaster of Romania, confirmed the participation of the country in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the United Kingdom, the issue of the lawsuit is still lingering.

In particular, the Administration Council decided that it will contact legal firms in Switzerland to assess TVR’s chances in the dispute with the EBU on the issue of the cancellation of the vote of the country’s national jury in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

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Source: Eurovoix

Romania: More than 320,000 € for Eurovision 2022!

More than 320,000 € TVR spent on Eurovision Song Contest 2o22.

According to Main News the National Broadcaster of Romania spent 1,572,789 lei ( approximately 320,000 € ) for Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy. The total budget allocated as per below:

  • Production and broadcast of national selection – 380,567 lei (~78,000 Euro)
  • Eurovision participation fee – 782,860 lei (~160,000 Euro)

The rest of the total budget was spent on accommodation, travel and staging for WRS at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. The Main News also reported that the financial obligations of TVR towards EBU regarding the debt have been overpassed.

WRS represented Romania with “Llámame” finishing in 18th place with a total of 65 points, bringing the nation back to final after 2017.

Source: Eurovoix

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Romanian broadcaster launches online poll about the future of the country in the contest

As we previously reported, Romanian national broadcaster TVR is considering to withdraw from the contest after the announcement of EBU regarding irregular voting patterns of 6 national juries in the semi-final, including the Romanian jury.

As part of the show which TVR will broadcast tonight called Referéndum, the broadcaster has launched an online poll, asking audience to vote if they want Romania to participate again in Eurovision.


As of the time these lines are written, more than 5800 have voted and the results so far are:

YES – 53%

NO – 38%



The poll and whether Romania should participate in Eurovision 2023 will be discussed on Monday 23rd of May at 9Pm on TVR 1. You can watch the show live through the video below:


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Reactions continue over the cancellation of the voting of six juries!

On Saturday night, during the Grand Final, the EBU sent out a vague statement saying it had identified “voting irregularities” in six unnamed countries after the second rehearsals of the Second Semi-Final. Their jury votes were cancelled and replaced with a ” substitute aggregated result for each concerned country for both the Second Semi-Final and the Grand Final (calculated based on the results of other countries with similar voting records)”

Understandably, the above treatment caused a reaction from these countries as there had been no prior information and they ended up seeing a different score from the one they had given themselves.


On Sunday morning, Romanian television posted a lengthy statement on the official Eurovision page, which among other things said

“Romanian TV is fully committed to participate in Eurovision 2022, paying the participation fee and preparing, together with the WRS team, a project that won the appreciation of the public”

“We were surprised to see that the result of the Romanian jury’s vote was not taken into account in the final ranking, with the organisers assigning a different score on behalf of our country’s jury”

“We clarify that the Romanian jury decided to give the maximum score to the Moldovan representatives”

Furthermore, TVR, asks the EBU for the exact reasons why they made the cancellation of their committee’s score and they are able to make amends in case they made a mistake.


The Montenegrin broadcaster reacted in the same way

“Following the announcements made on the Eurovision website, we would like to inform the public that we have sent a request for clarification to authorised representatives of the EBU”

“Following the submission of our jury’s vote, the relevant officials stated that the RTCG vote was conducted in accordance with the normal procedure, was legally certified by the EBU, and they saw no reason to suspect any form of irregularity. We therefore await a detailed answer to the question of our vote change.”


Georgia’s broadcaster, GPB, has issued a statement regarding the removal of the Georgian jury’s votes from Eurovision 2022

“The Public Broadcaster met all the requirements, sent the official document and received the EBU’s consent that there were no possible irregularities”

“The Georgian jury gave its highest score, the 12 points, to Ukraine. However, when the results of the Final were announced, the 12 points from Georgia were given to the United Kingdom”

“The Georgian delegation had no interest in manipulating the results. It was of prime importance for our jury to secure 12 points for a deserving contestant, which in this case was the representative of Ukraine”

The Georgian public broadcaster remains in active communication with the EBU regarding the current situation and hopes that official answers will be provided soon.

To date, the EBU has not yet clarified the exact reason why the votes of the six juries were removed.

What do you think of all this? Could much of the confusion have been cleared up if the EBU had given more specific information from the start? We look forward to reading your views in the comments below!

Source: Wiwibloggs, Eurovoix

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Romania: The points awarded by the Romanian Jury!

Romanian public television announced the points that their jury would have given if the EBU had not canceled their rating.

Romania was also one of the six countries whose jury results were annulled, as in the second semifinal, as reported by the EBU, they had strange results.

Romania Public Television recently announced the results of the jury in the Grand Final, as it would have voted if it had not canceled its rating:

Here the question arises, that the results of Romania were strange, when for example in the final it gave 12 to Moldova which did not vote for Romania at all and 10 to Greece, which gave 7 to Romania. No exchange occurs here and erroneously in our opinion the results of their jury in the final were canceled.

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Eurovision 2022: Romania’s Second Rehearsal!

The second section of the 7th day of rehearsals in Turin starts with Romania. WRS’ first rehearsal didn’t seem to have much difference from the national selection’s one. He wore sparkly trousers and a red frilly shirt that comes off at the end to reveal a silver sequinned vest. The staging featured great dancing, fabulous costumes and lots of different musical influences. WRS enters now on stage for his second rehearsal.

The Second Rehearsal

Romania’s second rehearsal starts with shots on dancers doing some moves. Then, WRS appears with the dancers doing choreography similar to the national selection’s one. Red is the main colour of the performance. There is good use of the LED floor screen with WRS and his dancers doing some cool rotating moves. Also the lyrics of the chorus are displayed on the backround and the LED floor. In the bridge, WRS changes outfit from red to a black with silver marks. Generallly, the choreography is very good, not much different to what we have seen from WRS so far. He is a performer, but the staging lacks some big moments.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:



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Romania: Online voting for Selecţia Naţională 2022 semifinal has started!

Voting for the first part of the semifinals of the Romanian selection for the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest has just begun.

From 19:00 (CET) the public can vote for their favorite songs competing in the Selecţia Naţională 2022. You can vote for 24 hours HERE.

Once the vote is closed, the five entries that received the most votes will make a place in Saturday’s televised semifinal.

A jury has already voted on the 45 songs currently competing in the Selecţia Naţională 2022. The 15 entrants who received the highest critical votes but were not in the top 5 will also compete in the semifinals.

We remind you that the songs claiming to represent Romania are the following:

  • Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – “Best of me”
  • Aldo Blaga – “Embers”
  • Alexa – “Hoodies and cold nights”
  • Alina Amon – “Without you”
  • Ana Lazăr – “Youngster”
  • Andra Oproiu – “Younique”
  • Andrea Stocchino – “Avere paura” (To be afraid)
  • Andrei Petruş – “Take me”
  • ARIS – “Do Svidaniya” (Goodbye)
  • Ayona Iordănescu – “Let me come to you”
  • Bogdan Dumitraş – “Sign”
  • Carmen Trandafir – “Măşti” (Masks)
  • Cezar Ouatu – “For everyone”
  • Ciro De Luca – “Imperdonabile” (Unforgivable)
  • Claudia, Minodora, Diana – “România mea” (My Romania)
  • Dan Helciug – “241”
  • Dora Gaitanovici – “Ana”
  • E-an-na – “Malere”
  • Eliza G – “The other half of me”
  • Eugenia Nicolae – “Doina”
  • Forţele de muncă – “Hai afară, frate!” (Come out brother!)
  • Gabriel Basco – “One night”
  • Giulia-Georgia Beiliciu – “Find your way”
  • Ivelin Trakiyski – “Neverending”
  • Jessie – “Regret”
  • Kyrie Mendél – “Hurricane”
  • Letiţia Moisescu – “Mirunica”
  • Leyah – “I’ll be fine”
  • Mălina – “Prisoner”
  • Miryam – “Top of the rainbow”
  • MOISE – “Guilty”
  • Oana Tabultoc – “Utopia”
  • Olivia Miheţ – “Fragile”
  • Othello – “You’re worthy”
  • Outflow – “Running in circles”
  • Petra – “Ireligios” (Irreligious)
  • Popa Roberta-Maria – “Indigo”
  • Romeo Zaharia – “Until the fight is over”
  • Silvia Costache – “Save me”
  • Sophia – “Beautiful lies”
  • Stelian – “Remember”
  • VANU – “Never give up”
  • Vizi Imre – “Sparrow”
  • WRS – “Llámame” (Call me)

The second part of the semifinal will be held this Saturday, February 12 and will be televised. The jury will select ten songs to advance to the final.

In the final, which will take place on March 5th, the winner and Romania’s representative in Turin will be determined by a combination of public and jury voting.

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Romania: The hosts for the semi-final of Selecția Națională 2022 revealed!

A few hours ago, Romania’s public broadcaster, TVR, announced the hosts for the semi-final of the country’s national final, Selecția Națională 2022!

The hosts of Selectia Nationala 2022 will be the main characters of the TV show “Cu buru-n zori” of TVR 1, Anca Mazilu and Bogdan Stănescu. The hosts team will be completed by Ilinca Băcilă, Romania’s representative in 2017, who will be with the artists in the green room.

The 45 artists competing in Romania’s national final are:

We remind you that forr the first time, fans will be able to vote for their favorite song through the national final’s official Facebook page, Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 of February, where they can vote for five songs to qualify for the second phase of the semi-final. The juries will vote for 15 songs to qualify and the semi-final will be completed in February 12, with the TV show, where the juries will will pick only 10 songs for the grand final.

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Πηγή: TVR

Romania: Three shows for the auditions of the Selectia Nationala 2022 semi-finals!

On Saturday 5 February, the programmes dedicated to the semi-finals of the 2022 National Selection, “Drumul spre Torino” (Road to Turin), will begin.

With the first of the three parts of the show starting on February 5 and the third one concluding on February 7. The three shows will therefore take place on 5-7 February, on TVR 1 with exclusive pictures from the National Selection semi-finals.

On 9 and 10 February, fans will be able to vote for their favourite songs on the official Eurovision Romania Facebook page.

The broadcast for the conclusion of the semi-final will take place on Saturday 12 February, live on TVR.

The semi-final schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday 5 February (at 23:00 local time)
  • Sunday 6 February (at 22:30 local time)
  • Monday 7 February (at 22:50 local time)

You can watch all three shows on TVR 1, TVR International and TVR Moldova (9-11 February, at 23:05).  The videos of the 46 semi-final songs will also be broadcasted on the official website, on TVR’s YouTube channel and on the Eurovision Romania Facebook page.

The presenter will be Ilinca Băcilă (Representative of Romania in 2017), where for the first time she will exclusively broadcast footage from the filming, the impressions of the semi-final judges and the emotions and joy of the competition for the biggest international music competition in the world.

This is the fifth year in a row that I have been part of Eurovision in one way or another. I represented Romania in the contest, I was on the national jury, the international jury, I presented Romania’s score in the international phase and this year I have the opportunity to be with those who are struggling to represent our country.

This time I will meet again with the Eurovision fans from the position of the presenter of the three shows in which you will have the opportunity to get to know the semi-finals of this year’s edition.

During these shows, viewers will get to know the 2022 National Selection semi-finals better and join the organisers in the feverish preparations for the show on 12 February.

The week dedicated to the semi-finals in Romania will continue with the public vote. For the first time, fans will be able to vote for their favourite songs on the official Facebook page of the national competition on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 February, where they can nominate five songs for the second stage of the semi-finals. The jury will qualify another 15 and the semi-final will conclude on 12 February with the TV show, in which the expert jury will select only ten songs for the grand final.

The last act of the selection will take place on 5 March, when we will find out the name of Romania’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: TVR

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Romania: Interview with Aris | Female manipulation, the third attempt for Eurovision and the revamp to come! (Video)

After the announcement of her participation in this year’s Romanian national final, Selecția Națională 2022, Aris talks exclusively to EurovisionFun and Apostolos Bogiannos and Giorgos Zefteridis.

Aris is one of the artists who will compete for a place in the final of the Romanian national selection for Eurovision 2022, and will try to represent her country with the song “Do svidaniya“.

Last Friday we had the live auditions and I can’t wait for the release of the video and people’s reactions. Many people thought the song was Russian however 90% of the lyrics are in English and it’s about a manipulated woman who at one point stands in front of her abuser and says “Do svidaniya” (goodbye). It is about all women who are afraid to make this change in their lives and stay trapped in such a relationship.

The Russian title in “Do svidaniya” is used metaphorically to refer to a cold and toxic relationship between a couple. Thinking about Eurovision was something that occured after the song had been written:

Although I am a composer, I didn’t write the song. I got in touch with the creators last September and when we wrote it we hadn’t originally discussed the Eurovison scenario. When the applications for the national final opened they asked me if I would like to take part with this song and at that moment I was in the middle of a trip. So somehow I managed to record and send them the vocal part exactly one day before the deadline. I didn’t tell anyone about it until the shortlist was published and a friend asked me if I had submitted a song for the competition.

Regarding her stage presentation in the national final, Aris states that:

It will be a surprise. I have some ideas but I can’t say anything yet. In the first phase of the auditions it will just be me with a microphone. In the semi-final I’ll come with a TV addition if we’re allowed. If I qualify for the final you will see a full show.

She says that she hasn’t listened to any of the rest songs as she prefers to focus on her own performance without being unintentionally influenced by the other competing songs.

Her favourite Romanian entry is that of Luminița Anghel & Sistem (2005) while from the competition in general she singles out many entries including those of Maneskin (Italy 2021), Mahmood (Italy 2019), maNga (Turkey 2010), Elnur & Samir (Azerbaijan 2008) and Chingiz (Azerbaijan 2019).

Since I was a child I was watching the Eurovision phenomenon and it was one of my dreams to be on the stage of this contest and make Romania proud. I don’t know if it will happen this year or any of the next years but I know it will happen at some point. I had tried two other times before. In 2012 as a member of the band T&L after our fourth place in X-Factor Romania , with the song “Twilight” and in 2015 as Lara Lee with the song “Superman“.

Just before the end of the interview, Aris shared with us an acapella part of her entry and revealed that there will be a revamp of her entry that will be released within February.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Aris in the video below:

Listen to “Do Svidaniya“, Aris‘ participation in Selecția Națională 2022!