Eurovision 2024: Ireland’s First Rehearsal!

Next up onstage for their first rehearsal in Malmö Arena is Bambie Thug from Ireland with the unique song Doomsday Blue”!

Who is Bambie Thug?

Bambie Thug breaks gender and socio-political stereotypes to create a sound that defines its time, with elements of pop, rock, electronic and more.

“Doomsday Blue” speaks to the feeling of overlooking your potential and is an ode to the queer community.

Bambie is no stranger to the big stage, having torn up stages at festivals around the world, including Download Festival, The Great Escape and Trans Musicales, earning critical acclaim.

The Rehearsal

Bambie is inside a circle of candles, wearing a black dress with a tutu skirt and shoulder horns. Their usual dramatic white face makeup is topped with hair styled into antlers. There’s also a bare-chested dancer giving centaur vibes, who accompanies Bambie in some balletic choreography.

In the final section the candle circle raises up, and the big screamo finish concludes with a graphic backdrop of CROWN THE WITCH. Pure Eurovision theatre, and testament to the diversity of musical styles we’re going to see at Eurovision this year.

PYRO UPDATE: In the final run-through there is both low-level ground smoke throughout, AND our first flame jets of the day, right at the end. We are twenty metres from the stage and can feel the heat.

Bamble Thug from Ireland - Eurovision 2024 first rehearsal

Bamble Thug from Ireland – Eurovision 2024 first rehearsal

The second rehearsal of Ireland will take place on Wednesday May 1st, when we will have a better picture of what we will see from Bambie Thug on the Eurovision stage, as we will have the official TV snippet.

Below you can watch a small clip from Ireland’s first rehearsal from TikTok:

@eurovision @Bambie has cast hues of Doomsday Blue onto the Malmö Arena stage #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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Ireland: Watch the official music video of “Doomsday Blue” by Bambie Thug!

Earlier today, the official music video of “Doomsday Blue” by Bambie Thug for Eurovision 2024, was released on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

Bambie Thug won the national final of Ireland, conducted by RTÉ, taking place through the show “The Late Late Show“ with their song “Doomsday Blue”.

You can watch Bambie Thug’s music video for Eurovision 2024 in the video below:

Ireland will take part in the first half of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024, on May 7!

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Ireland: The head of delegation does not support the boycott of Israel in Eurovision 2024!

After the statements of the public broadcasters of Norway and Denmark, now also the Irish head of delegation, expresses his opposition to the boycott of Israel in Eurovision 2024.

Speaking on the Eurotrippodcast, Michael Kealy who is the head of Ireland’s Eurovision delegation, agreed with the EBU’s decision and against any boycott of Israel in the contest.

This is not competition between governments – it is competition between public broadcasters. The public broadcaster in Israel is an independent broadcaster like RTÉ. It is independent of the government – it is not Netanyahu’s mouthpiece.

Michael Kealy is also opposed to Ireland withdrawing from the contest because of Israel’s participation in it.

There are many calls to withdraw from Eurovision because Israel is participating in it. This would set a very dangerous precedent if we do this at RTÉ because we are not a political organisation, we are a public broadcaster. I’m not in favor of that.

Ireland make their national selection during a special edition of The Late Late Show on 26 January.

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Source: Eurotrippodcast

Ireland: Songs for Eurosong 2024 will be revealed starting on January 8th!

Eurosong 2024 will be used as the country’s national selection format for Eurovision 2024. A total of approximately 380 entries were submitted to RTÉ, vying for the Irish representation in Malmö.

A jury consisting the Head of Delegation and other experts listened to the submissions and is now ready to present the six entries that will fight in order to win the ticket for Eurovision.

According to Éirevision, the participating songs in Eurosong 2024 will be revealed starting on January 8 and during the week, via the “Ray D’Arcy Show“, which airs daily between 16:00 and 17:30 CET on RTÉ Radio 1.

Eurosong 2024

Except the number of the competing entries, no other information regarding the format of the selection process has been disclosed yet. Six entries will compete for the Irish representation in Malmö, while the most likely scenario is that the contest will take place as usual during the Late Late Show.

In 2023, Ireland was represented by Wild Youth and the song “We Are One”, not making it to the Grand Final, for the fourth year in a row.

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Ιreland: RTÉ is asked to boycott Eurovision 2024 because of Israel’s involvement!

Following the reveal of the participants’ list in Eurovision 2024, several backlash was made regarding Israel’s participation regardless the ongoing war. Along with the petition on Association of Composers and Lyricists of Iceland asking RUV to boycott the contest, RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster, has also received a petition to withdraw from the contest too.

In fact, RTÉ has received approximately 465 emails calling to “immediately withdraw support and participation in the contest next year, if Israel is permitted to compete”.

According to this petition, in case Ireland participates in the contest alongside with Israel, it means that the nation supports the atrocities currently being carried out by Israel in Palestine.

Moreover, the protestors also state that Israel’s participation is a tool used by the country’s government in order to portray itself as a modern, liberal, forward-thinking state, despite the years of occupation and violence against Palestine.

It is also noted that the protestors are aware that Ireland’s boycott will not bring the end of the atrocities but it will serve as a symbol of solidarity with the Palestinian people, calling the nation to use its voice as to condemn the actions of the Israeli government. Thus, it is similar to the message of solidarity sent by Europe to Ukraine in 2022 during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The petition of the Association of Composers and Lyricists of Iceland to RÚV

A few days ago the Association of Composers and Lyricists of Iceland opposed the country’s participation in Eurovision 2024 unless Israel is disqualified. Via their petition they stated the following:

The board of FTT, an association of composers and lyricists, calls on RÚV not to participate in Eurovision in 2024 unless Israel is denied participation in the competition on the same grounds as Russia in the last competition. We all have a duty to take a stand against war and the killing of civilians and innocent children. We always have the choice not to put our name to such things, whether we are individuals or state institutions. We owe it to the nations that act with military force to not share with them in an event that is always characterized by joy and optimism.

The reaction of RTÉ and EBU

RTÉ takes into account the petition and the protests but it does not seem that neither RTÉ nor any other EBU member will take action, boycotting the contest. Specifically, an RTÉ’s spokesperson mentions:

RTÉ has always approached the event in the spirit in which it was founded – which is a non-political contest designed to unite audiences and bring people together through a shared love of music and entertainment.


RTÉ is not aware of any participating Public Service Broadcaster who is planning to boycott the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Furthermore, EBU responds to the protestors stating that the Union itself serves as an alliance of public service media organizations and hence the Eurovision Song Contest is a competition for broadcasters – not governments.

Regarding Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024 EBU, via a spokesperson, claims that:

We are a member-led organisation. The governing bodies of the European Broadcasting Union represent the membership.

These bodies have reviewed the participants list and agreed that the Israeli public broadcaster KAN meets all the competition rules and can participate in the Contest next year in Malmö, Sweden, alongside 36 other broadcasters.

Protests against Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024 are growing in Europe, though this is not the first time. When Tel Aviv hosted the contest in 2019, there were numerous petitions circulated throughout Europe in order to boycott the event, but none were successful.


What do you think? Will any of EBU members decide to boycott the 68th Eurovision Song Contest? Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all news!

Source: The Journal

Junior Eurovision 2023: The Irish representative has been decided!

As Junior Eurovision 2023 draws ever closer, it’s Ireland’s turn to announce the artist who will represent the country next month in Nice.

Jessica McKean was crowned the winner of the Junior Eurovision Éire 2023 national final, which was broadcast last night, having earlier been filmed at the RTÉ studios in Dublin. The result was determined entirely by public vote, after each contestant was tasked to perform two songs, an irish-language cover of a popular song and a cover of a former Irish Eurovision entry.

The song that Jessica will perform in Nice will be specially written for her and is expected to be revealed at a later date.

Ireland managed to achieve their best result at Junior Eurovision last year, as Sophie Lennon finished in 4th place with the song “Solas”.

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Ireland: Deadline for submissions extended until 20 October!

RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, has extended the deadline for submissions for Eurovision 2024 to 20 October.

Originally the deadline for submissions was to close this Friday 29 September. However, the submission window for those interested in representing Ireland at Eurovision 2024 has been extended to 20 October.

All other rules that apply to the selection remain the same:

  • Entries must not exceed three minutes.
  • Entries must not have been performed live or released before 1 September 2023.
  • Songwriters may only submit one song each.
  • Artists may not participate in the selection of another country.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of music professionals and Eurovision fans selected by RTÉ. At a later date, performers may be invited to participate in a live audition at RTÉ’s studios in Dublin.

A shortlist of performers will be selected to appear in a televised national selection in early 2024. The exact format of the selection is yet to be confirmed. Submissions are only accepted via the RTÉ website here

Wild Youth represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool with the song “We Are One”. However, they failed to qualify for the grand final, finishing 12th out of 15 semi-finalists with a total of 10 points.


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Ireland: Cruachan submitted an entry for Eurovision 2024!

RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster, has confirmed its participation in Eurovision 2024 and will hold a national final selection process once again.

The submissions’ deadline is Friday 29th of September 2023. Artists and songwriters are invited to submit their songs on RTE‘s website with the Irish broadcaster emphasizing that is searching for experienced artists.

In fact, we may have the first contender for the Irish representation in Eurovision 2024. Cruachan, a well known Irish metal-folk band, has expressed its interest for Eurovision. They also tried their luck in 2023 but were not selected in the final lineup. Cruachan informed us via its social media that it has already submitted an entry into consideration for Eurovision 2024. Specifically:

We’ve submitted our entry for consideration to represent Ireland in Eurovision 2024. When we made the submission last year we said its time for Ireland to stop sending pop music and take a chance on something different. Another pop song was sent and again did not make the final. We believe Ireland’s greatest strength is our traditional music, and traditional music has always been Cruachan’s greatest strength.
Our submission, Talamh, is as true a Cruachan song as there could ever be. This was in the early stages to appear on the next album but we decided we would take it, shorten it, and use it for Eurovision. We love Eurovision and would be honoured to represent our country there. Hopefully we at least get to the televised final and the public can then make the ultimate decision.

In an newer post, they also mentioned that “Talamh“, their submitted entry, will be dilingual. The verses are in English and the chorus in Gaelic.

Who are Cruachan?

Dublin-based Cruachan is an Irish folk metal band that has been performing since the 1990s. They are acknowledged as one of the folk metal genre’s pioneers. Cruachan’s brand of folk metal is known as Celtic metal because of its emphasis on Celtic music and the incorporation of Celtic mythology in its lyrics. The Irish archaeological site of Rathcroghan, sometimes known as Cruachan, inspired the band’s name.

Cruachan’s proposal seems like a return to the roots of Irish music tradition, something that Ireland has long left in the past. Will Irish and Celtic music prove to be game-changing for the so-called “Queen of Eurovision“?

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Ireland: RTÉ unveils the cost of participating in Eurovision 2023!

RTÉ, Ireland’s public broadcaster, has revealed the cost of the country’s participation in Eurovision for the last four contests, namely from 2019 to 2023.

Through the website Irish Mirror, the public broadcaster revealed that they paid €340,000 for the participation of Wild Youth in Liverpool, which includes €58,129 for the staging and €105,099 for the participation fee to EBU. This was the country’s highest cost in four years.

Below you can see Ireland’s cost of participating, from 2019 to 2023:

  • 2023 – €340,000 including participation fee 105.099€
  • 2022 – €315,161 – including participation fee 92,588€
  • 2021 – €330,000 – including participation fee 88,100€
  • 2019 – €336,000

As we can see from the figures, after the exclusion of Russia and Belarus from the EBU, the cost of participation has increased for all other participating broadcasters. Ireland’s participation fee has increased by €16,999 from 2021, an increase of 19.3%.

RTÉ has already announced that it will be competing in Eurovision 2024. Submissions are open for anyone wishing to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2024, as in early 2024, a shortlist of artists will perform their songs on television, from which the winner will be the representative of the country in the contest.

Wild Youth represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.  Sadly, they did not qualify to the Grand Final.  Ireland has not qualified to the Grand Final since 2018

SourceIrish Mirror

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Ireland: Niamh Kavanagh will be the Irish spokesperson for Eurovision 2023!

Niamh Kavanagh will be the spokesperson of Ireland during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The spokesperson of Ireland for this year will be the one and only winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1993, with her song “In Your Eyes”. Niamh Kavanagh, was one of the contest’s winners, during the golden ages of Ireland, and then represented the country again in 2010. Tomorrow night, Niamh will return once again, in order to announce the Twelve Points of the Irish jury.

As of now, the foloowing spokespersons have been confirmed for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool:
  • Albania– Andri Xhahu
  • Austria– Philipp Hansa
  • Azerbaijan– Narmin Salmanova
  • Cyprus– Loukas Hamatsos
  • Estonia – Ragnar Klavan
  • Finland– Bess
  • Greece – Fotis Sergoulopoulos
  • Ireland – Niamh Kavanagh
  • Israel – Ilanit
  • Italy – Kaze
  • Latvia– Jānis Pētersons
  • Netherlands– S10
  • Poland– Ida Nowakowska
  • Portugal – Maro
  • Romania– Eda Marcus
  • San Marino – John Kennedy O’Connor
  • Spain – Ruth Lorenzo
  • Sweden– Farah Abadi
  • Switzerland– Chiara Dubey
  • Ukraine– Zlata Ognevich
  • United Kingdom– Catherine Tate

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