Spain: “Zorra” will not change for Eurovision|About two million viewers watched Benidorm Fest 2024 Final!

Last Saturday, we watched the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest, the national final of Spain, for Eurovision 2024, through which the country’s representative was chosen. Earlier today, the viewing figures of the festival were revealed! Read more

Spain: Nebulossa and Jorge González were separeted by two points in the Televote of Benidorm Fest! | Detailed Voting results of the Final!

RTVE, the public broadcaster of Spain, released the detailed voting results of the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest 2024, revealing an exciting and very close televoting result.

The Spanish broadcaster released a full point breakdown, of the voting of the Demoscopic Jury and the televote the national final for Eurovision 2024. The results show that two votes separated Nebulossa and Jorge González from the first place of the televote of the final, while on the same time the Demoscopic Jury results were also close, for the top two acts.

RTVE, received a grand total of 25,910 votes by the Spanish public. Below you can see the full results:

  • Nebulossa – 4,484 votes
  • Jorge González – 4,482 votes
  • Angy Fernández – 3,888 votes
  • Almácor – 3,779 votes
  • st. Pedro – 3,739 votes
  • Sofia Coll – 2,815 votes
  • María Peláe – 1,627 votes
  • Miss Caffeina – 1,096 votes

The top two acts, namely Jorge González and Angy Fernández were also separeted by just 22 points in the Demoscopic Jury voting:

  • Jorge González – 2,855 votes
  • Angy Fernández – 2,833 votes
  • Nebulossa – 2,463 votes
  • st. Pedro – 2,291 votes
  • María Peláe – 2,272 votes
  • Sofia Coll – 2,134 votes
  • Almácor – 2,058 votes
  • Miss Caffeina – 1,994 votes

Υou can see the results of Benidorm Fest 2024, in our article.

As part of the Big 5, Spain is competing directly in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024, while having the right to vote in the second semi-final. Spain selected Nebulossa to represent them with the song, “Zorra”:

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Spain: The viewing figures of the First Semi-Final of Benidorm Fest 2024!

Yesterday, the first semi-final of the third edition of Benidorm Fest, the national final of Spain for Eurovision 2024, took place. A few minutes ago, the viewing figures of the festival were revealed!

In detail, the semi-final of the contest, hosted by Ruth Lorenzo, Marc Caldero and Ana Prada, reached 10.8% of the viewership, with 3.306.000 individual viewers:

In the above second post, we can see the detailed viewing numbers of Benidorm Fest, per age group and community of Spain:

The respective age groups are:

  • 4-12: 6,7%
  • 13-24: 24,2%
  • 25-44: 19,2%
  • 44-64: 10,5%
  • >64: 6,6%

The viewership in the individual communities of Spain is:

  • Andalusia: 7.5%
  • Catalonia: 8.4%
  • Basque Country: 8.2%
  • Galicia: 5.7%
  • Madrid: 17.3%
  • Valencia: 17.7%
  • Castile-La Mancha: 11.8%
  • Canary Islands: 8.7%
  • Aragon: 10.5%
  • Asturias: 8.3%
  • Balearic Islands: 7.9%
  • Murcia: 10.4%
  • Castile and León: 12.0%
  • Other regions: 9.3%

Finally, the public broadcaster RTVE, received a total of 12.275 votes from the Spanish public, from which the 7.020 went to the group Mantra, who won the televote, but eventually didn’t manage to qualify for the Final:

Yesterday, four artists won the ticket to the Grand Final of Benidorm Fest in Saturday. You can watch the detailed results in our article.

Benidorm Fest continues in Thursday 01/02 with the second semi-final, where the last eight artists will be presented!

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Spain: Benidorm Fest’s voting system will benefit the jury’s opinion more!

Benidorm Fest will serve as the Spanish national selection process for Eurovision 2024 for the third consecutive year. The galas will take place next week from January 30 to February 3rd and RTVE has revealed the voting rules for the upcoming Benidorm Fest edition.

Benidorm Fest 2024 voting process

The winner of Benidorm Fest 2024 and therefore the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2024 will be decided as following:

  • on a 50% by a jury, which will consist of the following individuals, four domestic and four foreigners, all of them professionals:
    1. Beatriz Luengo (Actress, dancer, singer, composer, known for her roles in the iconic series “Un Paso Adelante” and her musical achievements, including two Latin Grammy Awards – Head of the Jury)
    2. Guille Milkway (Producer, DJ, singer of La Casa Azul)
    3. Ángela Carrasco (Singer, Actress)
    4. Carlos Baute (Spanish singer, composer, actor and presenter)
    5. Lee Smithurst (Head of UK delegation)
    6. Nicoline Refsing (Artistic Director of Eurovision 2014)
    7. David Tserunyan ( Head of the Armenian delegation)
    8. Marta Piekarska ( Head of the Polish delegation)
  • on a 25% by a demoscopic jury
  • on a 25% by the televoting, through phone calls and SMS

The advantages of the jury

The opinion of Benidorm Fest’ jury is definitely in pole position when it comes to decide on the outcome of the selection.

First, and according to the competition’s rules, after combining the jury and public votes, if there is a tie for first place, the entry that received the highest number of votes from the jury will be chosen. As a result, in the event of a tie, the verdict of the jury will be used as a tie-breaker instead of public voting.

Furthermore, the Benidorm Fest jury acquires a “hidden” advantage. The aforementioned advantage relates to the voting system itself.

In theory, jury voting accounts for 50% of the outcome, with the remaining 50% determined by public voting through the demoscopic panel and televoting. In fact, the sum of the points given by all jurors (54*8 = 432) and those given by the public -demoscopic panel and televoting- (216 +216 = 432) is the same.

However, the distribution of the points benefits the jury’s opinion more. Let’s compare the highest score an entry can get from each voting group:

  • If all eight jurors award an entry with their highest score, 12 points, the total score will be 96 points (12*8).
  • When it comes to public voting, the winner of each category receives 40 points, the second receives 35, and the last subsequently receives 16 points. If an entry wins both the televoting and the demoscopic voting, it will receive a total of 80 points (40+40).

Hence, the maximum score an entry can achieve is higher in the jury voting and that definitely benefits the jury’s favorites.

Benidorm Fest 2024

Sixteen artists will take part at Benidorm Fest 2024, the Spanish selection process for Eurovision 2024. The sixteen participants will compete in two semi-finals of eight, while eight participants in total will advance to the Final, vying for the ticket to Malmö.

These are the participants of the first semi-final (in the official running order):

  1. Lérica – “Astronauta”
  2. Noan – “Te echo de -“
  3. Sofía Coll – “HERE TO STAY”
  4. Mantra – “Me vas a ver”
  5. Miss Caffeina – “Bla, bla, bla”
  6. Quique Niza – “Prisionero”
  7. Angy Fernández – “Sé Quién Soy”
  8. Nebulossa – “ZORRA”

These are the participants of the second semi-final (in the official running order):

  1. María Peláe – “Remitente”
  2. Dellacruz – “Beso en la mañana”
  3. MARLENA – “amor de verano”
  4. st. Pedro – “Dos extraños (Cuarteto de cuerda)”
  5. Jorge González – “Caliente”
  6. Yoly Saa – “No se me olvida”
  7. Roger Padrós – “El temps
  8. Almácor – “Brillos platino”

The first semi-final will take place on January 30, the second semi-final on February 1, while the Grand Final will take place on February 3.

Last year’s Benidorm Fest winner and hence the Spanish representative in Liverpool was Blanca Paloma, with her song “Eaea“, finishing in the 17th place of the scoreboard.

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Source: RTVE

Spain: More information about Benidorm Fest 2024 will be revealed on January 9th!

The Spanish National Broadcaster RTVE will reveal more information about the national selection process on January 9th.

It is known that for the third consecutive year, through the national format of Benidorm Fest, the country will choose the act who will win the ticket for Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö. Before that happens, on 9th of January, RTVE will hold a press confrence in Madrid to reveal more information about the Spanish National Final, as fas as the jury members and the interval acts.

Sixteen acts will participate at Benidorm Fest 2024, you can listen to them below by clicking on the title of each song:

Benidorm Fest 2024 will include two semifinals of eight acts on January 30 and February 1, 2024 as well as a Grand Final with eight competing acts on February 3.

The winner of Benidorm Fest 2023 and later the country’s representative at Eurovision 2023 was Blanca Paloma with her song “Eaea” finishing in 17th place.

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Spain: Listen to the songs of Benidorm Fest 2024!

The Spanish broadcaster has just published on its online platform, RTVEplay, the songs that will be competing at this year’s Benidorm Fest for the ticket to Malmö!

Tonight, after midnight, the songs will be available on all digital platforms!

Listen to them below by clicking on the title of each song:

Can you pick out a song? Are you waiting to see someone’s stage performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spain: Βenidorm Fest 2024 is now dealing with a mass entries’ leak | The RTVE reaction!

Following the announcement of the 2024 Benidorm Fest line-up about a month ago, and the official release of the participating entries on December 14, RTVE is now dealing with a mass entry leak on X (former Twitter).

The leakage of the entries’ titles a few days ago was only the beginning; now, all but three entries have been leaked on social media. It all started on X, where several Benidorm Fest fans claimed to have already listened to the songs and were exchanging their thoughts on what they had heard.

It didn’t take long for users to start sharing the snippets -or full songs- via WhatsApp and, later, X, as the situation quickly spiraled out of control. In fact, Spanish fans are asking RTVE to release all of the songs as soon as possible in order to put an end to this saga.

RTVE’s reaction

The Benidorm Fest organizing committee and RTVE did not remain silent. They made it clear in a tweet that are even willing to take legal action against those who leaked the entries.

After what happened in the last few hours, RTVE’s legal services are collecting all the information to take legal actions that they consider appropriate to defend the interests of artists and the Corporation. Thanks for your cooperation. We keep working. See you on the 14th.

Benidorm Fest 2024

Despite this ongoing chaos, RTVE is expected to release the Benidorm Fest’s 2024 entries on December 14. Benidorm Fest 2024 will include two semifinals of eight on January 30 and February 1, 2024 as well as a Grand Final with eight competing acts on February 3.

The winner of Benidorm Fest 2023 and therefore the Spanish representative at Eurovision 2023 was Blanca Paloma with her song “Eaea”, which although being a favorite, finished in the 17th place.

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Spain: Benidorm Fest 2024 participants announced!

Just a few minutes ago, through RTVE’s special show, the names of the shortlisted artists who will be part of Benidorm Fest 2023 and will compete to represent Spain in Malmö next May were made public.

This year, for the first time, the presentation of the participants did not take place in Benidorm but at the Teatro Alameda in Seville! This was because, according to the organisers, this month Seville becomes the “epicentre of Latin music” as the Latin Grammy Awards will be held there this Friday.

In Seville, along with the participants of Benidorm Fest 2024, artists who took part in the festival in previous editions such as Blanca Paloma, Agoney, Alice Wonder, Alfred Garcia, Karmento, Megara, Sharonne, Tanxugueiras and Vicco were also present.

The 16 artists announced tonight that will fight for the Eurovision 2024 ticket are the following:

  1. Almacor
  2. Angy Fernandez
  3. Dellacruz
  4. Jorge Gonzalez
  5. Lerica
  6. Mantra
  7. Maria Pelae
  9. Miss Caffeina
  10. Nebulossa
  11. Noan
  12. Quique Niza
  13. Roger Padros
  14. Sofia Coll
  15. st. Pedro
  16. Yoly Saa

The songs that will compete in this year’s Benidorm Fest will be published on 14 December!

Source: RTVE

Is there a name that stands out to you? Do you think Spain can be back in the top of the scoreboard? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spain: 825 entries were submitted to RTVE for Benidorm Fest 2024!

The submission window for Benidorm Fest 2024, the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2024, closed yesterday after remaining open for nearly 5 months.

It is officially revealed that RTVE has received 825 entries. A slight decrease is noted in comparison with the 876 entries received in 2023 and the 886 received in 2022.


  • All of the 825 entries were submitted via a web form, in comparison with the 455 entries submitted the same way last year.
  • Almost 200 songs were submitted in the last 24 hours!
  • All of this edition’s submissions include both a singer and a song. Meanwhile last year, more than 300 songs were not submitted with a performer.
  • 23 out of the 825 songs submitted are the outcome of a song camp that was held this year by RTVE. This song camp took place during the third week of September with the goal of enriching the festival’s selection.

More diversity than ever

In order to select the greatest entry possible, Benidorm Fest is now more open to any music style. This openness is depicted on the submissions. Reggaeton, trap, urban and electronic music will be present, making Benidorm’s Fest 2024 call the most diverse in festival’s history. Furthermore, many entries were submitted in co-official languages of Spain.

Along with the music genre, the artists’ profiles and backgrounds are also diverse. Benidorm Fest 2024 will include in its line-up both established and emerging artists.

What’s next?

Since the submission window is closed, RTVE’s committee will review all of the submitted entries. The 825 submissions will be filtered down to the best 16 acts, which will therefore compete in the semifinals of Benidorm Fest. The 16 participants of Benidorm Fest 2024 will be revealed on November 11 during a press conference in Seville.

Then, the selected artists will commence their preparations for the main event of Benidorm Fest, its two semifinals as well as the Grand Final. The two semifinals, will include 8 artists each and will take place on January 30 and February 1 accordingly. Benidorm’s Fest Grand Final is scheduled for the 3rd of February, when the 8 qualified artists will compete for a ticket to Malmö.

The winner of Benidorm Fest 2023 and therefore the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2023 was Blanca Paloma with her song “Eaea”, which although being a favorite, finished in 17th place.

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Source: RTVE

Spain: The dates of Benidorm Fest 2024 – Artists to be announced on 11 November!

We may be less than ten months away from the next Eurovision Song Contest, but preparations are already underway for Spain. This afternoon, the press conference for Benidorm Fest 2024, Spain‘s national selection for Eurovision, took place.

Dates of the festival

During the press conference the dates of Benidorm Fest 2024 were also revealed. As in the previous two years, it will include two semi-finals on the following dates:

  • First Semi-Final: 30 January 2024
  • Second Semi-Final: 1 February 2024

The participants who qualify from the two semi-finals will compete in the Grand Final on 3 February to represent Spain in Malmö.

Participants’ announcement and changes

The announcement of the 16 Benidorm Fest participants will be made on 11 November as part of the Latin Grammy Awards, which this year will be hosted in Seville under the auspices of RTVE and TelevisaUnivision.

Benidorm Fest is evolving and growing year after year. The number of entries submitted to date has far exceeded the number of entries of the previous two years.

The evolution of Benidorm Fest is also reflected in the recruitment of a music camp in September. This will give artists the opportunity to meet and compose songs which may or may not end up competing at Benidorm Fest.

Spanish interest in Eurovision is growing, and it seems that they now want to win more than ever before.


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