Spain: Which artists are rumoured to take part in Benidorm Fest 2023?

Although the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2023 is almost four months away, speculation is thriving as to which artists intend to submit a proposal before the expiration of deadline or will be invited directly by RTVE to take part in the Festival.

Drawing on information from Louis Mesa, a journalist with a special interest in Eurovision, we report what has come into light so far, attempting, at the same time, to present briefly the artists in question.

Angy Fernández

Angy is a singer, actress, and presenter, who became famous through her participation in X Factor in 2007. She is also the winner of the Spanish version of the first edition of Your Face Sounds Familiar in the country. In recent years she has mainly focused on her television career . Her last album was published in 2013.


Maria Arnal

The second singer rumored to take part in Benidorm Fest is the Catalan-born Maria Arnal. The artist from Bandalona draws on the musical tradition of the Iberian Peninsula, providing a new, freer approach.


Hugo Cobo

Hugo is from Córdoba and is 22 years old (born 20/12/1999). He became famous through the music reality show Operación Triunfo in 2020 (which was also the means of selecting the representative of Spain at Eurovision), and since then he has released several songs, some of which have become hits.


Abraham Mateo

The biggest name on our list is Abraham Mateo. He is one of the most popular young singers in Spain and Latin America. He has collaborated with Jenifer Lopez, 50 Cent and others, and his songs have billions of views and streams on Youtube and Spotify. His carreer is mostly comprised of Latin pop and reggaeton tracks, although in recent years he has also experimented with trap music.


Borja Escalona

The case of Borja Escalona is extremely interesting! The previously unknown singer found himself in the spotlight due to the threatening messages he received from social media users. These messages, however, were not actually addressed to the singer Borja Escalona, ​​but to his namesake, a well-known Spanish YouTuber, whose views (justifiably) caused a huge backlash in Spain. Due to the unjustified hate he received, a campaign has started, at the initiative of his promotion company, to represent Spain at Eurovision 2023.


Celtian, who have confirmed their intention to take part in Benidorm Fest 2023, are a Spanish symphonic folk metal band, formed in 2017 by flutist Diego Palacio. With obvious influences from Nightwish, Eluveitie and Mägo de Oz, the band experiments with new sounds and folk metal.



The singer from Galicia has also expressed her intention to participate in Benidorm Fest 2023. She is a new indie pop artist who sings mainly in English language.



The band Megara tried their luck at Benidorm Fest last year as well, without notable success. However, as the members of the rock group have said, they intend to give it another go this year.


Viva Suecia

Another group has expressed its interest in participating in Benidorm Fest. Viva Suecia is a band that moves in indie rock, pop rock, and alternative rock music roads, and has released four albums so far; the last one with the record label Universal Music UK.

Pupi Poisson

Pupi Poisson (stage name of Alberto Zimmer) is a Spanish drag performer who became well-known through Drag Race España. She has hinted that she is taking part in the upcoming Benidorm Fest.

Alfred Garcia Castillo

An old friend of the Contest is not ruling out a return to Eurovision via Benidorm Fest. The 25-year-old Alfred García Castillo, Spanish singer and songwriter who became well-known in Spain when he took part in the ninth edition of Operación Triunfo, finishing in fourth place. Alfred García represented Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, together with Amaia Romero, and the song “Tu canción”, finishing in the twenty-third place.

Delaporte Music

Another band that looks set to join Benidorm Fest is Delaporte Music. Delaporte Music is mainly focused on Spanish indie pop, with the majority of their songs being up-tempo.

The Prodigious Decade

La Década Prodigiosa (also known as La Década) are a Spanish music group formed in the mid-1980s who participated in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in the eleventh place. The band has since changed members, but has retained the original (cheesy) pop sounds they are known for.


The next band comes from Cuenca. Trovadorum, who have already submitted their proposal for Benidorm Fest. Their song is titled “You are not only ready”, and it’s heavily influenced by Celtic music. According to an interview with Trovadorum, the music video of the song has been shot in Cuenca in places like La Toba and Nohales, and will be released on September 30.


Another group that confirmed their intention to participate in Benidorm Fest 2023 is Sideland, a Catalan pop group, consisting of young members..

The deadline for the submission of proposals to RTVE expires on October 10, while based on the relevant regulations issued by RTVE, the latter reserves the right to directly invite singers and composers to take part in the Festival.

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María Eizaguirre: Junior Eurovision, BenidormFest 2023 and Hispavision

RTVe‘s communications director, María Eizaguirre, attended the Spanish TV awards ceremony a few hours earlier where she gave a short interview in which, among other things, she mentioned Spain’s participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision, the preparations for Benidorm Fest 2023 and Hispavision.

BenidormFest 2023

When asked by the journalist about the festival, she answers:

“Artists are still registering their participation. There are people who are very interested, I think there are people who will try their best. I think this year Benidorm Fest is very promising. We are very ambitious.”

In addition, it is also asked whether this year’s entries are more than last year’s

“I don’t have the data in my hands at the moment so I can’t answer for sure, but it’s true that there are a lot of questions and a lot of hype around the festival this year.”

Ισπανία: Όλα τα νεότερα για το Benidorm Fest 2023! - Eurovision News | Music | Fun

Junior Eurovision

Since María Eizaguirre underlines that she cannot reveal anything more about Benidorm Fest, she suggests talking about Eurovision Junior which, as she says, is coming sooner.

“We’ll finish casting very soon and I think there’s material for great things.”

She also answers whether the song that will represent the country in this year’s contest is ready

“No, we are still working on it.”


The journalist does not fail to mention the issue of Hispavision, which has been on RTVe‘s mind for months, and may have run into problems with the announcement of Eurovision Latin America by the EBU. The only answer that Eizaguirre gives to this question is the following

“There will be announcements soon. We are working on it. Almost everything remains fluid, but we are working on it and we will have news to share soon.”

You can watch the full interview below:

Source: FormulaTV

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Spain: Withdraws its interest in hosting Eurovision 2023!

Since May 15, after the victory of Kalush Orchestra, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Where will Eurovision 2023 be held?”.

Although the Ukrainian authorities, as well as the national broadcaster Suspilne, have made it clear that the winning country will host the contest, several countries have expressed their interest to be considered as back-ups. Among others, the UK, Italy and Sweden have expressed their willingness to host the contest. It seems, however, that one of the strongest candidates has stepped back off the scene.

On 13 June, the newspaper ‘Faro De Vigo’ published a wide-ranging interview with the president of RTVE, José Manuel Pérez Tornero. Among other statements (happiness about Spain’s result in Turin, plans for a Latin American song contest), President Pérez Tornero made it clear that Spain would not host Eurovision 2023.

“We don’t want to stay under the illusion of a good result, we will aim to win next time. We would host the contest ourselves, but in the end, if Ukraine withdraws, the BBC will organise it.”

It is, therefore, obvious that Spain is out of contention.

But has the EBU come to a conclusion? Perhaps, as the RTVE chairman seems pretty sure that all options have been left aside except Ukraine (which seems to be the EBU’s main choice) and the UK as the only remaining fallback option.

Whatever the case, however, it is certain that the name of the host country and city will not be revealed any time soon.

Source: escbubble

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Spain: RTVE is currently reviewing all elements of Benidorm Fest for 2023!

The Head of the Spanish Delegation, Eva Mora has confirmed that all elements of Benidorm Fest are under review for the next edition in 2023.

Speaking on RTVE, Eva Mora shared some details of the discussions that are currently underway regarding the next edition of Benidorm Fest, for Eurovision 2023. The broadcaster is discussing all elements regarding the new show including dates, number of shows, and how to encourage artists and songwriters to participate.

Eva Mora confirmed however that the professional jury which helped to select the Spanish representative in 2022 will remain for next year. The Head of Delegation explained:

“You always have to tweak things and modify something. The issue of juries has generated a lot of controversy, but the existence of a professional jury is essential. You cannot leave an international proposal in the hands of televoting because we, as people, do not have that perspective to assess a proposal, we let ourselves be carried away more by passion and by tastes.”

The Spanish Head of Delegation is aiming to make Benidorm Fest an essential part of the Spanish music industry:

“We want everyone to want to be at the Benidorm Fest … The Benidorm Fest has to be the engine of the music industry in this country.”

The winner of last year’s Benidorm Fest, Chanel placed 3rd with “SloMo” scoring a total of 459 points.

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Spain: RTVE is ready to host Eurovision 2023!

María Eizaguirre, a spokesperson of Spain’s national broadcaster, RTVE, confirmed that the Kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula is willing to help Ukraine in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

This means that Spain joins Sweden (read more here) in the rally of hosting the contest next year, should the Eurovision is impossible to take place on Ukrainian soil.

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Source: Eurovoix

Spain: RTVE has offered to Host Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine wins!

According to El Confidencial, Spanish broadcaster RTVE is considering a bid with the European Broadcasting Union for a bid to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the event that Ukraine wins tomorrow’s Grand Final. Ukraine is currently the big favorite to win the competition, but it is very likely that it will not be allowed to host due to the current situation in the country.

The news agency reports that RTVE will meet with the European Broadcasting Union today to discuss the offer. Spain last hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 and is currently the country with the largest gap between its last victory and today.

The city of Stockholm in Sweden has stated its willingness to host, while SVT has not yet commented on the matter. The Icelandic media also reported that RÚV is positive about the possibility of hosting the 2023 competition. There are also rumors that the United Kingdom and Germany want to host the competition.

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Source: El Confidencial

Spain: Eurovision 2022 Participation Costing Over €600,000!

Based on budget data from RTVE, ESCPlus reports that Spain’s Eurovision participation cost more than €600,000.

According to the RTVE Transparency portal, the total cost of the participation is €637,984.18.

ESCPlus adds that almost half of the budget consists of broadcasting fees, but other costs are related to artistic expenses, rental of items and costumes, labels and graphics but also transport.

Spain is represented by Chanel this year and is one of the big favorites, that could win the night of the grand final.

Below you can see a short clip from the rehearsal of Spain:

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Spain: Nieves Álvarez to be the country’s spokesperson in Eurovision 2022!

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has revealed that Nieves Álvarez will be returning in the position of spokesperson on the Grand Final of the contest this May.

Nieves Álvarez is a well-known model and tv presenter and she’s no stranger to Eurovision, seeing as she has already been the spokesperson revealing Spain’s jury results four times before, with her previous appearances being in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Álvarez will be presenting the Spanish jury’s points from Benidorm, which hosted Benidorm Fest, the spanish national selection show, in January, and which crowned Chanel as the winner and representative of the country in Turin.

Source: RTVE

Spain: The Spotify streams for the Benidorm Fest final

The day of the grand final of Benidorm Fest has finally arrived! After Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Albania (and possibly Moldova), Spain will give us the fourth song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Eight songs are going to compete tonight, most of which seem to have a lead.

According to the Spotify, five of the eight songs are in the top 200 of the daily chart. These are:

The televoting may have a 25% effect on the spanish song festival, but it could still affect the final result. Ay mamá has a very big lead both in the streams but also in youtube views and will probably be first in the televoting tonight. But Terra could overturn this, if it manages to move the Galicians to massively vote for it. Also, SloMo, the song that was the surprise of the first semifinal, is constantly gaining ground. Nothing has been clarified yet!

Benidorm Fest 2022 is held at the Palacio de Deportes L’Illa in Alicante and is presented by Alaska, Inés Hernand and Máximo Huerta.

You can watch the grand final of the Spanish music festival at 22:15 CET by clicking HERE.

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Spain: Benidorm Fest 2022 begins today with the first semi-final!

The big moment for spanish eurofans has arrived. The Benidorm festival is reviving after more than fifteen years and this year’s edition will determine the representative of Spain at Eurovision 2022.


Benidorm Fest 2022 will consist of two semifinals, with 7 songs taking part in each. Four artists from each semifinal will advance to the Benidorm Grand Final.

The big winner and representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022 will be selected 50% by the preference of two juries and 50% by the will of the Spanish viewers. Both juries will be composed of professionals in the field, with one consisting only of natives and the other being an international one.

The Benidorm Fest jury, which will determine 50% of the voting, consists of:

National jury:

Natalia Calderón – Vocal coach
Miryam Benedited – Director and Choreographer
Estefanía García – Singer, mezzo-soprano of the RTVE choir

International jury:

Marvin Dietmann – Director of several Eurovision entries
Felix Bergsson – Head of the icelandic Eurovision delegation

The other 50% of the will of the Spaniards will be determined 25% by the televoting and 25% by a sample of the Spanish population selected on the basis of statistics and demographics (demoscopic jury). This is used in both the Sanremo Festival (Italy) and Melodifestivalen (Sweden).

First semifinal

Seven artists were to compete in tonight’s first semifinal of Benidorm Fest 2022, however Luna Ki’s sudden withdrawal from the competition for violating Eurovision rules (Autotune use) changed the original design.

Therefore, six artists and six songs will take part in tonight’s show, four of which will qualify to Saturday’s grand final. These artists are:

  1. Varry Brava – Raffaella
  2. Azúcar Moreno – Postureo
  3. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto del agua”
  4. Unique – Mejores
  5. Tanxugueiras – “Terra”
  6. Chanel – SloMo

Benidorm Fest 2022 will be held at Palacio de Deportes L’Illa in Alicante and will be presented by Alaska, Inés Hernand and Máximo Huerta.

You can watch the first semifinal of the Spanish music festival at 22:40 CET by clicking HERE.

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