Spain: Nieves Álvarez to be the country’s spokesperson in Eurovision 2022!

Spanish broadcaster RTVE has revealed that Nieves Álvarez will be returning in the position of spokesperson on the Grand Final of the contest this May.

Nieves Álvarez is a well-known model and tv presenter and she’s no stranger to Eurovision, seeing as she has already been the spokesperson revealing Spain’s jury results four times before, with her previous appearances being in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Álvarez will be presenting the Spanish jury’s points from Benidorm, which hosted Benidorm Fest, the spanish national selection show, in January, and which crowned Chanel as the winner and representative of the country in Turin.

Source: RTVE

Spain: The Spotify streams for the Benidorm Fest final

The day of the grand final of Benidorm Fest has finally arrived! After Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Albania (and possibly Moldova), Spain will give us the fourth song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Eight songs are going to compete tonight, most of which seem to have a lead.

According to the Spotify, five of the eight songs are in the top 200 of the daily chart. These are:

The televoting may have a 25% effect on the spanish song festival, but it could still affect the final result. Ay mamá has a very big lead both in the streams but also in youtube views and will probably be first in the televoting tonight. But Terra could overturn this, if it manages to move the Galicians to massively vote for it. Also, SloMo, the song that was the surprise of the first semifinal, is constantly gaining ground. Nothing has been clarified yet!

Benidorm Fest 2022 is held at the Palacio de Deportes L’Illa in Alicante and is presented by Alaska, Inés Hernand and Máximo Huerta.

You can watch the grand final of the Spanish music festival at 22:15 CET by clicking HERE.

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Spain: Benidorm Fest 2022 begins today with the first semi-final!

The big moment for spanish eurofans has arrived. The Benidorm festival is reviving after more than fifteen years and this year’s edition will determine the representative of Spain at Eurovision 2022.


Benidorm Fest 2022 will consist of two semifinals, with 7 songs taking part in each. Four artists from each semifinal will advance to the Benidorm Grand Final.

The big winner and representative of Spain in Eurovision 2022 will be selected 50% by the preference of two juries and 50% by the will of the Spanish viewers. Both juries will be composed of professionals in the field, with one consisting only of natives and the other being an international one.

The Benidorm Fest jury, which will determine 50% of the voting, consists of:

National jury:

Natalia Calderón – Vocal coach
Miryam Benedited – Director and Choreographer
Estefanía García – Singer, mezzo-soprano of the RTVE choir

International jury:

Marvin Dietmann – Director of several Eurovision entries
Felix Bergsson – Head of the icelandic Eurovision delegation

The other 50% of the will of the Spaniards will be determined 25% by the televoting and 25% by a sample of the Spanish population selected on the basis of statistics and demographics (demoscopic jury). This is used in both the Sanremo Festival (Italy) and Melodifestivalen (Sweden).

First semifinal

Seven artists were to compete in tonight’s first semifinal of Benidorm Fest 2022, however Luna Ki’s sudden withdrawal from the competition for violating Eurovision rules (Autotune use) changed the original design.

Therefore, six artists and six songs will take part in tonight’s show, four of which will qualify to Saturday’s grand final. These artists are:

  1. Varry Brava – Raffaella
  2. Azúcar Moreno – Postureo
  3. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto del agua”
  4. Unique – Mejores
  5. Tanxugueiras – “Terra”
  6. Chanel – SloMo

Benidorm Fest 2022 will be held at Palacio de Deportes L’Illa in Alicante and will be presented by Alaska, Inés Hernand and Máximo Huerta.

You can watch the first semifinal of the Spanish music festival at 22:40 CET by clicking HERE.

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Spain: Luna Ki withdraws from Benidorm Fest!

Luna Ki, one of the participants of the Spanish National Selection Benidorm Fest, withdraws from the competition. She was due to perform her song called ‘Voy A Morir’.

This morning RTVE has announced the withdrawal of one of the participants – Luna Ki. She pulled out of the competition due to not being able to use autotune in her performance.

Luna Ki has posted this statement of hers on her Twitter account. Here’s the translation:

Luna Ki has informed RTVE of her decision to withdraw from the Benidorm Fest festival, since the European Eurovision regulations have finally prohibited the use of autotune at the festival. It makes us sad, since autotune is a musical tool that has been used by artists like Cher since ’98, and represents part of the sound and identity of a generation. Luna considers that her song “Voy a Morir” has been composed with said tool and that its sonority and timbre are essential parts of her interpretation. Luna is a sensitive person and is going through a delicate emotional moment, so we ask everyone for the utmost respect and kindness. Luna feels responsible before the Benidorm Fest public, before the other participating artists and before RTVE, for which she will give a detailed explanation about her decision. Finally, we want to thank RTVE and especially Eva Mora and María Eizaguirre for their support and sensitivity at all times.

The singer was supposed to perform her song ‘Voy A Morir’ in the first semi-final of Benidorm Fest. From now on there will be only 6 participants competing in the show:

Semi-finals will take place on January 26 and on January 27 at 22:40 CET. Four song from each will qualify to the Grand-Final. The Final will take place on Saturday, January 29. You can watch the show here!

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Spain: The members of the Benidorm Fest jury unveiled!

The Spanish broadcasting union, RTVE, announced a few moments ago, the members of the jury for Benidorm Fest, the National Final for the selection of the Spanish representative for Eurovision 2022.

The members of the jury of Benidorm Fest, that will determine the 50% of the voting, are the following:

National Jury Group:

  • Natalia Calderón – Vocal Coach
  • Miryam Benedited – Director and Choreographer
  • Estefanía García – Singer, mezzo soprano at RTVE choir

International Jury Group:

  • Marvin Dietmann – Director of many Eurovision entries
  • Felix Bergsson – Icelandic Head of Delegation

Benidorm Fest: How will it work?

14 artists will be split in two finals, of 7 contestants, that will be held on the 26th and 27th of January respectively and will last 70 minutes each.

The Grand Final that will last 90 minutes, will be shown on the 29th of January, when the 8 finalists will get the chance to perform, bidding to represent Spain at this year’s 66th Eurovision Song Contest, that will be held in Turin the forthcoming May.

All the shows will be broadcast on La 1 de Televisión Española, at 22:40 CET. Benidorm Fest will take place at Palacio de Deportes L’Illa, at the Spanish city of Alicante.

The artists

The 14 artists that will compete int he hopes of becoming this year’s Spanish representative at the Eurovision Song Contest are:

First Semi Final

  1. Luna Ki – Voy a Morir
  2. Varry Brava – Raffaella
  3. Azúcar Moreno – Postureo
  4. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto del agua”
  5. Unique – Mejores
  6. Tanxugueiras – “Terra”
  7. Chanel – SloMo

Second Semi Final

  1. Xeinn – Eco
  2. Marta Sango – “Sigues en mi mente
  3. Javiera Mena – “Culpa”
  4. Gonzalo Hermida – Quién lo diría
  5. Rigoberta Bandini – Ay Mama
  6. Rayden – “Calle de la llorería”
  7. Sara Deop – Make you say

The voting system

Only 8 artists will be going through to the grand final. The result will be determined by a mixed system made up of the jury (national and international), televoting and demoscopic jury:

  • 50% of the voting will correspond to the votes of the jury consisting of five experts, three of Spanish citizenship and two internationals.
  • the rest 50% will be determined by televoting (25% through the phone calls and SMS of the audience, 25% by choice of the demoscopic jury)
  • The artists will get assigned with a phone number and when all of their performances are complete, the lines will be open and the voting will start. The voting window will last approximately 15 to 20 seconds and the presenters, AlaskaInés Hernand and Máximo Huerta, will then announce the winner that will represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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Source : RTVE

Spain: National final with two songs for Blas Canto!

Spanish public television recently announced that the selection of the song with which Blas Canto will represent the country at Eurovision 2021, will take place in February between two songs!

In this national final, Blas Canto will perform the two songs live, while famous guests will be present, performing a duet with him. The final choice of the song will be made exclusively by the public and even for free!

The two candidate songs will be announced soon. They were chosen by Spanish public television, Warner Music and Blas Canto himself. The goal was to see the two sides of Blas Canto on stage through these two songs that are completely different from each other.

We will present two completely different songs. […] These are two things I’m on stage for that I can defend perfectly!

Blas Canto

Blas Canto would represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 with the song Universo:

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Source: RTVE

Spain: Blas Canto will sing “Estrellita Fugaz” at Eurovision 2021!

Spanish public broadcaster recently revealed the title of the song, with which Blas Canto will represent the country at Eurovision 2021. The song is entitled, Estrellita Fugaz, and is signed by the well-known Swedish composer, Thomas G: Son . Read more

Spain: With Blas Canto at Eurovision 2021

Announcement continuation for Eurovision 2021 Delegations!

“The changing conditions occurring both in the Netherlands and in the other 41 participating countries have made it impossible to ensure the protection of all persons involved in this celebration.

RTVE thanks our representative, Blas Cantó, for his commitment and for the work done to represent Spain at Eurovision 2020 and invites him to become a Spanish candidate in 2021.

RTVE will, as always, return to the competition, the largest music television show that annually attracts 200 million viewers from around the world when the situation is resolved”.

Blas,however, responded to RTVE’s proposal, saying that he would gladly continue the cooperation by taking part in 2021.

“I’m so sorry for that. A great job behind an incredible team for many months of work, not only in my candidacy, but globally, but I think it’s right … There are countries that are now starting the epidemic and it is not known when it will be able to stop.

There is a commitment on my part to continue working for our candidacy in 2021 and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to do so next year. There are things we need to do. We are going to get Eurovision in style, it will be my flag and we have time to do it so that we have a good performance in 2021.

All I want is for people to be together and stay home so that the pandemic can stop as soon as possible. Health comes first. We need to give priority to us. Because without us there is no festival. Doing it without the public was not crazy, because Eurovision is the world. Without them there is nothing. It was important to do it right because Eurovision is worth giving it its importance.

Spain: Positive to host Junior Eurovision 2020 if Melani wins

The Spanish delegation to Glivice is positive to host the next Junior Eurovision Contest if Melani wins.

The head of delegation told Bluper that all the Spanish delegates at this year’s competition want very much for their country to host Junior Eurovision 2020, since of course they win with Melani.

“This is something that the RTVE administration should decide. I can’t speak for them. As a mission we would love it very much and it is something that I believe will be appreciated. But I don’t want to think about it now. For the moment I prefer to have fun”

The statement comes as there are dozens of reports on the internet about the passion that Spanish fans are taking part in the online poll that opened yesterday afternoon, of course supporting their own country, but also Portugal and Wales, two countries that they consider not to will claim the victory.

The last time Spain hosted one of the Eurovision competitions was in the distant 1969, and since then they did not want to host the contest even in 2004 when they won the Junior Eurovision.

Below is the second Spanish rehearsal with Melani:

Spain: Will Cesar Sampson compose Famous’ song for Eurovision Gala?

Cesar Sampson the Austrian representative in the last Eurovision Song Contest, was asked from him fans, if he is interested in writing Famous’ song for the Eurovision Gala in Operacion Triunfo 2018 and as you will see in his answer did not rule it out … Read more