Slovenia: Joker Out filmed the first postcard for Eurovision 2023!

The first postcard of Eurovision 2023 has officially been flimed and it’s not other than Slovenia’s.

RTVSLO, the public broadcaster of Slovenia, has confirmed that the first postcard of this year’s Eurovision was filmed by Joker Out, the band that is going to represent them in Liverpool in May.

Back in October, BBC made an offer to find an independent production company, that would come up with the concept and film the 37 postcards of the coming contest. The postcards will be 40 seconds long.

The greatest thing we learned by Slovenia’s filming, was that the production company, decided that each representative will make all filmings for their postcards in their respective countries, which means that this year, the postcards will not be used to promote the host country.

Adrijan Pregelj/RTV Slovenia

Joker Out filmed their postcard in the roof of Radio Slovenija’s building. As you can see, they asked for a pinball machine to be in the postcard and they were especially happy when BBC approved of it. Jure Maček, the band’s drummer, revealed the connection between the pinball machine and their song:

“We really like the pinball machine, because we started playing it already in Hamburg while recording the song.”

Joker Out will represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2023 with their song “Carpe Diem” and they are allocated in the Second half of the Second Semi-Final:

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Slovenia: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2023 Entry “Carpe Diem”!

Slovenia’s public television (RTVSLO) in a special press conference announced that Joker Out!, a pop/rock band will fly the country’s flag in Liverpool. Joker Out! they were already working on the song they intended to submit to EMA (the Slovenian national final for Eurovision), when the RTVSLO people made them a proposal.

RTVSLO has announced that the song that Joker Out will represent Slovenia with is titled “Carpe Diem”, it was previously confirmed that the song is in Slovenian.

Through a special show entitled Misija Liverpool, the participation of Joker Out! for Eurovision 2023 was revealed last weekend!

The Eurovisionfun team couldn’t help but comment on the entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Rossopoulos Thanasis, Koronakis Spyros and Mantounaris Konstantinos in a delightful video, with detailed commentary on Slovenia’s next participation, for 2023!

You can listen the Live Version of Slovenian entry for Eurovision 2023 below:

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Slovenia: Joker Out! will represent the country at Eurovision 2023!

A while ago, the fourth artist for Eurovision 2023 was announced . Slovenia made a surprise because for the second time in its history, the artist that will represent the country in the contest will not be selected through a national final, but by internal selection.

Slovenia’s public television (RTVSLO) in a special press conference announced that Joker Out!, a pop/rock band will fly the country’s flag in Liverpool. Joker Out! they were already working on the song they intended to submit to EMA (the Slovenian national final for Eurovision), when the RTVSLO people made them a proposal.

We talked about the Eurovision Song Contest years ago, but we were waiting for the right moment, which is obviously now!

Bojan Cvjetićanin , frontman of Joker Out!

The Joker Out! consists of Bojan Cvjetićanin, Kris Guštin, Jan Peteh, Jure Maček and Martin Jurkovič . They have already released four singles and a full length album since 2016 when they formed. They are one of the most popular Slovenian artists in recent years. In 2020 they won the award for the best new artist, and in 2021 for the artist of the year! All their concerts are sold out, while they recently released a single in Serbian, targeting the entire music market of the former Yugoslavia.

The song that will represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2023 will be recorded next weekend in Hamburg and we will be able to hear it on February 4th!

Watch their presentation video below:

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Slovenia: Plans on selection method will be announced On December 8!

According to reliable information, the final decisions on the representation of the country in the upcoming Eurovision 2023  will be made on December 8th.

Local media reports that the country’s state broadcaster, RTV Slovenija, will either follow the internal selection method or repeat the EMA, the established national final for the country’s representation in the competition.

Important, of course, is the fact that so far according to the official programming of RTV Slovenia, it has not been officially decided to hold a national final. The program and production plan is a fundamental document of the state body, which is approved annually by the Program Board of RTV Slovenia and defines the content that viewers, listeners, readers and other users of public media services will be able to watch. In this plan, among other things, the broadcasts of the entertainment program, such as the EMA and also the Eurovision Song Contest, are listed every year!

A few days therefore wait until the country’s official announcements on December 8th on how the country will select to bring the best possible result to Liverpool in 2023.

We remind you that this year’s winners of EMA 2022 and representatives of Slovenia at Eurovision 2022 were LPS with the song “Disko” who finished in the last place of the first semi-final:

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source: evrovizija

Slovenia: “We shouldn’t even participate in Eurovision for years” says councilor of RTVSLO!

Sašo Hribar, councilor of Slovenia’s public broadcaster – RTVSLO, caused quite a stir at the last council meeting, by stating that they “should not participate in Eurovision for several years, because no one takes responsibility for poor rankings year after year”.

The Slovene news website novice.svet24 invited Vanja Vardjan, editor-in-chief of RTV Slovenia’s entertainment program, in a conversation about Eurovision and Slovenia’s relationship with it.

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Slovenia: LPS’ Disko will remain in Slovenian!

The Slovenian broadcaster, RTVSLO, announced that LPS, Slovenia’s representatives in Turin, have decided to keep the song “Disko” in their native language!

LPS won EMA 2022 and therefore secured their ticket to Italy. Their journey started at EMA Freš, a qualifying event organised by RTVSLO for unestablished artists where they came second in the jury, giving them a qualification for the semi-finals of EMA 2022.

Their song “Disko” is entirely in Slovenian. The song was written by all five members of the band in August during a rehearsal at Gimnazija Celje – Center. In an interview with MMC, they revealed that they do not intend to change the lyrics, as they are based on several true events.

LPS’ victory was a surprise for them as well, with the band having rapid success in recent months. From a high school band, the five of them are now preparing for the stage in Turin. As they say, they haven’t thought much about the staging in Italy, but have been rehearsing a lot for EMA 2022. They also added that, above all, the plan is to enjoy the experience that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

Music is our way of life and performing at Eurovision will mean a lot to us.

LPS won EMA 2022 and therefore the right to represent Slovenia in Turin, you can listen to their entry here:

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Source: Eurovoix

Slovenia: Results of the first semi-final of EMA 2022!

Slovenia continues searching for a representative for Eurovision 2022! The first semi-final of EMA 2022 was completed a few minutes ago, with six contestants advancing to the next stage of the grand final.

The presenters of the evening were Melani Mekicar and Bojan Cvjetićanin.

The artists who competed on the first semi-final were:

  1. July Jones – “Girls Can Do Anything
  2. David Amaro – “Še vedno si lepa
  3. Le Serpentine – “Tud teb se lahk zgodi
  4. Bowrain and Brina – “Čas je
  5. Luma – “All In
  6. Stela Sofia – “Tu in zdaj
  7. Jonatan Haller – “Obzorje
  8. Batista Cadillac – “Mim pravil
  9. Zala Smolnikar – “V ogledalu
  10. Manouche – “Si sama?

The results:

Three qualifiers were selected by a special jury and three were chosen by the audience through a telephone vote.

The artists that made it to the final are:
  • Batista Cadillac
  • July Jones
  • Manouche
  • David Amaro
  • Stela Sofia
  • Luma

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Slovenia: EMA 2022 Semi-Final Two Snippets Released!

RTVSLO, the Slovenian national broadcaster, has released 30-seconds snippets of the competing entries in Semi-Final 2 of EMA 2022.

The competing entries are:

  6. BQL – MAJ

You can listen to the snippets here.

You can find the snippets of Semi Final 1, which were released yesterday, here.

We remind you that in each semifinal, eight established artists and two artists from EMA FREŠ will compete to advance to the Final. The public vote will select the three finalists and a jury will select three others. In the Final, a five-member committee (50%) and a public vote (50%) will decide which of the 12 finalists will represent Slovenia in Turin.

Source: RTVSLO

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Slovenia: Listen to the snippets of the EMA FRES songs!

The Slovenian national broadcaster, RTVSLO, has published snippets of the 14 competing songs on EMA FRES 2022, four of which will be completing the last four places of EMA 2022, the country’s National Final.

Click on the song’s title below to listen to it.

The 14 compositions are:

  1. Mia Vučković – Telenovela
  2. De Liri – Obstajam
  3. Jon Vitezič – “Jesus Style
  4. INA – “Moj dopamin
  5. Marijan & Špela – I am so in Love
  6. Stela Sofia – Tu in zdaj
  7. Leya Leanne – Naked
  8. Nika S. – Počakaj me
  9. Katja Kos – “Deadly Flower“
  10. Jaka Hliš – “Svoje sreče krojač“
  11. Anja Vodošek – “Maniac“
  12. EMMA – Moja sreča
  13. LPS – Disko
  14. LUMA – All in

Keep in mind that the EMA FRES Final will take place on Friday 28 January and will be hosted by Eva Boto (Slovenia 2012), Melani Mekicar and Arne Međedović.

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Source: EMA – Eurovision Slovenia

Slovenia: Submissions to EMA 2020 begun

After a very good result in Tel Aviv, Slovenia is bowling for Eurovision 2020 in the Netherlands, choosing its representative of course through the well-known EMA.  Submissions will last until November 18th.

Through EMA for another year 

Slovenia has achieved four qualifications in the last six years and of course wants to maintain this good result in the Netherlands as well. EMA 2020 regulations have not been announced yet, but we are already aware of a change to the next Slovenian national final.

EMA is looking for new talents 

RTVSLO has announced the launch of EMA along with a separate option, EMA FREŠ.  This is an online option where songs submitted by users  will be posted on the RTV website and across social media.  Visitors will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite composition  on a daily basis, with the winners coming out of the vote at the end of the week.  The winner of the competition will be announced during the night of the EMA 2020 final.

Eligible to participate in EMA FREŠ, are artists under the age of twenty-six who have released no more than three copyrighted  songs, that is, they have been released commercially, in any way.

RTV hopes that the introduction of EMA FREŠ will encourage younger musicians to submit their own compositions.  The application deadline for EMA FREŠ is September 19th.

Will the good results in the comfiest continue?

Earlier this year, Slovenia scored its best in Eurovision since 2015. Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl finished 15th in the grand final with the atmospheric “Sebi”.  In addition, the duo won Slovenia’s fourth qualification in the last six years – Slovenia’s most successful run since the semifinals.