San Marino: 402 applications received to date for Una Voce per San Marino 2023!

To date, 402 singers from 20 countries have registered to compete in San Marinese selection for Eurovision 2023.

Based on the latest information, over 80% of the applications are from Italy with 334 artists having applied, 16 are from Spain, eight from Germany and five from Norway. And  also just three singers from San Marino have applied.

Auditions for Una Voce per San Marino 2023 will be held at the auditorium Little Tony di Serravalle from October 28th to November 4th, November 6th and November 9th to 18th, before a further round of auditions in 2023.

How will Una Voce per San Marino 2023 work?

The Academy and Casting stage will be held between October 28, 2022 and January 27, 2023. In the Casting stage, the jury will select 60 or more artists to advance to the next round of San Marinese selection.

After that, a total of five semi-finals will be held in February 2023. From the five semi-finals, approximately 20 artists will be selected by the jury to proceed to the Grand Final. There will be four semi-final performances, one of which will be for artists from San Marino, the fifth in the semi-final stage will be the second chance round.

The Grand Final will be held on February 25, 2023 at Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. The winner will be chosen by a five-member jury, two judges chosen by RTV San Marino, one by the Segreteria di Stato and two by the production company.

Unlike last year, there will be no Established Artist section and no artist will be directly invited to the final. Instead, established artists or any other notable artists can be invited directly to the semi-finals and skip the Casting round.

Applications to participate in the selection are open until 20 January 2023. There are fees associated with participation:

  • Applications until September 29th will cost 100 euros
  • Applications from October 1 to January 20th will cost 150 euros
  • Applications from San Marino artists will cost 50 euros before December 3rd.

The country was represented last year by Italian-born Achille Lauro withStripper” who took 14th place in the second semi-final with only 50 points.

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Source: Eurovoix


San Marino: Artists show remarkable interest for Una Voce per San Marino!

As we have already reported in our previous article, this year San Marino is following an almost identical course of action to last year’s selection process for its representative in Eurovision 2023, namely through the Competition titled Una Voce per San Marino. And while the application period for said Competition opened just 10 days ago, 80 singers (from all over the world) have already submitted their applications. 

It is reminded that submissions are accepted until January the 20th (with variations in prices depending on the time of submission) as follows:

  • Applications until September 29 will cost 100 euros
  • Applications from October 1 to January 20 will cost 150 euros
  • Applications from San Marino artists will cost 50 euros, but before December the 3rd

It should also be noted that Una Voce per San Marino 2023 is open to citizens from all over the world, regardless of their country of residence and/or citizenship. Last year’s edition of Una Voce Per San Marino attracted the interest of 585 artists, including Achille Lauro, who eventually represented the country in Turin without, however, making it to the ESC Final.

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San Marino: Dates for “Una Voce per San Marino” released!

The official rules for Una voce per San Marino, the national selection of San Marino for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 have been released. today.

Una voce per San Marino 2023 has been launched today with the contest following the same format as last year. The selection will begin in December and San Marino will have a representative after the televised final on February 17 live from the Teatro Titano.

An Academy and Casting stage will be held which will be broadcast as “Aspettando il Festival-Una Voce per San Marino” (Waiting for the Festival – Una Voce per San Marino), this is followed by five Semi-Finals broadcast across three evenings, then the Emerging Artists Category Final will take place and last but not least the Grand Final. As in 2022, there will be a Semi-Final for San Marinese artists as well as a Second Chance show for a final ticket to the Grand Final.

The key dates are:

  • The Academy and Casting – December 13 to 17 and January 3 to January 11.
  • Semi-Finals of Una voce per San Marino – February 12 to 16
  • Final – February 17

Achille Lauro was the first winner of Una Voce per San Marino and  represented the nation in 2022 with his song “Stripper”.

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San Marino: SMRTV’s press release on the alleged irregularity in the judges’ vote!

A few moments ago, San Marino’s broadcaster SMRTV issued a press release on yesterday’s EBU announcement on the irregularity in the voting of the six-countries jury. SMRTV is the sixth and last broadcaster from the countries involved to react to the cancellation of its jury vote.

SMRTV’s press release states the following:

EBU changes the vote of San Marino which had given 12 points to Italy.

As for the EBU press release on the alleged voting irregularities that would have occurred during the Eurovision just ended, San Marino RTV specifies that it has always remained in contact with EBU and considered EBU the only interlocutor until yesterday’s release in the late afternoon.

The statement was not shared despite the fact that RTV – and the other 5 countries involved – are active members of the consortium. It is important to underline this because the way in which EBU has moved in this affair seems in our opinion a bit authoritarian rather than inspired by the associations that instead guide and regulate the relations between EBU members. We have already pointed out to EBU our disappointment with the way and we are not referring to just the press release that has just come out.

When asked if EBU believed the suspicions of voting irregularities to be 100% founded, the answer was no. When asked if EBU had noticed that a group of countries in the second semifinal would apparently have exchanged 12, 10, 8, 7 and 6, the answer was no. When asked why the canceled votes of San Marino and the other 5 suspected countries were all given to Sweden (who were given 72 points) and Australia (60 points for her) the answer was because “they had the best songs.”.

Nothing makes us think our jurors voted for something they didn’t like. Their – and ours – 12 to Italy was replaced by EBU with a 12 to Spain. We asked how this new vote was “calculated” but we have not been given a precise answer. We know Eurovision and have been collaborating with them for years, we continue to believe in institutions and in the competition and we cheer for the best, even if it doesn’t always have the best song.

Achille Lauro represented San Marino in Eurovision 2022 and with “Stripper” he came in 14th place in the second semi-final. You can listen to his entry here:

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Eurovision 2022: San Marino’s First Rehearsal!

Heading towards the end of this group’s rehearsals, Achille Lauro from San Marino is taking up on stage next for the first rehearsal of his song Stripper

Everything about Achille Lauro:

Achille Lauro is an eclectic singer, songwriter and rapper from Verona, Italy. It’s not just music that Achille spends his time on, however. He’s acted, directed and is even an award-winning film producer, alongside hosting TV shows, putting on art exhibitions, authoring 3 books, and acting as the creative director for a record label.

He arrives at Eurovision having won the Una Voce per San Marino song contest, having previously competed in 3 editions of the prestigious Festival di Sanremo in his native Italy, in 2019, 2020 and 2022.

The Rehearsal

Malta’s sparkly piano has been taken off the stage, and is now replaced with a giant metal cage.

So, where to start? Achille Lauro in a sparkly mesh body stocking, luxury feather boa and cowboy hat and boots? The bonus fur pom-poms? The final chorus sung atop a red velvet bucking bronco?

This is glam rock, but make it COUTURE. The Eurovision stage has probably never seen anything like it, and that’s definitely a good thing.

As if this whole performance wasn’t hot enough already, San Marino have added ALL the smoke and flames. This is more pyro than we’ve seen from all the other acts combined, and it’s suddenly got VERY warm in the arena.



@eurovision @AchilleLauroOfficial bringing the 🔥 for San Marino’s first rehearsal 🇸🇲 #EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of San Marino will take place on Thursday 5/5 when we will have a better view of what Achille Lauro’s performance in Turin will look like.

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San Marino: Achille Lauro will represent the country in Turin!

It’s no secret San Marino decided to host a NF this year in order to determine the representative with the song. ‘Una Voce per San Marino’ is the country’s second national selection ever hosted. The Grand Final took place today at 21:00 CET.

The show consisted of eighteen artists, nine of them were established performers, also known as ‘Big Artists’ and the other nine were ‘Emerging Artists’. They had been competing in a week of semi-finals and finals to secure a place in the show.

The show was hosted by 2011/2020/2021 Sammarinese representative Senhit and Jonathan Kashanian.

The participants were:

  • Aaron Sibley – “Pressure”
  • Achille Lauro – “Stripper”
  • Alessia Labate – “World Falls Down”
  • Burak Yeter ft. Alessandro Coli – “More Than You”
  • Camille Cabaltera – “Move ‘Em Like You Never Did”
  • Cristina Ramos – “Heartless Game”
  • Elena & Francesco Faggi – “Nothing Can Blow Me Out”
  • Fabry & Labiuse feat. Miodio – “Blu”
  • Francesco Monte – “Mi ricordo di te (Adrenalina)”
  • Ivana Spagna – “Seriously in Love”
  • Kurt Cassar – “Tears of Gold”
  • Maria Chiara Leoni – “Tiramisù”
  • Mate – “DNA”
  • Matteo Faustini – “L’ultima parola”
  • Sebastian Schmidt – “Running”
  • Tony Cicco, Deshedus & Alberto Fortis – “Sono un uomo”
  • Valerio Scanu – “Io credo”
  • Vina Rose – “Sweet Denial”

The Italian singer-songwriter Al Bano performed tonight in Una voce per San Marino. He represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1976 and 1985.

The winner was determined by jury voting, the jury panel consisted of:

  • Mogol – President of the Jury
  • Simon Lee – conductor, composer, arranger
  • Clarissa Martinelli – Presenter at Radio Bruno
  • Susanne Georgi – Singer at Eurovision 2009 for Andorra
  • Dino Stewart – Managing Director at BMG Italy

Achille Lauro will represent San Marino at ESC 2022 with his song ‘Stripper’.

Who is Achille?

Lauro De Marinis (born 11 July 1990), known professionally as Achille Lauro, is an Italian rapper and singer. He gained popularity in the Italian hip hop scene and he competed in at the San Remo with the song “Rolls Royce”, at the 2020 edition with the song “Me ne frego”, and at the 2022 edition with the song “Domenica”.

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San Marino: The announcement of the Big Artists to take place on 8 February!

The nine Big Artists who will compete in Una voce per San Marino will be presented to the public on 8 February.

San Marino RTV has announced that the 9 Big Artists who will compete to represent the country at Eurovision 2022 in Turin will be revealed on 8 February. The press conference will take place at the Westin Palace Hotel in Milan, Italy.

The Big Artists have already qualified directly for the final of Una voce per San Marino, which will take place on 19 February. In the final, they will compete with 9 other artists who will have participated in a round of semi-finals and heats during the previous week.

The grand final will take place at Teatro Nuovo.

This is the first time that San Marino has used Una Voce Per San Marino as a selection process, having previously used various formats such as 1in360, Digital Battle or internal selections. This year the process was opened worldwide and 299 artists and over 500 songs were submitted!

Source:  San Marino RTV

San Marino: The 60 emerging artists who make it to the semifinals of Una voce per San Marino!

A while ago, the radio and television station of San Marino, RTV, announced the 60 emerging artists that will advance to the semifinals of Una voce per San Marino!

The 60 emerging artists making it to the Una voce per San Marino semifinals are:

  1. Aaron Sibley
  2. Alessandra Simone
  3. Alessia Labate
  4. Alice Burani
  5. Allerija
  6. Anna Faragò
  8. Brenda
  9. Camille Cabaltera
  10. Corinna Parodi
  11. Daniel Mincone
  12. Daniela Pisciotta
  13. Davide Rossi
  14. Diego Federico
  15. Elena & Francesco Faggi
  16. Elisa Del Prete
  17. Eliska Mrázová
  18. Ellynora
  19. Florent Amare
  20. Frio
  21. Giada Varaschin
  22. Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F
  23. Gisele Abramoff
  24. I Koko
  25. Jessica Anne Condon
  26. João Paulo & Miguel
  27. Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper
  28. Katrin Roselli
  29. Kimberly Genil
  30. Kumi Watanabe
  31. Kurt Cassar
  32. Le Bebae
  33. Leonardo Frezzotti
  34. Lorenza Rocchiccioli
  35. Luca Cima
  36. Luca Veneri
  37. Luci Blu
  38. Mad
  39. Marco Saltari
  40. Maria Chiara Leoni
  41. Martina Gaetano
  42. Mate
  43. Matilde Montanari
  44. Matteo Giannaccini Gravante
  45. Muriel
  46. Nada e Sissi
  47. OnlySara
  48. Operapop
  49. OXA (Clayton) Sia
  50. Raimondo Cataldo
  51. Riccardo Foresi
  52. Riccardo Guglielmi
  53. Sebastian Schimdt
  54. Snei Ap
  55. Thomas Grazioso
  56. Tothem
  57. Valentina Tioli
  58. Vanja Vatle
  59. Veronica Liberati
  60. Vina Rose

299 singers in the casting round of the competition have been judged by a jury of music experts and have determined the 60 finalists in the emerging artists. The full jury list is here.

In February 2022, through a series of semifinals and a final, the 9 entries that will go to the Grand Final will be decided. The emerging artists who will be ranked in the top 3 will receive cash prizes of € 1000, € 2000 and € 7000 respectively.

We remind you that the Grand Final will take place on February 19, 2022 at the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana. A total of 18 artists will participate in the final, nine emerging and nine established, who will be invited directly by Media Evolution Srl.

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Source: San Marino RTV

San Marino: Senhit with “Freaky” in Rotterdam

After the internet voting that San Marino put on the two candidate songs for Eurovision 2020, the result came out at midnight on Sunday, March 8th! The song that will represent the country at the 65th European Song Contest in Rotterdam is “Freaky”!

San Marino has kept the tradition of selecting a former representative for the Eurovision song contest this year, after officially announcing – along with the song now – that Senhit, who represented the state in 2011, will find itself representing oldest active republic again in May in Rotterdam.

The 40-year-old singer, who lives in Bologna and comes from Italy and Eritrea, represented San Marino at Eurovision 2011 with the song “Stand By”, but then failed to qualify for the final, despite her beautiful appearance.

Senit is the third artist to be selected for at least the second time as the country’s representative in the competition. Valentina Monetta has participated four times and Serhat two!

Eurovision 2020: Greek choreographer – director for Switzerland and San Marino at Eurovision 2020?

According to what is written on a greek media website, Zappit, Greek choreographer Nikos Marianos has accepted a proposal to direct the participation of Switzerland and San Marino in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in May in Rotterdam!

He has recorded his own unique path, both at the Eurovision Festival, as well as in music and theater, being one of the most successful choreographers and directors of recent years. Nikos Marianos, who is known for versatile and creative talent, having choreographed from demanding  musical such as “Evita”, “Hair” and “Grease”, up to high standard’s Mad Show, accepts another suggestion – a challenge that opens the European music scene to him.

Two countries are claiming the acclaimed Greek, seeking exclusive co-operation for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam in May 2020. Competition officials in Switzerland but also in San Marino have already contacted Nikos in order to take over  the choreographic performance of the songs that will be selected to represent these two countries in this year’s contest.

San Marino managed last year under his direction the best result  in Tel Aviv, while Nikos already has successful entries in both Greece and Malta. Remember, the director and choreographer has appeared on the Eurovision stage as a dancer in 2005 with Elena Paparizou on Eurovision’s 50-year show, but also in 2009 with Sakis Rouvas and “This is our night”.

Nikos Marianos has not yet given a definitive answer to the officials of the two countries. The NMDF Convention, which holds its fourth year in March 2020 and hosts the 19 most important choreographers around the world is in his high priority this period. However, it is certain that for another year Eurovision will be of particular interest to the Greeks.

Source: zappit