Cyprus: Sandro: “The song will not be dancing, it will have a strong message”

A few days ago, Sandro Nicolas, the representative of Cyprus at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, was found in London to record the songs that would be a candidate for choice.

In an interview on the well-known Wiwibloggs website, Sandro revealed, among other things, that the song he will be performing will not be dancing.

“I’m probably the worst dancer in the world, I don’t have it with dance. I’m not a good dancer, I wish I could, but it’s not for me. The song is not going to be a dance track, it’s going to be a heart thing, I’m a very emotional guy, I have a story to tell and I want to help people because I know there are a lot of problems out there. I know a lot of people have a lot of problems, music is about helping each other, I write music for people who are sad, they just feel that everything is not just happiness. The song has a strong message.”

As for the song selection process, Sandro said:

“We’re very close to find a song. We have 5-6 songs, and it will be very difficult to choose. I like everything, it will be a difficult decision. Each one is a unique song, you can’t compare them, so the decision will be extremely difficult”

We met and loved Sandro through his participation in The Voice Germany, where he performed Shawn Mendez’s “In My Blood” in blind auditions because it meant a lot to him. How would he describe the song he will perform in the competition?

“It’s going to be an emotional song. It will be a combination of Shawn Mendez, James Arthur and Lewis Capaldi ”

You can watch the entire interview below:

It is recalled that Sandro was recently in Athens after recording the songs, where he met Eleni Foureira and Tamta, the last two representatives of Cyprus at the Eurovision contest. In addition, he met our beloved Eurovision Buddies and gave them an exclusive interview that will be released soon.

Source/Image: Wiwibloggs/CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus

Cyprus: It’s official!Sandro Nicolas will fly to Rotterdam

An official announcement was made minutes ago by the Cyprus Radio Fondation (RIK) that the next representative of the country in the Eurovision song contest is none other than Sandro Nicolas.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation is pleased to present Sandro, the representative of Cyprus in the upcoming 2020…

Posted by CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus on Friday, November 29, 2019

As we first informed you,  23-year-old Greek-German Sandro Nicolas will wear the Cypriot colors at the Eurovision contest after direct assignment.  The song, which will be performed by the talented artist, will be released later.

The chronicle of the choice

Sandro Nicolas was to take part in the selection of artist and songwriter to represent Germany at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.  Following a proposal from the well-known Dream Team Project Manager Elias Kokotos, RIK chose the young artist as the most appropriate to represent Cyprus (you can read more HERE).

The songs that RIK is looking at at this point in time, as well as the artist’s team as likely to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2020 are:

-My getaway

-Falling to pieces

-Never Let You Down

The song with which Cyprus will travel and claim the coveted prize will be announced at a later stage and it is not excluded that it will be another one, as RIK is working feverishly for the best possible representation in the competition!

On Saturday 30/11, Sandro Nicolas arrives in Cyprus for his first television appearances there.

Who is Sandro Nicolas?

Sandro Nicolas was born and raised in Germany by an American father and a Greek mother.  He is now 23 years old, and in 2018 he participated in the German version of « The Voice » reaching the semifinals.  His enchanting voice made it all the way to Sochi, Russia last August to compete in the New Wave 2019, taking the highly honored 6th place among 13 entries.

Cyprus: Changes to Candidate Songs for Sandro Nicolas! EXCLUSIVE

Cyprus is still consulting on the song that Sandro Nicolas will be asked to perform at Eurovision 2020 in May.

Change to the three candidate songs by Sandro Nicolas

RIK is in constant contact with the artist and his team to come up with the song that will represent Cyprus in Rotterdam. The aim is, of course, to continue the good presence of Cyprus in the contest, with a good artistic appearance. RIK’s  people are working feverishly for this.

So the three songs that were considered as likely were:

-Mucho Calor (dance track)
-Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
-Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

Some artistic disagreements between the two songwriters and the artist’s team led to their withdrawal.

Two new songs to the nomination list

Of course, this didn’t bother RIK, as two new songs have already been added to the nomination list, without adding another one.

Thus, the songs that are now candidates to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2020 are:

-My getaway
-Falling to pieces
-Never Let You Down

CyBC has not officially announced Sandro yet, though it is not expected to be delayed, after the latest details of the deal have been settled. So far the overall response from fans is more than positive!

Cyprus: This is Sandro Nicolas! (VIDEO)

Since Wednesday night when we revealed, through EurovisionFun that Sandro Nicolas will represent Cyprus at the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, the news toured Europe, as all the websites involved in the competition hosted extensive articles.

As mentioned in the Omega TV show “Ela na deis”  (“Come to see”) and Alexander Taramount, there are three songs that the artist and Rick have ended up with. We already know the titles:

Mucho Calor (dance track)
Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

Whatever the final choice of RIK will be, we are sure that talented Sandro Nicolas will take the island of Aphrodite to the contest in 2020, continuing the good tradition that Cypriot public broadcaster has built in recent years.

Below you can see a promo video of Sandro Nicolas in various live performances:


Cyprus: Candidate Songs Titles| The proposal to Ivi and Ian’s nomination

Following the announcement of essentially Cypriot representative at Eurovision 2020, Sandro Nicolas, via the exclusive EurovisionFun reportage last night, more information came to light shortly before through  the Omega TV show “Come To See”, which hosted extensive report, reffering,of course, to our website.

Three songs for Sandro Nicolas

According to what Alexander Taramountas revealed on the first inviting rates  Cypriot television show “Come To See”, RIK has ended up with three of the more than 100 songs it received for Eurovision 2020. In the following days, it will choose what Sandro Nicolas will perform on stage at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam in May. The show reported that the CyBC Board has already approved the representation of Sandro Nicolas at Eurovision 2020.

The titles of the three songs are as follows:

Mucho Calor (dance track)
-Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
-Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

All the songs based on what was said in the show are high standarts and can properly represent Cyprus in the contest. The two have been written by foreign artists, with one signed by a Greek composer. What is even more interesting is that Alexander Taramountas revealed that his favorite is Mucho Calor!

How was the proposal made to RIK?

The reportage of the show said that the proposal of RIK to Sandro Nicolas came from Elias Kokottos’s  Dream Team,the well-known project manager!

The broadcast panel was very positive about Sandro Nicolas’ selection, saying it was a very clever move by RIK for the next contest. Panik and Minos EMI are already in the process of taking over Sandro, and what has even been said is that, despite the fact that Michalis Marathyoutis has resigned, he will be the one to handle the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2020.

Ivi’s “no” and Ian’s nomination

The sensation was triggered by the revelation that RIK had been thinking of Ivy Adamou representing Cyprus for the second time at Eurovision (she has already participated with “La La love” in 2012), but she politely declined for family and personal reasons. She gave a birth recently and did not have the time needed for such a project.

Our report was also confirmed when we wrote a few months ago that two men and one woman were targeted by RIK on Eurovision 2020. Except for Ivy and of course Sandro Nicolas, Ian Stratis was the third name. But RIK, based on the songs it had in mind, came to Sandro believing that he would better support whichever of the third songs eventually be chosen.

Cyprus: RIK “steals” Germany’s favorite to represent it at Eurovision 2020!EXCLUSIVE

It’s November, a month that RIK traditionally completes the selection of the artist for the Eurovision contest, at least in recent years. EurovisionFun reports that RIK is very close to a great success. To literally “steal” at the last minute the favorite artist to represent Germany, homogenous singer Sandro Nicolas.

Who is Sandro Nicolas?

You have also read about Sandro Nicolas (Alessandro Ruetten) in our previous articles. He is 23 years old and quite popular in Germany, having participated in “The Voice of Germany “in 2018, even reaching the semifinals. In the summer he competed at the New Wave Festival, the largest music festival of the Eastern countries!

He grew up with Greek education, since his mother is Greek. He speaks fluent Greek, and often visits Greece, either for vacations or for business reasons, such as recently, recording in the studio of Dimitris Kontopoulos.

RIK’s “colpo grosso”!

Germany does not host a national final this year, but preferred a concept very close to what Switzerland did this year. Digame, a production company responsible for selecting the leading candidates, is in charge of the entire event. The selected artists participated in various songwriting camps in order to write new songs for the national final. After completing this process, Digame selected the finalists and matched them with the songs to be competed. Sandro would be in the final selection stage with more than two songs, indicative of how much Digame people believe in him. This closed national final is scheduled to take place in December and the final decision will be made by a panel of about 100 people (musicians and fans).

At this critical juncture, RIK intervened, proposing Nicolas to lift the responsibility of representing Cyprus at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam! Although some agreement has not yet been set, the discussions appear to be moving in a very positive direction. If RIK finally succeeds in booking this talented performer for the next Eurovision Song Contest, then we will be talking about a very big success for the people of Cypriot public broadcaster, proving once again that they are planning a very attentive and methodical entry for Cyprus, always aiming at the best possible representation.

Germany: Greek-origin Sandro Nicolas in the national final?

Sandro Nicolas is a rising greek-origin artist, making a career in Germany. An Instagram Story by Linnea Deb, which Sandro shared himself from the recording studio, makes us suspect that the greek-german performer will try at the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest.

You have read about Sandro Nicolas again in a previous article about his participation in the New Wave Festival last August in Sochi.

Sandro Nicolas (Alessandro Ruetten) has an American father and a Greek mother. He was born and raised in Germany and is now 23 years old. In 2018 he participated in the German version of “The Voice”, reaching the semi-finals.

He has grown up with Greek education, speaks fluent Greek and a glance at his Instagram profile is enough to discover the undisclosed relationship he has with Greece, which he frequently visits.

Linnea Deb has over 15 entries in the Melodifestivalen, which has won twice (You – 2012 and Heroes – 2015), representing Sweden in the Eurovision contest and giving her a trophy (2015). Other highlights included Loreen’s “Statements”, Ace Wilder’s “Busy Doing Nothing” and Mohombi and Wiktoria’s songs for this year’s release. In 2018,she represented Finland with “Monsters” which she wrote for Saara Aalto. She has competed in national finals in other countries as well (Norway, Poland etc.). We already know that she has submitted for Melodifestivalen 2020.


How likely is it to see Sandro Nicolas in the German national final?

Of course, in order to see Sandro Nicolas competing in the German national final with a song by Linnea Deb or someone else, he has to be chosen among the finalists.

In the German National Final both songs and performers can be submitted.The production company Digame, after selecting the leading candidates, will allow them to participate in various songwriting camps in order to write new songs for the national final. After completing this process, Digame will select the finalists and match them with the songs they will compete with.

The final selection of German participation in Eurovision 2020 will take place in a live, triple voting show: the television audience, the jury of experts and the 100-member fan committee.

Watch one of Sandro’s  live performances at New Wave Festival 2019: