Eurostars:Sergey’s back again?

Last Tuesday “Victoria” music awards took place in Kremlin and among all the famous Russian stars, Sergey Lazarev was there as well. During red carpet, the artist was asked by if he still wants to take revenge and bring ESC back to Russia!

“I can still impress, I have something to show. I have many qualities, including musical ones, which I maybe didn’t demonstrate at competitions in 2016 and 2019,” Sergey smiled. “I don’t exclude the possibility of going to Eurovision once again, but I declare with all responsibility: this will definitely not happen in 2020.”

As for now, Sergey is getting ready for a new grand show and its premiere is scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Next year, Channel One will be in charge of the selection of the participant for the competition. As always there are rumors that Alexander Panayotov, Olga Buzova or Zivert can represent Russia. But Sergey has a different point of view.

“In my opinion, should take part a new name, a new artist. I wouldn’t like to point out someone specifically, so not to be accused of partiality.”

Would you like to see Sergey again to Eurovision stage?

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