Serbia: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2024 Entry “Ramonda”!

The grand final of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 was held a few days ago in Belgrade, after two semi-finals culminating in the shocking victory of Teya Dora with the song “Ramonda”.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the appearance of the country’s national final for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Stella, Apostolos and Apostolis in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on Serbia‘s participation in Eurovision 2024!

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Serbia: This is the Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 stage!

A short while ago, RTS released some pictures of the stage that will host the artists who will compete to represent Serbia in Malmö this May!

Πιο συγκεκριμένα, το δελτίο τύπου της σερβικής τηλεόρασης αναφέρει χαρακτηριστικά ότι «η συγκεκριμένη σκηνή είναι η πιο μοντέρνα, η πιο σύγχρονη και η μεγαλύτερη που έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί για τη διοργάνωση του Pesma za Evroviziju».

More specifically, the press release of the Serbian TV says that “this particular stage is the most modern, the most contemporary and the largest that has been used for the organization of Pesma za Evroviziju“.

The stage consists of 700 square meters of LED screens at the backgroung and on the floor. It is also reported that 300 light projectors will be used, which with superior programming and management can create light effects and animations just like the ones we see on the Eurovision stage!

For the third consecutive year, CuePilot, the same software used in the Eurovision Song Contest, will be used for directing and framing the Serbian national final.

The semi-finals of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 are scheduled for February 27 and 29, while the Grand Final, in which the Serbian representative will be announced, will take place on March 2.

Source: RTS

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Serbia: Breskvica reveals the meaning behind her song!

We are only a few weeks away from the first semi-final of Pesma za Evroviziju 2024 and Breskvica, one of the favourites to represent Serbia in Eurovision 2024, was present at the “Kec na jedanaest” show earlier today, where she talked about several issues related to her participation.

The first question of the presenters was if she expected her song to have such a big impact (1.500.000 views in one week) with her answering:

“The truth is that I expected it to do well because people usually love and support my songs, but with that many views and a million views away from Konstrakta’s track, which is the very next one, no I didn’t expect it!”

Then she was asked about how such a more traditional song came about since she has not used us to something like this. Her answer:

“I’ve always wanted to have a song like that! I love to sing traditional songs even when I am alone. I think my voice sounds different”

“So yeah, I’ve always wanted something like that but it had never come up. Just like Eurovision hadn’t come up because we didn’t have a song. I think that when you go to this competition you need to have a song that represents your country the way it should and also have the sound of your country”

“One day Henny (the songwriter) called me and said ‘I have a song that nobody wants but you will!'”

Based on the latter she was asked why no one wanted it and she replied “Because it’s not mainstream, it’s not modern, maybe they were afraid of it”.

Reference was also made to negative comments she may have received.

“It’s bad. Some of the comments are completely thoughtless, I don’t even want to talk about them. But it doesn’t matter because I’m so proud of this song! I can’t wait until the first semi-final for people to hear what it will sound like live, because some people don’t believe me that it will sound good, but I’ll do my best to convince them too!”

Afterwards, the presenters asked the young singer what is the meaning or even the subtext of the lyrics of the song that have caused a drama on the internet.

A brief description of what has happened

In the last few days there has been a panic on X as Albanians and Kosovars are calling for the song to be suspended by the EBU, as they believe that the song is inciting the Serbs to invade Kosovo!

More specifically, the lyrics of the song talk about “black birds” that cover the sky, it gets dark, thunders are heard and the nest of an eagle is destroyed. At the end of the song he comforts his son saying that “Soon all this will pass, the black birds will be gone, the sky will be clear again”.

According to this theory, the “black birds” symbolize the black eagle of the Albanian flag, the weather phenomena symbolize the war in Kosovo and the eagle symbolizes the Serbs and the hope that they will take back Kosovo.

On the other hand, although there are Serbs who agree with the above theory, most of them think that the song has to do with NATO’s bombing in 1999.

In this theory, the “black birds” symbolize the NATO planes, the weather phenomena symbolize the bombing, and the eagle symbolizes the Serbs and the hope-agony that one day this will all be over.

Breskvica’s response

“Every song, every lyric, each person interprets them differently. That’s the beauty of this job and music in general”

“I don’t know what anyone might hear in this track. I do know that we, when we were writing it, had in mind a battle between good and evil, that no matter what, good always wins in the end even if it’s destroyed by evil”

“One can still, perhaps, identify the lyrics with personal situations, personal struggles that they have gone through and managed to stand on their feet again”

“I wouldn’t go further than that”

Then in response to whether she could provide any information about the staging of the song, she said:

“I think that in Eurovision it’s 50% the song and 50% the performance. The staging can definitely ‘lift’ or ‘bring down’ a song”

“We’re working on something spectacular but I can’t reveal any more than that. I would love to because I can hardly contain myself, I’m very excited!”

“I think people will really like it. We’ve really put a lot of effort into the staging, and we’re still working on it all day. I hope people like it!”

Furthermore, the presenters asked her if she had a favourite song from this year’s PZE and she replied that she really likes Teya Dora‘s song and thinks it could do quite well, just like Zorja!

She also stated:

“The Eurovision stage is something huge. I would love for people to know about me as well as other of our country’s artists”

Finally, she concluded, setting a date with the viewers for Tuesday, February 27th, in the first semi-final of PZE 2024!

Below you can watch the full interview:

Breskvica’s participation in PZE 2024:

What do you think about Breskvica? Would you like to see her in Malmö? What do you think of the lyrics? Let us know in the comments below!

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Serbia: Pesma za Evroviziju ’24 hosts announced!

A bit earlier, the Serbian broadcaster, RTS, announced the names of the presenters of this year’s Serbian national final, Pesma za Evroviziju ’24.

Therefore, the hosts of the three evenings will be:

  • Dragana Kosjerina, journalist and RTS presenter, who will be in this role for the third consecutive year
  • Slaven Došlo, actor, who will take on the role of the presenter for the first time

RTS also revealed that our hosts in the green room will be, for the third year in a row, Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović.

We remind you that the semi-finals will take place on 27 and 29 February, while the Grand Final will be held on Saturday 2 March.

A total of 28 participants will compete, whose songs will be released this Thursday, January 25, on the official RTS Pesma Evrovizije YouTube channel.

The winner of the Serbian national final for 2023 and therefore the country’s representative in Liverpool was Luke Black with the song “Samo Mi Se Spava”, finishing in twenty-fourth place.


Source: RTS

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Serbia: A first overview of the PZE 2024 entries!

The day before yesterday RTS announced the list of this year’s Pesma za Evroviziju entries, which seems to have caused the excitement of Eurovision fans both inside and outside the Balkans within the first hours of its posting!

Below we will attempt to make a first analysis of both the artists, who are quite familiar to the audience this year, and the songs based on what we know so far.

Nemanja Radošević – Jutra bez tebe

Nemanja, a relatively new but promising artist, will sing “Mornings without you”, to lyrics and music by Saša Milošević. The title itself foreshadows a ballad, which, considering the songs he has released so far, is probably a “classic Balkan ballad”. It remains to be seen whether Nemanja will continue in the style he has been used to so far or if he has a surprise in store for us!

Bojana x David – No No No

“No no no” or yes yes yes for the two youngest participants of this year’s PZE? Bojana Radovanović represented Serbia in the Junior Eurovision 2018 with the song “Svet”. David Radosavlević became known to the public through the Pinkove Zvezdice competition. The two started releasing songs as Bojana x David about a year ago as members of the Hurricane record label. Their participation is signed by PZE’s familiar Boris Subotić along with Violeta Mihajlovska. If we had to guess the sound of the song, it would definitely be something that expresses the sounds of the new generation, as well as their other songs.

Marko Mandić – Dno

Marko Mandić will hardly find himself in the “Bottom” of the ranking, as he was one of the hottest names in the Serbian music scene at the beginning of the last decade. He co-wrote the song with Nemanja Filipović. We imagine that, if he stays true to his artistic identity, the song will consist of alternative funk and RnB elements.

Dušan Kurtić – Zbog tebe živim

Dušan Kurtić and “I live because of you”. The title here may give us a premonition of either a ballad or a rousing up=tempo song, but what is certain is that there will be no lack of romani elements as he makes sure to include them in every song and in this way to honour his origins. His brother, with whom he co-wrote this year’s entry, Ivan Kurtić, has competed in the Serbian national final in the past.

Milan Bujaković – Moje tvoje

Is Milan Bujaković‘s third participation going to be a lucky one? As it looks like “My Yours” is going to be a Balkan ballad, like the ones Milan has accustomed us to in the past. The music is written by Petar Pupić, while the lyricists are Lionel Lombard and Maya Sar (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2012).

Hydrogen – Nemoguća misija

Hydrogen consists of four members and is one of the upcoming names of indie and alternative garage music, which they will sensibly represent on the PZE stage. The lyrics and music of the song “Impossible mission” are written by themselves.

Kat Dosa – Tajni začin

Just a few months have passed since the release of her first song and the Serbo-Brazilian Kat Dosa (Kat Cardoso) comes to PZE to claim the country’s representation in Malmö. Lyrics and music for “The Secret Spice” are written by Slobodan Veljković (Coby) and Bojana Vunturišević. Based on her previous songs we can expect a sensual RnB track that could combine lyrics in Serbian, English and – why not – Portuguese.

Filarri – Ko je ta žena

“Who is this woman” Filarri will ask us, returning to the PZE stage. We assume that the song, with music by Nikola Kirđanski Kej and lyrics by Andrijano Kadović Ajzi, will be one of those that the fans of the contest tend to love and to which Filarri has gotten us used to, namely a dance pop – maybe even bop – song with possible Balkan ethnic elements.

M.IRA – Percepcija

M.IRA will sing “Perception” with lyrics and music by herself and Lazar Belić. According to the discography of the young singer we should expect a dreamy / alternative pop song that will reflect the genre she serves.

Saša Báša i Virtual Ritual – Elektroljubav

Saša Báša and Virtual Ritual will present the song “Electrolove”. Lyrics and music are written by Saša Báša himself in collaboration with Petar Milošević and Aleksa Stanković. As the title suggests, we should expect an electronic track that will combine, perhaps, the alternative pop and soft rock sound of their other songs.

Hristina – Bedem

The case of Hristina Vuković is different, as her song, with lyrics and music by herself, entitled “Rampart” has already been released and you can listen to it below. However, its duration exceeds the allowed time limit and so there will be changes when it will be officially published by RTS.

Martina Vrbos – Da me voliš

Croatian-born Martina Vrbos will sing “To love me”, which she has written herself. The title, barring an unforeseen circumstance, foreshadows a ballad of some kind.

Breskvica – Orlovo gnezdo

Breskvica is definitely one of the names that have been talked about and will be talked about a lot this year! More information about her can be found in our article in which we informed you about the confirmation of her participation. As can be seen from the title of the song “The Eagle’s Nest”, the rumours that she will have an ethnocentric song based on traditional Serbian music will probably be confirmed. Music and lyrics, as we mentioned in the related article, are signed by Generacija Zed members Henny, Jhinsen and Relja Torino.

Ivana Vladović – Jaka

Ivana Vladović is another familiar name in PZE. The song “Strong” with lyrics and music by Milan Stanković (Serbia, 2010) and SevdahBaby could probably be an empowering ballad, having only the title as a clue.

Lena Kovačević – Zovi me Lena

Lena Kovačević is also a well-known name in the Serbian music scene. In her songs, she mostly combines pop and jazz music, which we think will happen with “Call me Lena”, written by Darko Dimitrov, Robert Bilbilov and Vladimir Danilović.

Keni nije mrtav – Dijamanti

Keni nije mrtav is one of the most active rock/punk bands in the Balkans. We expect their song, in lyrics and music by themselves, “Diamonds” to be something in the style they have accustomed us to so far.

Zejna – Najbolja

Zejna is another familiar face of PZE. This year her song “The best” is signed by Marko Drežnjak and Zvonimir Đukić. The title gives us the feeling of a dynamic dance track, but we can expect everything from her.

Konstrakta – Novo, bolje

Konstrakta, who won PZE two years ago and managed to give Serbia the fifth place in 2022, returns to the national final with the song “New, better”. Is the title a reference to her previous participation or does it refer to something completely different? We will soon find out. One thing is for sure, we can expect another subversive song from Konstrakta, in the style and philosophy she has accustomed us to. The track is signed by her in collaboration with Milovan Bošković and Jovan Antić.

Iva Lorens – Dom

Iva Lorens is one of the best known young artists of the Serbian alternative pop scene. Her entry, “House”, with her own music and lyrics in collaboration with A.N.D.R. we believe will be a mid-tempo futuristic track, following the structure of her songs so far.

Zorja – Lik u ogledalu

Zorja is certainly a familiar name to those who have followed PZE in previous years. The creators of this year’s track, “Figure in the Mirror”, are herself along with Lazar Pajić and Vladan Maksimović. From Zorja, both based on the title and the songs she has presented, we would expect a dynamic Balkan ballad.

Yanx – Kolo

Yanx is another well-known face of the Serbian national finals, formerly known as Sashka Yanx. The truth is that we have a hard time in accurately translating the title of this year’s entry as “Kolo” is the name of one of the most famous Serbian traditional dances. Either way it seems that the song will have a rather ethnic-pop feel to it and is co-written by her in collaboration with Mikos Mikeli.

Chai – Sama

Although she is very new in the industry, Chai has become quite famous in Serbia as her songs have gone viral several times on TikTok. We don’t think she will stay “Alone”, as the modern trap elements of her songs will definitely seduce many. The song’s creators are Rap Gorilla, Aleksandar Ilić and herself.

Durlanski – Muzika

Another entry signed by Rap Gorilla, Aleksandar Ilić and Durlanski himself. Durlanski is a new rap singer and we expect his entry, “Music”, to be in the rap vein as well.

Nadia – Sudari

We return to the PZE familiarities with Nadia and “Clashes”. The participation is signed by her in collaboration with Nikola Denčić and Kosta Pantelić. The truth is that we don’t have a musical sample from her, apart from her last year’s entry which was a pop-rock track, so we can guess this year’s song.

Džordži – Luna park

Another singer returning to PZE is Džordži with “Luna Park” composed by Slavko Milovanović with lyrics by Pavle Subotić. From the title we could probably expect a mid-tempo or up-tempo entry combined with modern alternative pop and ethnic elements that Džordži often incorporates in his songs.

Filip Baloš – Duga je noć

The last PZE returnee on this year’s list is Filip Baloš with “The Night is Long”. The song is co-written by him in collaboration with Ivana Pavlović Jymenik. Filip finished 4th in last year’s PZE and this year we could, perhaps, expect another modern pop song from him.

Teya Dora – Ramonda 

One of the names that will surely be of great interest is that of Teya Dora. Already since last year, her fans have been waiting for her to represent Serbia in the contest, especially since her song “Džanum” went viral on TikTok and caught the eyes of European fans. This year’s entry, which she co-wrote with Luka Jovanović and Andrijano Kadović Ajzi, is titled “Ramonda”. Ramonda is the name of a small purple flower which, in addition to its symbolic value in Serbian tradition, has the ability, when it withers, to come back to life with a single drop of water. This title, therefore, has made fans believe that the song will be a ballad about the rebirth of a person after a difficult situation in their life. We can definitely expect a song with Balkan elements from Teya Dora, which she is used to espouse through her music.

As a reminder, the semi-finals of PZE2024 will take place on 27 and 29 February, while the Grand Final will be held on Saturday 2 March. In fact, this year you will be able to watch the show live on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

Is there a name that stands out to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Serbia: Artists and song titles of Pesma Za Evroviziju ’24 announced!

The Serbian Public Broadcaster, RTS, announced a few minutes ago the artists and the song titles of Pesma za Evroviziju ’24, the show which will determine the representative of Serbia in Eurovision 2024.

The artists and their song titles are:

  1. Nemanja Radošević – Jutra bez tebe
  2. Bojana x David – No No No
  3. Marko Mandić – Dno
  4. Dušan Kurtić – Zbog tebe živim
  5. Milan Bujaković – Moje tvoje
  6. Hydrogen – Nemoguća misija
  7. Kat Dosa – Tajni začin
  8. Filarri – Ko je ta žena
  9. M.IRA – Percepcija
  10. Saša Báša i Virtual Ritual – Elektroljubav
  11. Hristina – Bedem
  12. Kavala – Vavilon
  13. Martina Vrbos – Da me voliš
  14. Breskvica – Orlovo gnezdo
  15. Ivana Vladović – Jaka
  16. Lena Kovačević – Zovi me Lena
  17. Keni nije mrtav – Dijamanti
  18. Zejna – Najbolja
  19. Konstrakta – Novo, bolje
  20. Iva Lorens – Dom
  21. Zorja – Lik u ogledalu
  22. Yanx – Kolo
  23. Chai – Sama
  24. Durlanski – Muzika
  25. Nadia – Sudari
  26. Džordži – Luna park
  27. Filip Baloš – Duga je noć
  28. Teya Dora – Ramonda


Among the 28 artists we can see familiar names with the most notable one being Konstrakta, who represented Serbia in 2022 with her song “In Corpore Sano”, finishing in fifth place.

As a reminder, the semi-finals of PZE2024 will take place on 27 and 29 February, while the Grand Final will be held on Saturday 2 March. In fact, this year you will be able to watch the show live on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

The winner of the Serbian national selection in 2023 and therefore the country’s representative in Liverpool was Luke Black with his song “Samo mi se spava“, finishing in the twenty-fourth place.

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Serbia: Sara Jo about her possible comeback!

Sara Jo, who represented Serbia in 2013 as a member of Moje 3, caught the attention of Eurofans again in 2022 when she tried to represent her country again by participating in the Serbian national final with the song “Muškarčina”.

Recently, she attended an event where, in an interview with Serbian media, she was asked whether she had prepared anything for this year’s Pesma Za Evroviziju and whether she plans to return to the competition, with her answering:

“I’m not thinking about it at the moment. In 2022 I signed up quite spontaneously and without much consideration. I had a song that I had fallen in love with, I knew exactly how it would be on stage, but this year I had no inspiration for it. I’d rather focus on my album, and maybe one day… who knows.”


Moje 3

Moje 3, consisting of Sara Jo, Nevena Božović (Serbia 2019) and Mirna Radulović (who has applied for PZE 2024), represented Serbia in Malmö in 2013 with the song “Ljubav je svuda”, finishing 11th in the first semi-final.

PZE 2022 – Muškarčina

In 2022 Sara Jo competed at PZE 2022 with the song “Muškarčina” finishing second, very close to the country’s representation which was eventually won by Konstrakta and “In Corpore Sano”.

Would you like to see Sara back on the Eurovision stage? Let us know in the comments below!

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Serbia: Breskvica has applied for Pesma Za Evroviziju 2024!

Breskevica was on a Serbian TV show where, among other things, she said that this year she managed to submit her entry to Pesma Za Evroviziju (PZE), which has been a big wish of her fans for the last few years.

More specifically, the young singer said:

“We have prepared a song! We wrote it together with Generacija Zed”

“I didn’t want to participate in the national final with just any song. I believe that a song that competes to go to Eurovision should reflect the country it represents. Both in terms of lyrics and music as well as meaning and stage presence. We thought a lot about that and that’s how we came to write the one we submitted”

“I really believe in this song and I’m sure people will love it as well!”

Who is Breskvica?

Andjela Ignjatović, professionally known as Breskvica, started releasing her own music in 2019. She, then, rose to popularity by collaborating with her then-boyfriend Voyage on a series of singles between 2019 and 2021.

After their breakup she pursued a solo career and to date she remains one of the hottest names amongst the younger generations.

Her songs nowadays are mostly pop mixed with Balkan and eastern elements but lately her two folk-Balkan ballads featuring Henny called “Sava i Dunav” and “Ko to tamo” have gained a lot of acceptance from the Balkan public.

Here you can check one of her latest singles, “Loš”:

Do you think that Breskevica would be a good choice for Serbia? What other names would you like to see take part in PZE? Let us know in the comments below!

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Serbia preparations for 2024 start as the country withdraws from Junior Eurovision

Serbia has confirmed their intention to participate to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Public broadcaster RTS has already started their search for their representative for Malmö.  According to the statement of the broadcaster, the submission period is opened until November 01, 2023.  Interested artists can submit their entries filling an online application available on the broadcaster’s website.

After the submission period closes, a panel of music experts selected by RTS will select the artists that will participate in the Serbian national final based “solely on the artist quality of the entries”.

The results of the Serbian Eurovision national final consists on a 50% televote, 50% jury vote mirroring the current rules of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Serbia withdrawal from Junior Eurovision 2023

Serbia has withdrawn to the Junior Eurovision 2023 citing financial reasons.  The country participated in the previous Junior Eurovision 2022 with Katarina Savić who finished in 13th place.

Serbian withdrawal from the Junior Eurovision was confirmed by RTS editor in chief, Olivera Kovacevic  This marks the first time Serbia will not participate at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2014.  Serbia had previously withdrawn from the Junior Eurovision due to financial difficulties in 2011.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Nice, France after the victory of Lissandro last year.

Source: RTS, Eurofestivales

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Serbia: Confirmed participation and national final for Eurovision 2024!

Serbia has confirmed its participation in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

Serbian broadcaster RTS revealed to OGAE Serbia that the country will participate in Eurovision 2024. The broadcaster confirmed that it will again use a national final to select the representative, with details to be announced in the coming weeks.

To date, 19 countries have confirmed their participation in Eurovision 2024:

  • Austria
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Moldova
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Serbia selected its representative for Eurovision 2023 through Pesma za Evroviziju. After winning the national final, Luke Black finished 24th in the Eurovision 2023 Final, the worst place Serbia has ever finished in a Final, with just 30 points.

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