Watch all the eurostars’ performances at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest 2022! (Videos)

Yesterday, the 17th of November, the concert Het Grote Songfestivalfeest took place three years after the last concert, which was back in 2019, at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

More than 30 eurostars performed on stage for the massive audience and Eurovisionfun was there to cover the show! You will get the chance to watch exclusive videos of interviews with your favourite artists and their performances!

You can watch some of the performances of the artists below:

Johnny Logan – What’s Αnother Υear

Gjon’s Tears – Tout l’univers

Michael Schulte – You Let Me Walk Alone

TIX – Fallen Angel

Efendi – Mata Hari

The Roop – Discoteque

Sandra Kim – J’aime la vie

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Australia: Sheldon Riley wins the brand new “You’re a Vision” award!

Australia wins the new You’re A Vision Award! According to the Eurovision fans, participant Sheldon Riley wore the most remarkable outfit on the 2022 Eurovision stage. The You’re A Vision Award aims to celebrate the creativity and diversity that embody the Eurovision spirit.

Sheldon Riley finished 15th in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. In his striking and remarkable white gown, which weighs 40 kgs, he performed his song “Not the Same”. According to the fans who voted, that was enough to win the new and positively spirited You’re A Vision Award. Australia had a big lead over numbers 2 and 3, Spain and Norway. San Marino just missed out on a place in the top 3.

The top 3:

  1. Australia
  2. Spain
  3. Norway

The new You’re A Vision Award was announced on April 29. Striking pantsuits, dresses, costumes and other creations will forever play a crucial part of the magic of Eurovision. As a participating artist, this occasionally means taking risks and standing out involuntarily, or standing in the spotlights with a dashing fashion choice. The You’re a Vision Award celebrates this inspiring diversity and creativity. Of course it is up to the real Eurovision fans to determine whose outfit was the most notable of them all.

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Australia: The first country to use Online Voting for Eurovision!

Australia will become the first country in the Eurovision Song Contest to use online voting to determine the outcome of the televoting! This automatically means that Australian fans will not vote for their favorite entry in the traditional way of using phone or SMS.

The country’s broadcaster, SBS, reports:

Digame, the official voting partner of Eurovision in Germany, has created a new online platform exclusively for the Australian public to vote. This means that there will be no phone calls and SMS during live shows. All votes will be taken by the new online system.

Australians will be able to vote through the page created by Digame. Votes will be limited to 20 per person and will cost 0.55 cents per vote.

You will be able to choose which countries you want to vote for and how many votes per country (up to 20 votes in total). The way you distribute these votes will be up to you: you could give 20 votes to one country, divide your votes among many countries or just give one vote to your favorite.

Payment options are Google Pay, Apple Pay and credit card. Once the payment is received, no more votes can be received from this user. Full voting terms and conditions will be available on the voting platform.

This year Australia will be represented by Sheldon Riley. The country competes tonight in the Second Semifinal with the song “Not the Same”.

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Australia: Sheldon Riley’s interview to EurovisionFun!

After the second rehearsal, Sheldon Riley  spoke exclusively to EurovisionFun.

Australia’s representative for Eurovision 2022. Talking about his rehearsals, Sheldon said that it is a dream coming true and that everything is bigger and better than he expected.

He said that his rehearsals are going really well, but he is a perfectionist and he wants everything to be perfect so he tries even more and he will make some small changes for the second semi-final so that everything will be as it should.

As for the masks that he wears during his performances, he said that he likes wearing them because they hide some things that he is insecure about, but on the same time there is nothing better than taking them off.

You can watch the entire interview of Sheldon Riley in the video below:

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Eurovision 2022: Australia’s Second Rehearsal!

Seventh day of rehearsals in Turin and the last countries of the Second Semifinal are ready for their rehearsals. Australia is first on the scene. She is represented by Sheldon Riley with ‘Not The Same’.

Who is Sheldon Riley?

Sheldon is known both for the strong visuals in his performances and for his fascinating music. Performing, singing, writing and playing the piano is inherent in what it is, considering music as the purest way of expressing one’s emotions and allowing oneself to heal.

In February 2022, Sheldon won the Eurovision – Australia Decides with his song Not The Same, but this was not his first time on television, having previously competed in The X Factor Australia, The Voice Australia, and even America’s Got Talent.

The rehearsal

Sheldon is at the bottom of two giant stairs, to his left and right. She is wearing a huge white wedding dress with fur, covering the floor.

He also wears silver shiny jewelry on his face and hands, as in the national final.

The lighting is quite dark, while the shots are close and from above.

A strong vocal performance by Sheldon, with his great notes ready to break up the stage.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:



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Eurovision 2022: Australia’s First Rehearsal!

Second to last on today’s rehearsal programme is Australia, with Sheldon Riley and his powerful ballad Not The Same.

Everything about Sheldon Riley:

Sheldon is critically acclaimed for both the strong visuals in his performances and his captivating music.

The Sydneysider considers performing, singing, writing and playing piano as intrinsic to who he is; regarding music as the purest way of expressing his emotions and allowing himself to heal.

In February 2022, Sheldon won Eurovision – Australia Decides with his song Not The Same… but this wasn’t his first time at the rodeo, having previously competed on The X Factor Australia, The Voice Australia and even America’s Got Talent.

The Rehearsal

Sheldon’s at the bottom of two flights of giant steps, and his outfit is the opposite of Achille Lauro’s – there’s ACRES of it, with a huge fur-trimmed white wedding train that drapes to the floor. He’s also wearing his silver sparkly face and hand jewellery, keeping up the 2022 Eurovision standard for incredible outfits.

This is a powerful vocal performance from Sheldon – those big notes are blowing the roof off the Pala Alpitour right now.

@eurovision Wow! A strong vocal performance from @Sheldon Riley 👏🇦🇺 during his first rehearsal at #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok ♬ original sound – Eurovision



The second rehearsal of Australia will take place on Friday 6/5 and we will be able to have a better view of what Sheldon Riley will be presenting on stage.

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Australia: Emily Griggs New Head of Delegation For Eurovision

The Australian broadcaster revealed their new Head of Delegation for Eurovision Song Contest, and that is Emily Griggs.

Emily Griggs has been named as the new Head of Delegation for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest and is the Head of Entertainment and Food at SBS. Emily became part of SBS in August of 2021 from BBC Studios where she was Head of Development and Content, overseeing such shows as Mastermind.

Emily takes that leading role of Head of Delegation from Josh Martin. Josh previously commissioned the launch of a televised selection for Australia; Eurovision – Australia Decides. Also, Paul Clarke keeps his role as the overall Creative Director for the Australian Participation in the contest.

Australia will be represented by Sheldon Riley and the song “Not the Same“:

Australia will perform in number 8 of the running order in the second semi-final on May 12, for a ticket for the Grand Final on Saturday.

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Australia: Sacha Jean Baptiste will be the Creative Director for Sheldon Riley!

In an interview with Aussievision, Paul Clarke from Australia’s Eurovision Delegation revealed that Sacha Jean-Baptiste will be the creative director for the performance of Sheldon Riley in Turin. 

Paul, who is Director of Blink TV, SBS’s production partner, said that the team had signed up with Sacha to work with Australia this year after the collaboration they had in Eurovision 2017 and 2018!

“We’ve signed up with creative director Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who is working with us this year, I’m really excited about that. At the moment they are just doing choreography sessions… they are just doing uniform hand movements, they are in a creative fever, they absolutely love each other!”

Sacha-Jean Baptiste is a Swedish choreographer, dancer, and show producer who has worked on over 20 Eurovision entries. These have included iconic performances such as ‘Fuego’ for Cyprus, ‘Beautiful Mess’ for Bulgaria, ‘LoveWave’ for Armenia and ‘Tout l’univers’ with Gjon’s Tears for Switzerland last year. This year we already know that Sacha-Jean Baptiste will be the stage director for Sweden and also Switzerland.

Listen the live performance of “Not The Same” by Sheldon Riley in the video below:


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Australia: More details about the Staging of Sheldon Riley in Eurovision 2022!

Sheldon Riley has revealed some details about his staging for Australia’s 2022 Eurovision performance.

Speaking to Aussievision, Australian Eurovision 2022 entrant Sheldon Riley has revealed that his staging in May will be different from that seen at Eurovision: Australia Decides. He reveals that he will wear a new mask and outfit, and has planned “something huge with the staging”. He said:

“I’m excited for people to see the elevation of my performance, It’s going to be really huge.”

Sheldon was selected to represent Australia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest having won Eurovision – Australia Decides. He will sing “Not the Same”.

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Australia: Listen to Sheldon Riley’s song, bidding to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022!

Sheldon Riley’s song with which he will compete at Australia Decides 2022, the Australian national final for Eurovision 2022, has just been released.

Its song title was already known it is “Not the Same” and you can listen to it below:

Who is Sheldon Riley

The son of an Aussie mother and a Filipino father, Riley amassed a following during his run on The Voice Australia in 2018, earning a spot in the final four. His distinct voice and style have even birthed a potentially new genre in music. And to think this well-defined character comes from someone who once came from a place of struggle, it will make you respect him more.

  • The X Factor Australia

He started his career as a contestant of ‘The X Factor Australia in 2016. Sadly, as his skills were not that refined, he failed to go far in the competition well, it didn’t break his will and aim to become a successful artist one day.

  • The Voice Australia

Sheldon Riley worked hard on his vocals and refined his singing. Finally, he made a banging comeback in “The Voice – Australia” in 2018 and was coached by Boy George. When he set free his true personality, people were either shocked or impressed. Unfortunately, he didn’t win the competition but he came in third place. He definitely left his mark though, making listeners his fans.

sheldon riley boy george

With his previous experiences, he worked on himself and competed again on “The Voice All Stars” 2019 season. Sadly, he got eliminated in the semifinals.

  • America’s Got Talent

In Episode 1507 of America’s Got Talent, Sheldon Riley’s sung Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore” which allowed him to be rewarded with the Judge Cuts. Truly speaking, his outfit seemed more intriguing than his performance. If you don’t know, he had draping black feathers and a beaded mask on. In the quarterfinals, he chose Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” when he failed to get enough votes required to advance to the Semifinals.

Already known song titles

Some candidates have already announced the title of their songs that will compete to represent Australia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Some of the song titles already revealed prior to the release of the actual song are:

  • Seann Miley Moore – My Body
  • G-Nat!on –  Bite Me
  • Erica Padilla – To The Bottom

Known acts competing at Australia Decides 2022

Eleven acts will compete to be the next Australian Eurovision representative.  The participants for the next Australia Decides are:

  1. Isaiah Firebrace, Evie Irie – When I’m With You
  2. Jaguar Jonze – LITTLE FIRES
  3. Paulini – We Are One
  4. Andrew Lambrou – Electrify
  5. Sheldon Riley –  Not the Same
  6. G-Nat!on –  Bite Me
  7. Sean Miley Moore – My Body
  8. Voyager Australia – Dreamer
  9. Charley – I Suck At Being Lonely
  10. Jude York – I Won’t Need to Dream
  11. Erica Padilla – To The Bottom

The eleven acts will compete at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center on February 26 to represent Australia at Eurovision 2022. Australian broadcaster SBS decided to use Australia Decides as their national final after the success of  their national final.

Radio producer and presenter Myf Warhurst and comedian Joel Creasey will present the Australian national final.  Moreover, Creasey will be the SBS Eurovision commentator in May 2022.

Montaigne won the most recent edition of Australia Decides with the song “Don’t break me”.  Unfortunately her entry could not participate in Eurovision due to the cancellation of the competition in 2020.

She represented Australia in 2021 with “Technicolour”. You can watch her 2021 performance in the video embedded below:

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Source: SBS