Eurovision 2024: “United By Music” will remain as the slogan for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest!

We’re getting closer and closer to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Malmö, Sweden. In less than six months from today, the municipality of Malmö will welcome delegations and artists from all around the Europe as well as the world to spread the message of unity by music.

While, the preparations have started both for participating countries and the host country, EBU has just revealed the slogan for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. The slogan announcement video reminded us how the slogans of Eurovision have evolved since its first introduction in 2002 to finish with the “United By Music”.

Hence, the “United By Music” slogan used in Liverpool earlier this year will remain for the following editions of the contest.

The reason behind this is that since ‘United By Music’ proved to be so successful, SVT and the ESC Reference Group, the event’s governing board, decided to use it again for the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden, the following year.

Furthermore, as part of the Contest’s worldwide branding strategy, it was agreed to maintain the phrase for all subsequent events.

By adopting a single, impactful motto for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024 and all subsequent editions, the choice establishes continuity and consistency.

Martin Österdahl, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, said:

The Eurovision Song Contest is more than just a song competition; it’s a celebration of the power of music to bring people together. After over 20 years of using different slogans, and as we approach our 70th anniversary, we feel we have found one that truly encapsulates our brand.

By establishing a permanent slogan, we will have consistency in our message that music unites us all. It’s the perfect slogan to underline our values of inclusivity, equality, universality and celebrating diversity through music. 

As the popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest continues to grow around the world, we believe using the same slogan annually will help our brand become even stronger. 

Ebba Adielsson, Executive Producer of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest for SVT added:

After Loreen’s win in Liverpool last spring, the whole machinery for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 kicked into action and pretty soon the discussion about the slogan arose. We quickly realized that the great slogan chosen by the BBC says exactly what this competition is about, uniting in music, and we saw no reason to change something that sums up the foundation of the entire event so well.

It’s great that the EBU has also decided that this is the slogan that will be used by all host countries from now on. Right now, we are in the middle of the process of producing the artwork to match the slogan which will be revealed soon.

Why will “United By Music” remain as the contest’s motto?

“United By Music” encompasses the Eurovision Song Contest’s core ideals, which have a long history of encouraging diversity, inclusivity, and artistic expression. The motto reflects the Contest’s potential to bridge differences and spark a sense of commonality, regardless of nationality, language, or heritage.

The now-permanent slogan will serve as a constant reminder of the Contest’s primary objective and its unparalleled power to unite people through music, the universal language.

Eurovision 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden on 9,11 and 13 May 2024, following Loreen’s win in Liverpool.

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Eurovision 2020: Rotterdam urges Europe to “Open up”|The official slogan of this year’s Contest

We all watched this morning on the official AVROTROS twitter account, Songfestival, a mysterious post with a video-teaser featuring Dunkan, last year’s Eurovision winner in Tel Aviv, wondering “What is about?”

Of course, most of us immediately realized that the organizers of this year’s contest were simply preparing for the official slogan of ESC 2020.

Suspicion that it was not too late to be verified as just a few hours later Rotterdam revealed the coveted slogan of this year’s event, via a new post:

So,Rotterdam tells us to “Open up”…Open up to music, Open up to new ideas, Open up to reality, Open up to Eurovision!

As Dutch broadcaster’s producer,  Sietse Bakker explained later:

“We have looked for a theme and slogan that reflect what the Netherlands stands for and which the Dutch can identify with; a country with an open mind to the world, where we speak our mind, with respect for each other. We also found it important to choose a theme that reflects the spirit of our times. People are concerned about increasing polarization and freedom isn’t as self-evident for everyone as it should be. With the slogan ‘Open Up’, we warmly invite people to open up to others, to different opinions, each other’s stories and of course to each other’s music”

Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest for the EBU, also, stated about the slogan:

“Open Up is the perfect slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest as it celebrates its 65th edition. In 1956, only 7 countries could watch the competition and since then we have opened up to the whole of Europe, to Australia and now, via streaming, to the whole world. The values of the Eurovision Song Contest are universality and inclusivity, and our proud tradition of celebrating diversity through music. Now we can add a new one – that of openness.”