Eurovision 2025: The financing offered by the four candidate cities!

We have entered the final stretch for the selection of the city that will now host Eurovision 2025. Zurich, Geneva, Bern and Basel officially submitted their proposals on Friday July 28 and are now awaiting the decision of the Swiss public television and the EBU. But the local authorities of the four cities financially support the candidacies of their cities, wanting to make their candidacy files stronger. But how much money is contained in the envelopes of the four nominations? Let’s see them in detail.

Who offers the most?

Switzerland’s public television, strange as it may seem to you, does not have a prosperous economy. In future, it will receive only 300 instead of 335 francs a year from each household – on Thursday the SRF announced it would cut around 70 full-time jobs by early 2025, while the country’s political forces argue that 200 francs per household is enough. Therefore, the financial assistance that each city receives from its local authorities is important for achieving the final goal, which is the same for all. Taking over the organization of Eurovision 2025!

Geneva offers the most money: the city and the canton offer 30 million francs. Zurich offers 25 million, Basel ten. Bern comes last: 8 million francs. The home canton of Eurovision 2024 winner Nemo offers by far the lowest financial support. “However, money is not everything”, says the mayor of the city.

The selection process

In the coming days, the first online meetings between the Swiss public television and the teams of the four cities will take place. At the end of July, the SRF will announce the two best candidates, which a team from the EBU and the Swiss public television will visit to discuss and see the proposed venues for Eurovision 2025. At the end of August, the city will be announced which will host the 69th Eurovision Song Contest next May.

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Switzerland: Nemo Things, singing “The Code”, will represent the country in Malmö!

The days for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest are approaching and more and more countries around Europe keep on announcing their official entries and representatives. So, the time has come for even one more country to announce its representative, that is going to travel to Malmö in May and compete among thirty six (36) entries, and this is Switzerland!

Thus, only a few minutes before, at 11 a.m., the official channel of Eurovision Song Contest on YouTube, announced that it is Nemo Things that will represent the country in Malmö, singing the song “The Code”.

As it is already known, the final selection for 2024 was conducted not only by a Swiss jury who had aproximately listened to 450 different songs, that had been submitted during August of 2023, but also from an International jury coming from different places all around Europe. Also, on December the 5th, the very final five artists had recorded their songs. Furtermore, it is worthy to mention here that one mumber of the Swiss jury was Luca Hänni, who represented Switzerland in 2019, while also Teya, the representative of Austria in 2023 along with Salena-Maria Edbauer, was also a member of the International jury and shared her feelings of excitement and support towards this year’s Swiss entry.

Who is Nemo Things?

Nemo Things is this year’s second artist that identifies as a non-binary person, after Ireland’s Bambie Thug. In 2017, they released their single “Du”, while some years later, in May of 2022, they moved in Berlin, where they released the song “own shit”, which marked a step away from Nemo’s first origin in rap sound. Their songThe Code that will be performed in May, has been composed by Nemo themself, but also from Benji Alasu, NYLAN (Lasse Nymann) and Linda Dale as well, who also wrote “Queen of Kings“, the Norwegian entry for 2023.

On Monday, the 26th of February, the Head of the Swiss Delegation, Yves Schifferle, posted on a story on Instagram that this year’s entry is not going to be a ballad, while he had also erased the term “male” out of respect towards the artist’s gender identity.

Source: SRF, EurovisionSongContest

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Switzerland: Is Nemo the country’s representative for Eurovision 2024?

We’re just a few days away from listening to Switzerland’s song for Eurovision 2024, and rumours keep rising everyday! Now a Swiss newspaper is here to reveal a name, that may end up being the representative of the country this year! Read more

Switzerland: The country’s representative for Eurovision 2024 will be announced on February 29!

The day when the artist that will represent Switzerland in Eurovision 2024 will be revealed, was announced a few minutes ago! Read more

Switzerland: Five Artists To Represent the Country!

One of the founding members of Eurovision Song Contest, Switzerland, chooses its representatives through an internal selection with multiple stages until the final result since 2019. This is how it happens for Eurovision 2024 as well, while the submission procedure opened on August the 10th and closed on August the 24th for all those various artists who wish to reperesent Switzerland at Eurovision.

More specifically, at the very first stages of the selection procedure, there is a Swiss jury who have already listened to all the submitted songs and have gradually ended up to a list with less and less entries. At the later stages, there is also an audience jury which includes both Swiss and international juries’ members, who have participate at the past either as juries’ members or even not.

Thus, according to Jean Marc Richard from RTS Switzerland, some details have been released for the Swiss Internal Selection, which are the following:

  • Almost 420 songs were submitted to represent the country.
  • On December the 5th, the five final artists recorded their songs at the SRF Studios in Zurich.
  • The juries of professionals and the international audience jury will listen to the final five songs, while the final decision will be taken at the beginning of the new year.
  • The song for Eurovision 2024 will be released in March of 2024.
  • It is rumored that among the final five artists former representatives of the recent years are not included.

Until then, take a look at Switzerland’s entry for Eurovision 2023, “Watergun”, performed by Remo Forrer, which ended up in the 20th place at the Grand Final:


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Switzerland: Submission window for Eurovision 2024 is now open!

Just a few ays ago, Switzerland, announced that they are going to selecet both their artist and song for Eurovision 2024, internally. Earlier today, the German-speaking public broadcaster of the country, SRF, posted the new rules of the internal selection, as well as opening the submission window.

The selecton process will be a little different from the one that is being used since 2019, which gave Switzerland a qualification streak for the first-time, as well as two top 5 results!

Just like in previous years, there will be different stages of the selection. In all of these stages, the songs will be assessed by two different juries. The first will consist of  a 25-member jury, which will include music professionals who have taken part in the contest in the past. On the same time, this year we will see an international audience jury taking part in the selection.

Whoever wants to take part in the selection, can submit their song in the official website of SRF for Eurovision, between the 10th and the 25th of August 2023. The artist and song that will represent Switzerland, will be revealed in early 2024.

The representative of Switzerland in Eurovision 2024, was Remo Forrer with his song “Watergun”, ending up in 20th place in the Grand Final:

Switzerland: The country confirms its participation in Eurovision 2024!

Switzerland officially confirmed that they are going to take part in Eurovision Song Contest 2024, taking place in Malmö, Sweden.

SRF, the public broadcaster of the country, confirmed their participation through an email to the website, That Eurovision Site. However, SRF,  didn’t give out any further info on the selection process, but in recent years, the country is used to internal selections.

As it seems, preparations have already begun, for at least a month now. The representative of Austria in this year’s contest, Teya, posted a tweet saying that she was part of a listening session of a candidate song for Switzerland,  and even being sure that this is the track that will represent the country!

The representative of Switzerland in Eurovision 2023 was Remo Forrer, with his song “Watergun”, ending up in 20th place in the Grand Final:

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Switzerland: Sacha Jean-Baptiste confirmed as creative director for Remo Forrer!

In a post on the official Instagram account of Eurovision, Remo Forrer, the representative of Switzerland in Eurovision 2023 gave an update on his preparations for the contest.

He revealed that he is currently in Stockholm, rehearsing for his performance in the first semi-final. The director will be a known name in the Eurovision world, Sacha Jean- Baptiste, having directed multiple entries throughout the years.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that Baptiste will direct a Swiss entry, having directed all entries since 2019 (apart from 2020 when the contest was cancelled), with all of them qualifying to the Grand final.

The title of the Swiss entry this year is “Watergun” and you can watch the official video clip below

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Switzerland: The entry for Eurovision 2023 is almost chosen!

Switzerland has already announced that it will internally select the artist and song that will represent it at Eurovision 2023.

The German-language public broadcaster SRF opened the submission of entries between August 25 and September 8, with the selection process being the same as that used since 2019, which actually gave Switzerland a qualifying run for the first time, as well as two top 5 finishes.

As in previous years there will be several stages in the selection. At all stages, entries will be evaluated by two panels of judges. The first jury will consist of 100 Swiss viewers. The second jury will consist of 20 international music professionals, who have already been members of their countries’ Eurovision committees. Each jury will account for 50% of the total score. However, in the event of a tie, preference will be given to performers who are citizens or residents of Switzerland.

Yesterday, through his personal page on Facebook, the representative of Romania in the contest in 2010 and 2014, Ovi Jacobsen, revealed that he is a member of the panel that will choose the participation of Switzerland, in the upcoming Eurovision, which is actually in the final stage selection and chances are there is already a winner.

As SRF has announced, the winning song and artist will be revealed in early 2023.

Marius Bear represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2022 with the song Boys Do Cry, placing 17th in the grand final.

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Switzerland: Internal selection for Eurovision 2023 | Submissions start on August 25th

As the Swiss German speaking national broadcaster (“SRF”) announced today, Switzerland will participate at Eurovision 2023, and its entry will be chosen through an internal selection procedure. As of 12 July 2022, Switzerland is the 21st country which has publicly confirmed its intention to participate in the 2023 contest.

The internal selection committee

Switzerland is once again relying on a panel consisting of 100 people, and an international jury of 20 music professionals. From August 25th to September 8th, songwriters, producers, artists and lyricists are invited to submit their songs for consideration. The Swiss entry for Eurovision 2023 is scheduled to be announced at the beginning of 2023.

The decision of Switzerland not to depart from the previous years’ selection procedure shall not come as a surprise. After the very successful performance of Luca Hänni at ESC 2019 and Gjon’s Tears at ESC 2021, as well as Marius Bear’s final qualification again in Turin, it wouldn’t be wise for the national broadcasters to experiment with alternative selection methods.

What song is the committee looking for?

According to the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest Swiss Regulations, the Swiss entry for Eurovision 2023 should be a “contemporary song that has international appeal and will stand out”. The lyrics should have “a strong, clear and easily understood message”.

The composers and songwriters are also encouraged to submit songs about themes that “reflect current events or those whose content will evoke an emotional reaction or a feeling of recognition” in the Eurovision audience.

What’s your take on Swiss internal selection procedure? Will the new Swiss entry do better than Marius Bear?