Eurovision 2023: King Charles and the Queen Consort revealed the stage of the contest!

In Liverpool -the host city of Eurovision 2023- , today the royal couple of the United Kingdom attend to events that are related to the Eurovision Song Contest. One of them was the unveiling of the stage, which is ready to welcome in a few days the 37 participants of this year’s contest for the first technical rehearsals.

The stage of Eurovision 2023 has already taken shape, while these days the stand-in rehearsals are also taking place, so that everything is ready for the technical rehearsals and according to the plans that the organizers have already received from the missions of 37 countries competing this year.

The royal couple will also tour the M&S Arena. They will meet the creative team, the presenters of the contest and this year’s British contestant, Mae Muller.

The BBC has revealed via Twitter the moment that the royal couple flip the switch and the Eurovision stage comes to life oficially for the first time. The stage is flooded with light and glitter.

It’s the first time we’ve seen this year’s stage in action, giving us a small taste of what it’s capable of, which we will be looking at in more detail in the next days.

The royal family are heavily involved in Eurovision 2023, as the contest come to British soil for the first time after 25 years with the last time taking place in 1998 in Birmingham.

Now, Eurovision 2023 takes place in Liverpool following Sam Ryder’s 2nd place in Eurovision 2022. The winner was Ukraine but due to the war, Ukraine wasn’t able to host.

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Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project will present a classic modern rock show in Turin!

Intelligent Music Project revealed what they have prepared for their stage presentation on the stage of Eurovision 2022!

Before leaving for Turin, Intelligent Music Project spoke to BNT about their expectations and plans for the contest. Slavin Slavchev, a band’s singer, said:

The song has its advantages and mainly stands out from the rest. Most of the participants have chosen electronic dance type sound. There is something for true rock’n’roll lovers on the song palette this year. We hope to be able to touch the hearts of rock fans in some way and I call on all who identify in some way to support us.

Discussing their stage appearance, they revealed:

we made a classic modern rock show on stage with effects, lights and LED screens.

Intelligent Music Project will appear seventh in the first Semifinal on May 10.

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The hosts test the lights and LEDs on the stage for the Greek entry ! (video)

A small video was released on social media, where the organizers are testing the lights and LEDs that will be used in the Greek entry.

As it seems the scene is complete and the hosts are now doing the first rehearsals. Next week the stand in rehearsals will take place, which will be sent to the participating broadcasters, in order to have a first idea how it will show on TV, everything they have prepared for the Eurovision stage.

Although you can not understand much, about the importance of being essentially the first video where Die Together is heard inside the Pala Olimpico, watch the video below:

The video was uploaded to his personal Instagram account by Nicola Orciuoli, RAI cameraman, who will be apparently one of the cameramen of the contest.

We remind you, as we have already mentioned in Eurovisionfun, that the Greek delegation is ready for the competition. Everything that will be needed for their stage appearance is in Turin for days now, while the LEDs created by a foreign company have been delivered to the hosts.

You can see more information about Amanda’s stage appearance in our previous article.

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