Switzerland: Remo Forrer will be joined by four dancers on stage, in Liverpool!

More details of the Swiss stage performance in Liverpool have been revealed, by the Swiss representative himself, Remo Forrer, in a post on his social media.

We already know that Switzerland will have Sacha Jean-Baptiste as the creative director of Remo’s staging performance and we now know who the four dancers that will be joining him on stage for his “Watergun” performanve will be.

The four dancers that will be joining Remo on stage in Liverpool this year will be (from left to right):

  • Lovisa Bengtsson: Lovisa was one of the Cypriot delegation dancers in 2018, joining Eleni Foureira on stage for “Fuego“.
  • Marco Wihlborg: One of the dancers of Alvaro Estrella in his last year’s Melodifestivalen entry “Suave“.
  • Ellinea Siambalis: The 18-year-old Ellinea, who has Greek roots, was a dancer in the following three numbers of this year’s Melodifestivalen, Kiana‘s “Where Did You Go“, Rejhan‘s “Haunted” and Mariette‘s “One Day“.
  • Kenny Lantz: Kenny was one of the Melodifestivalen in-house dancers this year and was also part of the Cypriot performance in 2019, joining Tamta on stage for the song “Replay“.


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Who is Remo Forrer?

Remo Forrer was born in 2001 in a small town called Hemberg SG. He started playing the flute from an early age, then he switched to the accordion, and then he ended up at the piano, which is still his favorite musical instrument to this day. In addition, he took voice lessons at a music school. In 2017, he was nominated for the talent show of the central Switzerland, where he received the award of Photographers Choice for the best stage performance. One year later, he won the competition “Sing dein Ding” with an acapella group and he was allowed to appear at the Acapella Festival in Pfaffikon SZ. In 2020, he won The Voice of Switzerland.

You can watch the reaction of the editors of Eurovisionfun, reacting and commenting on the Swiss entry for Eurovision 2023 below:

Will Remo Forrer be able to continue the good course of the country in the song contest? Tell us in the comments down bellow!

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Source: Remo Forrer

The Masked Singer: Eleni Foureira and Tamta in discussions for a place in the jury panel

Two beloved and very popular singers, who left their mark with their appearances on behalf of Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest in the previous two years, are discussing ,according to what has been published, a place in the jury of The Masked Singer, which is expected to be aired on SKAI, in the second half of the TV season.

Eleni Foureira and Tamta seem to be discussing for the jury of “The Masked Singer”. SKAI’s new show is expected to be aired during Easter and Nikos Moutsinas and Haris Varthakouris have already secured a place in the jury, while Sakis Rouvas will be the presenter.

However, SKAI has approached both Tamta and Eleni Foureira to be in the jury panel. According to the report of Giannis Poulopoulos, their record companies seem to have the opposite opinion and do not want them together in the music show, as they represent the same genre. All the same, the station wants them both. So which of those two will take a seat in the jury of The Masked Singer, which is a huge success in all the countries it has been broadcast ?




Tamta to represent Cyprus in Tel Aviv

The popular Greek singer, Tamta, will represent Cyprus at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The Georgian born artist with a big career in Greece, Cyprus and Georgia will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv. Read more

Tamta: RIK has approached my label and if I like the song I would like to go

Tamta has broken her silence and confirmed everything that was reported by the show of Alpha Cyprus and what we have written in EurovisionFun.

The popular artist was asked yesterday about the recent rumors regarding her and the possibility to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

RIK has approached my label, MINOS, about the Eurovision Song Contest and if I like the song I would like to go. 

This means that RIK has indeed asked for a meeting with Tamta in order for her to listen to the song that Alex Papaconstantinou has prepared for the contest and if she likes it, she is ready to say YES and we will get to see her on the Eurovision stage in May in Tel Aviv.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything regarding the cypriot participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

Cyprus: “Eurovision 2019 song has already been recorded”

According to today’s tv show(19/11) of ALPHA Cyprus, With Love Christiana, the song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2019 has already been recorded.

It seems that all the rumours about Cyprus and Eurovision 2019 will end very soon. The panel of the show, With Love Christiana, revealed  moments ago that the song that will represent Cyprus in the next Eurovision Song Contest has already been recorded and that they have already listened to it.

Commenting on it, they said it was a very nice song, even better than Fuego.

According to our exclusive information, on Thursday 22nd of November, Alex Papaconstantinou travels back to Cyprus along with the man who helped to change the fate of CyBc  in the contest, Christer Bjorkman, to sort out the latest details.

It was not revealec who will be the artist who will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv, but the latest rumours seem to look more than certain that this is Tamta.

EurovisionFun already knows the title of the song, but with due respect to CyBc, we will not reveal more details before any official announcements.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything that concerns the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2019.