Ireland: 380 submission for Eurovision 2024!

Close to 380 is the number of entries for Ireland’s national final, the Late Late Show.

Michael Kealy, the head of Ireland’s delegation in the Eurovision Song Contest in an interview with Adam Mc Calling via TikTok revealed more details surrounding the selection process. In particular, he stated that the number of participations that have been submitted is around 375 to 378 and is the largest number that has been submitted since he took up this role. Michael Kelly and the rest of the team after listening to all the suggestions have singled out 60 songs which are characterized by a wide variety. Then it was mentioned that in the next phase of the proces,  each member of the jury will present their personal top ten to come up with the four artists/acts that will take part in The Late Late Show. However towards the end of the interview it was noted that there are two names that will be singed-out and rpoceed to the final night via fast-trach process bringing the number of finalists to six.

Below you can watch the relevant part of the interview on TikTok Episode 1 of #eurovisionwithadam will be out Tuesday on Spotify + Apple Podcasts #eurovision #irish #ireland #eurovision2024 #eire #rte ♬ original sound – Adam Mc Callig

This year Ireland was represented in the competition in Liverpool by Wild Youth and the song “We Are One” but they did not manage to make it to the grand final as they finished 12th in the first semi-final with 10 points.

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Ireland: The Late Late Show will most likely be the Irish national selection format for 2024!

The Irish delegation had been evaluating the prospects for the Eurovision project in the years that will follow, after their failed participation this year with “We are One” by Wild Youth which managed to accumulate only ten points in their semi final.

As a guest to Éirevision podcast, Michael Kealy gave his insight about what the next year’s Irish selection procedure would look like.

The Irish Eurovision representative for 2024 will most likely be selected through The Late Late Show. Michael Kealy mentioned that the plans are that the show will be aired somewhere around early 2024, but there may be some changes in its format.

The changes might affect the appearance of the selection, making it feel abit more like a concert, rather than a regular TV show. There are still things to be discussed  with RTÉ though. Regarding the selection procedure, Michael still thinks that some certain acts could directly take part in the televised show of the national final, same way as it happened this year with Wild Youth and Public Image Ltd.

This year Ireland participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with “We are One” by Wild Youth and they got disqualified by the Grand Final, by placing 12th with a total of ten points.

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Source: Éirevision

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Ireland: Wild Youth performed the revamped version of “We Are One” live for the first time on the Irish TV!

The Wild Youth band performed the revamped version of “We Are One” live on the Irish television.

This year’s representatives of the Eurovision queen, Ireland, the Wild Youth band, performed for the first time the revamped version of their song “We Are One” with which they are going to participate in the first semi-final of Eurovision 2023 on 9th of May. The performance of the band took place on the RTÉ famous “The Late Late Show”, a few hours before they depart for Liverpool.

In the following video you can watch the live performance of the revamped version.

Ireland is scheduled to perform in the sixth place of the first semi-final on 9th of May, claiming one of the tickets for the grand final on Saturday 13th of May.

In the video below you can also watch the reaction of the Eurovision Fun team to the Irish entry.

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