Lithuania: The Roop will not participate in Eurovision 2022!

After playing for a while with the anguish of their fans, The Roop in their statements today, dispel the gossip (which they themselves started) and wanted them to try another participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, next year.

Ever since the Eurovision final took place in Rotterdam in May, we have been receiving requests to return to the national final and participate again and again. We do not say no and we do not burn bridges or close the door on this idea. However, this may not happen this year (we are talking about 2022).

Eurovision has taught us a lot. There must be fun in an international context. As a result, we had to take a broader look when we got there.

We also want to share some experiences with new participants. Here, it is not only the song that matters, but also how you present it – the image has to match the song… Just feel what you want to say and follow it… Eurovision is not a goal, but a great start. So do not give up, no matter how successful you are.

We are very happy that Eurovision fans all over the world have us in their hearts. It is a united family full of good feelings, where we feel comfortable!

We remind you that these rumors started last week, when on the occasion of the release of their new song, which lasts exactly three minutes and was accompanied on YouTube by the description: Eurovision 2022, the well-known band avoided giving a clear answer to the question, whether they will participate again in the “Pabandom iš naujo”, through which the selection of Lithuania will be made this year as well.

Lithuania finished 8th at Eurovision 2021, with The Roop and Discoteque, which is the second best place the country has won in the history of the competition, after LT United 6th in 2006 with We Are The Winners .

Source: LRT

Lithuania: The Roop back at Eurovision?

The possibility is left open for The Roop to participate again in the Eurovision song contest, in its upcoming edition, next May in Turin. The band, which reached the eighth place in Rotterdam, in today’s interview on the country’s public television turned a blind eye to a new participation.

Earlier they released a new song, putting in the title and description Eurovision 2022. The Roop did not answer if this is joke or if it will be their participation in the national final.

Lithuania for another year will choose its participation and its representative through the national final, which it calls “Pabandom iš naujo” (“Let’s try again”). The deadline for applications was November 25.

Up to 36 contestants, who will be selected to participate, will be given financial support (up to 54,000 euros in total), for the production of the songs and the stage appearance of their participation.

Pabandom iš naujo will start at the beginning of January and depending on the number of participants will consist of up to 6 shows (3 preliminary stages, 2 semifinals and a grand final). It is not yet known whether an audience will be allowed to attend.

Lithuania finished 8th at Eurovision 2021, with The Roop and Discoteque, which is the second best place the country has won in competition history, after LT United 6th in 2006 with We Are The Winners .

Would you like to see The Roop represent Lithuania with Ohmygodable?

Lithuania: Listen to The Roop’s “Discotheque”!

The big day for all The Roop fans has arrived. The long-awaited “Discoteque”, with which the band will participate in Pabandom Iš Naujo! 2021, released.

The big winners of last year’s Lithuanian national final and one of the big favorites to win the canceled Eurovision 2020 are back in order to get a ticket to Rotterdam for the second year in a row.

As the singer of the band, Vaidotas Valiukevičius mentioned, everyone in The Roop believes that they can win Pabandom Iom Naujo! and claim whatever chances they have of winning Eurovision 2021 in May.

The famous band has secured a direct place for the grand finale of Pabandom Iš Naujo! on February 6, while they will appear in tomorrow’s second qualifying round as a guest presenting their participation.

You can listen it below:


In a few hours the videoclip will be available also:


What do you think about The Roop’s new effort for Eurovision?


Lithuania: Listen to a snippet of The Roop’s “Discoteque”! (Video)

On Friday, Roop’s song for Eurovision, Discoteque, will be released on all electronic platforms, while the next day they will perform it live in the second qualifying round of Pabandom iš Naujo. A while ago, however, they published a small teaser of it!


Δείτε αυτή τη δημοσίευση στο Instagram.


Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη THE ROOP (@theroopband)

This year, Lithuania Public Broadcaster decided to reduce its national final for Eurovision to just 4 shows. Two qualifying rounds, a semifinal and a final. Roop are guaranteed a place in the final of Pabandom iš Naujo 2021, which will take place on February 6.

Below are photos from the rehearsals they performed for their appearance next Saturday:

Roop after their victory last year at Pabandom iš Naujo 2020, would represent Lithuania with On Fire, a song that was among the big favorites for the victory.

What is your first impression of Discoteque?

Lithuania: The Roop confirmed their participation in the national final for Eurovision 2021!

The band The Roop, one of the big favorites to win the canceled Eurovision 2020 song contest, confirmed through their social networks that they will try to return to the next contest, participating in the national final of Lithuania! Read more

Lithuania: By April 1st they will decide for Eurovision 2021

Lithuania’s Public Television (LRT), through its Deputy General Manager, Gytis Oganauskas, has announced that it will announce its intentions for Eurovision 2021 by 1st of April.

Already The Roop, one of the big favorites of this year’s competition with “On Fire”, had announced that they would like to compete in the next contest, not all of the artists selected this year and not finally competing, since Eurovision 2020 due to the crown. canceled. Indeed, their desire was to perform the same song. But the EBU, in its announcement yesterday, made it clear that this year’s songs cannot compete in 2021, as the September 1 regulation is also valid for the time being.

Lithuania’s public television is now called upon to decide whether The Roop will represent it in another song in 2021 or whether they will host their national final again.

Let’s enjoy “On Fire” once again, which would be Lithuania’s participation in this year’s competition:

Source: LRT


Lithuania: “On Fire” on the streets of the country because of the coronavirus

In recent days, the entire planet has remained in quarantine due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, as both outbreaks and deaths are increasing steadily.

Following the example of many inhabitants around the globe, Lithuanians in the country’s capital, Vilnius, came out to their balconies applauding the doctors fighting against this deadly virus.

An Lithuanian resident in Vilnius rushed by the Italians who tried to recover some courage because of the pandemic that has ravaged the planet, singing “Fai Rumore”, this year’s Italian participation in Eurovision, did the same with their country’s entry .

Resident Simonas Indrašius said of his initiative:

“I thought, why not try to entertain the nation a little? I have seen similar actions on the planet where people applaud doctors around the world from their balconies”

He even relayed the move via live streaming on Facebook:

Taip, gera turėti tokius kaimynus!!!Ačiū, Simonas Indrašius!

Posted by Odeta Dubraitė on Tuesday, March 17, 2020



Eurovision 2020: Bulgaria remains 1st- Boundary differences in top positions

With the  puzzle of the 41 Eurovision 2020 songs wrapped up yesterday, we can have a clearer picture of online betting odds. So far, it looks like we are heading into a race of 5 horses that will fight for the coveted victory in Rotterdam. Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland, Switzerland and Russia will cross their swords to win the contest!

The favorites

Bulgaria remains in 1st place, with one of the most beautiful ballads in this year’s competition. Victoria aims for her tears to be tears of joy rather than regret and to bring victory to our neighbors! One year after its absence from Tel Aviv, Bulgaria is in a “pole position” in the event of a victory. Just behind it is Lithuania. The participation that won the hearts of Europeans from the first moment they won the national final. The Roop are back in 2nd place, surpassing Iceland, which has been 3rd since the 1st in a week! But it does not cease to be a winning track.

On the upside we see Switzerland in 4th place, which in some betting companies is in the first place. A breath away from the three pioneers, it will not be surprising to soon be the new Top 3. Gjon’s Tears will attempt to give their country their first win since 1988 and Celine Dion! In fifth place is Russia, the day after the release of “Uno”. Despite being slightly behind other countries, Bear is 1st in at least 1 betting company.

The fact that in a total of 17 companies, all of the above countries occupy at least one of them, is a prime example of how dubious this year’s Eurovision is. This is perhaps an unprecedented statistic in the history of the institution. Bulgaria, Lithuania, Iceland, Switzerland and Russia to claim the victory in the Netherlands on equal terms!

The Top 10

In 6th place you can find Romania. Roxen is on the rise and may soon be in the Top 5! “Alcohol You” is one of the most atmospheric ballads of this year’s Eurovision. However, it will be required to go beyond the barriers of Bulgaria and Switzerland of the same species. Italy remain in 7th place, with Azerbaijan and Malta completing the top ten.

Samira Efendi will bring Oriental perfume to Ahoy Rotterdam’s stage and as another Cleopatra wants to surprise the crowds! The 17-year-old Destiny, Malta’s representative, may well give the Islanders their first appearances in the top 10. Top 10 closes with Germany and Benjamin Dolic!

Much can change in the next two months. The returns, as it stands, will go through several ups and downs. Party appearances, stage presence information and of course the appearances at Ahoy in Rotterdam can be brought up on the boards of betting companies. Nothing will be judged until the night of May 16 and the big Eurovision final!


Lithuania: Roop will not travel to the Netherlands for postcard filming

The coronavirus pandemic puts a stop to the travel plans of Lithuanian representatives. Roop, one of Eurovision’s big favorites this year, canceled their pre-parties and postcard shootings!

That means they will not be performing at the London Eurovision Party on March 29 and at the Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam on April 4. Thus, the two big parties will be held without the presence of The Roop. Of course, they hope that the situation will have been  improved by the end of April so that they can participate regularly in Rotterdam in May!

The Baltic Sea has taken various measures in the fight against coronavirus. Among other things, schools and universities and public services have been closed to prevent further spread of the virus.

They do not travel for postcard shooting

At the same time, the band decided not to travel to the Netherlands for postcard filming this weekend. This adds another headache to the organizers, who are called upon to manage a very unfavorable situation.

As The Roop singer Vaidotas Valiukevičius explains:

“We do not want to endanger our health or public health. We will follow the government’s recommendations to avoid traveling abroad. We believe that prevention is the key to getting everyone back to normal”

The band’s guitarist, Mantas Banišauskas, features:

“The world must be very united right now. Now is not a time of war, but a period of concentration. We look forward to meeting everyone in May in Rotterdam and want to spread the good dance virus of On Fire to the world”

For his part, the head of the Lithuanian delegation, Audrius Giržadas, sees this decision as the only reasonable choice in this emergency:

“It is regrettable that we have to delay the planned trip of our delegates. But such a decision is the only right step in this case. When dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, we must be responsible and avoid as much as possible the external dangers and visits”

Lithuania: The Roop dethroned Netta from YouTube top

Confirming their potential since their appearance as Lithuania’s representatives, The Roop has accomplished in just a few days something very important in the forerunner of this year’s contest. In the video posted on the official YouTube channel of the contest, “On Fire” topped the channel’s monthly views! Not a simple achievement, considering that for two years the top was Netta’s affair! Every month, on every top, for two consecutive years, “Toy” was first on the Eurovision channel. After two years where no song has managed to topple it, The Roop in just two weeks has reversed the current situation.

This year’s top ten entries also include:

Norway – Ulrikke – Attention (10th place)
Ukraine – Go_A – Solovey (9th place)
Australia – Montaigne – Don’t Break Me (7th place)
United Kingdom – James Newman – My Last Breath (5th place)
Poland – Alicja Szemplińska – Empires (3rd place)

In addition to these 6 entries for this year’s Eurovision Top Ten, both outgoing winners and two outgoing finalists:

Cyprus – Eleni Fouriera – Fuego (8th place)
Italy – Mahmood – Soldi (6th place)
Netherlands – Duncan Laurence – Arcade (4th place)
Israel – Netta – Toy (2nd place).