Romania: TVR will NOT participate in Eurovision 2024!

The board of directors of the Romanian national broadcaster (TVR) did not approve Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2024.

Financial constraints and the desire to represent Romania at a performing level are the reasons why the Board of Directors (CA) decided that TVR will not participate in this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest which will be held the next May in Malmo.

The decision was taken in today’s meeting, January 25, with 5 votes “yes”, 4 “abstentions” and 4 “against”.

Also today, the Board of Directors approved the budget for 2024, which does not contain enough funds to guarantee Romania’s participation according to the increasingly high standards of the international competition.

Although it has benefited from an extension of the deadline for registering to the 2024 contest by EBU, TVR is forced to postpone the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest for a future edition, maybe next year.

This means that the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be held with 37 countries, as originally announced and if Iceland does not withdraw its participation because of Israel.

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Romania: Two female artists ready to represent the country in Malmö | EXCLUSIVE

With time running out for Romania’s public television (TVR) to decide whether or not to participate in Eurovision 2024, according to our exclusive information two female artists are set to represent their country in the contest.

Decision time for TVR

Romania may not have been included in the EBU’s list of 37 countries that will compete in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, however there was a footnote that it would have the possibility, if the basic financial data of the public broadcaster allows it, to confirm its participation in the future.

According to reports of the previous days, this deadline expires on January 22nd, so TVR must now make its final decision, whether it will be present in May in Malmö or absent from the competition for the second time after 2016.

Two female artists ready for Malmö

However, according to our exclusive information, during this time, TVR has not been idle. In the event that the decision of the TVR administration is positive and Romania confirms its participation in Eurovision 2024 as the 38th country, it has already found the artist who will undertake to carry out this difficult task.

Two female artists have been approached by TVR to have one of them fly the Romanian flag in Malmö. They have songs ready and have been preparing for this project for a long time.

In fact, both are not unknown to the Eurovision world, but also to the eurofans in Romania, since both attempted to represent Romania in the recent and relatively recent past, participating in the country’s national final.

What they are both waiting for is the final choice of TVR as to which of the two will be the chosen one, since of course there is first the positive decision of the management of the public television, for its participation in Eurovision 2024.

With time running out, very soon we will have developments, hoping that everyone will be positive and that we will see Romania, which has given us so many successes in the competition, participate in the Eurovision competition in 2024!

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Romania: EBU still in talks with TVR regarding the country’s participation in Malmö!

A month ago, EBU revealed the list of the participating countries for Eurovision 2024.

Romania was not included in the list, while it was highlighted by the EBU that a decision regarding Romania’s participation had not been taken yet. In fact, EBU granted the Romanian broadcaster with an extension on early December, while the country’s fate at Eurovision still remains unknown.

Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2024 still remains under discussion, as TVR confirmed through Eurovoix. Specifically, TVR is awaiting the approval of the 2024 state budget, which includes funding for Romania‘s public broadcaster. Any information regarding the deadline given to TVR has not yet been disclosed.

Romania’s representative in Eurovision 2023, was Theodor Andrei, with his song “D.G.T. (Off and On)” which did not make it to the Final, ending up dead last in the semi-final with nul points.

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Romania: Mihai Trăistariu found a song and is now looking for a country to represent in Eurovision 2024!

A few days ago, the EBU, published the list of countries taking place in Eurovision Song Contest 2024, and even though Romania was not present in the list, it was mentioned that coversations are still underway.

TVR, the public broadcaster of Romania, revealed that they received extra time from the EBU, in order to pay the participation fee. This means that the decision on taking part or not in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, depends on the approval of the state budget for 2024 and the amount of money that will be allocated to the broadcaster.

Who will the representative be if Romania takes place?

Mihai Trăistariu, representative of the country in Eurovision 2006, has stated that he is interesting in returning to the Eurovision Song Contest, however, after TVR and EBU’s announcement, he went on to make some infuriated statements, having in mind that his country might not be present in the coming contest.

Even more, he revealed that he found the coveted song that is set to bring Romania back to the its successful self.

“I am extremely angry! I, since September, received a song from Finland from some producers, which I thought was brilliant and I said: that’s it, I found the song, after years of searching! And look, when I also found the song, I found out that it is possible that we will no longer participate in Eurovision! I kind of expected it! I don’t know why they can’t handle a failure. I understand that this boy got 0 points, but what does that mean, that is, if Romania does not qualify for the World Cup in soccer, we will never go again? It’s impossible, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. It was good with me and Luminița, we had top results, so it is possible! But if we send any of these, normally we will only get 0 points! I kept screaming and shouting: stop sending unprepared, unripe children! I will also see which countries still allow foreigners, because I have the right track and I will enroll in another country if I have no choice “

The Romanian artist represented his country in the 2006 contest, with the song “Tornerò”, which ended up in 4th place and evolved into a huge success in the whole lot of Europe. He also tried to represent his country again in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 with no success.

Romania’s representative in Eurovision 2023, was Theodor Andrei, with his song “D.G.T. (Off and On)” which didn’t manage to qualify, ending up in 15th place of the second semi-final:

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Romania: TVR received extra time from the EBU to pay the participation fee!

The EBU published then list of participating countries, taking part in Eurovision 2024 and even though Romania was abscent, it was mentioned that discussions are still underway, regarding their participation. More information was given away earlier today, on what really happened on Romania’s participation, and if that is possible. Read more

Romania: It is very likely that they will participate in Eurovision 2024!

Over the last few months, there were rumours circulating on the internet that Romania would probably withdraw from the upcoming edition of Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malmö, Sweden.

However, an emergency ordinance document from the Romanian government has been leaked, citing the approval of the annual budget that the romanian broadcaster tvr needs to cover their expenses. The document states the following:

Through the annual budgetary law, the funds required by the romanian society of radiotelevision needed for various aquisitions of equipment necessary for broadcasting, materials needed for the development of broadcasting activities, security and for payment of fees to international governmental organisations, including the financial obligations to the european broadcasting union (contributions, taxes, dues, subscriptions, licenses for broadcasting rights of cultural, entertainment, news and sports related events) are approved“.

This practically could mean that the goverment of Romania has already allocated a budget for TVR to pay the participation fee to EBU and consequently pave the path for Romania towards their participation in next years contest!

This year, Romania was represented by Theodor Andrei with “D. G. T” who came last in the 2nd Semi-Final.

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Romania: Mihai Trăistariu is ready for Eurovision 2024!

What if Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2024 still remains uncertain? A former representative of the country says he is ready to represent the country again and even has a song ready. Read more

Romania: TVR on the country’s participation or not in the contest!

In the last few days, rumours have been circulating on the internet which claim that Romania will withdraw from the upcoming edition in Malmö, but this has never been confirmed by the responsible officials.

According to internet users, the main reasons why Romania will not participate are a lack of budget on the part of TVR and a general disappointment after last year’s result.

With the application period closing on 15 September, the only public response from the Romanian broadcaster was that “the matter is still under discussion”. Of course, broadcasters are not obliged to publicly declare their decision, as the EBU regulations allow them to withdraw their application without penalty until 11 October, after which date we will be in the clear of all participating countries.

Earlier today, members of the Romanian website Spectacola contacted TVR to understand the station’s intentions regarding the European Contest.

According to them, “TVR’s leaders are in discussions with the EBU, but the Eurovision issue has not been sufficiently examined to allow a definitive decision to be taken”.

It is therefore understood that a final decision on Romania’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has not yet been made, with TVR highlighting:

“At the moment, we are in contact with the organisers (EBU) and all options remain open!”

Do you think that the Romanian delegation will after all be in Malmö? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Spectacola

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Romania: Eurovision 2024 participation lies on the decision of the Minister of Finance!

Romania’s participation in Eurovision 2024 seems in jeopardy, as the latest developments indicate.

The limited budget allocated to the Romanian Public Broadcaster (TVR), which covers just the minimum necessary expenses, is insufficient for the country’s participation in Malmö. According to information shared on the Twitter account of the Eurovision Romania community, the president of TVR has submitted a revised budget to the Romanian Minister of Finance. If this budget is approved by the Minister of Finance, Romania will be able to participate in the contest. However, if it does not happen, the country will not take part in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Therefore, the decision of the Romanian Public Broadcaster regarding its participation in Eurovision 2024 depends solely on whether the Minister of Finance approves a larger budget for TVR. Based on the currently available finances, participation in the contest is not feasible.

An announcement is expected in the coming days, regarding whether the additional budget requested by the president of TVR has been approved or not.

The last time Romania did not participate in Eurovision was in 2016, when  EBU did not accept the country’s entry, even though it had already been selected, due to  TVR’s non-payment of debts to the organization.

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Romania: A potential withdrawal in 2024?

Regardless, Ovi’s(Romania 2010,2014) and Mihai Trăistariu’s(Romania 2006) intention to be involved with Eurovision in 2024, rumors have spread the past hours about a possible withdrawal of Romania from Eurovision.

According to Libertatea, TVR sources claim that Romania does not plan to participate in next year’s edition in Malmö. The reason behind the rumored withdrawal is financial issues. No official statement has been made yet from TVR, though the rumors are still circulating.

TVR’s response regarding the participation of Romania in 2024 is the following:

The subject of participation in Eurovision 2024 was not discussed at the level of SRTv management, which is why, for now, no decision has been made in this regard.

Romania’s participation has to be first approved by the Board of Directors, as the budget needed exceeds 100.000 euros and be confirmed to EBU till the 15th of September.

The alternative perspective

The story doesn’t end there. According to the official Eurovision Romania Community, TVR has not confirmed its position yet regarding its participation. The most likely scenario is that Romania will take part in Sweden next year. Meanwhile, it is unknown in which way the Romanian entry will be chosen, as there are some options that the broadcaster is considering at the moment. Furthermore, TVR has already proceeded to the creation of the 2024 Eurovision website.

Bearing in mind the fixed charges needed to be covered from TVR, leaving limited budget for the artistic team and the bad result in Liverpool, a withdrawal could seem like a reasonable scenario. The lack of funds killed the chances of Theodor Andrei’s qualification this year. He was left with no budget, producing even his own official video-clip. He ended up second to last in his semifinal, with nul points.

The information given by the Romanian sources are indeed contradictory. We will have to wait until the official announcement of the participation countries, which is expected in late October.

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Sources: Libertatea, ERCommunity