The Netherlands: AVROTROS opens songs submission and announces new Head of Delegation!

The national broadcaster of the Netherlands, AVROTROS, made two important Eurovision related announcements today.

The first announcement is about the selection method for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö, Sweden. For a 12th consecutive year, the broadcaster chooses the internal selection, with the songs submissions commencing today until the 30th of September. The only change this time is that the songs do not have to have set artists.

The second announcement is about the position of the Head of Delegation. AVROTROS stated that the position of the Head of Delegation was appointed to Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen who is also going to be the chairman of the Dutch selection committee.

In his previous position he was the Head of Contest for the EBU during Eurovision 2021, 2022, and 2023.

This year the Kingdom of the Netherlands was represented in Liverpool by Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper and the song “Burning Daylight”.  They ended up in the 13th place of the First Semi-Final, receiving only 7 points and thus failing to qualify to the Grand Final.

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Twan van de Nieuwenhuizen: “Keep an eye on the UK!”

A few hours ago Twan van de Nieuwenhuizen, the head of this year’s competition, was interviewed on Dutch radio, directing the countries with ideas for their performances and having the most important say in the creation of the countries’ running order.

Among other things, he said:

“The main goal of the running order is to be put together in such a way that it keeps the audience’s interest throughout the shows. Latvia appears after Albania, as its performance features fresh sounds, unlike Albania’s darker appearance. Finland has an ambitious stage presence, and keep an eye on the UK!”

He goes on to say that by the song submission deadline, each delegation had to provide a file that included the intended image and sense of each entry. He points out that this document is becoming increasingly detailed! In fact, last year’s document from Italy consisted of 88 pages on the Maneskin performance!

Finally, he states that the use of water in the performances will no longer be allowed (since last year), for safety reasons.

Recall that Twan van de Nieuwenhuizen, producer of last year’s Eurovision, had mentioned that Greece was the country that would try something for the first time on stage, which was also confirmed by Telegraaf!

It therefore remains to be seen whether the UK will live up to the high expectations in Turin this May!

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De Telegraaf confirms that the country that risks to accomplish something unprecedented on the scene is Greece!

The largest newspaper in the Netherlands, De Telegraaf, in its latest podcast for the contest, refers to the statements of Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen – head of the organizing committee for Eurovision 2021, confirming the Eurovisionfun article!

Extensive reference is made to the statements of Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen (and not of Sietse Bakker, as we inadvertently wrote). Specifically on the Podcast, journalist Katja Zwart reports:

Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen said that although he did not initially pay much attention to this country, he eventually saw in various rehearsal videos sent from a gym somewhere in Europe that they were trying to do something on stage that had not been done before in the contest and has some risk. If they succeed it will be something impressive!

Katja Zwart, referring to the information of Eurovisionfun, claims that according to what she knows, this country is Greece. Then they try to guess what the Greek delegation will accomplish and impress.

There are some thoughts such as that it will have something to do with Pegasus or Atlanta and the earth he holds in his hands.

However, according to our information, the Greek delegation continues the technical tests, wanting to exclude any possibility of failure. In fact, yesterday and today there will be new discussions with the organizers, who are also determined to provide Stefania, who is also their own child, with all the help needed to make the appearance planned by Fokas Evangelinos.

The truth is that all this paraphilology has favored the Greek entry which according to oddschecher is now in eleventh place in the betting table, for the victory in Eurovision 2021, continuing this rising rally of the last days. We remind you that last week it was in 15th place!

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Source: De Telegraaf