Ukraine: The voting for Vidbir 2024 jurors has begun!

Vidbir will be used as Ukraine’s national Eurovision selection format in 2024. Following the announcement of the eleven finalists, the voting process for the three jury members who will determine fifty percent of the total outcome has just begun.

Specifically, UA:PBC, Ukraine’s national broadcaster, began the voting a few hours ago in order to determine which judges the audience wants on the national final jury. Hence, the decision of who will consist the national selection’s jury is up to the public. Moreover, the choice will be made among the following nine music specialists, while the list includes three former Eurovision contestants:

  1. Oleksandr Varenytsia (PR specialist, co-founder of Go West, an agency for the promotion of Ukrainian music on the international market)
  2. Andriy Danylko – VERKA SERDUCHKA (Representative of Ukraine at Eurovision 2007)
  3. Jamala (Eurovision 2016 Winner)
  4. Olena Koliadenko (choreographer)
  5. Kateryna Pavlenko – Member of GO_A  (Representative of Ukraine at Eurovision 2020 and 2021)
  6. Serhiy Tanchynets (singer, musician, producer and leader of the rock band BEZ LIMITATIONS.)
  7. Yevhen Triplov (writer and music producer)
  8. Yevhen Khmara (Composer, Jury Member of Ukraine at Eurovision 2023)
  9. Pavlo Shilko (TV and radio presenter, known as DJ Pasha)

The voting window is now open and will remain open for one week, until January 22 at 10:00 a.m. The three candidates who will receive the most votes will form the jury for the Ukrainian selection. In case one of the three voted is unable to sign the agreement for legitimate reasons, the candidate with the next highest number of votes will replace him in the jury panel.

Vidbir 2024

We remind you that the national final of Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will be held on February 03 at 18:00 CET, live on the UA public TV channel (UA:First). The result will be decided both by the TV audience and the expert jury, on a 50-50 proportion.

The eleven finalists of Vidbir 2024 are:
  1. YAKTAK  —  “Lalala”
  2. INGRET  —  “Keeper”
  3. NAZVA  —  “Slavic English”
  4. ANKA  —  “Palala”
  5. Drevo  —  “Endless chain”
  6. alyona alyona & Jerry Heil  —  “Teresa & Maria”
  8. SKYLERR  —  “Time is running out”
  9. Ziferblat  —  “Place I Call Home”
  10. YAGODY  —  “Tsunamia”
  11. NAHABA  —  “GLASS”

You can also check out the reaction video of the EurovisionFun team on Vidbir 2024 finalists:

The winners of Vidbir 2023 and hence the representatives of the country in Liverpool were TVORCHI with their song “Heart of Steel”, finishing in the sixth place of the scoreboard.

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Source: suspilne

Ukraine: The 36 candidates to take part in Vidbir!

Earlier today, the Ukrainian public broadcaster, UA:PBC, published a list of the 36 candidates that continue on the selection process to take part in Vidbir, Ukraine’s national final for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool.

The list contains the following names:

  1. 2TONE
  2. Angelina
  5. Drevo
  6. Elysees
  8. Havkа
  9. Jerry Heil
  10. Iana Kovaleva
  11. Kozak Siromaha
  12. KRUTЬ 
  13. Lue Bason
  14. Moisei
  15. Olivan
  16. OOHLA
  17. Oy Sound System
  18. SASHA
  19. Seréen
  20. sexnesc
  21. Shy
  23. SOWA
  24. Tember Blanche
  25. Tery
  27. Victoria Niro
  28. Vynohradova
  29. Zetetics
  30. Лилу45 (Lilu45)
  31. Макс Пташник (Max Ptashnik)
  32. Мія Рамарі (Mia Ramari)
  33. Роялькіт (Royalkit)
  34. Саша Фадєєва (Sasha Fadeeva)
  35. ТÓНКА (Tonka)
  36. Циферблат (Chiferblat)

This list does not contain the final names that are going to compete in Vidbir, as the auditions of the songs will go on, with the names of the final participants being announced until November 17.

Pianoboy (Dmitro Shurov), the official music producer of Vidbir, said:

“I am personally interested in ensuring that Ukrainian music does not freeze and develops in all directions, so that we have our heroes in all possible musical niches and styles. In my opinion, now, during the war, and with complete uncertainty in the lives of musicians, this selection takes on a special significance: we not only choose those worthy to represent Ukraine at the competition, but also have the opportunity to hear a wide range of Ukrainian music that is being created here and now, no matter what.”

The final of Vidbir will take place live from Kyiv  on December 17.

Many Ukrainian artists were interested in competing in the national final, with the broadcaster receiving nearly 400 song from 299 participants. All hope to continue Ukraine’s success in the contest after Kalush Orchestra’s win, with their song “Stefania”.

Despite coming second in Vidbir and Ukraine’s repreentatives, Kalush Orchestra were also the winners of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with their song “Stefania”:

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Ukraine: Here are the judges of Vidbir 2022!

The Ukrainian public radio and television announced the jury that will evaluate the candidates for the national final of the country, Vidbir 2022, in order to become the next representative of the country for Eurovision 2022!

The jury of Vidbir 2022 will be:

Tina Karol
Tina Karol with the song “Show me your love” represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 in Athens, where she placed 7th. In 2020 she was a member of the jury of the National Selection for Eurovision. For her 19-year music career, Tina has won over 20 music and television awards.

Yaroslav Lodygin

Yaroslav Lodygin is a member of the board of Public Linguist, responsible for the television platform. In 2019 he became a member of the European Film Academy for his work as a director and screenwriter (his most famous work is “Wild Field”). Yaroslav Lodygin is the producer and author of the documentary series UA: THE FIRST “Collapse: How the Ukrainians Destroyed the Evil Empire”. He is one of the founders of Internet Radio Aristocrats and the A-Prize Music Award.


In early 2011 she took part in the Ukrainian national selection to represent her country with the song ‘Smile’. The song was the audience’s favorite, but in the national final it reached 3rd place, among 19 entries. Jamala in its second attempt to represent Ukraine in the competition was crowned with absolute success. She managed to win ESC 2016 with her song ‘1944’ receiving 534 points. Jamala was also a member of the jury of the National Selection for Eurovision in the period from 2017 to 2019.

The candidates for the Ukrainian national final, Vidbir 2022 are:

We remind you that the national final of Ukraine for the Eurovision 2022 Song Contest will be held on February 12 at 18:00 CET,  live on the channel UA public TV (UA: First).

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Ukraine: These artists are rumoured for Vidbir 2022!

As it was announced last year, STB will no longer be involved with Ukraine’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Later UA:PBC revealed that it would broadcast everything Eurovision-related without private broadcasters’ support and on its own

A couple of weeks ago, Suspilne has also announced that about 53 applications have been received to compete in the national selection of Ukraine – Vidbir.

According to Muzvar, this year’s Vidbir is expected to surprise us with the new format and new faces. The portal has gathered some exclusive and confirmed information about those who have already submitted and will apply for the national selection.

These are the names of the rumoured artists:

  • Wellboy – TBA
  • ROXOLANA – Girlzzzz
  • hurtom – Sobor
  • GORIM! – Neverending
  • Cloudless – TBA
  • Michael Soul – TBA
  • LAURA MARTI – Nezalezhna
  • SOWA – Free Love
  • Nazar YA – TBA
  • Sofia Ivanko – Casino
  • Sofia Shanti – TBA
  • Eria – Mavka
  • IDXO – CBY
  • Uliana Royce – TBA
  • Alina Pash – TBA

Wellboy‘s song is similar to the last two singles they had. ROXOLANA‘s song ‘Girlzzzz’ is a ‘joyful’ ethno-pop and will be released on January 21. hurtom have insightful vocals and beautiful lyrics, their entry is already on Spotify. GORIM!‘s song is an ‘electronic-dance’. Cloudless‘ song is expected to premiere around January 20-30. Michael Soul‘s song is described as very ‘eurovision-ish’. LAURA MARTI has an alternative jazz written by Kazka’s member – Dmytro Mazuryak. It was released on January 1. According to the speculations, Sowa‘s song is LGBTQ+-friendly. TONKA has indietronica from ‘Masterskaya’ label. Nazar Ya has a cool dance melody. Sofia Ivanko‘s song ‘Casion’ is already out on Youtube. Sofia Shanti‘s song has R’n’B vibe. IDXO‘s is something that would make you dance. Uliana Royce‘s song is written by Artem Pivovarov. According to the portal, Alina Pash has a very interesting material and her song has probably not been released yet.


Eria‘s song ‘Mavka’ is an ethno-pop just like her 2018 entry. Here’s the teaser:

On January 24, the artists for Vidbir will officially be revealed.The selection will take place in February.

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